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1974978-0-7206-0024-7George M. TaberPatterns and Prospects of Common Market Trade
1975978-0-7206-0123-7Henry Scott StokesLife and Death of Yukio Mishima
1971978-0-7206-0161-9A. B. YehoshuaThree Days and a Child (Collection of representative works, Israel series / Unesco)
1976978-0-7206-0174-9Guillaume ApollinaireOnze Mille Verges or, the Amorous Adventures of Prince Mony Vibescu
1972978-0-7206-0192-3Rayner HeppenstallBluebeard and After: Three Decades of Murder in France
1971978-0-7206-0271-5Anna KavanScarcity of Love
1969978-0-7206-0284-5Hermann Hesse · Thomas MannThe Hesse/Mann Letters: Correspondence, 1910-55
  ''978-0-7206-0310-1King Hussein of Jordan · etc.My "War" with Israel
1972978-0-7206-0362-0W. C. FieldsFields for President
  ''978-0-7206-0402-3Paul BowlesWithout Stopping - An Autobiography
  ''978-0-7206-0431-3Richard CorsonFashions in Make-up: From Ancient to Modern Times
1978978-0-7206-0518-1Yusuf IdrisCheapest Nights and Other Stories (UNESCO Collection of Representative Works)
1979978-0-7206-0526-6Shusaku Endo · Van C. GesselWhen I Whistle (Unesco Collection of Contemporary Works)
  ''978-0-7206-0528-0Mathilde Wolff-MonckebergOn the Other Side: To My Children - From Germany, 1940-45
1979978-0-7206-0544-0Anne TibbleAlone
1982978-0-7206-0586-0Sheila Grant DuffThe Parting of Ways: A Personal Account of the Thirties
  ''978-0-7206-0591-4Joseph HansenGravedigger
1981978-0-7206-0603-4Glenn WilsonChild-Lovers, The: Study of Paedophiles in Society
1984978-0-7206-0612-6Prudence Leith-RossJohn Tradescants: Gardeners to the Rose and Lily Queen
2000978-0-7206-0617-1Stephen Addison100 Other Games to Play on a Chessboard
1984978-0-7206-0629-4Shusaku EndoStained Glass Elegies
1991978-0-7206-0631-7Gloria Hargreaves · Peggy WilsonA Dictionary of Graphology: The A-Z of Your Personality
1985978-0-7206-0646-1Paul BowlesThe Spider's House
1987978-0-7206-0666-9Blaise CendrarsDan Yack
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1988978-0-7206-0694-2James PurdyThe Candles of Your Eyes
  ''978-0-7206-0709-3Noel VirtueAmong The Animals: A Zookeeper's Story
1998978-0-7206-0713-0Mohammad MrabetM'Hashish
1988978-0-7206-0723-9Ida Fink"A Scrap of Time and Other Stories
  ''978-0-7206-0724-6Lynne LawnerModi-The Sixteen Pleasures: Erotic Album of the Italian Renaissance
1988978-0-7206-0725-3Takeshi TaikoDarkness in Summer
1989978-0-7206-0731-4Robert LiddellA Mind at Ease: Barbara Pym and Her Novels
  ''978-0-7206-0733-8James PurdyGarments the Living Wear
  ''978-0-7206-0735-2Guillaume ApollinaireOnze Mille Verges or, the Amorous Adventures of Prince Mony Vibescu
  ''978-0-7206-0739-0Jean GionoThe Man Who Planted Trees
  ''978-0-7206-0748-2Henry NoyesChina Born: Memoirs of a Westerner
1989978-0-7206-0750-5Glenn F. WilsonThe Great Sex Divide
1990978-0-7206-0768-0J. BrouwersSunken Red
  ''978-0-7206-0773-4Claude Morhange-BequeChamberet: Recollections from an Ordinary Childhood
  ''978-0-7206-0795-6Gustaw Herling-GrudzinskiThe Island
2001978-0-7206-0800-7Jean CocteauOpium, The Diary of His Cure: The Illustrated Diary of His Cure
1987978-0-7206-0813-7Marcel MarceauPimporello: A Fable For All Ages From the Master of Modern Mime
1991978-0-7206-0825-0Jeremy ReedDelirium: Interpretation of Arthur Rimbaud
  ''978-0-7206-0828-1Stewart HomeDefiant Pose
1992978-0-7206-0850-2Angela WigglesworthFalkland People
1991978-0-7206-0852-6Anais NinWinter of Artifice
1992978-0-7206-0861-8James PurdyOut with the Stars
1990978-0-7206-0865-6Oliver BernardGetting Over it: Recollections
1993978-0-7206-0867-0David CallardThe Case of Anna Kavan
  ''978-0-7206-0870-0Shusaku EndoFinal Martyrs
1994978-0-7206-0873-1Nicolas FreelingCriminal Convictions
1992978-0-7206-0877-9Giorgio De ChiricoHebdomeros
1993978-0-7206-0881-6Tarjei VesaasThe Ice Palace
1993978-0-7206-0884-7Robert LiddellUnreal City
  ''978-0-7206-0897-7Dacia MarainiIsolina
