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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1983978-0-7175-1156-3Rosalyn KendrickSetting the Foundations
  ''978-0-7175-1157-0Paul ThomasThe Jobhunt File
  ''978-0-7175-1158-7Maurice NicoulinThe French Verb
  ''978-0-7175-1159-4W.Owen ColeReligion in the Multi-faith School
1984978-0-7175-1160-0Clare AmosDiscovering the Bible: Israel Becomes a Nation Bk. 1 (Discovering the Bible S.)
2004978-0-7175-1161-7Mary J. EvansDiscovering the Bible: Progress of God's People Bk. 2 (Discovering the Bible S.)
1983978-0-7175-1162-4D.R. de Lacey · M.M.B. TurnerDiscovering the Bible: Jesus and the Gospels Bk. 3 (Discovering the Bible S.)
2000978-0-7175-1163-1   ''Discovering the Bible: The Expansion of Christianity Bk. 4 (Discovering the Bible S.)
2004978-0-7175-1164-8Philip SauvainHulton New Geographies: Tchrs'
1983978-0-7175-1169-3A.E. Tansley · R.E. TansleyDuncan Dragon: Beginning Reading, 14v
1984978-0-7175-1170-9C.J. LinesLooking Around 1
  ''978-0-7175-1171-6   ''Looking Around: Bk. 2
1984978-0-7175-1172-3C.J. LinesLooking Around: Bk. 3
  ''978-0-7175-1173-0   ''Looking Around: Bk. 4
1983978-0-7175-1175-4R.E. HousemanForty Lessons and Exercises in Grammar and Language
  ''978-0-7175-1176-1   ''Forty Lessons and Exercises in Grammar and Language: Ans
2004978-0-7175-1183-9Gaynor RamseyLet's Keep Talking: Ans.& Tapescript
2000978-0-7175-1184-6G RamseyLet's Get Talking: Cassette
1983978-0-7175-1185-3Peter ShearsNigerian Business Law
  ''978-0-7175-1187-7Dorothy DiamondAir and Water Activities (Hulton practical teaching series)
2004978-0-7175-1191-4Barbara ProsserGathered Together
1984978-0-7175-1192-1Molly HarrisonStory of Travelling: Middle Ages (The story of travelling)
  ''978-0-7175-1193-8Molly HarrisonStory of Travelling: Tudor and Stuart Times (The story of travelling)
1984978-0-7175-1194-5Molly HarrisonStory of Travelling: In Georgian Times (The story of travelling)
1984978-0-7175-1195-2Molly HarrisonStory of Travelling (The Story of travelling - nineteenth century and after): The Nineteenth Century and After
1983978-0-7175-1196-9Jean Brain · Molly D. MartinChild Care and Health for Nursery Nurses
1984978-0-7175-1197-6David BarlexChemistry Cornerstones: A Third Year Chemistry Reader
1985978-0-7175-1198-3Doug Kincaid · Peter S. ColesScience in a Topic: Tchrs'
  ''978-0-7175-1199-0Michael Cousins · Christopher GriffinEnglish Matters: Bk. 1
  ''978-0-7175-1200-3Michael Cousins · Christopher GriffinEnglish Matters: Bk. 2
  ''978-0-7175-1201-0   ''English Matters: Bk. 3 (Gr 8-10)
2004978-0-7175-1204-1   ''English Matters: Tchrs'.Bk.A
1984978-0-7175-1227-0Eugene-Pierre DavoustDanger de Mort
  ''978-0-7175-1228-7Ann Farquhar-SmithMore Problem Plays
2000978-0-7175-1229-4Patrick John LarkinIsland Story: Tudors and Stuarts Bk. 2
2004978-0-7175-1230-0Neil KingClassical Beginnings (Drama S.)
2004978-0-7175-1231-7Neil KingMystery and Morality (Drama S.)
  ''978-0-7175-1232-4   ''Elizabethan Comedy (Drama S.)
1984978-0-7175-1233-1   ''Elizabethan Tragedy (Drama S.)
2004978-0-7175-1234-8Neil KingRakes and Rogues (Drama S.)
2000978-0-7175-1235-5   ''The Victorian Scene (Drama S.)
2004978-0-7175-1236-2   ''The Modern Age (Drama S.)
1984978-0-7175-1237-9Philip SauvainTribes and Tribunes (New Histories S.)
2004978-0-7175-1238-6   ''Serf and Crusader (New Histories S.)
  ''978-0-7175-1239-3   ''Crown and Parliament (New Histories S.)
2000978-0-7175-1240-9Philip SauvainForge and Factory (Hulton New Histories)
2004978-0-7175-1241-6   ''War and Peace (New Histories S.)
