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1988978-0-85036-054-7Charles W GreenSutton Hoo: The Excavation of a Royal Ship Burial
1968978-0-85036-071-4Georg LukacsGoethe and His Age
2009978-0-85036-135-3Ralph MilibandParliamentary Socialism: A Study in the Politics of Labour
1975978-0-85036-197-1Georg LukacsHistory and Class Consciousness: Studies in Marxist Dialectics
  ''978-0-85036-198-8   ''The Young Hegel: Studies in the Relations Between Dialectics and Economics
1977978-0-85036-205-3E. P. ThompsonWilliam Morris, from Romantic to Revolutionary
1978978-0-85036-223-7Paul MattickAnti-Bolshevik Communism
  ''978-0-85036-226-8Georg LukacsThe Ontology of Social Being: 1. Hegel
  ''978-0-85036-227-5   ''The Ontology of Social Being: 2. Marx
  ''978-0-85036-231-2E. P. ThompsonThe Poverty of Theory and Other Essays
1971978-0-85036-236-7Georg LukacsThe Theory of the Novel
1978978-0-85036-237-4   ''Writer and Critic, and Other Essays
1995978-0-85036-238-1Georg Lukacs · Gyhorgy LukbacsEssays on Thomas Mann
1980978-0-85036-247-3Georg LukacsThe Destruction of Reason ([International library of social and political thought])
1980978-0-85036-251-0Gyorgy Lukacs · Georg LukacsSoul and Form
1991978-0-85036-254-1Sheila Rowbotham · etc. · Lynne Segal · Hilary WainwrightBeyond the Fragments: Feminism and the Making of Socialism
1980978-0-85036-255-8Georg LukacsOntology of Social Being Vol. 3: Labour: Labour Pt. 3
  ''978-0-85036-261-9Marcel LiebmanLeninism Under Lenin
1983978-0-85036-281-7Georg LukacsReviews and Articles from "Die Rote Fahne"
  ''978-0-85036-282-4Ciro AlegriaBroad and Alien is the World
1982978-0-85036-294-7F. Koszegi · E. P. ThompsonNew Hungarian Peace Movement
1988978-0-85036-300-5Julian Tudor HartA New Kind of Doctor
1986978-0-85036-301-2Heinz RichterBritish Intervention in Greece: From Varkiza to the Civil War
1991978-0-85036-303-6John SandfordThe Sword and the Ploughshare: Autonomous Peace Initiatives in East Germany (END special report)
1987978-0-85036-350-0Frederick BodmerLoom of Language
1989978-0-85036-378-4Georg LukacsHistorical Novel
  ''978-0-85036-380-7Lancelot HogbenMathematics for the Million: How to Master the Magic of Numbers
1964978-0-85036-382-1C. Levi-StraussTotemism
1991978-0-85036-387-6Frederick Temple Hamilton-Temple-Blackwood Dufferin and AvaLetters from High Latitudes
  ''978-0-85036-388-3Rex WarnerWild Goose Chase (Radical Fiction S.)
1991978-0-85036-391-3Walter BrierleySandwichman (Radical Fiction S.)
  ''978-0-85036-393-7Marion SarafisBackground to Contemporary Greece v.1: Vol 1
  ''978-0-85036-394-4   ''Background to Contemporary Greece v.2: Vol 2
  ''978-0-85036-410-1Frank Mulville · MulvilleSingle-handed Sailing (Seafarer)
  ''978-0-85036-411-8E. P. ThompsonCustoms in Common
1992978-0-85036-425-5Frank MulvilleSchooner Integrity (Seafarer)
1995978-0-85036-433-0John Gillott · Manjit KumarScience and the Retreat from Reason
1993978-0-85036-434-7Sheila RowbothamHomeworkers Worldwide
1997978-0-85036-437-8Bjorn LarssonThe Celtic Ring
1994978-0-85036-445-3John Rule · Robert MalcolmsonProtest and Survival: The Historical Experience
1996978-0-85036-446-0E. P. Thompson · Dorothy ThompsonPoverty of Theory: An Orrery of Errors
1997978-0-85036-461-3E. P. ThompsonBeyond the Frontier: Politics of a Failed Mission - Bulgaria, 1944
1997978-0-85036-462-0Frank MulvilleRescue and Recovery: "Iskra's" Ordeal in the Hebrides: "Iskra's" Ordeal in the Hebrides
1997978-0-85036-464-4Frank MulvilleDear Dolphin: "Iskra's" Atlantic Adventures
  ''978-0-85036-470-5Lancelot HogbenLancelot Hogben Scientific Humanist: An Unauthorised Autobiography
  ''978-0-85036-474-3E. P. ThompsonThe Romantics: England in a Revolutionary Age
1998978-0-85036-475-0Stephen Roberts · Dorothy ThompsonImages of Chartism
  ''978-0-85036-477-4Francis BeckettEnemy within: Rise and Fall of the British Communist Party
  ''978-0-85036-478-1Karl Marx · Friedrich EngelsCommunist Manifesto
1999978-0-85036-484-2Owen R. AshtonChartist Legacy
1999978-0-85036-486-6Owen R. Ashton · etc. · Robert Fyson · Stephen RobertsThe Chartist Legacy
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2003978-0-85036-518-4John NewsingerRebel City: Larkin, Connolly and the Dublin Labour Movement
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  ''978-0-85036-531-3Ralph MilibandMarxism and Politics (2004)
2004978-0-85036-532-0Paul BlackledgePerry Anderson: Marxism and the New Left
