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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-59629-597-1Thomas D'AgostinoA Guide to Haunted New England: Tales from Mount Washington to the Newport Cliffs (Haunted America)
  ''978-1-59629-601-5Mary KrattCharlotte, North Carolina: A Brief History
  ''978-1-59629-603-9Jane O'BoyleHealing All People:: The Roper St. Francis Healthcare Alliance
  ''978-1-59629-604-6Joseph Bilby · Harry ZieglerAsbury Park: A Brief History
2008978-1-59629-605-3R. C. EvartsR.C. Evarts's Alice's Adventures in Cambridge
2009978-1-59629-608-4Sherri BrakeHaunted Stark County: A Ghoulish History (Haunted America)
  ''978-1-59629-615-2Harry C. SilcoxRemembering Northeast Philadelphia (American Chronicles)
2009978-1-59629-618-3Gregory J. Alexander · Paul K. WilliamsA Brief History of Charles Village
  ''978-1-59629-624-4Kenneth W. MilanoThe History of the Kensington Soup Society
  ''978-1-59629-626-8Tally JohnsonGhosts of the Pee Dee (Haunted America)
  ''978-1-59629-628-2Gary FalkLouisville Remembered (American Chronicles)
  ''978-1-59629-630-5Bruce D. Heald101 Glimpses of the Old Man of the Mountain (Vintage Images)
2009978-1-59629-636-7Berry CraigTrue Tales of Old-Time Kentucky Politics: Bombast, Bourbon & Burgoo
  ''978-1-59629-641-1Michael MorganRehoboth Beach: A History of Surf & Sand (Brief History)
  ''978-1-59629-642-8Archibald RutledgeGod's Children (American Heritage)
  ''978-1-59629-643-5Frances H. CasstevensGhosts of the North Carolina Piedmont: Haunted Houses and Unexplained Events (Haunted America)
  ''978-1-59629-646-6John ConwaySullivan County: A Bicentennial History in Images (Vintage Images)
2009978-1-59629-648-0James C. ClaypoolOur Fellow Kentuckians: Rascals, Heroes and Just Plain Uncommon Folk
  ''978-1-59629-656-5Jack NeelyKnoxville: This Obscure Prismatic City (American Chronicles)
  ''978-1-59629-659-6Rosemary F. WilliamsMaritime Annapolis: A History of Watermen, Sails & Midshipmen (American Chronicles)
  ''978-1-59629-660-2Edith Reynolds · John MurrayA Brief History of Waterbury
  ''978-1-59629-661-9James DiehlRemembering Sussex County:: From Zwaanendael to King Chicken (American Chronicles)
2009978-1-59629-665-7Michael D. CokerThe Battle of Port Royal (Civil War Series)
  ''978-1-59629-669-5Jennifer HaleHistoric Plantations of Alabama's Black Belt (Landmarks)
  ''978-1-59629-672-5Christopher L. KolakowskiThe Civil War at Perryville: Battling for the Bluegrass (Civil War Series)
  ''978-1-59629-673-2Tom WilsonRemembering Galesburg (American Chronicles)
  ''978-1-59629-675-6Doug ElliottSwarm Tree: Of Honeybees, Honeymoons and the Tree of Life (Natural History)
2009978-1-59629-677-0Eric FerraraA Guide to Gangsters, Murderers and Weirdos of New York City's Lower East Side
  ''978-1-59629-680-0Eric PinderCat in the Clouds
  ''978-1-59629-681-7David Mould · Missy Loewe · Jerry A. McCoyRemembering Georgetown: A History of the Lost Port City (American Chronicles)
  ''978-1-59629-687-9Theresa Mitchell BarboNantucket Sound:: A Maritime History
  ''978-1-59629-701-2Walker Elliott RoweA History of Virginia Wines: From Grapes to Glass (American Palate)
2009978-1-59629-703-6Bob PlottLegendary Hunters of the Southern Highlands:: A Century of Sport and Survival in the Great Smoky Mountains
