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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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1968978-0-85110-340-2Francis A. SchaefferEscape from Reason (Pocketbooks)
1970978-0-85110-352-5Michael GriffithsGive Up Your Small Ambitions (Pocketbooks)
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1972978-0-85110-362-4Walter TrobischI Married You (Pocketbooks)
1974978-0-85110-374-7David JackmanStarting as a Student: A Christian Approach (Pocketbooks)
  ''978-0-85110-375-4Horace L. FentonMyths About Missions: A Challenge to Face the Truth (Pocketbooks)
1975978-0-85110-388-4David WatsonLive a New Life (Pocketbooks)
1977978-0-85110-396-9Oliver R. BarclayWhatever Happened to the Jesus Lane Lot?
1987978-0-85110-498-0David JackmanAbraham: Believing God in an Alien World (Bible biographies)
978-0-85110-562-8Search the Scriptures: v. 1
978-0-85110-563-5Search the Scriptures: v. 2
1967978-0-85110-564-2Search the Scriptures: v. 3
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1982978-0-85110-630-4James Dixon DouglasNew Bible Dictionary
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1994978-0-85110-654-0J.D. DouglasIllustrated Bible Dictionary, 3 Volume Set
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1981978-0-85110-730-1Derek KidnerThe Message of Hosea: Love to the Loveless (The Bible Speaks Today)
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