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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-0-552-99699-0Jim GrimsleyWinter Birds
  ''978-0-552-99700-3Joanna TrollopeNext Of Kin
1998978-0-552-99702-7Bill BrysonA Walk In The Woods: The World's Funniest Travel Writer Takes a Hike
2001978-0-552-99703-4Bill BrysonDown Under: Travels in a Sunburned Country (Bryson)
2004978-0-552-99704-1   ''A Short History Of Nearly Everything (Bryson)
1997978-0-552-99706-5Winifred FortescueTrampled Lilies
1996978-0-552-99708-9Simon MaginnMethods of Confinement
1997978-0-552-99717-1Barry PiltonAn Innocent Abroad: The Paris Years
1998978-0-552-99718-8Tim PearsIn A Land Of Plenty
  ''978-0-552-99720-1Jill Paton WalshThe Serpentine Cave
  ''978-0-552-99723-2Mary WesleyPart Of The Furniture
1997978-0-552-99726-3Rafael YglesiasDr. Neruda's Cure for Evil
  ''978-0-552-99730-0Penelope EvansFreezing
2001978-0-552-99734-8Kate AtkinsonEmotionally Weird
1998978-0-552-99736-2Angela LambertKiss and Kin
1999978-0-552-99737-9Angela LambertGolden Lads and Girls
1998978-0-552-99741-6   ''A Rather English Marriage
1998978-0-552-99742-3Angela LambertThe Constant Mistress
1997978-0-552-99748-5William KotzwinkleThe Bear Went Over The Mountain
  ''978-0-552-99749-2Frank SchaefferPortofino
1999978-0-552-99750-8Winston Churchill · Clementine ChurchillSpeaking For Themselves: The Personal Letters of Winston and Clementine Churchill
2000978-0-552-99751-5A A GillStarcrossed
1998978-0-552-99757-7Pamela JoosteDance With A Poor Man's Daughter
2000978-0-552-99758-4Pamela JoosteFrieda And Min
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1998978-0-552-99760-7Laurie GrahamThe Dress Circle
  ''978-0-552-99761-4Madeleine WickhamThe Gatecrasher
  ''978-0-552-99766-9Judy AstleyEvery Good Girl
1999978-0-552-99767-6Chitra DivakaruniSister Of My Heart
1999978-0-552-99768-3Judy AstleyThe Right Thing
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1997978-0-552-99775-1Scott HeimIn Awe
  ''978-0-552-99777-5Mary Doria RussellThe Sparrow
1995978-0-552-99780-5Jill Paton WalshKnowledge Of Angels
1998978-0-552-99783-6Jay RaynerDay of Atonement
1999978-0-552-99786-7Bill BrysonNotes From A Big Country: Journey Into the American Dream (Bryson)
  ''978-0-552-99788-1Joanna TrollopeOther People's Children
  ''978-0-552-99796-6John IrvingA Widow For One Year
2001978-0-552-99800-0Joanne HarrisBlackberry Wine
1999978-0-552-99801-7Jane HamiltonThe Short History Of A Prince
1999978-0-552-99803-1John O'FarrellThings Can Only Get Better: Eighteen Miserable Years in the Life of a Labour Supporter, 1979-1997
1998978-0-552-99804-8Baroness Claire MacdonaldSeasonal Cooking
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  ''978-0-552-99806-2   ''Neither Here, Nor There: Travels in Europe (Bryson)
1999978-0-552-99808-6   ''The Lost Continent: Travels in Small-Town America
2000978-0-552-99810-9Nicholas RinaldiThe Jukebox Queen Of Malta
1999978-0-552-99811-6Mary Doria RussellChildren Of God (Black Swan original)
  ''978-0-552-99813-0Samuel ShemMount Misery
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2000978-0-552-99822-2Diana AppleyardA Class Apart
2000978-0-552-99824-6Guy BurtThe Dandelion Clock
2001978-0-552-99825-3Herbjorg WassmoDina's Son
1999978-0-552-99826-0Anne FineTAKING THE DEVIL'S ADVICE
  ''978-0-552-99827-7Anne FineIn Cold Domain
1999978-0-552-99828-4Anne FineThe Killjoy
  ''978-0-552-99830-7Jessica AdamsSingle White E-mail
  ''978-0-552-99833-8Ben EltonBlast From The Past
2000978-0-552-99834-5Madeleine WickhamCocktails For Three
2001978-0-552-99835-2   ''Sleeping Arrangements :
  ''978-0-552-99836-9Renate DorresteinA Heart Of Stone
  ''978-0-552-99841-3Joan MarbleNotes from an Italian Garden
2000978-0-552-99842-0Judy AstleyExcess Baggage
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  ''978-0-552-99870-3Joanna TrollopeOther People's Children
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  ''978-0-552-99878-9   ''Further Tales Of The City: Tales of the City 3
1986978-0-552-99879-6   ''Babycakes: Tales of the City 4
1989978-0-552-99880-2Armistead MaupinSignificant Others: Tales of the City 5
1991978-0-552-99881-9   ''Sure of You: Tales of the City Series, Vol.6
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2003978-0-552-99885-7   ''Coastliners
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2004978-0-552-99934-2   ''Every Good Woman Deserves A Lover
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2003978-0-552-99949-6Joanne HarrisCoastliners
2002978-0-552-99950-2Judy AstleyUnchained Melanie
2003978-0-552-99951-9   ''Away From It All
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2003978-0-552-99990-8Renate DorresteinA Crying Shame
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  ''978-0-552-99992-2   ''More Innocent Times
1998978-0-552-99993-9   ''These Foolish Things
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