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1994978-1-898924-00-5Alan Dearling · Howie ArmstrongThe New Youth Games Book
1996978-1-898924-01-2Anna Aluffi-Pentini · Walter LorenzAnti-racist Work with Young People: European Experiences and Approaches
1997978-1-898924-02-9Doug NichollsHealth and Safety in Youth and Community Work: Resource Manual
  ''978-1-898924-03-6Doug NichollsHealth and Safety in Youth and Community Work: Pocket Guide
  ''978-1-898924-04-3Anne Peake · Marion FletcherStrong Mothers: Resource for Mothers of Children Who Have Been Sexually Assaulted (Resource for Mothers and Carers of Children Who Have Been Se)
1994978-1-898924-05-0Barry MeteyardThe Community Care Assessment Casebook
1997978-1-898924-06-7Martin C. Calder · etc.Juveniles and Children Who Sexually Abuse: Guide to Risk Assessment
  ''978-1-898924-07-4Alan Dearling · Howie ArmstrongYouth Action and the Environment
  ''978-1-898924-08-1David Morran · Monica WilsonMen Who are Violent to Women: A Groupwork Practice Manual
1997978-1-898924-09-8Ian Ledgerwood · Neil KendraThe Challenge of the Future: Towards the New Millennium for the Youth Service
1994978-1-898924-10-4Brynna KrollChasing Rainbows: Children Divorce and Loss
1996978-1-898924-11-1Andrew Cooper · etc. · Rachael Hetherington · Philip Smith · Gertie WilfordProtecting Children: Messages from Europe
  ''978-1-898924-12-8Andrew Cooper · etc. · Rachael Hetherington · Philip Smith · Gertie WilfordProtecting Children: Messages from Europe
2001978-1-898924-13-5Roger GreenawayGrowth Through Activities
1998978-1-898924-14-2Graham HopkinsPlain English for Social Services: A Guide to Better Communication
1994978-1-898924-15-9Jeni Bremner · Anthony HillinSexuality, Young People and Care: Creating Positive Contexts for Training, Policy and Development
1996978-1-898924-16-6Steve Casson · Bernadette ManningTotal Quality in Child Protection (Manager's Guide)
1998978-1-898924-17-3Sarah Hargreaves · Christina Morton · Gill TaylorManaging Absence: A Handbook for Managers in Public and Voluntary Organisations
  ''978-1-898924-18-0Alan Marlow · John PittsPlanning Safer Communities
  ''978-1-898924-19-7Ann WhealAdolescence: Positive Approaches to Working with Young People
1995978-1-898924-20-3Doug NichollsEmployment Practice and Policies in Youth and Community Work
1999978-1-898924-22-7Donald C. StewartDramattack!: An Essentially Practical Manual for Using Drama in Youth Work
  ''978-1-898924-23-4Martin C. CalderAssessing Risk in Adults Who Sexually Abuse Children: A Practical Guide
1998978-1-898924-24-1Geoff CooperOutdoors with Young People: A Leader's Guide to Outdoor Activities, the Environment and Sustainability
1994978-1-898924-25-8Alan SmithCreative Outdoor Work with Young People
1997978-1-898924-26-5Gillian SquirrellBecoming an Effective Trainer
1998978-1-898924-27-2   ''Developing Life Skills: A Learning Resource Manual for Trainers and Educators Working in Non-traditional Learning Environments
1998978-1-898924-28-9Gillian SquirrellDeveloping Social Skills: A Learning Resource Manual for Trainers and Educators Working in Non-traditional Learning Environments
  ''978-1-898924-29-6   ''Addressing Anti-social Behaviour: A Learning Resource Manual for Trainers and Educators Working to Address Anti-social Behaviour and Promote Individual Change
1994978-1-898924-30-2Val BarkerPromoting Partnerships Through Consultation
2001978-1-898924-31-9Gillian SquirrellConfronting Offending Behaviour: A Learning Resource Manual for Trainers and Educators Working to Promoteand Support Personal Change in Offenders and Those at Risk
1998978-1-898924-32-6Monica Barry · Christine HallettSocial Exclusion and Social Work: Issues of Theory, Policy and Practice