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1994978-0-7206-0920-2Shusaku EndoDeep River
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  ''978-0-7206-0932-5Shusaku EndoThe Girl I Left Behind
1995978-0-7206-0944-8Isabelle EberhardtPrisoner of Dunes
1994978-0-7206-0945-5Anais NinThe Early Diary of Anais Nin: 1927-31 v. 4
1989978-0-7206-0949-3Arto PaasilinnaLe lievre de Vatanen
1995978-0-7206-0955-4Anna KavanA Stranger Still
1996978-0-7206-0956-1M.J. LevyThe Mistresses of King George IV
1995978-0-7206-0962-2Anna KavanThe Parson (A Peter Owen original)
1995978-0-7206-0970-7Gertrude SteinParis, France: Personal Recollections
  ''978-0-7206-0978-3Shusaku EndoThe Sea and Poison
  ''978-0-7206-0984-4Anna KavanMercury
1996978-0-7206-0985-1Hugo ClausThe Swordfish (UNESCO Collection of Representative Works: European)
  ''978-0-7206-0992-9Anais NinFire: The Unexpurgated Diary, 1934-37
  ''978-0-7206-1002-4Adrian CairnsThe Making of the Professional Actor. A History, an Analysis and a Prediction.
2000978-0-7206-1011-6James PurdyGertrude of Stony Island Avenue
1996978-0-7206-1017-8Arto PaasilinnaThe Year of the Hare (UNESCO collection of representative works)
1996978-0-7206-1021-5Jean GionoThe Man Who Planted Trees
1998978-0-7206-1031-4Yukio MishimaConfessions of a Mask (Peter Owen modern classics)
  ''978-0-7206-1035-2Milorad PavicLast Love in Constantinople
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1999978-0-7206-1044-4Karoline LeachLewis Carroll - In the Shadow of the Dreamchild: New Understanding of Lewis Carroll
1998978-0-7206-1058-1Hermann HesseSiddhartha
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2000978-0-7206-1065-9Lawrence DurrellPope Joan (Peter Owen modern classics)
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2000978-0-7206-1077-2Paul BowlesTheir Heads are Green (Peter Owen Modern Classic)
2001978-0-7206-1078-9David N. DurantBess of Hardwick: Portrait of an Elizabethan Dynast
2000978-0-7206-1079-6G. Peter WinningtonVast Alchemies: The Life and Work of Mervyn Peake
  ''978-0-7206-1080-2Shusaku EndoWonderful Fool (Peter Owen Modern Classic)
1999978-0-7206-1083-3Paul BowlesMidnight Mass (Peter Owen Modern Classic)
2003978-0-7206-1086-4David RicksModern Greek Writing: An Anthology in English Translation
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1999978-0-7206-1089-5Phillip TerryOvid Metamorphosed
2000978-0-7206-1091-8Paul BowlesThe Paul Bowles Reader (Peter Owen Modern Classic)
2005978-0-7206-1093-2Richard CorsonFashions in Hair: The First Five Thousand Years
2004978-0-7206-1095-6Marquis de SadeGothic Tales of the Marquis De Sade
2001978-0-7206-1096-3Gerard de NervalJourney to the Orient (Peter Owen Modern Classic)
2001978-0-7206-1097-0Blaise CendrarsTo The End of the World (Peter Owen Modern Classic)
  ''978-0-7206-1100-7Guillaume ApollinaireLes Onze Mille Verges or, the Amorous Adventures of Prince Mony Vibescu (Peter Owen Modern Classic)
  ''978-0-7206-1109-0Wendy PerriamDreams, Demons and Desire
2000978-0-7206-1112-0Jared CadeAgatha Christie and the Eleven Missing Days
2001978-0-7206-1115-1Patricia MeehanA Strange Enemy People: Germans Under the British, 1945-50
2002978-0-7206-1116-8Denis O'Dell · Bob NeaversonAt the Apple's Core: The Beatles from the Inside: Life with the "Beatles", 1964-70: Life with the "Beatles", 1964-70
2001978-0-7206-1117-5Richard BradfordLucky Him: The Biography of Kingsley Amis
  ''978-0-7206-1118-2Cesare PaveseDevil In The Hills, The (Peter Owen modern classics)
2002978-0-7206-1119-9Cesare PaveseMoon and the Bonfire, The (Peter Owen Modern Classic)
1966978-0-7206-1120-5David Caplan · Gregory StewartBritish Trade Marks and Symbols
2001978-0-7206-1121-2Gwynne EdwardsAlmodovar: The Labyrinths of Passion
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2001978-0-7206-1123-6Anna KavanAsylum Piece (Peter Owen Modern Classic)
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1999978-0-7206-1128-1Wendy PerriamLying (Peter Owen Modern Classic)
