Saqi Books

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-0-86356-002-6Amos KenanThe Road to Ein Harod
1998978-0-86356-007-1Nabia AbbottAishah, the Beloved of Mohammed
2001978-0-86356-020-0Maxime RodinsonCult, Ghetto and State: Persistence of the Jewish Question
  ''978-0-86356-021-7Jon RothschildForbidden Agendas: Intolerance and Defiance in the Middle East
1984978-0-86356-022-4Mahmud Darwish · Adonis Al-Qasim · Samih Al-QasimVictims of a Map
  ''978-0-86356-023-1Amin MaaloufThe Crusades Through Arab Eyes (Saqi Essentials)
1998978-0-86356-025-5Jean-Pierre LiegeoisGypsies: An Illustrated History
1985978-0-86356-030-9Fatima MernissiBeyond the Veil: Male-female Dynamics in Muslim Society
1986978-0-86356-035-4Nicholas Awde · P. SamanoThe Arabic Alphabet: How to Read and Write it
2001978-0-86356-038-5Laila El-KhalidiThe Art of Palestinian Embroidery
2000978-0-86356-042-2Mai Ghoussoub · Emma Sinclair-WebbImagined Masculinities: Male Identity and Culture in the Modern Middle East (Saqi Essentials)
  ''978-0-86356-044-6Fred HallidayNation and Religion in the Middle East
  ''978-0-86356-045-3Mohamed ChoukriStreetwise (Emerging Voices)
1999978-0-86356-047-7Abdullah al-UdhariClassical Poems by Arab Women: A Bilingual Anthology
2001978-0-86356-055-2Godfrey GoodwinThe Janissaries
1995978-0-86356-056-9Nada SalehFragrance of the Earth - Lebanese Home Cooking
2005978-0-86356-058-3Dubravka Ugresic · Michael HeimThe Ministry of Pain
2001978-0-86356-062-0Roger Allen · etc.Love and Sexuality in Modern Arabic Literature
2001978-0-86356-065-1Omar MassalhaTowards the Long-promised Peace: History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  ''978-0-86356-067-5Godfrey GoodwinTopkapi Palace: An Illustrated Guide to Its Life and Personalities
2006978-0-86356-072-9Sally MustoeTurkish Cookery
1994978-0-86356-073-6Wendy BuonaventuraSerpent of the Nile: Women and Dance in the Arab World
2000978-0-86356-076-7Nawal El-SaadawiMemoirs of a Woman Doctor (Middle Eastern Fiction S.)
1998978-0-86356-081-1Wendy BuonaventuraBeauty and the East: A Book of Oriental Body Care
2001978-0-86356-087-3Sabry HafezA Reader of Modern Arabic Short Stories
  ''978-0-86356-090-3Mai GhoussoubLeaving Beirut: Women and the Wars within
2000978-0-86356-097-2Mai Ghoussoub · Emma Sinclair-WebbImagined Masculinities: Changing Patterns of Identity for Middle Eastern Men
2001978-0-86356-099-6Marilyn StaffordSilent Stories: A Photographic Journey Through Lebanon in the Sixties
  ''978-0-86356-112-2Mahmud Darwish · Adonis Al-Qasim · Samih Al-QasimVictims of a Map
1984978-0-86356-113-9Amin Maalouf · J. RothschildThe Crusades Through Arab Eyes (Saqi Essentials)
1985978-0-86356-118-4Gilles KepelThe Prophet and the Pharaoh
1986978-0-86356-122-1Yusuf Qa'idWar in the Land of Egypt
1992978-0-86356-126-9Andre ClotSuleiman the Magnificent: The Man, His Life, His Epoch
2015978-0-86356-134-4Abdel-Bari AtwanIslamic State: The Digital Caliphate
1998978-0-86356-138-2Mohamed ChoukriFor Bread Alone: An Autobiography
2002978-0-86356-140-5Maggie GeeThe White Family