  ''978-1-898924-33-3Naina Patel · etc. · Naheed R. Mirza · Peter Lindblad · Omar SamaoliDementia and Minority Ethnic Older People: Managing Care in the UK, Denmark and France
1999978-1-898924-34-0Ann WhealThe RHP Companion to Foster Care
1995978-1-898924-35-7Karen Baistow · etc. · Andrew Cooper · Rachel Hetherington · John Pitts · Angela SpriggsPositive Child Protection: A View from Abroad
2000978-1-898924-36-4Karen Buckley · Paul HeadMyths, Risks and Sexuality: A Role of Sexuality in Working with Other People
1998978-1-898924-37-1Francis Clift · etc. · et alCaribbean Children's Law Project: Law Relating to Children in Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago
1999978-1-898924-38-8Alan Marlow · John Pitts · Geoff PearsonYoung People, Drugs and Community Safety
2001978-1-898924-39-5Alan Dearling · Alison SkinnerMaking a Difference: Practice and Planning in Working with Young People in Community Safety and Crime Prevention Programmes
1995978-1-898924-40-1Angela Sarkis · Russell Webster · DIVERT TrustWorking in Partnership: Probation Service and the Voluntary Sector
1998978-1-898924-41-8Graham HopkinsThe Write Stuff: Guide to Effective Writing in Social Care and Related Fields
2003978-1-898924-42-5Jan Horwath and Steven M SharlowMaking Links Across Specialisms: Understanding Modern Social Work Practice
1999978-1-898924-44-9Julia WaldmanHelp Yourself to Learning at Work
1995978-1-898924-45-6Philip Hope · Tim PicklesPerformance Appraisal: A Handbook for Managers in Public Organisations
1999978-1-898924-46-3Martin C. CalderWorking with Young People Who Sexually Abuse: New Pieces of the Jigsaw Puzzle
1998978-1-898924-47-0Neil Thompson · etc. · Michael Murphy · Steve Stradling · Paul O'NeillMeeting the Stress Challenge: A Training and Staff Development Manual
2000978-1-898924-48-7Fiona Harbin · Michael Murphy · Jim WildSubstance Misuse and Childcare: How to Understand, Assist and Intervene When Drugs Affect Parenting
1999978-1-898924-49-4Kerry YoungThe Art of Youth Work
1995978-1-898924-50-0Alan Dearling · Howie ArmstrongWorld Youth Games
1999978-1-898924-51-7David Crimmens · John PittsPositive Residential Practice: Learning the Lessons of the 1990s
2001978-1-898924-52-4Fiona Factor · Vipin Chauhan · John Pitts · Vipin ChauchanThe RHP Companion to Working with Young People
2000978-1-898924-53-1Steven Shardlow · Stacey CooperA Bibliography of European Studies in Social Work
1999978-1-898924-54-8Bill VailRicky Has a Problem
1995978-1-898924-55-5Ann WhealThe Foster Carer's Handbook
1999978-1-898924-56-2Owen BookerAverting Aggression: Safety at Work with Adolescents and Adults
  ''978-1-898924-57-9Graham HopkinsAn Inspector Calls: A Practical Look at Social Care Inspection
2000978-1-898924-58-6Bob HolmanKids at the Door Revisited
1999978-1-898924-59-3Ann WhealWorking with Parents: Learning from Other People's Experience
1995978-1-898924-60-9Howard WilliamsonSocial Action for Young People: Accounts of SCF Youth Work Practice
2000978-1-898924-61-6David BarrettYouth Prostitution in the New Europe: The Growth in Sex Work
  ''978-1-898924-62-3Tim ChapmanTime to Grow: A Comprehensive Programme for People Working with Young Offenders and Young People at Risk
2001978-1-898924-63-0Doug NichollsEmployment Practice and Policies in Youth and Community Work: In Pursuit of Fairness at Work
2000978-1-898924-64-7Tim ChapmanReducing the Odds: Using What Works to Engage with Offenders in Resolving the Risks of Offending
1995978-1-898924-65-4Robin Trewartha · David LeadbetterHandling Aggression and Violence at Work
2000978-1-898924-66-1Jo Clifton · Heather SerdarBully Off!: Recognising and Tackling Workplace Bullying
