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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1989978-0-450-51571-2Alan Dean FosterFlinx in Flux
1990978-0-450-51605-4Daniel LangCasualties of War
  ''978-0-450-51606-1UnderwoodBare Bones: Conversations with Stephen King
  ''978-0-450-51777-8AnonymousThe Oyster: v. 5: A Novel from the Victorian Classic Underground Magazine Printed and Published for the Uninhibited Members of Voluptuous Society (Anonymous)
  ''978-0-450-52087-7Ted AllbeuryDeep Purple
1992978-0-450-52091-4Diana L. PaxsonSilverhair the Wanderer
1990978-0-450-52465-3Patrick HumphriesThe Boy in the Bubble: Biography of Paul Simon
1991978-0-450-52467-7George Robert ElfordDevil's Guard III: Unconditional Warfare
1993978-0-450-52468-4Stephen KingThe Dark Half
1990978-0-450-52471-4Piers AnthonyOut of Phaze (Apprentice Adept)
  ''978-0-450-52868-2Rosamunde PilcherSeptember
1990978-0-450-53088-3Jerry AhernThe Struggle (Survivalist S.)
1991978-0-450-53090-6Jerry AhernFirestorm (Survivalist S.)
1992978-0-450-53136-1Dinah LampittThe King's Women
1990978-0-450-53150-7David V. BarrettDigital Dreams
  ''978-0-450-53294-8Ellis AmburnDark Star: the Roy Orbison story
  ''978-0-450-53663-2F. Paul WilsonReborn
1991978-0-450-53664-9F. Paul WilsonReprisal
1992978-0-450-53665-6   ''Nightworld
1990978-0-450-53719-6Piers AnthonyHeaven Cent (The Magic of Xanth)
1991978-0-450-53737-0Stephen KingThe Stand (The Complete and Uncut Edition)
  ''978-0-450-53743-1Marc OldenKisaeng
1992978-0-450-53810-0Stephen JonesBy Horror Haunted
1991978-0-450-54288-6Stephen KingFour Past Midnight
  ''978-0-450-54401-9David Nickson · Suzy SiddonsNo Fighting in the Kitchen
1991978-0-450-54402-6Judith Merkle RileyIn Pursuit of the Green Lion
  ''978-0-450-54404-0Peter BurdenPyon
1992978-0-450-54418-7George Scithers · Darrell SchweitzerAnother Round at the Spaceport Bar
  ''978-0-450-54742-3Robert A. HeinleinStranger in a Strange Land
1991978-0-450-54743-0James HerbertCreed: NTW
  ''978-0-450-54809-3C. J. CherryhHeavy Time
  ''978-0-450-54815-4Piers AnthonyPhaze Doubt
1991978-0-450-54981-6C. J. CherryhRimrunners
  ''978-0-450-55099-7Piers AnthonyMan From Mundania (The Magic of Xanth)
  ''978-0-450-55107-9Gene WolfeSoldier of Arete
  ''978-0-450-55130-7Rosamond SmithSoul/Mate
  ''978-0-450-55140-6Kate FentonThe Colours of Snow
1991978-0-450-55194-9Ellis AmburnDark Star: The Roy Orbison Story
1992978-0-450-55202-1Piers AnthonyUnicorn Point
1991978-0-450-55363-9   ''Isle Of View (Magic of Xanth)
  ''978-0-450-55450-6Stephen LawsFRIGHTENERS "THE" STEPHEN LAWS NPB
  ''978-0-450-55689-0C. J. CherryhHeavy Time
  ''978-0-450-55906-8Les DawsonCome Back with the Wind
  ''978-0-450-56004-0Piers AnthonyRobot Adept
1992978-0-450-56158-0Jack VanceEcce & Old Earth (Cadwal Chronicles)
1992978-0-450-56227-3Diana L. PaxsonJewel of Fire
  ''978-0-450-56246-4Piers AnthonyPhaze Doubt (Apprentice adept)
  ''978-0-450-56250-1Diana L. PaxsonThe Wind Crystal: Book Five of the Chronicles of Westria
  ''978-0-450-56253-2F. Paul WilsonReprisal
  ''978-0-450-56254-9Gene WolfeCastleview
1993978-0-450-56394-2Stephen LawsGideon
1992978-0-450-56537-3C J CherryhHeavy Time
1992978-0-450-56639-4Stephen Jones · Kim NewmanHorror: 100 Best Books
  ''978-0-450-56640-0Ted AllbeuryThe Dangerous Edge
  ''978-0-450-56798-8Joe R. LansdaleSavage Season
  ''978-0-450-57101-5Jerry AhernThe Legend (Survivalist S.)
