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2000978-1-85967-002-6Carole Handslip50 Great Sandwiches (Step-by-Step)
1995978-1-85967-024-8Elizabeth MartinClassic Pasta Sauces: Recipes for the Quickest, Tastiest Pasta Sauces (Creative Cooking Library)
2000978-1-85967-031-6Sue Maggs50 Fantastic Chicken Dishes (Step-by-Step)
1955978-1-85967-037-8Angela Nilsen · Sarah Maxwell · Janice MurfittComplete Cake Decorating: Techniques, Basic Recipes and Beautiful Cake Projects for All Occasions
1995978-1-85967-045-3Mike LawrencePractical Home Improvement: Essential Step-by-Step Handbook for Maintenance, Repairs and Decorating Projects Around the House
  ''978-1-85967-051-4Cheryl OwenSalt Dough: " How To Make Beautiful And Lasting Objects, From Flour, Salt And Water "
  ''978-1-85967-054-5Liz Trigg50 Fabulous Fish Recipes (Step-by-Step)
1955978-1-85967-066-8Gloria NicolThe New Candle Book: Inspirational Ideas for Displaying, Using and Making Candles
2000978-1-85967-068-2Petra BoaseI Can Paint: Painting Activity Projects for the Very Young (Show-me-how)
1995978-1-85967-075-0Linda FraserThe Essential Vegetarian: Over 75 Recipes for Quick and Easy Dishes (Creative Cooking Library)
1999978-1-85967-077-4Linda FraserThe New Chicken Cookbook: Over 75 Recipes for Perfect Poultry and Game Dishes (Creative Cooking Library)
2000978-1-85967-079-8   ''Soups and Starters: Over 75 Recipes for Fabulous First Courses (Creative Cooking Library)
1995978-1-85967-084-2Sara LewisCooking for Babies and Toddlers: Nutritious, Delicious and Easy-to-Prepare Recipes to Give Your Child a Healthy Start in Life
1996978-1-85967-089-7Alison MackonochieThe Complete Book of Pregnancy & Babycare
1995978-1-85967-092-7Peter Jordan · Steven WheelerThe Ultimate Mushroom Book: The Complete Guide to Mushrooms - A Photographic A-Z of Types and 100 Original Recipes
2016978-1-85967-099-6Roland BrownThe Encyclopedia of Motorcycles
1998978-1-85967-103-0Tessa EveleghThe Decorated Garden Room: Interior Design for Your Outside Living Space
2002978-1-85967-105-4LORENTZAngels: An Anthology of Verse and Prose (Gift Anthologies)
2000978-1-85967-123-8Stewart Walton · Sally WaltonBed Dressing (Interior Focus S.)
1999978-1-85967-134-4Steve ParkerThe Body, The (Learn About)
1996978-1-85967-143-6Marion ElliotTinwork (New Crafts)
  ''978-1-85967-148-1Mary MaguireWirework (New Crafts)
  ''978-1-85967-153-5Isabel StanleyMachine Embroidery (New Crafts)
2000978-1-85967-191-7Roger KeverneJade
2000978-1-85967-204-4Christine FranceChocolate Ecstasy: 75 of the Most Dangerous Recipes Ever
1996978-1-85967-213-6Ken NormanCreate Your Own Bonsai (Step-by-Step)
1997978-1-85967-216-7Paul BottomerTango Argentino (Dance Crazy S.)
  ''978-1-85967-221-1Paul BottomerSalsa (Dance Crazy S.)
1955978-1-85967-222-8Anna CrutchleyThe Tassels Book: An Inspirational Guide to Tassels and Tassel-making, with Over 40 Practical Projects
1996978-1-85967-226-6Paul BottomerRock 'n' Roll: Steps, Style, Spirit (Dance Crazy)
  ''978-1-85967-237-2Christine FranceThe Ultimate Low Cholesterol Low Fat Cookbook: Over 220 Healthy Recipes for Every Occaision
1998978-1-85967-238-9Lizzie ReakesRagwork (New Crafts)
2000978-1-85967-246-4Nicola TuxworthKittens: A Very First Picture Book (The first picture books)
  ''978-1-85967-251-8Nicola TuxworthWild Animals (Very First Picture Book S.)
