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1977978-0-86101-003-5Christopher F. FossTANKS AND FIGHTS
  ''978-0-86101-005-9Bill Gunston · Anthony WoodHitler's Luftwaffe..A pictorial history and technical encyclopedia of Hitler's air power in World War II
1978978-0-86101-007-3Hugh LyonEncyclopaedia of the World's Warships
1977978-0-86101-010-3Bill GunstonFIGHTER PILOT
1978978-0-86101-011-0Gordon D. RowleyThe Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Succulents
1979978-0-86101-012-7Fred Dellar · Alan Cackett · Roy ThompsonThe Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Country Music
1978978-0-86101-015-8Bill Sweetman · Bill GunstonSoviet Air Power: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Warsaw Pact Airforces Today
  ''978-0-86101-017-2Bill GunstonIllustrated Encyclopaedia of Combat Aircraft of World War II
  ''978-0-86101-024-0Frederick MyattModern Small Arms: Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Famous Military Firearms from 1873 to the Present Day
1997978-0-86101-034-9J. G. WarryWARFARE IN THE CLASSICAL WORLD
1979978-0-86101-045-5Jonathan MeadesThis is Their Life
1980978-0-86101-057-8Ray BondsMODERN TANKS
  ''978-0-86101-059-2Philip Bagenal · Jonathan MeadesThe Illustrated Atlas of the World's Great Buildings
1980978-0-86101-064-6Bill GunstonIllustrated Guide to German, Italian and Japanese Fighters of World War II
  ''978-0-86101-069-1   ''An Illustrated Guide to Bombers of World War II
1981978-0-86101-077-6Frederick MyattRIFLES AND GUNS
  ''978-0-86101-080-6Bernard C. Nalty · etc.Illustrated Guide to the Air War Over Vietnam
  ''978-0-86101-081-3Bill GunstonILLUST GUIDE ALLIED FIGHTERS WW2
  ''978-0-86101-083-7Christopher F. FossTANKS WORLD WAR 2
1981978-0-86101-098-1Richard O'NeillSuicide Squads: Axis and Allied Special Attack Weapons of World War II- Their Development and Their Missions
1982978-0-86101-102-5Bill GunstonAn Illustrated Guide to the Modern Soviet Air Force
  ''978-0-86101-106-3J.B. HollingsworthIllustrated Encyclopaedia of the World's Steam Passenger Locomotives
1981978-0-86101-110-0Bill GunstonMILITARY HELICOPTERS
  ''978-0-86101-115-5Ray BondsIllustrated Guide to the Weapons of the Modern Soviet Ground Forces
1984978-0-86101-128-5Bill GunstonFACT FILE HARRIER (Aviation Fact File)
  ''978-0-86101-133-9Doug Richardson · SpickModern Fighting Aircraft - F-4 Phantom II (Aviation Fact File)
1982978-0-86101-136-0Bill GunstonAn Illustrated Guide To The Modern United States Air Force
1996978-0-86101-139-1Ron McCrindellTOY TRAINS, COLLECTOR'S GUIDE TO
1982978-0-86101-140-7Bill GunstonAn Illustrated Guide to the Israeli Air Force
1983978-0-86101-142-1T. GibbonsThe Complete Encyclopaedia of Battleships and Battlecruisers
1982978-0-86101-145-2Chris Gill · Jon FutrellIllustrated Encyclopaedia of Black Music
