Books for Midwives

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1993978-1-898507-00-0Lesley HobbsThe Independent Midwife: A Guide to Independent Midwifery Practice
  ''978-1-898507-01-7Julia NeubergerCaring for Dying People of Different Faiths
1994978-1-898507-02-4Eileen Brayshaw MSc MCSP SRP · Pauline WrightPhysical Skills for Childbearing Year: Teaching Guide of Midwives
  ''978-1-898507-03-1Jean ProudUltrasound for Midwives: A Guide for Midwives and Other Health Professionals
  ''978-1-898507-04-8Maureen BoyleAntenatal Investigations (Midwifery practice guides)
  ''978-1-898507-05-5Gillian Halksworth RGN RM BA(Hons) MNAquanatal Exercises (Midwifery Practice Guides)
1994978-1-898507-06-2Caroline ShepherdHIV Infection in Pregnancy (Midwifery Practice Guides)
  ''978-1-898507-07-9Irene WaltonSexuality and Motherhood
  ''978-1-898507-08-6Jean Ball MSc DipN RGN RMReactions to Motherhood
  ''978-1-898507-09-3Maureen BoyleAlternative Positions for Labour
  ''978-1-898507-10-9Shirley TurnerNatural Childbirth
1996978-1-898507-11-6Jacqui Williams MA(Distance Education) BSc(Hons) SRN SCM ADM PGCEAElectronic Monitoring of Fetal Heart (Midwifery Practice Guide S.)
1995978-1-898507-12-3Dora Henschell · Sally InchBreast Feeding: A Guide for Midwives
1995978-1-898507-13-0Catherine Siney SRNThe Pregnant Drug Addict
1996978-1-898507-14-7Mavis J. KirkhamSupervision of Midwives
1995978-1-898507-15-4Irene Walton · Mary HamiltonMidwives & Changing Childbirth (The Royal College of Midwives)
1994978-1-898507-16-1Bridgit DimondLegal Aspects of Midwifery (The Royal College of Midwives)
  ''978-1-898507-17-8Philip RhodesA Short History of Clinical Midwifery: The Development of Ideas in the Professional Management of Childbirth
  ''978-1-898507-18-5Carol Simms · Hazel Ashurst · Hazel McHaffie · Mary J. RenfrewMiriad-Report-Midwifery Research Database (The Midwifery Research Database)
1995978-1-898507-19-2Caroline Flint SRN SCM ADMCommunicating Midwifery: Twenty Years of Experience
1996978-1-898507-20-8Rosemary E. Cross MA BEd Dip Med Ethics DMS MTD RMMidwives & Management, 1e
1994978-1-898507-21-5Hazel McHaffieHolding On?
1995978-1-898507-22-2Philip RhodesA Short History of Clinical Midwifery: Development of Ideas in the Professional Management of Childbirth
  ''978-1-898507-23-9Mary JenkinsUse of Hypnosis in Childbirth
1999978-1-898507-24-6Lesley HobbsBest Labour Possible?: Planning for Empowered Childbirth
1996978-1-898507-25-3Maureen BoyleFetal Assessment: An Overview (Geological Society Miscellaneous Paper)
1999978-1-898507-26-0Julia NeubergerDying Well
  ''978-1-898507-27-7Pat WebbEthics in Palliative Care
1997978-1-898507-28-4Nora TisdallPsychology In Childbearing (Midwifery Practice Guides)
1996978-1-898507-29-1Eileen Brayshaw · Pauline WrightRelaxation & Exercise for Childbearing
1995978-1-898507-30-7David HardyGuidelines for the Management of Acute Head Injuries
978-1-898507-31-4Midwifery Education
1995978-1-898507-32-1Chris HenryHealth Care Management (Hands on ethics in...)
1995978-1-898507-33-8Dianne Garland SRN RM ADM PGCEAWaterbirth: An Attitude to Care (Books for Midwives S.)
  ''978-1-898507-34-5Association of Radical MidwivesSupervision: Consensus Conference Proceedings: Recommendations of the Consensus Conference of Midwifery Supervision (Books for Midwives S.)
  ''978-1-898507-35-2Maureen BoyleAntenatal Investigations (Midwifery Practice Guide S.)