1996978-1-85967-255-6Liz WagstaffThe Gilding Book
1955978-1-85967-264-8Christine IngramThe Vegetable Ingredients Cookbook
1996978-1-85967-276-1Manisha Kanani50 Classic Curries (Step-by-Step)
  ''978-1-85967-285-3LorenzFairies: An Anthology of Verse and Prose (Gift Anthologies)
1998978-1-85967-297-6Victoria BrownFeltwork (New Crafts)
1998978-1-85967-299-0John HudsonInstant Meditation for Stress Relief: Breathing Techniques and Mental Exercises for an Immediate Sense of Calm and Well-being (New Life Library)
2000978-1-85967-313-3Peter MellettTrees (Learn About) (Fantastic Facts)
1998978-1-85967-339-3Stephanie Donaldson50 Spectacular Window Boxes (Step-by-Step)
  ''978-1-85967-340-9Deborah Schneebeli-MorrellThe Decorative Egg Book
  ''978-1-85967-350-8Stephanie Donaldson50 Glorious Hanging Baskets (Step-by-Step)
1997978-1-85967-355-3Anne SheasbyThe Ultimate Fat-free Cookbook: The Best Ever Step-by-step Collection of No-fat and Low Fat Recipes for Tempting, Delicious and Healty Eating
1998978-1-85967-359-1Christine McFadden · Christine FranceThe Ultimate Encyclopedia of Chocolate
1997978-1-85967-365-2Anne SheasbyHigh Fibre Cookbook: 50 Delicious Recipes for Healthy Eating (Step-by-Step)
1998978-1-85967-376-8Mary MaguireShells (Craft Workshop)
  ''978-1-85967-378-2Andrea SpencerSeashore Style: Decorative Ideas Inspired by the Spirit of the Seashore
1997978-1-85967-380-5Tessa EveleghTable Settings: 100 Inspirational Stylings, Themes and Layouts, with Over 60 Sensational Step-by-step Projects
1998978-1-85967-381-2Andrew Newton-Cox · Deena BeverleyMaking Birdhouses: Practical Projects for Decorative Houses, Tables and Feeders
  ''978-1-85967-388-1Andrew MikolajskiHostas (New Plant Library)
1998978-1-85967-393-5Paul BottomerQuickstep (Dance Crazy S.)
  ''978-1-85967-394-2   ''Mambo and Merengue (Dance Crazy)
  ''978-1-85967-395-9   ''Samba and Lambada (Dance Crazy)
  ''978-1-85967-396-6   ''Waltz (Dance Crazy S.)
2000978-1-85967-425-3Anne HildyardLow Fat Chicken (Step-by-Step)
1998978-1-85967-432-1Marion ElliottPapier-mache: 25 Creative Projects for the Home (Inspirations)
  ''978-1-85967-444-4Gilly Love · Patricia DiemlingThe Food Combining Cook Book (Healthy Eating Library)
1998978-1-85967-448-2Diana CivilCandles: Over 20 Projects for Making and Displaying Candles (Inspirations)
  ''978-1-85967-460-4Miles AndersonThe Ultimate Cacti and Succulents: The Definitive Practical Reference Guide to Identifying, Buying and Growing Cacti and Succulents
1999978-1-85967-491-8Joanna FarrowGingerbread
2000978-1-85967-513-7Andrew Mikolajski · Colin MorganConifers (The new plant library)
1998978-1-85967-526-7Philip SteeleStep into the Roman Empire (The step into series)
  ''978-1-85967-529-8Marion ElliotThe Tile Decorating Book
  ''978-1-85967-533-5Stewart WaltonPaper Cutting (New Crafts)
  ''978-1-85967-537-3Penny BoylanSalt Dough: 20 Practical Projects for the Home (Inspirations)
1998978-1-85967-572-4Michelle Berriedale-JohnsonThe Diabetic Cookbook (Healthy Eating Library)
  ''978-1-85967-573-1Anne SheasbyFat Free Cookbook (Healthy Eating Library)
  ''978-1-85967-574-8Christine FranceThe Low Cholesterol Cookbook (Healthy Eating Library series cook book)
  ''978-1-85967-582-3Jen GreenLearn About Birds: A Fascinating Fact File and Learn-it-yourself Project Book
  ''978-1-85967-593-9Terry HewittCacti: A Step-by-step Handbook for Cultivation and Care (New Plant Library)
1998978-1-85967-594-6Blaise Cooke · Hazel KeyPelargoniums: A Step-by-step Handbook for Cultivation and Care (New Plant Library)
  ''978-1-85967-602-8Maggie PhiloPaint Effects: 25 Decorative Projects for the Home (Inspirations)
  ''978-1-85967-604-2Bridget Jones · Madeleine BrehautNapkin Folding
1999978-1-85967-614-1Stewart Walton · Sally WaltonCreating Country Style
1998978-1-85967-617-2Polly PollockBasketwork (New Crafts)
  ''978-1-85967-618-9Denise PalmerEnamelling (New Crafts)
  ''978-1-85967-619-6Marion ElliotPapier-mache (New Crafts)
1955978-1-85967-624-0Simon LillyCrystals and Crystal Healing: Placements and Techniques for Restoring Balance and Health (New Life Library)
1998978-1-85967-634-9Andrew Mikolajski · Christine SkelmersdaleLilies: A Step-by-step Handbook for Cultivation and Care (New Plant Library)
1998978-1-85967-637-0Terry HewittSucculents: A Step-by-step Handbook for Cultivation and Care (New Plant Library)
  ''978-1-85967-645-5Linda DoeserThe Ultimate Wok and Stir Fry Cookbook (Lorenz Books)
  ''978-1-85967-658-5Isabel StanleyLampshades: Over 20 Stylish Shades to Decorate or Make (Inspirations S.)
