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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-0-7206-1232-5Edmondo De AmiciCuore: The Heart of a Boy (UNESCO Collection of Representative Works: European)
2004978-0-7206-1233-2Henry VaneAffair of State: A Biography of the Eighth Duke and Duchess of Devonshire
  ''978-0-7206-1234-9Natsume SosekiThe Tower of London: And Other Stories
2006978-0-7206-1241-7Shusaku EndoScandal (Peter Owen Modern Classics)
2004978-0-7206-1243-1Alex TullochWord Routes
2005978-0-7206-1244-8Dennis FriedmanLadies of the Bedchamber: The Role of the Royal Mistress
2006978-0-7206-1245-5Philip FreundDramatis Personae (Stage by Stage)
  ''978-0-7206-1246-2Prudence Leith-RossJohn Tradescants, The: Gardeners to the Rose and Lily Queen
  ''978-0-7206-1247-9Peter VansittartNo Ordinary Man: The Life and Times of Miguel de Cervantes
2005978-0-7206-1248-6Donald McCroryMiguel De Cervantes
  ''978-0-7206-1249-3Natsume SosekiBotchan
2005978-0-7206-1250-9Natsume Soseki · Francis Mathy · Damian FlanaganThe Gate (UNESCO Collection of Representative Works)
  ''978-0-7206-1251-6Marquis de SadeThe Gothic Tales of the Marquis de Sade
2002978-0-7206-1252-3Jean CocteauThomas the Impostor (Peter Owen Modern Classics)
2005978-0-7206-1253-0Emile ZolaDream, The: (Le Reve)
  ''978-0-7206-1254-7Virginia Spencer CarrPaul Bowles: A Life
  ''978-0-7206-1255-4Yuri DruzhnikovMadonna from Russia
2008978-0-7206-1256-1Abbe De ChoisyTransvestite memoirs of the Abbe de Choisy, The
2005978-0-7206-1259-2Lee Seung-UReverse Side of Life, The
2006978-0-7206-1260-8Rosemary GoringReturn to Patagonia: By Way of the Falkland Islands
2007978-0-7206-1263-9Cora SandelAlberta and Freedom (The Alberta Trilogy)
2006978-0-7206-1265-3Charles DickensHunted Down: The Detective Stories of Charles Dickens
2005978-0-7206-1267-7Peter HainingLassie: The Extraordinary Story of Eric Knight and 'The World's Favourite Dog'
2006978-0-7206-1268-4Anna KavanIce (Peter Owen Modern Classic)
2005978-0-7206-1269-1Stig DalagerJourney in Blue: A Novel About H. C. Andersen
2007978-0-7206-1270-7Caspar WintermansAlfred Douglas: A Poet's Life and His Finest Work
2004978-0-7206-1271-4Mark HichensWives of the Kings of England: From Hanover to Windsor
2006978-0-7206-1273-8Jeremy ReedA Stranger on Earth: The Life and Work of Anna Kavan
  ''978-0-7206-1274-5Naomi SuenegaHundred Yen Singer, The
2007978-0-7206-1275-2Miranda MillerLoving Mephistopheles
2006978-0-7206-1276-9Natascha Scott StokesWild and Fearless: The Life of Margaret Fountaine
2006978-0-7206-1277-6Arto PaasilinnaYear of the Hare, The
2007978-0-7206-1279-0Ken RussellBeethoven Confidential/ Brahms Gets Laid (Ken Russell Presents)
2006978-0-7206-1280-6Jared CadeAgatha Christie and the Eleven Missing Days
2009978-0-7206-1281-3Hermann HesseDemian (Peter Owen Modern Classic)
2007978-0-7206-1285-1Yukio MishimaConfessions of a Mask
2006978-0-7206-1286-8Shusaku EndoSilence (Peter Owen Modern Classics)
2007978-0-7206-1287-5Anna KavanGuilty (Peter Owen Modern Classics)