  ''978-1-59629-708-1Mark C. PeykoRemembering Youngstown: Tales from the Mahoning Valley (American Chronicles)
  ''978-1-59629-709-8Nicole Bray · Robert DuShaneHaunted History of Kalamazoo (Haunted America)
  ''978-1-59629-712-8Laura CunninghamHaunted Memphis (Haunted America)
  ''978-1-59629-720-3Mindie BurgoyneHaunted Eastern Shore: Ghostly Tales from East of the Chesapeake (Haunted America)
2009978-1-59629-721-0M. Anna FarielloCherokee Basketry: From the Hands of Our Elders (American Heritage)
  ''978-1-59629-725-8Geoffrey K. Fleming · Amy Kasuga FolkHotels and Inns of Long Island's North Fork (Vintage Images)
  ''978-1-59629-728-9Glenn LaxtonHidden History of Rhode Island: Not-to-Be-Forgotten Tales of the Ocean State
  ''978-1-59629-731-9Thomas WhiteLegends & Lore of Western Pennsylvania (American Legends)
  ''978-1-59629-733-3Joe Boeckholt · Michele BoeckholtHarzfeld's: A Brief History (Landmarks)
2010978-1-59629-734-0William IsemingerCahokia Mounds: America's First City (Landmarks)
2010978-1-59629-739-5Patrick T. ConleyRhode Island's Founders: From Settlement to Statehood
2009978-1-59629-745-6James KnightThe Battle of Franklin: When the Devil had Full Possession of the Earth
  ''978-1-59629-754-8Seth H. BramsonSunshine, Stone Crabs and Cheesecake: The Story of Miami Beach (Vintage Images)
  ''978-1-59629-758-6J.H. HallChesapeake Reflections:: Stories from Virginia's Northern Neck
  ''978-1-59629-761-6Eric BrockShreveport Chronicles:: Profiles From Louisiana's Port City (American Chronicles)
2010978-1-59629-762-3Robert Scott DavisAndersonville Civil War Prison (Civil War Series)
2011978-1-59629-763-0Robert Scott DavisCivil War Atlanta (Civil War Series)
2009978-1-59629-765-4Donna Strother DeekensChristmas at Miller & Rhoads: Memoirs of a Snow Queen (Landmarks)
2010978-1-59629-769-2Mark Allen BakerTitle Town USA: Boxing in Upstate New York
2009978-1-59629-771-5Keven McQueenForgotten Tales of Indiana
  ''978-1-59629-772-2Keven McQueenStrange Tales of Crime and Murder in Southern Indiana (Murder & Mayhem)
2010978-1-59629-774-6Gary D. Joiner · Cheryl H. WhiteHistoric Haunts of Shreveport (Haunted America)
2009978-1-59629-775-3Dwayne Claud · Cassidy O'ConnorHaunted Buffalo: Ghosts in the Queen City (Haunted America)
2009978-1-59629-776-0Harry C. Silcox · Frank W. HollingsworthNortheast Philadelphia: A Brief History
  ''978-1-59629-778-4Brandon H. BeckThe Battle of Okolona: Defending the Mississippi Prairie (Civil War Series)
  ''978-1-59629-779-1Alexia Jones HelsleyHidden History of Greenville County
  ''978-1-59629-780-7Rick SimmonsDefending South Carolina's Coast: The Civil War from Georgetown to Little River (Civil War Series)
2010978-1-59629-782-1Eric J. WittenbergThe Battle of Brandy Station: North America's Largest Cavalry Battle (Civil War Series)
  ''978-1-59629-787-6Thomas H. KeelsWicked Philadelphia: Sin in the City of Brotherly Love
2009978-1-59629-792-0George R. ZeppHidden History of Nashville
2010978-1-59629-793-7Jonathan A. NoyalasStonewall Jackson's 1862 Valley Campaign: War Comes to the Homefront (Civil War Series)
2011978-1-59629-798-2Jonathan KrukLegends and Lore of Sleepy Hollow and the Hudson Valley
2009978-1-59629-802-6Rory RavenWicked Conduct:: The Minister, the Mill Girl and the Murder that Captivated Old Rhode Island (True Crime)
2009978-1-59629-810-1Cheryl A. KashubaA Brief History of Scranton, Pennsylvania