  ''978-1-85967-668-4Patrizia Diemling · Gilly LoveThe Food Combining Cookbook: Over 70 Simple, Healthy Recipes for Every Occasion (The Healthy Eating Library)
  ''978-1-85967-671-4Christine France · LorenzLow Cholesterol Cookbook (Healthy Eating)
1998978-1-85967-684-4Charlotte EvansStep into the Stone Age (The step into series)
  ''978-1-85967-685-1Philip SteeleStep into the Viking World (The step into series)
  ''978-1-85967-688-2Sally NortonNailcare: Fabulous Nails in Next to No Time (Instant Beauty)
  ''978-1-85967-693-6Linda Fraser · Carole HandslipThe Ultimate Low-fat Baking Cookbook: The Best-ever Step-by-step Collection of Low-fat Baking Recipes for Tempting and Healthy Eating
  ''978-1-85967-699-8Chris ReesThe Encyclopedia of Dream Cars: A Celebration of the Motor Car from 1975 to the Present Day
1998978-1-85967-719-3Kate ShaplandA New You in 21 Days: Shortcuts to Losing Weight, Looking Good and Feeling Great
  ''978-1-85967-725-4Lorenz BooksThe Ultimate Show-me How Activity Book: Cooking, Painting, Crafts, Science, Gardening, Magic, Music and Having a Party - Simple and Fun Step-by-step Projects for Young Children
2016978-1-85967-726-1Sally Norton · Kate Shapland · Jacki WadesonThe Ultimate Beauty Book
1999978-1-85967-754-4Alan EdwardsUltimate Encyclopedia of Cats: Cat Breeds and Cat Care
1998978-1-85967-755-1Julian Holland · Neil MillingtonThe Ultimate Cigar Encyclopedia
  ''978-1-85967-757-5Kate Whiteman · Maggie MayhewThe World Encyclopedia of Fruit: A Comprehensive Guide to the Fruits of the World
2018978-1-85967-763-6Fiona MacDonaldStep into the Aztec and Maya World (The step into series)
1998978-1-85967-766-7Lorenz BooksFortune Telling (Pocket Entertainers)
  ''978-1-85967-768-1Paul BarnettCard Games (Pocket Entertainers)
  ''978-1-85967-782-7Sarah AinleyMaking Dream Ice-cream: Ices and Sorbets for the Taste of Refinement
2005978-1-85967-784-1LorenzNew Plant Lib Assort
2005978-1-85967-785-8LorenzNew Plant Libr Assort
2005978-1-85967-786-5LorenzBath Home Apothecary As
  ''978-1-85967-787-2   ''Barbecue Hot Spicy Asst
  ''978-1-85967-788-9   ''Lorenz Classics Asst
  ''978-1-85967-789-6   ''New Life Lib Asst
  ''978-1-85967-790-2   ''Healthy Eating Assort
2005978-1-85967-791-9LorenzLets Look At:Book Assort
2005978-1-85967-792-6LorenzCountry Natural Style
  ''978-1-85967-793-3   ''Big Cookie Fat Free Ast
  ''978-1-85967-803-9   ''Ppk12 Windw/Hang Town
  ''978-1-85967-804-6   ''Ppk20 Hm/Bath Sum Wcraf
  ''978-1-85967-806-0   ''Step Into:Assort 14644
2005978-1-85967-807-7LorenzInspirations:Crafts Asst
2005978-1-85967-808-4LorenzCountry Natural Style
  ''978-1-85967-809-1   ''Ppk18 Pkt Entertainers
  ''978-1-85967-811-4   ''Feng Shui Assortment for Ams
  ''978-1-85967-814-5   ''Ppk4 Classic Harley Davidson
  ''978-1-85967-815-2   ''Address Giftset Assort
2005978-1-85967-816-9LorenzItalian Asian Kitch Ast
2005978-1-85967-817-6LorenzPpk6 Christmas Ornament
1998978-1-85967-820-6Anne SheasbyBest-ever Fat Free Cookbook: Delicious Food for Healthy Eating (The contemporary kitchen)
  ''978-1-85967-835-0Christine IngramThe Inspired Vegetarian: Creative Ideas for Natural, Healthy Eating