  ''978-1-898507-36-9Philip RhodesGynaecology for Every Woman
1997978-1-898507-37-6Rona Campbell · Jo GarciaOrganization of Maternity Care: A Guide to Evaluation (Books for Midwives, Organisation)
1998978-1-898507-38-3Claud F. B. Regnard · Sue TempestA Guide to Symptom Relief in Advanced Disease
1999978-1-898507-39-0Hazel McHaffieYour Premature Baby: A Booklet for Parents
1996978-1-898507-40-6Sharon Yelland RN RM CAcCAcupuncture in Midwifery
  ''978-1-898507-41-3Jean Ball MSc DipN RGN RM · Marie Washbrook DipQA RGN RMBirthrate Plus-Midwifery Services: A framework for workforce planning and decision-making for midwifery services
1997978-1-898507-43-7Bridgit Dimond · Dorothy WaltersLegal Aspects of Midwifery Workbook
1996978-1-898507-45-1Jeanne Siddiqui · Rosie AllenPerspectives in Midwifery Practice
1996978-1-898507-46-8Felicia McCormick · Mary J. RenfrewMidwifery Research Database Miriad Sup 1: Report of the Midwifery Research Database: A Sourcebook of Information About Research in Midwifery: Supplement 1
  ''978-1-898507-47-5Hazel McHaffieYour Premature Baby: A Booklet for Parents
1995978-1-898507-48-2Meg Goodman · Rosemary Dodds · Suzanne TylerListen with Mother: Consulting Users of Maternity Services
1997978-1-898507-51-2Helen Churchill Ph DCaesarean Birth: Experience, Practice & History, 1e: Experience, Practice and History
1996978-1-898507-52-9Marianne HancockJust Carole: True Story of Carole Baker
  ''978-1-898507-53-6Beverley Lawrence BeechWater Birth Unplugged: Proceedings of the First International Water Birth Conference
1997978-1-898507-54-3Jenny Fraser SRN SCM DPSMChild Protection: Guide for Midwives: A Guide for Midwives
1996978-1-898507-55-0Hazel McHaffie · Peter W. FowlieLife, Death & Decisions: Doctors and Nurses Reflect on Neonatal Practice
1997978-1-898507-57-4Colin ReesAn Introduction to Research for Midwives
1998978-1-898507-58-1Josephine M. GreenGreat Expectations: Prospective Study of Women's Expectations and Experiences of Childbirth
  ''978-1-898507-59-8Lesley HobbsThe Independent Midwife, 1e: A Guide to Independent Midwifery Practice
1997978-1-898507-60-4Jean ProudUnderstanding Obstetric Ultrasound
  ''978-1-898507-61-1Claire Banister Dip HE in MidwiferyMidwife's Pharmacopeia: 5 (Midwifery Practice Guide S.)
978-1-898507-62-8Marilyn HackneyPostnatal Depression
1997978-1-898507-63-5Felicia McCormick · Mary J. RenfrewMIRIAD: Report of the Midwifery Research Database
1999978-1-898507-64-2Priya VincentFeeding Our Babies: Exploring Traditions of Breastfeeding and Infant Nutrition
1998978-1-898507-65-9Carmel BagnessGenetics, The Fetus, & Our Future, 1e
2002978-1-898507-66-6Jean SuttonReclaiming and Rediscovering Our Heritage
1998978-1-898507-67-3Andrew SymonWho's Accountable? Who's to Blame?: Views of Midwives and Obstetricians
1998978-1-898507-69-7Josephine M. Green · Penny Curtis · Helene Price · Mary J. RenfrewContinuing to Care: The Organization of Midwifery Services in the UK
1999978-1-898507-70-3Christine FurberHealth Promotion in Midwifery
2000978-1-898507-71-0Felicia McCormickThe Midwifery Research Database MIRIAD: A register of information about research in midwifery
  ''978-1-898507-73-4Susan WayCore Skills for Caring and Assessment
1999978-1-898507-74-1Sheila C. Hunt · Ann M. Martin · Ann M MartinPregnant Women, Violent Men: What Midwives Need to Know
  ''978-1-898507-75-8Ingela RadestadWhen a Meeting is also a Farewell: Coping with a Stillbirth or Neonatal Death, 1e
  ''978-1-898507-77-2Catherine Siney SRNPregnancy & Drug Misuse (Midwives Press)
2000978-1-898507-78-9Mavis J. Kirkham RN RM BA MA PhD Cert Ed (Adult) FP Nursing CertDevelopments in the Supervision of Midwives
  ''978-1-898507-79-6Penny Champion · Carol NewtonEating and Drinking in Labour
2000978-1-898507-80-2Michael LoughlinEthics, Management and Mythology: The Philosophy and Politics of Contemporary Health Service Management
  ''978-1-898507-81-9Muriel O'Driscoll · Ruth HadikinBullying in Midwifery (Midwives Press)
  ''978-1-898507-82-6David JeffreyTeaching Palliative Care: A Tool Box
  ''978-1-898507-83-3David JeffreyCancer from Cure to Care: Palliative Care Dilemmas in General Practice
  ''978-1-898507-84-0Dianne GarlandWaterbirth: An Attitude to Care
2000978-1-898507-85-7Jean LugtonCommunicating with Dying People and Their Relatives
  ''978-1-898507-86-4Caroline Shepherd · Jane KennedyHIV Infection in Pregnancy (Midwifery Practice Guide)
  ''978-1-898507-87-1Sara WickhamAnti-D: The Paradox and the Evidence (Midwifery Practice Guide S.)