  ''978-1-59629-812-5Thomas WhiteForgotten Tales of Pennsylvania
2010978-1-59629-815-6Harry GratwickHidden History of Maine
2009978-1-59629-828-6Michael J. LisickyHutzler's: Where Baltimore Shops (Landmarks)
  ''978-1-59629-829-3Robert W. Brown Jr.Kings Mountain and Cowpens: Our Victory Was Complete (Military)
2010978-1-59629-830-9Laura CunninghamLost Memphis
  ''978-1-59629-831-6Charles A. MillsHidden History of Northern Virginia
2009978-1-59629-833-0Richard Jackson · William JacksonGhosts of the Triangle:: Historic Haunts of Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill (Haunted America)
  ''978-1-59629-834-7William J. CraigLast Rites:: The Final Days of the Boston Mob Wars (True Crime)
2010978-1-59629-840-8James K. Bryant IIThe Battle of Fredericksburg:: We Cannot Escape History (Civil War Series)
2010978-1-59629-843-9Margaret Middleton Rivers EastmanHidden History of Old Charleston
2009978-1-59629-847-7Teri Casper · Dan SmithGhosts of Cincinnati: The Dark Side of the Queen City (Haunted America)
2010978-1-59629-848-4Alice E. SinkHidden History of Hilton Head
2011978-1-59629-849-1Joshua Beau BlackwellThe 1865 Stoneman's Raid Begins: Leave Nothing for the Rebellion to Stand Upon (Civil War Series)
2009978-1-59629-851-4Philip SchoenbergGhosts of Manhattan: Legendary Spirits and Notorious Haunts (Haunted America)
2010978-1-59629-853-8Berry CraigHidden History of Kentucky in the Civil War
  ''978-1-59629-854-5Gayle SoucekMarshall Field's: The Store that Helped Build Chicago (Landmarks)
  ''978-1-59629-856-9Gary D. Joiner · Ernie RobersonLost Shreveport: Vanishing Scenes from the Red River Valley
  ''978-1-59629-857-6Larry WoodThe Two Civil War Battles of Newtonia:: Fierce and Furious (Civil War Series)
2011978-1-59629-859-0Jack WhitehouseFire Island: Heroes & Villains on Long Island's Wild Shore
2010978-1-59629-865-1Cindy LeeA Tour of Historic Sullivan's Island (History & Guide)
  ''978-1-59629-866-8Pam GeorgeShipwrecks of the Delaware Coast: Tales of Pirates, Squalls & Treasure (Disaster)
2009978-1-59629-870-5Seth BramsonFrom Farms and Fields to the Future:: The Incredible History of North Miami Beach
2010978-1-59629-874-3Robert Hartle Jr.The Highs and Lows of Little Five: A History of Little Five Points (Brief History)
2010978-1-59629-875-0G. Wayne DowdyHidden History of Memphis (Tennessee) (Hidden Histories)
  ''978-1-59629-878-1Michael DeAloiaLost Cleveland: Seven Wonders of the Sixth City
  ''978-1-59629-879-8James M. SchmidtNotre Dame and the Civil War: Marching Onward to Victory (Civil War Series)
  ''978-1-59629-880-4Victoria King HeinsenGhosts and Legends of Lake Erie's North Coast (Haunted America)
  ''978-1-59629-887-3Kimberly GattoChurchill Downs: America's Most Historic Racetrack
2011978-1-59629-888-0Mark A. SnellWest Virginia and the Civil War: Mountaineers Are Always Free (Civil War Series)
2010978-1-59629-895-8Jacob R. MecklenborgCincinnati's Incomplete Subway: The Complete History
2010978-1-59629-905-4Daniel WaughGangs of St. Louis: Men of Respect
  ''978-1-59629-906-1William PattonA Guide to Historic Downtown Memphis (History & Guide)
  ''978-1-59629-910-8Mark GribbenThe Professor & the Coed: Scandal & Murder at the Ohio State University (True Crime)
  ''978-1-59629-911-5Kelly KazekA History of Alabama's Deadliest Tornadoes: Disaster in Dixie