2002978-0-7206-1129-8Anna KavanSleep Has His House (Peter Owen Modern Classic)
2001978-0-7206-1130-4Hermann HesseDemian (Peter Owen Modern Classic)
  ''978-0-7206-1131-1   ''The Journey to the East (Peter Owen Modern Classic)
  ''978-0-7206-1132-8Tim MitchellSedition and Alchemy: A Biography of John Cale
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  ''978-0-7206-1136-6   ''Weights and Measures (Peter Owen Modern Classic)
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2002978-0-7206-1141-0Barbara LovenheimSurvival in the Shadows: Seven Hidden Jews in Hitler's Berlin
2000978-0-7206-1143-4Tarjei VessasBirds, The (Peter Owen Modern Classic)
2002978-0-7206-1144-1Angela GreenCassandra's Disk
2001978-0-7206-1146-5Paul HarrisThe Pantomime Book: The Only Known Collection of Pantomime Jokes and Sketches in Captivity
2005978-0-7206-1147-2Richard BradfordFirst Boredom Then Fear: The Life of Philip Larkin
2003978-0-7206-1148-9Gwynne EdwardsLorca: Living in the Theatre
2001978-0-7206-1150-2Anna KavanWho Are You? (Peter Owen Modern Classic)
  ''978-0-7206-1151-9Atle NaessDoubting Thomas: A Novel About Caravaggio
2004978-0-7206-1155-7Anais NinThe Four Chambered Heart (Peter Owen Modern Classic)
2002978-0-7206-1156-4Soseki NatsumeThe Three-cornered World (Peter Owen Modern Classic)
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2003978-0-7206-1167-0Philip FreundThe Birth of Theatre: Birth of Theatre v.1: Birth of Theatre Vol 1 (Stage by Stage)
2002978-0-7206-1168-7Hermann HessePeter Camenzind (Peter Owen modern classics)
2003978-0-7206-1170-0Yuri Ilyich DruzhnikovAngels on the Head of a Pin
2003978-0-7206-1171-7Johanna SinisaloNot Before Sundown
  ''978-0-7206-1173-1Jean CocteauMiscreant, The (Peter Owen modern classic)
2002978-0-7206-1174-8Hermann HesseProdigy, The (Peter Owen Modern Classic)
2008978-0-7206-1175-5Blaise CendrarsGold: The Marvellous History of General John Augustus Sutter (Peter Owen Modern Classic)
2002978-0-7206-1176-2Wendy PerriamTread Softly
2003978-0-7206-1177-9Ithell ColqhounGoose of Hermogenes
2004978-0-7206-1178-6Jane BowlesPlain Pleasures (Peter Owen Modern Classic)
2003978-0-7206-1179-3Jane BowlesTwo Serious Ladies (Peter Owen Modern Classic)
  ''978-0-7206-1180-9Frank HiltonBaudelaire in Chains: A Portrait of the Artist as a Drug Addict
2002978-0-7206-1181-6Jean CocteauErotica: Drawings by Cocteau
2003978-0-7206-1182-3H.Rider HaggardHunter Quartermain's Story: The Uncollected Adventures of Allan Quatermain
  ''978-0-7206-1184-7Cora SandelAlberta and Jacob (The Alberta Trilogy)
2004978-0-7206-1185-4Shusaku EndoThe Samurai (Peter Owen Modern Classic)
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2003978-0-7206-1193-9Jeremy ReedBoy Caesar
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2003978-0-7206-1197-7Gertrude SteinParis, France: Personal Recollections (Peter Owen Modern Classic)
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  ''978-0-7206-1200-4Ryunosuke AkutagawaKappa (Peter Owen Modern Classics)
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2004978-0-7206-1223-3Glenn Wilson · Qazi RahmanBorn Gay: The Psychobiology of Sex Orientation
2007978-0-7206-1225-7Edith SitwellI Live Under a Black Sun (Peter Owen Modern Classics)
2009978-0-7206-1226-4Shusaku EndoForeign Studies (Peter Owen Modern Classics)
2004978-0-7206-1227-1Colette ColetteRetreat from Love (Peter Owen Modern Classics)
  ''978-0-7206-1228-8Piaf EdithThe Wheel of Fortune: The Official Autobiography
  ''978-0-7206-1229-5Peter HainingA Cat Compendium: The Worlds of Louis Wain
2005978-0-7206-1231-8Jacques-Henri BernardinPaul and Virginia
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  ''978-0-7206-1234-9Natsume SosekiThe Tower of London: And Other Stories
2006978-0-7206-1241-7Shusaku EndoScandal (Peter Owen Modern Classics)
2004978-0-7206-1243-1Alex TullochWord Routes