2001978-0-86356-142-9Raphael Mergui · Philippe SimonnotIsrael's Ayatollahs: Meir Kahane and the Far Right in Israel
  ''978-0-86356-143-6Georges TarabishiWoman Against Her Sex: Critique of Nawal El-Saadawi - With a Reply by Nawal El-Saadawi
2017978-0-86356-146-7Sabrina MahfouzThe Things I Would Tell You: British Muslim Women Write
2017978-0-86356-147-4Yousef Khalifa Al-YousefThe Gulf Cooperation Council States: Hereditary Succession, Oil and Foreign Powers
2001978-0-86356-149-8Sabry HafezThe Genesis of Arabic Narrative Discourse: A Study in the Sociology of Modern Arabic Literature
1998978-0-86356-155-9Basil HatimEnglish-Arabic/Arabic-English Translation: A Practical Guide
1988978-0-86356-157-3Sami HadawiPalestinian Rights and Losses in 1948: A Comprehensive Study
2016978-0-86356-159-7Sara Khan · Tony McMahonThe Battle for British Islam: Reclaiming Muslim Identity from Extremism
2015978-0-86356-160-3John McHugoSyria: A Recent History
2016978-0-86356-165-8Gilbert AchcarThe People Want: A Radical Exploration of the Arab Uprising
2015978-0-86356-170-2Ian RutledgeEnemy on the Euphrates: The Battle for Iraq, 1914-1921
1998978-0-86356-171-9Ismail KadareDoruntine
2001978-0-86356-172-6Godfrey GoodwinSinan: Ottoman Architecture and Its Values Today
  ''978-0-86356-174-0Ismail KadareAlbanian Spring: The Anatomy of Tyranny
2015978-0-86356-175-7Suheil Bushrui · James M. MalarkeyDesert Songs of the Night: 1500 Years of Arabic Literature
2017978-0-86356-179-5Giles DuleyI Can Only Tell You What My Eyes See: Photographs from the Refugee Crisis
2001978-0-86356-184-9Nawal El-SaadawiMemoirs of a Woman Doctor
2016978-0-86356-189-4AdonisSufism and Surrealism (Saqi Essentials)
1988978-0-86356-191-7Sabry Hafez · Catherine CobhamA Reader of Modern Arabic Short Stories
2017978-0-86356-193-1Helen LacknerYemen in Crisis: Autocracy, Neo-Liberalism and the Disintegration of a State
1994978-0-86356-253-2Ismail KadareAlbanian Spring: The Anatomy of Tyranny
2001978-0-86356-295-2Kanan MakiyaPost-Islamic Classicism: A Visual Essay on the Architecture of Mohamed Makiya
1995978-0-86356-300-3Jamal S. Al-SuwaidiYemeni War of 1994: Causes and Consequences (Middle East Studies)
1990978-0-86356-301-0AdonisAn Introduction to Arab Poetics
2003978-0-86356-303-4Gilles KepelBad Moon Rising: A Chronicle of the Middle East Today
2001978-0-86356-306-5Moris FarhiChildren of the Rainbow
2003978-0-86356-311-9Turki Al-Hamad · Robin BrayAdama: A Novel
2004978-0-86356-315-7Maggie GeeThe Flood
2020978-0-86356-317-1Nazik al-MalaikaRevolt Against the Sun: A Bilingual Reader of Nazik al-Mala'ika's Poetry
2000978-0-86356-322-5Christopher AbaniKalakuta Republic: A Book of Poetry
2002978-0-86356-325-6Aamer HusseinTurquoise
2003978-0-86356-331-7AdonisAn Introduction to Arab Poetics
  ''978-0-86356-332-4Robin HarrisDubrovnik: A History
2019978-0-86356-335-5Ipek CalislarMadam Ataturk: The First Lady of Modern Turkey
2001978-0-86356-337-9Nawal El-SaadawiLove in the Kingdom of Oil
2000978-0-86356-339-3Tahir WattarThe Earthquake (Middle Eastern Fiction S.)