  ''978-1-59629-914-6Michael D. MorganOver-the-Rhine: When Beer Was King (American Palate)
2010978-1-59629-915-3Kymberli HagelbergWicked Akron: Tales of Rumrunners, Mobsters and Other Rubber City Rogues
  ''978-1-59629-916-0Lisa A. ShielForgotten Tales of Michigan's Upper Peninsula
  ''978-1-59629-918-4Ted SchwarzShocking Stories of the Cleveland Mob
  ''978-1-59629-921-4David HealeyDelmarva Legends & Lore
  ''978-1-59629-922-1Mark N. OzerMassachusetts Avenue in the Gilded Age: Palaces & Privilege (Brief History)
2010978-1-59629-923-8Thomas WhiteGhosts of Southwest Pennsylvania (Haunted America)
  ''978-1-59629-928-3Alan BrownHaunted Natchez (Haunted America)
  ''978-1-59629-931-3Richard M. LytleThe Great Circus Train Wreck of 1918: Tragedy on the Indiana Lakeshore (Disaster)
  ''978-1-59629-933-7Chad LewisHaunted St. Paul (Haunted America)
  ''978-1-59629-935-1Sherri BrakeThe Haunted History of the Ohio State Reformatory (Haunted America)
2010978-1-59629-936-8Michelle SouliereStrange Maine: True Tales from the Pine Tree State
  ''978-1-59629-937-5M.E. Reilly-McGreenWitches, Wenches & Wild Women of Rhode Island (Wicked)
  ''978-1-59629-940-5Dan AustinLost Detroit: Stories Behind the Motor City's Majestic Ruins
  ''978-1-59629-942-9Ted St. ManeLost Passenger Steamships of Lake Michigan
  ''978-1-59629-943-6Carol TurnerForgotten Heroes & Villains of Sand Creek
2010978-1-59629-944-3Troy TaylorHaunted New Orleans: History & Hauntings of the Crescent City (Haunted America)
  ''978-1-59629-946-7Kyle NeddenriepHistoric Hoosier Gyms:: Discovering Bygone Basketball Landmarks (Sports)
  ''978-1-59629-947-4Sharon Kegerreis · Lorri HathawayThe History of Michigan Wines: 150 Years of Winemaking along the Great Lakes (American Palate)
  ''978-1-59629-948-1Lynne SturtevantHaunted Marietta: History and Mystery in Ohio's Oldest City (Haunted America)
  ''978-1-59629-951-1Travis MorrisUntold Stories of Old Currituck Duck Clubs
2010978-1-59629-952-8Alexia Jones HelsleyA History of North Carolina Wine: From Scuppernong to Syrah (American Palate)
  ''978-1-59629-956-6Ingrid GrenonLost Maine Coastal Schooners: From Glory Days to Ghost Ships
  ''978-1-59629-958-0Michael Lee PopeGhosts of Alexandria (Haunted America)
  ''978-1-59629-966-5Rick SimmonsHidden History of the Grand Strand
  ''978-1-59629-968-9Bryan AlaspaSilas Jayne: Chicago's Suburban Gangster
2011978-1-59629-970-2Stephen WilbersA Boundary Waters History: Canoeing Across Time
2010978-1-59629-977-1Janet Zenke EdwardsDiana of the Dunes: The True Story of Alice Gray
2010978-1-59629-986-3David W. JacksonKansas City Chronicles: An Up-to-Date History (American Chronicles)
  ''978-1-59629-988-7Joe TennisHaunts of Virginia's Blue Ridge Highlands (Haunted America)
  ''978-1-59629-989-4Fred D. CavinderHistoric Indianapolis Crimes: Murder & Mystery in the Circle City (Murder & Mayhem)
  ''978-1-59629-993-1Tim HollisPizitz:: Your Store
  ''978-1-59629-994-8Philip Von BorriesThe Louisville Baseball Almanac (Sports)
2011978-1-59629-995-5Cheré Dastague CoenExploring Cajun Country: A Tour of Historic Acadiana (History & Guide)
2010978-1-59629-998-6Thomas D'AgostinoA History of Vampires in New England (Haunted America)
2010978-1-59629-999-3Jaci ConryA History Through Houses: Cape Cod's Varied Residential Architecture