2005978-0-7206-1244-8Dennis FriedmanLadies of the Bedchamber: The Role of the Royal Mistress
2006978-0-7206-1245-5Philip FreundDramatis Personae (Stage by Stage)
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  ''978-0-7206-1251-6Marquis de SadeThe Gothic Tales of the Marquis de Sade
2002978-0-7206-1252-3Jean CocteauThomas the Impostor (Peter Owen Modern Classics)
2005978-0-7206-1253-0Emile ZolaDream, The: (Le Reve)
2005978-0-7206-1254-7Virginia Spencer CarrPaul Bowles: A Life
  ''978-0-7206-1255-4Yuri DruzhnikovMadonna from Russia
2008978-0-7206-1256-1Abbe De ChoisyTransvestite memoirs of the Abbe de Choisy, The
2005978-0-7206-1259-2Lee Seung-UReverse Side of Life, The
2006978-0-7206-1260-8Rosemary GoringReturn to Patagonia: By Way of the Falkland Islands
2007978-0-7206-1263-9Cora SandelAlberta and Freedom (The Alberta Trilogy)
2006978-0-7206-1265-3Charles DickensHunted Down: The Detective Stories of Charles Dickens
2005978-0-7206-1267-7Peter HainingLassie: The Extraordinary Story of Eric Knight and 'The World's Favourite Dog'
2006978-0-7206-1268-4Anna KavanIce (Peter Owen Modern Classic)
2005978-0-7206-1269-1Stig DalagerJourney in Blue: A Novel About H. C. Andersen
2007978-0-7206-1270-7Caspar WintermansAlfred Douglas: A Poet's Life and His Finest Work
2006978-0-7206-1271-4Mark HichensWives of the Kings of England: From Hanover to Windsor
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2007978-0-7206-1275-2Miranda MillerLoving Mephistopheles
2006978-0-7206-1276-9Natascha Scott StokesWild and Fearless: The Life of Margaret Fountaine
  ''978-0-7206-1277-6Arto PaasilinnaYear of the Hare, The
2007978-0-7206-1279-0Ken RussellBeethoven Confidential/ Brahms Gets Laid (Ken Russell Presents)
2006978-0-7206-1280-6Jared CadeAgatha Christie and the Eleven Missing Days
2009978-0-7206-1281-3Hermann HesseDemian (Peter Owen Modern Classic)
2007978-0-7206-1285-1Yukio MishimaConfessions of a Mask
2006978-0-7206-1286-8Shusaku EndoSilence (Peter Owen Modern Classics)
2007978-0-7206-1287-5Anna KavanGuilty (Peter Owen Modern Classics)
2007978-0-7206-1290-5Ken RussellElgar: Erotic Variations / Delius: A Moment with Venus (Ken Russell Presents)
2006978-0-7206-1291-2Hermann HesseNarcissus and Goldmund (Peter Owen Modern Classics)
2008978-0-7206-1293-6Robert ShapiroLes Six
2007978-0-7206-1294-3Alfred HayesIn Love (Peter Owen Modern Classics)
2008978-0-7206-1296-7Patrick GuinnessArthur's Round: The Life and Times of Brewing Legend Arthur Guinness
2007978-0-7206-1297-4Natsume SosekiKokoro (UNESCO Collection of Representative Works)
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2008978-0-7206-1301-8Tom AmbroseGodfather of The Revolution: The Life of Philippe Egalite, Duc, D'Orleans
2007978-0-7206-1304-9Salvador DaliHidden Faces
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  ''978-0-7206-1306-3Mervyn PeakeBoy In Darkness
2008978-0-7206-1309-4Wilson GlennBorn Gay: The Psychobiology of Sex Orientation
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2009978-0-7206-1314-8Cora SandelAlberta Alone (The Alberta Trilogy)
2008978-0-7206-1317-9Richard BradfordThe Life of a Long Distance Writer: The Authorised Biography of Alan Sillitoe
2009978-0-7206-1318-6Karoline LeachIn The Shadow Of The Dreamchild: The Myth and Reality of Lewis Carroll
2008978-0-7206-1319-3Paul HarrisPantomime Book
2008978-0-7206-1320-9Shusaku EndoWonderful Fool (Peter Owen Modern Classics)
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2010978-0-7206-1331-5Joseph RothThe Antichrist (Peter Owen Modern Classics)
2008978-0-7206-1334-6Jean GionoThe Man Who Planted Trees
2009978-0-7206-1335-3Mike AshleyDarker sex, The
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  ''978-0-7206-1338-4Isabelle EberhardtOblivion Seekers, The (Peter Owen Modern Classics)
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2010978-0-7206-1356-8Marc ChagallMy Life
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