2002978-0-86356-342-3Yousif Haddad · Jack IngleSimple Arabic: A Comprehensive Course
1992978-0-86356-343-0Khaled Al-HassanGrasping the Nettle of Peace: A Senior Palestinian Figure Speaks Out
2003978-0-86356-346-1Rifa'a Al-TahtawiAn Imam in Paris: Al-Tahtawi's Visit to France (1826-31)
2000978-0-86356-347-8Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFaresArabic Typography: A Comprehensive Sourcebook
2004978-0-86356-350-8Mahmoud Saeed · Ahmad SadriSaddam City
  ''978-0-86356-351-5Moris FarhiYoung Turk: A Novel in 13 Fragments
2000978-0-86356-358-4Haya Al-MughniWomen in Kuwait: The Politics of Gender
2002978-0-86356-360-7Pauline NevilleDouble Vision
2004978-0-86356-367-6Marko Attila HoareHow Bosnia Armed: From Milosevic to Bin Laden
2006978-0-86356-370-6Marwan IskandarRafiq Hariri and the Fate of Lebanon
2002978-0-86356-372-0Moris FarhiJourney Through the Wilderness
2019978-0-86356-375-1Naguib Mahfouz · Elif Shafak · Roger AllenThe Quarter
2002978-0-86356-380-5Maggie GeeThe White Family
2001978-0-86356-381-2Fred HallidayArabia without Sultans
  ''978-0-86356-382-9   ''Two Hours That Shook the World: September 11, 2001 - Causes and Consequences
2019978-0-86356-388-1Cyrus Rohani · Behrooz SabetWinds of Change: The Challenge of Modernity in the Middle East and North Africa
2003978-0-86356-395-9Faleh A. JabarThe Shi'ite Movement in Iraq
2001978-0-86356-396-6Nawal El-SaadawiThe Fall of the Imam
2000978-0-86356-399-7Alexei VassilievThe History of Saudi Arabia
2008978-0-86356-405-5David TresilianA Brief Introduction to Modern Arabic Literature
2010978-0-86356-411-6Orhan KemalIn Jail with Nazim Hikmet
2011978-0-86356-414-7Peter ClarkEmerging Arab Voices: Nadwa 1
2009978-0-86356-415-4Zena el KhalilBeirut, I Love You: A Memoir
2011978-0-86356-417-8Nawal El-SaadawiZeina
2010978-0-86356-427-7Joumana HaddadI Killed Scheherazade: Confessions of an Angry Arab Woman
2008978-0-86356-428-4John M. SteeleA Brief Introduction to Astronomy in the Middle East
2008978-0-86356-436-9Daniel L. Newman · Ronak HusniModern Arabic Short Stories: A Bilingual Reader
2002978-0-86356-438-3Aisha Ahmad · Roger BoasePashtun Tales: From the Pakistan-Afghan Frontier
2003978-0-86356-441-3Fatima MernissiBeyond the Veil: Male-female Dynamics in Muslim Society
2010978-0-86356-448-2Rose IssaParastou Forouhar: Art, Life and Death in Iran
2007978-0-86356-456-7J. E. PetersonOman's Insurgencies: The Sultanate's Struggle for Supremacy
2011978-0-86356-458-1Gilbert AchcarThe Arabs and the Holocaust: The Arab-Israeli War of Narratives
  ''978-0-86356-461-1Fred HallidayPolitical Journeys: The openDemocracy Essays
2001978-0-86356-466-6Antonio Fernandez-Puertas · Owen JonesThe Alhambra: From the Ninth Century to Yusuf I (1354) v. 1
2007978-0-86356-467-3Antonio Fernandez-PuertasThe Alhambra: From Muhammad V (1354) to the Present Day (1995) v. 2
  ''978-0-86356-468-0   ''The Alhambra: From 1391 to the Present Day v. 3