  ''978-0-7206-1290-5Ken RussellElgar: Erotic Variations / Delius: A Moment with Venus (Ken Russell Presents)
2006978-0-7206-1291-2Hermann HesseNarcissus and Goldmund (Peter Owen Modern Classics)
2008978-0-7206-1293-6Robert ShapiroLes Six
2007978-0-7206-1294-3Alfred HayesIn Love (Peter Owen Modern Classics)
2008978-0-7206-1296-7Patrick GuinnessArthur's Round: The Life and Times of Brewing Legend Arthur Guinness
2007978-0-7206-1297-4Natsume SosekiKokoro (UNESCO Collection of Representative Works)
  ''978-0-7206-1299-8Quim MonzoEnormity of the Tragedy, The
2008978-0-7206-1301-8Tom AmbroseGodfather of The Revolution: The Life of Philippe Egalite, Duc, D'Orleans
2007978-0-7206-1304-9Salvador DaliHidden Faces
  ''978-0-7206-1305-6Hermann HesseJourney To The East, The (Peter Owen Modern Classic)
  ''978-0-7206-1306-3Mervyn PeakeBoy In Darkness
2008978-0-7206-1309-4Wilson GlennBorn Gay: The Psychobiology of Sex Orientation
2008978-0-7206-1310-0Orhan KemalIdle Years, The: 1
2010978-0-7206-1311-7Milos UrbanSeven Churches, The
2009978-0-7206-1314-8Cora SandelAlberta Alone (The Alberta Trilogy)
2008978-0-7206-1317-9Richard BradfordThe Life of a Long Distance Writer: The Authorised Biography of Alan Sillitoe
2009978-0-7206-1318-6Karoline LeachIn The Shadow Of The Dreamchild: The Myth and Reality of Lewis Carroll
2008978-0-7206-1319-3Paul HarrisPantomime Book
  ''978-0-7206-1320-9Shusaku EndoWonderful Fool (Peter Owen Modern Classics)
  ''978-0-7206-1321-6G.Peter Winnington · Sebastian Peake · Alison EldredMervyn Peake: The Man and His Art
2009978-0-7206-1322-3Nigel BarnesA Dream Within A Dream: Edgar Allan Poe: The Life of Edgar Allan Poe
2008978-0-7206-1323-0Patwant SinghEmpire of the Sikhs: The Life and Times of Maharaja Ranjit Singh
2009978-0-7206-1325-4Richard BradfordFirst Boredom, Then Fear: The Life of Philip Larkin
  ''978-0-7206-1326-1Tom AmbrosePrinny and His Pals: The Life of George IV
  ''978-0-7206-1327-8Anna KavanScarcity of Love, A (Peter Owen Modern Classics)
2009978-0-7206-1328-5Anna KavanJulia & The Bazooka: And Other Short Stories (Peter Owen Modern Classics)
  ''978-0-7206-1329-2Tarjei VesaasThe Ice Palace (Peter Owen Modern Classics)
2010978-0-7206-1331-5Joseph RothThe Antichrist (Peter Owen Modern Classics)
2008978-0-7206-1334-6Jean GionoThe Man Who Planted Trees
2009978-0-7206-1335-3Mike AshleyDarker sex, The
  ''978-0-7206-1337-7Ryosuke AkutagawaKappa (Peter Owen Modern Classics)
  ''978-0-7206-1338-4Isabelle EberhardtOblivion Seekers, The (Peter Owen Modern Classics)
  ''978-0-7206-1339-1John Paul DavisRobin Hood: The Unknown Templar
2009978-0-7206-1340-7Jaan KaplinskiSame River, The
  ''978-0-7206-1341-4G.Peter WinningtonMervyn Peake's Vast Alchemies: The Illustrated Biography
  ''978-0-7206-1342-1J.N. DugganSophia of Hanover: From Winter Princess to Heiress of Great Britain, 1630 1714
2011978-0-7206-1347-6Oya BaydarThe Lost Word
2010978-0-7206-1349-0John Paul DavisPity for the Guy: A Biography of Guy Fawkes