2000978-1-898924-67-8Richard PughRural Social Work
  ''978-1-898924-68-5Adrian Adams · Peter Erath · Steven Shardlow · Steven SharlowFundamentals of Social Work in Selected European Countries: Historical and Political Context, Present Theory, Practice and Perspectives
  ''978-1-898924-69-2Adrian Adams · Peter Erath · Steven ShardlowKey Themes in European Social Work: Theory, Practice and Perspectives
1996978-1-898924-70-8Tim Newburn · George MairWorking with Men: Handbook for Probation and Social Work Staff
2000978-1-898924-71-5Alan Marlow · Barry LovedayAfter MacPherson: Reflections on Policing After the Stephen Lawrence Enquiry
  ''978-1-898924-72-2Barry GoldsonThe New Youth Justice
  ''978-1-898924-73-9City of Salford Community and Social Services DirectorateConducting Family Assessments: A Practice Guide
2000978-1-898924-74-6Brigitte Volond · David PorteousWorking with Young People in Europe: A Four-nation Comparison
1996978-1-898924-75-3Alan Dearling · Howie ArmstrongThe New Youth Arts and Crafts Book
2000978-1-898924-76-0Martin C. Calder · etc.Complete Guide to Sexual Abuse Assessments
2001978-1-898924-77-7Martin C. Calder · Anne Peake · Kate RoseMothers of Sexually Abused Children: A Framework for Assessment, Understanding and Support
  ''978-1-898924-78-4David CrimmensHaving Their Say: Young People's Participation - European Experiences
2000978-1-898924-79-1Margaret MelroseFixing it?: Young People, Drugs and Disadvantage
1996978-1-898924-80-7Cathy Aymer · etc. · Agnes Bryan · Ahmed FauziaBlack Professionals in Welfare
2000978-1-898924-81-4Ginnie Herbert · Rosemary NapperTIPS: Tried and Tested Ideas for Parent Education Support
2001978-1-898924-82-1Maria RueggerHearing the Voice of the Child: The Representation of Children's Interests in Public Law Proceedings
2000978-1-898924-83-8Paul and Ford, Deirdre (Edited By.) StepneySocial Work Models, Methods and Theories: A Framework for Practice
  ''978-1-898924-84-5Brian Sheldon · Rupa ChilversEvidence-based Social Care: A Study of Prospects and Problems
1996978-1-898924-85-2Thomas Lindstein · Barry MeteyardWhat Works in Family Mediation
2000978-1-898924-86-9Ann WhealThe Foster Carer's Handbook: For Carers of Children Under 11 Years of Age
  ''978-1-898924-87-6Alan DearlingEffective Use of Team Building in Social Welfare Organisations
2003978-1-898924-88-3Alan Taylor · Ros Harrison · Geoffrey Mann · Michael Murphy · Neil ThompsonPartnership Made Painless: A Joined-up Guide to Working Together
2001978-1-898924-89-0Martin CalderYoung People Who Sexually Abuse: Building the Evidence Base for Your Practice
1996978-1-898924-90-6Neil Thompson · etc. · Michael Murphy · Steve StradlingMeeting the Stress Challenge: A Training and Staff Development Manual
2000978-1-898924-91-3Fast Forward Positive Lifestyles LtdThe Crunch: Negotiating the Agenda with Young People: a Peer Education Training Manual
2004978-1-898924-93-7Douglas Robertson · Alan DearlingThe Practical Guide to Social Welfare Research
2001978-1-898924-94-4Simon HackettFacing the Future: A Guide for Parents of Young People Who Have Sexually Abused
  ''978-1-898924-95-1Martin C. CalderJuveniles and Children Who Sexually Abuse: Frameworks for Assessments
2001978-1-898924-96-8Bob BroadKinship Care: The Placement Choice for Children and Young People
  ''978-1-898924-97-5Gina Ingram · Jean HarrisDelivering Good Youth Work: A Working Guide to Surviving and Thriving
  ''978-1-898924-98-2Sarah StottOut of the Shadows: Help for Men Who Have Been Sexually Assaulted
  ''978-1-898924-99-9Jon Glasby · John GlasbyCash for Caring: A Practical Guide to Social Services Finances