  ''978-0-86101-146-9John JordanAn Illustrated Guide to the Modern Soviet Navy
1984978-0-86101-158-2Bill GunstonModern Fighting Aircraft
2001978-0-86101-162-9Bill Gunston · Mike SpickMODERN AIR COMBAT: Aircraft, Tactics and Weapons Employed in Aerial Warfare Today
1997978-0-86101-163-6Bill GunstonILLUSTRATED GUIDE FUTURE FIGHTERS
1983978-0-86101-172-8John JordanMODERN NAVAL AVIATION
1983978-0-86101-177-3Bill GunstonSPY PLANES
  ''978-0-86101-182-7Michael J. GethingFACT FILE F15 EAGLE (Aviation Fact File)
  ''978-0-86101-187-2Doug RichardsonFACT FILE F16 (Aviation Fact File)
1985978-0-86101-194-0Mike SpickF-14 Tomcat (Aviation Fact File)
  ''978-0-86101-200-8Colin JordanBATTLESHIPS
1986978-0-86101-204-6David HobbsSPACE WARFARE
1996978-0-86101-207-7Barry JamesAQUARIUM PLANTS (Fishkeeper's Guide Series)
  ''978-0-86101-208-4David SandiCENTRAL AMERICAN CICHLIDS (Fishkeeper's Guide Series)
1996978-0-86101-211-4David SandsAFRICIAN & ASIAN CATFISHES (A fishkeeper's guide)
2001978-0-86101-231-2D.M.O. Miller · Christopher MillerMODERN NAVAL COMBAT
1986978-0-86101-232-9Bill Gunston · Mike SpickMODERN HELICOPTERS
1988978-0-86101-234-3Jan A. StevensonSPORTING GUNS
1986978-0-86101-246-6Brian Case · Stan BrittJAZZ
  ''978-0-86101-247-3Fred Dellar · etc.COUNTRY MUSIC
  ''978-0-86101-248-0Mike Clifford · etc.Illustrated Rock Handbook
  ''978-0-86101-251-0Ray BondsMODERN AMERICAN WEAPONS
1987978-0-86101-259-6Doug RichardsonFACT FILE AH1 COBRA (Aviation Fact File)
1985978-0-86101-260-2Bill SweetmanMiGs (Aviation Fact File S.)
1988978-0-86101-299-2Mike CliffordPLAY ROCK GUITAR (Play rock... series)
1987978-0-86101-315-9Walter N LangThe World's Elite Forces - The Men, Weapons and Operations in the War Against Terrorism
2001978-0-86101-316-6D.M.O. Miller · Christopher F. FossMODERN LAND COMBAT
1987978-0-86101-319-7Mike SpickFIGHTER COMBAT
  ''978-0-86101-320-3Bill GunstonATTACK AIRCRAFT
2002978-0-86101-330-2Sue QuinnCREATIVE BOOK OF SOFT TOYS (Creative book of homecrafts series)
1988978-0-86101-336-4William V. Kennedy · etc.INTELLIGENCE WAR
1988978-0-86101-348-7David SandsS.A CATFISH
  ''978-0-86101-352-4Bill GunstonMODERN BOMBERS (The Salamander illustrated guide series)
  ''978-0-86101-367-8Kevin BlickPORSCHE (Supercars)
1996978-0-86101-368-5Chris Andrews · Neville Carrington · Adrian ExellThe Interpet Manual of Fish Health
1988978-0-86101-390-6Bill GunstonFIGHTING AIRCRAFT
1996978-0-86101-400-2Peter GammondENCYCLOPEDIA OF CLASSICAL MUSIC
1989978-0-86101-405-7Anne McDowellENCYCLOPEDIA OF KOI
1997978-0-86101-407-1Paul V. LoiselleFISHKEEPERS GUIDE TO AFR.CICHLIDS (Fishkeeper's Guide Series)
1988978-0-86101-415-6Enzo AngelucciCombat Aircraft of World War II 1941-42
  ''978-0-86101-422-4Kijima TakashiORCHIDS: Wonders of Nature
1996978-0-86101-432-3Marigold Timson · etc.GOLDEN RETRIEVERS (Dog Owner's Guide)
1989978-0-86101-441-5John SimisterSUPERCARS LOTUS
