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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1990978-1-85283-057-1Malcolm PennyThe Elephant, The (Junior Survival Library)
  ''978-1-85283-100-4Colin WillockThe Kingdom of the Deep
  ''978-1-85283-103-5David DochertyRunning the Show: 21 Years of London Weekend Television
1991978-1-85283-107-3John WilsonJohn Wilson's 'Go Fishing' Year (A Channel Four book)
  ''978-1-85283-126-4Reverend Dr John WilsonCatch Pike with John Wilson ("Angling Times" Library)
1992978-1-85283-129-5Geoff TibballsBoxtree Encyclopaedia of Television Detectives
  ''978-1-85283-141-7Lee Pfeiffer · Philip LisaThe Incredible World of 007
1991978-1-85283-144-8James RandiJames Randi: Psychic Investigator
1991978-1-85283-161-5Graeme KayLife in the Street: "Coronation Street" Past and Present
1992978-1-85283-164-6Professor John MarriottThunderbirds are Go!
  ''978-1-85283-178-3Daran LittleThe Ogdens of No.13 (Coronation Street Classics S.)
  ''978-1-85283-186-8Bill Hill · Daran LittleWeatherfield Life: A Portrait of The Street 1902-1992 (Coronation Street)
  ''978-1-85283-192-9Bill Waddington · Stafford HildredThe Importance of Being Percy
1987978-1-85283-201-8Bob MullanThe Enid Blyton Story
  ''978-1-85283-203-2Philip GeddesInside the Bank of England
1987978-1-85283-204-9Ronald HarwoodMandela (A Channel Four book)
1988978-1-85283-217-9Dave RogersIndependent Television Encyclopaedia of Adventure
1989978-1-85283-243-8John WilsonGo Fishing With John Wilson
  ''978-1-85283-244-5Dave RogersThe Complete "Avengers"
  ''978-1-85283-268-1Brian Henson · Colin MorganFirst Hits 1946-1959: The Book of Sheet Music
1990978-1-85283-299-5John ElliotElliot's Guide to Films on Video
1991978-1-85283-340-4Michael Okuda · Rick SternbachStar Trek: The Next Generation - Technical Manual
1994978-1-85283-392-3Julie Robitaille"Quantum Leap": Beginning
  ''978-1-85283-393-0Chris Drake"UFO" and "Space 1999"
  ''978-1-85283-396-1Piers MorganTake That: On the Road
1994978-1-85283-397-8Julie Robitaille"Quantum Leap": Ghost and the Gumshoe
1993978-1-85283-401-2Eamon De BuitlearIreland's Wild Countryside
1992978-1-85283-407-4Adam PalmerChampneys Cookbook
1993978-1-85283-419-7Bob Nudd · Keith ElliotHow to be the World's Best Fisherman
  ''978-1-85283-432-6Simon MarsdenPhantoms of the Isles: Further Tales from the Haunted Realm
  ''978-1-85283-442-5Peter HainingSweeney Todd: The Real Story of the Demon Barber of Fleet Street
1995978-1-85283-464-7Daran Little"Coronation Street" Story: Celebrating Thirty Five Years of the Street
  ''978-1-85283-466-1John WilsonJohn Wilson's Fishing Encyclopaedia
  ''978-1-85283-484-5Garth PearceThe Making of "Goldeneye"
1993978-1-85283-500-2Ben GreensteinThe Fragile Male
1994978-1-85283-510-1Hugo VickersRoyal Orders: Honours and the Honoured
1993978-1-85283-513-2John W. S. BradshawThe True Nature of the Cat
1994978-1-85283-524-8Ben GreensteinThe Fragile Male
1994978-1-85283-533-0Joan CollinsMy Secrets
1995978-1-85283-545-3John KeayIndonesia: From Sabang to Merauke
1993978-1-85283-555-2Jack YeovilDemon Download (Dark Future S.)
  ''978-1-85283-560-6Jack YeovilKrokodil Tears (Dark Future S.)
  ''978-1-85283-565-1   ''Comeback Tour (Dark Future S.)
1995978-1-85283-570-5Paul MertonPaul Merton's History of the Twentieth Century
1991978-1-85283-647-4Elton John · Bernie TaupinTwo Rooms: A Celebration of Elton John and Bernie Taupin
1992978-1-85283-659-7Martin StockhamThe Korda Collection: Alexander Korda's Film Classics
  ''978-1-85283-708-2Roger SawyerDickie Davis Sports Quiz Book
  ''978-1-85283-731-0Geoff Tibballs"London's Burning"
1992978-1-85283-746-4Roger Osborne · Dafydd Rees · Barry Lazell40 Years of NME Charts
  ''978-1-85283-768-6Rowan Atkinson · Robin DriscollMr. Bean's Diary 1993
1993978-1-85283-774-7Don Shay · Jody DuncanThe Making of Jurassic Park
  ''978-1-85283-808-9Paul CockburnJedi Dawn (Star Wars Game Books)
1994978-1-85283-813-3Paul CockburnThe Bounty Hunter (Star Wars Game Books)
1993978-1-85283-818-8Andreas Schroer · etc. · Oskar Hentschell · Michael Knorr · W.A. HarbinsonPrivate Elvis: Elvis in Germany - The Missing Years
  ''978-1-85283-835-5Ian WatsonInquisitor (Warhammer 40, 000 S.)
  ''978-1-85283-838-6Neil Jones · David PringleDeathwing (Warhammer S.)
1993978-1-85283-839-3Piers Morgan"Take That": Our Story
  ''978-1-85283-840-9Ian WatsonSpace Marine (Warhammer 40, 000 S.)
1997978-1-85283-858-4Richard Lloyd-PerryThe "Funday Times" Fantastic Fun Book
1993978-1-85283-866-9Louis Chunovic"Quantum Leap" Book
  ''978-1-85283-871-3Ashley McConnell"Quantum Leap": Carny Knowledge
  ''978-1-85283-876-8Ashley McConnell"Quantum Leap": Too Close for Comfort
  ''978-1-85283-881-2   ''"Quantum Leap": The Wall
1994978-1-85283-915-4Chris Boardman · Phil LiggettThe Fastest Man on Two Wheels: In Pursuit of Chris Boardman
1994978-1-85283-932-1Bob Nudd · Keith ElliotHow to be the World's Best Fisherman
1995978-1-85283-942-0John Baxter"It's a Vet's Life"
1994978-1-85283-946-8Geoff TibballsPhil Redmond's "Brookside" - Life in the Close
  ''978-1-85283-952-9Robert CarrierThe Gourmet Vegetarian
  ''978-1-85283-957-4BoxtreeBill **Australian Edition Only**
  ''978-1-85283-982-6Peter LoireRevelation: St.John the Divine, Prophecies for the Apocalypse and Beyond
  ''978-1-85283-998-7Russell CroninWagamama: the Way of the Noodle