  ''978-0-7206-1351-3Michael SherborneH.G. Wells: Another Kind of Life
  ''978-0-7206-1352-0Douglas McPhersonCircus Mania
2010978-0-7206-1353-7Shusaku EndoSamurai, The (Peter Owen Modern Classic)
2011978-0-7206-1354-4Mike AshleyThe Dreaming Sex: Early Tales of Scientific Imagination by Women
  ''978-0-7206-1355-1Miranda MillerNina in Utopia
2010978-0-7206-1356-8Marc ChagallMy Life
2011978-0-7206-1360-5Erin PizzeyThis Way to the Revolution: A Memoir
  ''978-0-7206-1361-2Mervyn Peake · Benjamin Zephaniah · Sebastian PeakeA Book of Nonsense - The Centenary Edition
  ''978-0-7206-1363-6Joseph Roth · Translated from the German by Richard PanchykThe Hundred Days
  ''978-0-7206-1389-6Mervyn PeakeBoy In Darkness The Centenary Edition
2011978-0-7206-1390-2Jared CadeAgatha Christie and the Eleven Missing Days
  ''978-0-7206-1430-5Endo ShusakuVolcano
  ''978-0-7206-1437-4Endo ShusakuWhen I Whistle (Unesco Collection of Contemporary Works)
2014978-0-7206-1439-8Bernhard Zeller[(Hermann Hesse: A Biography)] [Author: Bernhard Zeller] published on (December, 2014)
978-0-7206-1476-3The Lost Word
2013978-0-7206-1480-0John Paul DavisThe Gothic King - a Biography of Henry III
2012978-0-7206-1487-9Joseph Roth · Translated from the German by Richard PanchykPerlefter The Story of A Bourgeois
2013978-0-7206-1496-1Milos Urban · Translated by Gerald TurnerLord Mord
978-0-7206-1596-8The Grid
2016978-0-7206-1882-2David CoubroughHalf a Pound of Tuppenny Rice
2017978-0-7206-1945-4Julio LlamazaresWolf Moon (Peter Owen World Series: Spain)
  ''978-0-7206-1973-7Filip David · Christina Pribicevic-Zoric · Dejan DjokicThe House of Remembering and Forgetting (Peter Owen World Series: Serbia)
  ''978-0-7206-1977-5Mirjana Novakovic · Terence McEnenyFear and His Servant (Peter Owen World Series: Serbia) (Peter Owen World: Serbia)
2017978-0-7206-1983-6Dana Todorovic · Dana TodorovicThe Tragic Fate of Moritz Toth (Peter Owen World Series: Serbia)
1977978-0-7206-2000-9Yasunari KawabataThe Lake (Collection of representative works: Japanese series / Unesco)
2017978-0-7206-2005-4Anna Kavan · Christopher PriestIce (Peter Owen Cased Classics)
  ''978-0-7206-2006-1Tarjei Vesaas · Elizabeth RokkanThe Ice Palace (Peter Owen Cased Classics)
  ''978-0-7206-2021-4Ithell ColquhounGoose of Hermogenes
2018978-0-7206-2058-0Ricardo Dias · Gabor Harrach · Marcelo Pascoa · Monica Chun · Tomoya Suzuki · Luciana Olivares · Pelle Sjoenell · Jason XenopoulosThe Art of Branded Entertainment: A Cannes Liones Jury Presents
1968978-0-7206-2075-7Oliver EvansCarson McCullers: Her Life and Work
1959978-0-7206-2079-5C.C. VyvyanCornish Year
1967978-0-7206-3282-8Richard CorsonFashions in Eyeglasses
2002978-0-7206-3679-6Hermann HesseGertrude
1978978-0-7206-3820-2Ezra PoundGuide to Kulchur
1970978-0-7206-4870-6Ryunosuke AkutagawaKappa
  ''978-0-7206-5206-2Walter C. RichardsonMary Tudor: The White Queen
1969978-0-7206-5208-6Margaret MorrisMy Life in Movement
1967978-0-7206-8950-1Anton DonchevTime of Parting