  ''978-0-86101-443-9Enzo AngelucciCombat Aircraft of World War II 1939-40
1989978-0-86101-449-1Kenneth W. GatlandSPACE TECHNOLOGY
1997978-0-86101-452-1John JordanThe Illustrated Guide to Modern Naval Warfare (Illustrated Guides)
1990978-0-86101-477-4Richard Townshend BickersThe Battle of Britain
1991978-0-86101-478-1Carole Handslip · Felicity JacksonGOURMET DRIED FRUIT (The Gourmet Series)
1990978-0-86101-518-4Doug RichardsonCOMBAT ARMS MODERN SPY PLANES
1996978-0-86101-528-3Martyn HurnADVANCED SKIING (Adventure Sports)
1990978-0-86101-534-4Doug RichardsonCLASSIC WAR PLANES F 16
1996978-0-86101-535-1Mike SpickCLASSIC WARPLANE SPITFIRE
1990978-0-86101-544-3Mark CarwardineBIRDS IN FOCUS
1997978-0-86101-555-9Lindsay T. PeacockACES PAST
1991978-0-86101-556-6S. Keith EltringhamELEPHANTS
  ''978-0-86101-562-7D.M.O. MillerSUBMARINES OF THE WORLD
  ''978-0-86101-566-5Peter WellnhoferPTEROSAURS (Illustrated encyclopedias)
1997978-0-86101-569-6Mike SpickBAe/McDD Harrier (Classic Warplanes series: British Aerospace Harrier/McDonnell Douglas AV8)
1991978-0-86101-587-0D.M.O. MillerWORLD ARMIES (Armed Forces)
1997978-0-86101-622-8Mike SpickCLASSIC WARPLANES FA 18 HORNE
1993978-0-86101-631-0Bernard C. Nalty · Russ Pritchard · John S. D. EisenhowerD DAY: From Its Planning to the Liberation of Paris
1992978-0-86101-660-0Brian LabanCLASSIC PORCHES
  ''978-0-86101-670-9Bill GunstonALLIED FLIGHT WORLD WAR II (New Illustrated Guides)
  ''978-0-86101-671-6Tim RipleyUS ARMS (New Illustrated Guides)
1997978-0-86101-692-1Linda BarkerORIGAMI
1997978-0-86101-706-5Jim WoodAIRCRAFT NOSE ART
  ''978-0-86101-772-0William C. Davis · Joseph G. RosaWEST
1994978-0-86101-776-8Tony HallMARCH TO VICTORY: Final Months of World War II
978-0-86101-783-6The Book of Light Pasta Sauces
1995978-0-86101-796-6Michael J. W. HallBUCKINGHAM PALACE
1997978-0-86101-828-4Brian BlessedBLESSED EVEREST
  ''978-0-86101-840-6STEP BY STEP COOKERY (Popular recipe series)
  ''978-0-86101-854-3Janet BridgeMAKING & DECORATING PICTURE FRAMES: Making and Decorating Frames at Home
1996978-0-86101-859-8J. G. WarryWarfare in the Classical World: War and the Ancient Civilisations of Greece and Rome (Classic conflicts)
  ''978-0-86101-873-4John CarrollMOTORCYCLE ENCYCLOPEDIA
1998978-0-86101-919-9J.B. Hollingsworth · Arthur CookGREAT BOOK OF TRAINS
1997978-0-86101-927-4S. Keith EltringhamENCYCLOEDIA OF ELEPHANTS
1997978-0-86101-934-2Richard Townshend BickersBATTLE OF BRITAIN
  ''978-0-86101-944-1William Green · Gordon SwanboroughFLYING COLOURS
1998978-0-86101-945-8Bill Gunston · Mike SpickMODERN FIGHTING HELICOPTERS
1997978-0-86101-961-8Victoria Lloyd-DaviesMUSHROOM COOKBOOK
2001978-0-86101-975-5Dominique CoughlinFLOOR BOOK
1997978-0-86101-991-5Michael Calvin · Author · Mark PepperIT'S ONLY WIND & WATER GLOBAL CHALL: Story of the BT Global Challenge