2003978-0-85036-533-7Ghassan HageAgainst Paranoid Nationalism: Searching for Hope in a Shrinking Society
2006978-0-85036-539-9Keith FlettChartism After 1848: The Working Class and the Politics of Radical Education (Chartist Studies Series)
2005978-0-85036-540-5Joan Allen · Owen R. AshtonPapers for the People: A Study of the Chartist Press (Chartist Studies Series)
2003978-0-85036-542-9Leo PanitchGlobal Capitalism and American Empire
2007978-0-85036-543-6N. Bukharin · E.A. PreobrazhenskyABC of Communism
2004978-0-85036-544-3Keith FlettChartism After 1848: The Working Class and the Politics of Radical Education (Chartist Studies Series)
2005978-0-85036-545-0Joan Allen · Owen R. AshtonPapers for the People: A Study of the Chartist Press (Chartist Studies Series)
2004978-0-85036-547-4Leo PanitchSocialist Register: 2005: Empire Reloaded
2004978-0-85036-549-8Roger FieldhouseAnti-Apartheid: A History of the Movement in Britain, 1959-1994
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2007978-0-85036-556-6Duncan ThompsonPessimism of the Intellect?: A History of New Left Review
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2008978-0-85036-561-0Paul A. PickeringFeargus O'Connor: A Political Life
  ''978-0-85036-562-7Paul A. PickeringFeargus O'Connor
2007978-0-85036-564-1Robert G. HallVoices of the People: Democracy and Chartist Political Identity, 1830-1870 (Chartist Studies Series)
2005978-0-85036-565-8V.L. AllenThe History of Black Mineworkers in South Africa: Mining in South Africa and the Genesis of Apartheid, 1871-1948 Pt. 1
  ''978-0-85036-566-5   ''The History of Black Mineworkers in South Africa: Apartheid Repression and Dissent in the Mines, 1948-1982 Pt. 2
  ''978-0-85036-567-2   ''The History of Black Mineworkers in South Africa: Organise or Die, 1982-1994 Pt. 3 (Hist of Black M/Workers Sa V3)
2005978-0-85036-569-6V.L. AllenThe History of Black Mineworkers in South Africa, 1871-1994: Three Volume Set
2007978-0-85036-570-2Neville KirkCustom and Conflict in the Land of the Gael: Ballachulish, 1900-1910
2008978-0-85036-573-3Jurgen Zimmerer · Joachim ZellerGenocide in German South-West Africa: The Colonial War of 1904-1908 and Its Aftermath
  ''978-0-85036-574-0Jurgen Zimmerer · Joachim ZellerGenocide in German South-West Africa: The Colonial War of 1904-1908 and Its Aftermath
2007978-0-85036-580-1Michael WolfersThomas Hodgkin: Wandering Scholar - a Biography
  ''978-0-85036-581-8Michael WolfersThomas Hodgkin: Wandering Scholar - a Biography
2008978-0-85036-588-7Chris GrayPierre Broue: Revolutionary Historian (Revolutionary History)
  ''978-0-85036-590-0Colin LeysTotal Capitalism: Market Politics, Market State
  ''978-0-85036-592-4John S. SaulDecolonization and Empire: Contesting the Rhetoric and Reality of Resubordination in Southern Africa and Beyond
2007978-0-85036-601-3Alan Campbell · Nina Fishman · John McIlroyThe Post-War Compromise: British Trade Unions and Industrial Politics 1945-64
2007978-0-85036-602-0John McIlroy · Nina Fishman · Alan CampbellThe High Tide of British Trade Unionism: Trade Unions and Industrial Politics, 1964-79
2008978-0-85036-603-7Jamie BronsteinJohn Francis Bray: Transatlantic Radical
2010978-0-85036-604-4Jamie BronsteinJohn Francis Bray: Transatlantic Radical
2008978-0-85036-609-9Stewart PlayerConfuse and Conceal: The NHS and Independent Sector Treatment Centres
2014978-0-85036-623-5Randolph Vigne · James CurreyThe New African: A History: The Radical Review
  ''978-0-85036-640-2Cathy PorterAlexandra Kollontai
2012978-0-85036-647-1Alexander Gallas · Lars Bretthauer · John KannankulamReading Poulantzas
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2010978-0-85036-673-0Francis BeckettFirefighters and the Blitz
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  ''978-0-85036-698-3Henry MayhewThe Unknown Mayhew: Selections from the "Morning Chronicle" 1849-50
2011978-0-85036-705-8Charlie McGuireSean McLoughlin: Ireland's Forgotten Revolutionary
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  ''978-0-85036-713-3   ''Politics of the Right: Socialist Register 2016
  ''978-0-85036-714-0   ''Politics of the Right: Socialist Register 2016
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2016978-0-85036-727-0Ernest MandelOctober 1917 Workers in Power
2017978-0-85036-734-8Emma Goldman · Gaston Leval · Angel Pestana · Jack WilkensAnarchist Encounters: Russia in Revolution (Anarres Editions)