  ''978-1-85967-853-4Jenny TulipTeddy Bear Sticker Playschool (Sticker & Colour-in Playbook)
  ''978-1-85967-856-5Christine IngramThe World Encyclopedia of Vegetables: The Complete Illustrated Guide to Vegetables and How to Use Them in the Kitchen
1999978-1-85967-861-9Nicola TuxworthDiggers and Dumpers: A Very First Picture Book (The first picture books)
  ''978-1-85967-879-4Kathy BrownThe Edible Flower Garden: From Garden to Kitchen - Choosing, Growing and Cooking with Edible Flowers
1999978-1-85967-880-0Gill HaleThe Practical Encyclopedia of Feng Shui
  ''978-1-85967-886-2Mary MaguireTin Crafts: Over 20 Creative Projects for the Home (Inspirations)
  ''978-1-85967-891-6Pattie BarronCreate a Mediterranean Garden: Planting a Low-maintenance, Drought-proof Paradise Anywhere
  ''978-1-85967-893-0Susie StokoeSilk Painting (Craft Workshop)
  ''978-1-85967-896-1Michele Mac DonnellAlexander Technique: Regain Your Natural Poise and Alleviate Stress (New Life Library)
1999978-1-85967-897-8Sally MorningstarAyurveda (New Life Library)
  ''978-1-85967-900-5Andrew MikolajskiCamellias: A Step-by-step Handbook for Cultivation and Care (New Plant Library)
  ''978-1-85967-905-0Jeni WrightThe Pasta Bible: A Complete Guide to All the Varieties and Styles of Pasta
  ''978-1-85967-907-4Sarah MuirSaddlery and Horse Equipment: The Complete Illustrated Guide to Riding Tack and Clothing
  ''978-1-85967-909-8Wendy DoyleThe Ultimate Fat-free Dessert Cookbook
1999978-1-85967-911-1Geoffrey BudworthThe Ultimate Encyclopedia of Knots and Ropework: Knots and Ropes for All Pursuits from Sailing and Fishing to Camping and Climbing
  ''978-1-85967-912-8Christine Ingram · Jennie ShapterThe World Encyclopedia of Bread and Bread Making: Full-colour Visual Catalogue of the Breads of the World - From France and Italy to the West Coast of America
  ''978-1-85967-915-9Clare Bradley · Cecilia FitzsimonsOutdoor Activities for Kids: Over 100 Fun, Practical Things to Do Outside
  ''978-1-85967-926-5Lorenz BooksEaster: A Celebration - Beautiful Ideas for Springtime Festivities
  ''978-1-85967-941-8Maggie PannellDairy-Free Cookbook (Eating for Health S.)
2005978-1-85967-950-0LorenzLorenz 8x8 Holiday Asst
2005978-1-85967-951-7LorenzMythology Assortment
  ''978-1-85967-952-4   ''Ppk20 Lets Look Book Asst
  ''978-1-85967-955-5   ''Lets Look At:Book Asst
  ''978-1-85967-957-9   ''Lorenz Hh 8x8 Asst Cc
  ''978-1-85967-960-9   ''Lorenz 8x8 Assort 1
2005978-1-85967-962-3LorenzFun to Learn Assort
1999978-1-85967-964-7Roz DennyCooking for Your Vegetarian Kids: Tasty, Healthy Food with Child Appeal
2005978-1-85967-965-4LorenzPpk6 Lets Look Assortment
2005978-1-85967-971-5LorenzTown Garden Assortment
  ''978-1-85967-972-2   ''Convertble Fishng Harly
  ''978-1-85967-976-0   ''History Nature Assort
  ''978-1-85967-980-7   ''Step Into:Assort History Ser
  ''978-1-85967-981-4   ''Pasta Rice Potato Asst
2005978-1-85967-985-2LorenzAssorted Car Motorcycle
2005978-1-85967-986-9LorenzNew Plant Assort
  ''978-1-85967-990-6   ''Creative Gardng Asst
  ''978-1-85967-991-3   ''Healthy Eating Assort
  ''978-1-85967-995-1   ''Anness Healing Assort
  ''978-1-85967-996-8   ''Lorenz Craft Asst