  ''978-0-7175-1242-3   ''Hulton New Histories: Tchrs' (Hulton history series)
1984978-0-7175-1243-0M.M. Lawton · J. MaguireThe Structure of Business
2000978-0-7175-1244-7Dick AldersonFive Cambridge Proficiency Tests
  ''978-0-7175-1245-4   ''Five Cambridge Proficiency Tests: Tchrs'
2004978-0-7175-1246-1   ''Five Cambridge Proficiency Tests: Cassette
1984978-0-7175-1247-8C.J. LinesLooking Around: Tchrs'
2004978-0-7175-1249-2J.H.Montagu ButlerInteractive Projects
2000978-0-7175-1250-8J.H.Montagu ButlerInteractive Projects: Tchrs'
1991978-0-7175-1251-5J.H. Montagu ButlerInteractive Projects: Cassette
2004978-0-7175-1252-2Paul ThomasNew Directions (Hulton Copymasters)
1984978-0-7175-1253-9Leonard Geoffrey Marsh · Louis A. FordeComprehension for the Caribbean
  ''978-0-7175-1254-6   ''Comprehension for the Caribbean: Ans.Bk
  ''978-0-7175-1255-3J. D SlaterTarget tablemasters: Pressure-tax spiritmasters
  ''978-0-7175-1256-0J D SlaterTarget Mental Tests
  ''978-0-7175-1257-7J.D. SlaterTarget Mental Tests (Target Education)
1984978-0-7175-1258-4J.D. SlaterTarget Mental Tests
  ''978-0-7175-1259-1J D SlaterTarget Mental Tests
  ''978-0-7175-1260-7J.D. SlaterTarget Mental Tests (Target Education)
  ''978-0-7175-1261-4   ''Target Mental Tests (Target Education)
  ''978-0-7175-1262-1   ''Target Mental Tests: Ans Bk. 1
1984978-0-7175-1263-8J.D. SlaterTarget Mental Tests: Ans Bk. 2
  ''978-0-7175-1264-5   ''Target Mental Tests: Ans
1984978-0-7175-1265-2J.D. SlaterTarget Mental Tests: Ans Bk. 4
  ''978-0-7175-1266-9   ''Target Mental Tests: Ans Bk. 5
  ''978-0-7175-1267-6   ''Target Mental Tests: Ans Bk. 6
  ''978-0-7175-1269-0E.Frank CandlinVisiting Britain: English You Need
  ''978-0-7175-1272-0Simon GreenallLanguage Games and Activities
1984978-0-7175-1275-1Helen Naylor · Stuart HaggerFirst Certificate Handbook
  ''978-0-7175-1277-5Helen Naylor · Stuart HaggerFirst Certificate Handbook: Key
  ''978-0-7175-1280-5Molly HarrisonStory of Travelling
2004978-0-7175-1288-1H.A. SwanNew English Proficiency Course
2000978-0-7175-1289-8H.A. SwanNew English Proficiency Course: Ans.Bk
1984978-0-7175-1290-4W.Owen Cole · Peggy MorganSix Religions in the Twentieth Century
1985978-0-7175-1291-1J. Hawes · P. Macinnis · R. Meyer · P. StanburyBiology Data and Resource Book
1984978-0-7175-1292-8R.E. Houseman · J.D. BentleyForty Lessons and Exercises in Grammar and Language: Ans
2000978-0-7175-1295-9Patrick John LarkinIsland Story: Georgian and Victorian Britain Bk. 3
  ''978-0-7175-1296-6Stanley ThornesStories of Jesus: Bk. 1
  ''978-0-7175-1297-3Geraldine DobbieStories of Jesus: Bk. 2
2000978-0-7175-1298-0Geraldine DobbieStories of Jesus: Bk. 3
1985978-0-7175-1299-7James McArthur · etc.Starting Points: Ourselves
  ''978-0-7175-1300-0James McArthur · etc.Starting Points: At School
  ''978-0-7175-1301-7   ''Starting Points: Families
  ''978-0-7175-1302-4   ''Starting Points: Our Homes
  ''978-0-7175-1303-1J. AndrewBible Puzzles: From Abraham to David
1985978-0-7175-1304-8J. AndrewBible Puzzles: Life and Work of Jesus
2004978-0-7175-1305-5Sinclair AtkinsFrom Stone Age to Conquest
  ''978-0-7175-1306-2Gaynor Ramsey · Michael RutmanScenes and Themes from Everyday Life
1985978-0-7175-1309-3Rosalyn KendrickIn the Steps of Jesus
  ''978-0-7175-1310-9Brian P. CallingtonPrimary Gymnastics (Hulton practical teaching series)
  ''978-0-7175-1311-6Philip SauvainEuropean and World History, 1815-1919
2004978-0-7175-1312-3Philip SauvainModern World History, 1919 Onwards
1985978-0-7175-1314-7Chris BurgessShort Plays for Small Groups
  ''978-0-7175-1315-4Chris BurgessShort Plays for Small Groups
  ''978-0-7175-1316-1   ''Short Plays for Small Groups
  ''978-0-7175-1317-8   ''Short Plays for Small Groups
  ''978-0-7175-1318-5James McArthur · etc.Starting Points: In the Street
1985978-0-7175-1319-2James McArthur · etc.Starting Points: In the Park