  ''978-0-86356-471-0Maxime RodinsonIslam and Capitalism (Saqi Essentials)
2010978-0-86356-475-8Alison PargeterThe Muslim Brotherhood: The Burden of Tradition
2008978-0-86356-476-5Michael KaramArak and Mezze: The Taste of Lebanon
2010978-0-86356-480-2Camille TawilBrothers in Arms: Al Qai'ida and the Arab Jihadists
2011978-0-86356-483-3Brian WhitakerUnspeakable Love: Gay and Lesbian Life in the Middle East
  ''978-0-86356-498-7Andre ClotSuleiman the Magnificent
2007978-0-86356-503-8John FineThe Bosnian Church: From the Twelth to the Fourteenth Century
2005978-0-86356-504-5Abbas ShiblakIraqi Jews: A History
2005978-0-86356-506-9Paul LoweBosnians
  ''978-0-86356-507-6Gilad AtzmonMy One and Only Love
  ''978-0-86356-509-0Gilles KepelThe Roots of Radical Islam
  ''978-0-86356-510-6Andre ClotSuleiman the Magnificent
  ''978-0-86356-512-0Maggie GeeThe Flood
2005978-0-86356-513-7Abdel Rahman Al-SharqawiEgyptian Earth
2006978-0-86356-514-4Mohammed ArkounIslam: Reformation and Subversion
2005978-0-86356-516-8Edwar Al-KharratStones of Bobello
  ''978-0-86356-517-5Naim QassemHizbullah: The Story from Within
  ''978-0-86356-519-9Emir SuljagicPostcards from the Grave
2004978-0-86356-520-5Hanna BatatuThe Old Social Classes and the Revolutionary Movements of Iraq: A Study of Iraq's Old Landed and Commercial Classes and of Its Communists, Ba'thists and Free Officers
2005978-0-86356-524-3Adonis · Mahmud Darwish · Samih Al-QasimVictims of a Map: A Bilingual Anthology of Arabic Poetry
  ''978-0-86356-528-1Isabelle Wesselingh · Arnaud VaulerinRaw Memory: Prijedor, Laboratory of Ethnic Cleansing
  ''978-0-86356-529-8Fred Halliday100 Myths About the Middle East
2005978-0-86356-537-3Sahar KhalifehWild Thorns
  ''978-0-86356-539-7Claude KanaanLebanon 1860-1960: A Century of Myth and Politics
2011978-0-86356-540-3Paul Gilroy · Stuart HallBlack Britain: A Photographic History
2006978-0-86356-542-7Samir KhalafHeart of Beirut: Reclaiming the Bourj
2005978-0-86356-544-1Maggie GeeMy Cleaner
2006978-0-86356-545-8Hazel CramptonThe Sunburnt Queen: A True Story
2004978-0-86356-546-5Kamal S. SalibiSecrets of the Bible People
2005978-0-86356-547-2Kudsi ErgunerJourneys of a Sufi Musician
2000978-0-86356-548-9Christiane Dabdoub NasserClassic Palestinian Cookery
2005978-0-86356-549-6Tawfik Al-HakimDiary of a Country Prosecutor
  ''978-0-86356-550-2Andre ClotHarun Al-Rashid: and the World of the Thousand and One Nights
  ''978-0-86356-554-0Jean-Pierre LiegeoisGypsies: An Illustrated History
  ''978-0-86356-557-1AdonisSufism and Surrealism
2005978-0-86356-562-5Nawal El-SaadawiTwo Women in One
2004978-0-86356-566-3Richard TempleIcons: Divine Beauty
2005978-0-86356-567-0Niaz Zaman · Firdous AzimGalpa: Short Stories by Bangladeshi Women
2004978-0-86356-568-7Malu Halasa · Roseanne Saad KhalafTransit Beirut: New Writing and Images
2005978-0-86356-572-4Basmenji KavehAfsaneh: Short Stories by Iranian Women
  ''978-0-86356-577-9Aamer HusseinKahani: Short Stories by Pakistani Women
