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1999978-1-902301-00-6Corinne Souza · Iain DaleSo You Want to be a Lobbyist?: Guide to the World of Political Lobbying
1998978-1-902301-06-8Philipa Coughlan · Nick Palmer MP · Liz Blackman MPParliamentary Portions - A Gourmet's Guide to the New House of Commons
2000978-1-902301-08-2Martin StanleyHow to be a Civil Servant
2001978-1-902301-18-1Greg RosenDictionary of Labour Biography
1999978-1-902301-19-8Tony Barker · Iain Byrne · Anjuli VeallRuling by Task Force: Politico's Guide to Labour's New Elite
1998978-1-902301-20-4Stuart Weir · Helen Margetts · Patrick DunleavyPolitico's Guide to Electoral Reform in Britain
1999978-1-902301-21-1Jeremy ThorpeIn My Own Time: Reminiscences of a Liberal Leader
  ''978-1-902301-22-8John SimmonsInspired and Outspoken: The Collected Speeches of Ann Widdecombe
  ''978-1-902301-24-2Paul FlynnDragons Led by Poodles: Inside Story of a New Labour Stitch Up
2000978-1-902301-25-9Charles MillerPolitico's Guide to Political Lobbying
2001978-1-902301-30-3Sally GillmanPolitico's Guide to Careers in Politics and Government
2000978-1-902301-36-5Bill RodgersFourth Among Equals: The Autobiography of Bill Rodgers
1999978-1-902301-43-3Austin MitchellFarewell My Lords
2000978-1-902301-46-4Paul van BuitenenBlowing the Whistle: One Man's Fight Against Fraud in the European Commission
2001978-1-902301-48-8Duncan Brack · Robert Ingham · Mark PackGreat Liberal Speeches
2003978-1-902301-49-5Duncan Brack · Robert InghamLiberal Century: An Oral History of 20th Century Liberal Politics
2000978-1-902301-50-1Simon Henig · Lewis BastonPolitico's Guide to the General Election (Politico's Guides)
  ''978-1-902301-51-8Iain DaleMemories of Maggie: A Portrait of Margaret Thatcher
  ''978-1-902301-52-5J.B. SeatrobePolitical London: A Tourist Guide to Political Places in London
2000978-1-902301-55-6Nick KochanAnn Widdecombe: Right from the Beginning
  ''978-1-902301-56-3Gillian ShephardShephard's Watch: Illusions of Power in British Politics
2001978-1-902301-57-0Paul RichardsHow to Win an Election
  ''978-1-902301-59-4David BoothroydPolitico's Guide to The History of British Political Parties.
2000978-1-902301-60-0Peter RiddellParliament Under Blair
  ''978-1-902301-62-4John SmithGuiding Light: the Collected Speeches of John Smith
  ''978-1-902301-65-5Jo-Anne NadlerWilliam Hague: From Tory Boy to Tory Leader
2000978-1-902301-66-2Peter KilfoyleLeft Behind: Lessons from Labour's Heartland: Winning Back a Labour Heartland and the Defeat of Militant
  ''978-1-902301-68-6Simon WaltersSecond Term
  ''978-1-902301-70-9Francis BeckettClem Attlee
  ''978-1-902301-71-6Kevin JefferysAnthony Crosland
2002978-1-902301-75-4Peter Hennessy · Sean MageePolitico's Anthology of Politics in Literature
2001978-1-902301-79-2Iain Dale · Jo Phillips250 Ways to Make Britain Better
2002978-1-902301-80-8Richard Lindley"Panorama": Fifty Years of Pride and Paranoia
2001978-1-902301-81-5Susan ChildPolitico's Guide to Election Practice and Law
2002978-1-902301-82-2   ''Politico's Guide to Parliament (Politico's guides)
  ''978-1-902301-83-9Nicholas JonesThe Control Freaks: How New Labour Gets Its Own Way
2001978-1-902301-85-3Alan BullockErnest Bevin
2001978-1-902301-87-7Linda McDougallCherie - The Perfect Life of Mrs Blair
2004978-1-902301-90-7Keith M. DowdingHow Ministers Resign: The Tactics and Consequences of Ministerial Resignations
2001978-1-902301-92-1Chris MullinA Very British Coup
  ''978-1-902301-95-2Gyles BrandrethBrief Encounters: Meetings with Remarkable People
2003978-1-902301-97-6Alun Wyburn-PowellClement Davies: A Biography
2001978-1-902301-99-0John RedwoodJust Say No!: 100 Arguments Against the Euro