1993978-0-450-57113-8Piers AnthonyIsle of View (Xanth)
  ''978-0-450-57291-3C J CherryhHellburner
1992978-0-450-57403-0Joe HaldemanWorlds Enough & Time: NTW
1992978-0-450-57458-0Stephen KingNeedful Things
1994978-0-450-57459-7David DelvinBook of Love: Home Doctor Book of Sex and Marriage
1992978-0-450-57521-1Les DawsonWell Fared, My Lovely
1993978-0-450-57717-8Ben BovaMars
  ''978-0-450-57725-3Jack VanceEcce and Old Earth (Cadwal Chronicles)
  ''978-0-450-57987-5Connie WillisDoomsday Book
  ''978-0-450-58150-2Piers AnthonyDemons Don't Dream
1992978-0-450-58168-7John SaulWhen the Wind Blows
  ''978-0-450-58170-0John SaulComes The Blind Fury
1992978-0-450-58172-4John SaulSuffer the Children
1993978-0-450-58173-1Stephen LawsDarkfall: W
  ''978-0-450-58175-5F. Paul WilsonNightworld
1995978-0-450-58176-2Carlene ThompsonAll Fall Down
1994978-0-450-58233-2Piers AnthonyColour of her Panties (The Magic of Xanth)
1992978-0-450-58236-3Rosamunde PilcherThe Day of the Storm
1993978-0-450-58428-2Michael SladeCutthroat: NTW
  ''978-0-450-58623-1Stephen KingGerald's Game
  ''978-0-450-58629-3Piers AnthonyQuestion Quest
  ''978-0-450-58703-0Jack VanceThroy (Cadwal Chronicles)
1993978-0-450-58708-5Wendy LeighLiza Minnelli: Born a Star
1994978-0-450-58882-2Ben Bova · Bill PogueThe Trikon Deception
1993978-0-450-58886-0Stephen KingDolores Claiborne
  ''978-0-450-59113-6Michael SladeGhoul
1994978-0-450-59346-8Judith Merkle RileyThe Oracle Glass
  ''978-0-450-59425-0Jack VanceThroy (Cadwal Chronicles)
  ''978-0-450-59649-0Christine VincentMonte Carlo Girls
  ''978-0-450-59977-4Stephen LawsGideon
1994978-0-450-59979-8Stephen LawsWyrm Laws (New English library)
  ''978-0-450-59980-4   ''Spectre
  ''978-0-450-59981-1   ''Ghost Train
  ''978-0-450-60103-3Glenn MeadeBrandenburg
  ''978-0-450-60182-8John Lydon · Kent Zimmerman · Keith ZimmermanRotten: No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs - The Authorised Autobiography, Johnny Rotten of the "Sex Pistols"
1995978-0-450-60290-0Glenn MeadeSnow Wolf
1994978-0-450-60309-9Anna JacobsSalem Street: Gibson Family Saga Book 1
1994978-0-450-60438-6Piers AnthonyHarpy Thyme (Xanth Novels)
  ''978-0-450-60641-0Al AttanasioSolis
  ''978-0-450-60690-8Stephen LawsMacabre Laws: NTW
1995978-0-450-60691-5Stephen LawsMacabre Laws: NTW
  ''978-0-450-60692-2   ''Daemonic: NTW
1994978-0-450-60707-3Piers AnthonyGeis Of The Gargoyle
1995978-0-450-60848-3Stephen KingInsomnia
1994978-0-450-60958-9Robert WilsonBridge of Years: NTW
  ''978-0-450-61009-7Stephen KingNightmares and Dreamscapes
1995978-0-450-61010-3Nancy A CollinsPaint it Black Collins: NTW
1994978-0-450-61021-9Christopher PikeSeason of Passage
1995978-0-450-63493-2Ray GordonHouse of Lust