  ''978-0-86356-581-6Nevin HaliciSufi Cuisine
  ''978-0-86356-582-3Kaveh BasmenjiTehran Blues: Youth Culture in Iran
  ''978-0-86356-583-0Elham ManeaRegional Politics in the Gulf: Saudi Arabia, Oman and Yemen
2010978-0-86356-584-7Eleanor RobsonA Brief Introduction to Arabic Numerals
2001978-0-86356-587-8Antonio Fernandez-PuertasThe Alhambra: From the Ninth Century to Yusef I (1354) v. 1
2007978-0-86356-589-2   ''The Alhambra: From 1391 to the Present Day v. 3
2005978-0-86356-591-5John HeathTibet and China in the Twenty-first Century: Non-violence Versus State Power: In the 21st Century Non-violence Vesus State Power
2005978-0-86356-592-2Stephen SchwartzSarajevo Rose: A Balkan Jewish Notebook
  ''978-0-86356-593-9Ezster SpatYezidis
  ''978-0-86356-594-6Alberto ElenaThe Cinema of Abbas Kiarostami
  ''978-0-86356-596-0Jamal SankariFadlallah: The Making of a Radical Shi'ite Leader
  ''978-0-86356-597-7Salih J. AltomaModern Arabic Literature in Translation: A Companion
2005978-0-86356-598-4Michael Karam · Norbert SchillerThe Wines of Lebanon
2011978-0-86356-604-2Ruba Kana'AnA Brief Introduction to Islamic Art
2015978-0-86356-608-0Nadia Al-BagdadiA Brief Introduction to Arabic Erotic Literature
2007978-0-86356-611-0B Drieskens · F Mermier · H WimmenCities of the South: Citizenship and Exclusion in the 21st Century
2009978-0-86356-616-5Samir Khalaf · Roseanne Saad KhalafArab Society and Culture: An Essential Guide
2008978-0-86356-617-2Ayse OnalHonour Killing: Stories of Men Who Killed
  ''978-0-86356-618-9Christiane Dabdoub NasserClassic Palestinian Cuisine
2010978-0-86356-619-6Hassan MassoudyThe Calligrapher's Garden
2007978-0-86356-620-2Seamus MurphyAfghanistan: A Darkness Visible
  ''978-0-86356-621-9A AtwanA Country of Words: The Life of Abdel Bari Atwan: A Palestinian Journey from the Refugee Camp to the Front Page
2009978-0-86356-624-0Brian WhitakerWhat's Really Wrong with the Middle East
2007978-0-86356-625-7Germaine TillionMy Cousin, My Husband: Clans and Kinship in Mediterranean Societies (Saqi Essentials)
2010978-0-86356-628-8Wendy BuonaventuraSerpent of the Nile: Women and Dance in the Arab World
2007978-0-86356-630-1Marie ColvinHidden Syria
  ''978-0-86356-631-8Gill PartingtonThe Axis of Evil Cookbook
2009978-0-86356-634-9Mahmoud DarwishA River Dies of Thirst: Diaries: (A Diary)
2007978-0-86356-635-6M KadarFrom Baghdad to Bedlam
2008978-0-86356-637-0Aisha Ahmad · Roger BoasePashtun Tales: From the Pakistan-Afghan Border
  ''978-0-86356-638-7Rose IssaShadi Ghadirian: A Woman Photographer from Iran
2006978-0-86356-641-7Anna WilsonLebanon, Lebanon
2010978-0-86356-644-8Andree Maalouf · Karim HaidarLebanese Cuisine: Past and Present
2007978-0-86356-646-2Gilbert AchcarThe 33-Day War: Israel's War on Hezbollah in Lebanon and Its Aftermath
2008978-0-86356-647-9Ethan ChorinTranslating Libya: The Modern Libyan Short Story (SOAS Middle East Issues S.)