2004978-0-7175-1321-5Alaric BirkettThe Vikings
1985978-0-7175-1322-2Bill RidgwayHarry Stories: Lucky Harry and Other Stories Bk. 1 (Harry stories / Bill Ridgway)
  ''978-0-7175-1323-9Bill RidgwayHarry Stories: Harry Takes His Time and Other Stories Bk. 2 (Harry stories / Bill Ridgway)
1991978-0-7175-1324-6G Ramsey · Michael RutmanScenes and Themes: Cassette
1986978-0-7175-1325-3James McArthur · etc.Starting Points: Our Shops
  ''978-0-7175-1326-0James McArthurRoads and railways (Starting points / Hulton Educational Publications)
  ''978-0-7175-1327-7James McArthur · etc.Starting Points: Our Animals
1985978-0-7175-1335-2Dorothy DiamondGet Ready for the Computer: Bk. 1
  ''978-0-7175-1336-9   ''Get Ready for the Computer: Bk. 2
1985978-0-7175-1337-6Dorothy DiamondGet Ready for the Computer: Bk. 3
  ''978-0-7175-1338-3A.E. Tansley · R.E. TansleyDuncan Dragon: Extension Readers Bk.4A
  ''978-0-7175-1339-0   ''Duncan Dragon: Extension Readers Bk.4B
1985978-0-7175-1340-6A.E. Tansley · R.E. TansleyDuncan Dragon: Extension Readers Bk.4C
  ''978-0-7175-1341-3   ''Duncan Dragon: Extension Readers Bk.8A
  ''978-0-7175-1342-0   ''Duncan Dragon: Extension Readers Bk.8B
  ''978-0-7175-1343-7   ''Duncan Dragon: Extension Readers Bk.8C
  ''978-0-7175-1344-4   ''Duncan Dragon: Extension Readers Bk.10A (Duncan Dragon reading scheme)
1985978-0-7175-1345-1A.E. Tansley · R.E. TansleyDuncan Dragon: Blackie, the Clever Sheepdog Bk.10B (Duncan Dragon reading scheme)
1985978-0-7175-1346-8A.E. Tansley · R.E. TansleyDuncan Dragon: Extension Readers Bk.10C (Duncan Dragon reading scheme)
  ''978-0-7175-1347-5   ''Duncan Dragon: Extension Readers Bk.12A (Duncan Dragon reading scheme)
  ''978-0-7175-1348-2   ''Duncan Dragon: Extension Readers Bk.12B (Duncan Dragon reading scheme)
  ''978-0-7175-1349-9   ''Duncan Dragon: Extension Readers Bk.12C (Duncan dragon reading scheme)
  ''978-0-7175-1350-5   ''Duncan Dragon: Extension Readers Bk.14A (Duncan Dragon reading scheme)
1985978-0-7175-1351-2A.E. Tansley · R.E. TansleyDuncan Dragon: Extension Readers Bk.14B (Duncan Dragon reading scheme)
1985978-0-7175-1352-9A.E. Tansley · R.E. TansleyDuncan Dragon: Extension Readers Bk.14C (Duncan Dragon reading scheme)
  ''978-0-7175-1354-3Peter J. HolmeScience Skills Assessment Tests: Teacher's Guide
  ''978-0-7175-1355-0G. CurtisSpiritmasters: Chemistry Quizzes and Puzzles
  ''978-0-7175-1356-7Hilary Rees-ParnallBrush Up Your English
2000978-0-7175-1357-4Hilary Rees-ParnallBrush Up Your English: Tchrs'
1985978-0-7175-1359-8Dorothy DiamondBasic Measurement Activities (Hulton Practical Teaching Series)
  ''978-0-7175-1363-5A.E. Tansley · R.E. TansleyDuncan Dragon: Extension Readers, 15v
1985978-0-7175-1364-2Les BayntonPoems in My Head: Bk. A
  ''978-0-7175-1365-9   ''Poems in My Head: Bk. B
  ''978-0-7175-1366-6Jean Brain · Molly D. MartinAn Examination Guide for Nursery Nurses: v. 1
2000978-0-7175-1367-3Gaynor Ramsey · William ChristListen in
  ''978-0-7175-1368-0Gaynor Ramsey · William ChristListen in: Tchrs'
  ''978-0-7175-1369-7G RamseyCassette: Listen in - Ed1
1985978-0-7175-1370-3Louis A Forde · L G MarshProficiency in Grammar and Language for CSEC
1985978-0-7175-1371-0Leonard Geoffrey Marsh · Louis A. FordeProficiency in Grammar and Language for Caribbean Examinations Council: Ans.Bk
  ''978-0-7175-1372-7G. CurtisSpiritmasters: Biology Quizzes and Puzzles
  ''978-0-7175-1376-5J. D SlaterCalculator maths (Hulton copymaster)
1986978-0-7175-1393-2G. CurtisSpiritmasters: Physics Quizzes and Puzzles
1985978-0-7175-1394-9Peggy MorganBuddhism in the Twentieth Century
1980978-0-7175-1409-0Marguerite TurnbullRead and Discover: Library of Information, 34v
1976978-0-7175-1410-6   ''Round the World Histories Series
1988978-0-7175-1415-1Birgitta KnutssonLife and Faith (Our World)
1987978-0-7175-1419-9Jean BrainAn examination guide for nursery nurses