2009978-0-86356-648-6Kamal BoullataPalestinian Art: 1850-2005
2008978-0-86356-653-0Shaheen MeraliRe-imagining Asia: A Thousand Years of Separation
2009978-0-86356-654-7Fred H. LawsonDemystifying Syria (SOAS Middle East Issues) (SOAS Middle East Issues S.)
2008978-0-86356-656-1Ann DismorrTurkey Decoded
2009978-0-86356-658-5Arnim Heinemann · Olfa Lamloum · Anne Francoise WeberThe Middle East in the Media: Conflicts, Censorship and Public Opinion
2010978-0-86356-659-2Khaled HroubPolitical Islam: Ideology and Practice (SOAS Middle East Issues) (SOAS Middle East Issues S.)
2008978-0-86356-661-5Ramsay WoodKALILA AND DIMNA, Vol. 1: - Fables of Friendship and Betrayal from the Panchatantra, Jatakas, Bidpai, Kalilah and Dimnah and Lights of Canopus
2008978-0-86356-666-0Kamal BoullataBelonging and Globalisation: Critical Essays in Contemporary Art and Culture
  ''978-0-86356-667-7Deborah RohanThe Olive Grove
  ''978-0-86356-668-4Alexandre NajjarKahlil Gibran: A Biography
  ''978-0-86356-671-4Rana KabbaniImperial Fictions: Europe's Myths of Orient
2010978-0-86356-673-8Alain GeorgeThe Rise of Islamic Calligraphy
2019978-0-86356-674-5Alev Adil · Aydin Mehmet Ali · Bahriye Kemal · Maria PetridesNicosia Beyond Barriers: Voices from a Divided City
2007978-0-86356-675-2W HaleTurkey, the US and Iraq (SOAS Middle East Issues S.)
  ''978-0-86356-676-9M GhoussoubLeaving Beirut: Women and the Wars Within
2008978-0-86356-678-3Shirin EbadiRefugee Rights in Iran
2007978-0-86356-680-6A AlsharekhThe Gulf Family: Kinship Policies and Modernity (SOAS Middle East Issues S.)
2008978-0-86356-682-0Jonathan GarfinkelAmbivalence: Crossing the Israel Palestine Divide
2009978-0-86356-683-7Nawal El-SaadawiThe Dramatic Literature of Nawal El Saadawi
2010978-0-86356-684-4Randa HabibHussein and Abdullah: Inside the Jordanian Royal Family
2019978-0-86356-688-2Rose Issa · Juliet CestarArabicity: Contemporary Arab Art
2007978-0-86356-690-5P HittiOrigins of the Druze People and Religion (Saqi Essentials)
2008978-0-86356-692-9Alanoud AlsharekhPopular Culture and Political Identity in the Arab Gulf States (SOAS Middle East Issues) (SOAS Middle East Issues S.)
2007978-0-86356-695-0B DrieskensLiving With Djinns: Understanding and Dealing with the Invisible in Cairo
2008978-0-86356-697-4Christopher M. Davidson · Peter Mackenzie SmithHigher Education in the Gulf States: Shaping Economies, Politics and Cultures: Shaping Economies, Polities and Cultures (SOAS Middle East Issues) (SOAS Middle East Issues S.)
2010978-0-86356-699-8Naim QassemHizbullah: The Story from within
2013978-0-86356-721-6Hamid KeshmirshekanContemporary Iranian Art
2001978-0-86356-727-8Ed De Moor · etc. · Robin Ostie · Stefan WildWriting the Self: Autobiographical Writing in Modern Arabic Literature
2006978-0-86356-735-3John TchalenkoImages from the Endgame: Persia Through a Russian Lens 1901-1914
2006978-0-86356-740-7Godfrey GoodwinThe Janissaries (Saqi Essentials)
  ''978-0-86356-745-2   ''The Private World of Ottoman Women (Saqi Essentials)
2014978-0-86356-747-6Nasir Al-Din Al-Tusi · Muhammad ibn Muhammad Nasir al-Din al-TusiThe Sultan's Sex Potions
  ''978-0-86356-753-7John McHugoSyria: From the Great War to Civil War
2004978-0-86356-758-2Geoff L. SimonsColombia: A Brutal History
2013978-0-86356-759-9Olivia Snaije · Mitchell AlbertKeep Your Eye on the Wall: Palestinian Landscapes
2006978-0-86356-760-5Abdel-Bari AtwanThe Secret History of Al-Qaida
  ''978-0-86356-765-0Mohammad ArkounIslam: To Reform or to Subvert? (Saqi Essentials)
  ''978-0-86356-770-4Charles GlassThe Northern Front: A Wartime Diary
2008978-0-86356-775-9Branka MagasCroatia Through History: The Making of a European State
2003978-0-86356-783-4Joseph A. Kechichian · R. Hrair DekmejianThe Just Prince: A Manual of Leadership
2014978-0-86356-787-2Malu Halasa · Zaher Omareen · Nawara MahfoudSyria Speaks: Art and Culture from the Frontline
2003978-0-86356-788-9Wendy BuonaventuraI Put a Spell on You: Dancing Women from Salome to Madonna
2002978-0-86356-804-6Faleh A. Jabar · Hocham DawodTribes and Power: Nationalism and Ethnicity in the Middle East
2001978-0-86356-809-1Marcel KurpershoekArabia of the Bedouins
2012978-0-86356-816-9Antony Loewenstein · Ahmed MoorAfter Zionism: One State for Israel and Palestine
2006978-0-86356-819-0Brian WhitakerUnspeakable Love; Gay and Lesbian Life in the Middle East (Islam & Homosexuality)
2012978-0-86356-824-4Suheil BushruiThe Literary Heritage of the Arabs: An Anthology: 1 (Literary Heritage/Arabs 1)
2006978-0-86356-825-1Faleh A. Jabar · Hocham DawodThe Kurds: Nationalism and Politics
2007978-0-86356-830-5M MazuranicA Glance into Ottoman Bosnia
2013978-0-86356-859-6Alison PargeterThe Muslim Brotherhood: From Opposition to Power
2004978-0-86356-868-8Maggie GeeLight Years
2013978-0-86356-889-3John McHugoA Concise History of the Arabs
2004978-0-86356-891-6Jean Said MakdisiTeta, Mother and Me: An Arab Womans' Memoir
2004978-0-86356-911-1Turki Al-HamadShumaisi
2002978-0-86356-912-8Faleh A. JabarAyatollahs, Sufis and Ideologues: State, Religion and Social Movements in Iraq
2000978-0-86356-913-5Alexei VassilievCentral Asia: Political and Economic Challenges in the Post-Soviet Era
2002978-0-86356-918-0Mohammed ArkounThe Unthought in Contemporary Islamic Thought
2006978-0-86356-928-9Hamilton GibbThe Life of Saladin: From the Works of Baha Ad-Din and Imad Ad-Din (Saqi Essentials)
2000978-0-86356-933-3Henry CattanJerusalem
2006978-0-86356-948-7Samir KhalafSexuality in the Arab World
2007978-0-86356-953-1Marko Attila HoareThe History of Bosnia: From the Middle Ages to the Present Day
2006978-0-86356-954-8Nicholas Awde · Putros SamanoThe Arabic Alphabet
  ''978-0-86356-959-3Robin HarrisDubrovnik: A History
2003978-0-86356-971-5Al-TurabiPolitical Vocabulary of Islam
2018978-0-86356-980-7Marcello Di CintioPay No Heed to the Rockets: Palestine in the Present Tense
2003978-0-86356-988-3Faleh A. JabarThe Shi'ite Movement in Iraq
2019978-0-86356-990-6Atef AlshaerA Map of Absence: An Anthology of Palestinian Writing on the Nakba
2017978-0-86356-999-9Lynn GaspardDon't Panic, I'm Islamic: Words and Pictures on How to Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the Alien Next Door