Cowley Pubns

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1978978-0-936384-00-9Johne E. BootyThree Anglican Divines on Prayer: Jewel Andrewes and Hooker
1979978-0-936384-01-6Charles C. HefflingJacob's Ladder: Theology and Spirituality in the Thought of Austin Farrer
1980978-0-936384-02-3Frederick E. CroweThe Lonergan Enterprise
1981978-0-936384-03-0Diogenes AllenThe Traces of God in a Frequently Hostile World
  ''978-0-936384-04-7Robert B. ShawCall of God: The Theme of Vocation in the Poetry of Donne and Herbert
1982978-0-936384-05-4Frank McClainF.D. Maurice: A Study
  ''978-0-936384-06-1Monica FurlongChristian Uncertainties
1983978-0-936384-07-8Peter S. Hawkins · Flannery O'Connor · Iris Murdoch · Walker PercyThe Language of Grace: Flannery O'Connor, Walker Percy, & Iris Murdoch
  ''978-0-936384-08-5Diogenes AllenThree Outsiders: Pascal, Kierkegaard, Simone Weil
1984978-0-936384-09-2Charles HeflingWhy Doctrines?
1982978-0-936384-10-8M.Thomas Shaw · et alCowley Sermons: On Waging Peace, on Childbearing, on Giving Shelter (Number 1)
1983978-0-936384-12-2Martin L. SmithBenson of Cowley
  ''978-0-936384-13-9Monica FurlongContemplating Now
1984978-0-936384-14-6Peter SelbyWorld Come of Age
1983978-0-936384-15-3John E. BootyMeditating on Four Quartets
1984978-0-936384-16-0Martin L. SmithMarriage and Priesthood: Six Sermons on Commitment (Sermon Series ; No. 3)
1984978-0-936384-17-7Martin ThorntonSpiritual Direction
  ''978-0-936384-18-4J. Neville WardThe Following Plough
1985978-0-936384-19-1Thomas Ssje ShawWays to Pray: Sermons No.4
1984978-0-936384-20-7Monica FurlongTravelling in
  ''978-0-936384-21-4Horton DaviesCatching the Conscience
1985978-0-936384-22-1Philip TurnerSex, Money & Power: An Essay in Christian Social Ethics
  ''978-0-936384-23-8Martin IsraelHealing As Sacrament: The Sanctification of the World
1984978-0-936384-24-5A. M. AllchinThe Joy of All Creation
1985978-0-936384-25-2Barbara HallJoining the Conversation: Jesus, Matthew, Luke & Us (Parish life sourcebooks)
  ''978-0-936384-26-9Paul D. L. AvisTruth Beyond Words: Problems and Prospects for Anglican-Roman Catholic Unity
1985978-0-936384-27-6Ralph HarperThe Sleeping Beauty and Other Essays
  ''978-0-936384-28-3Peter S. HawkinsGetting Nowhere: Christian Hope & Utopian Dream
  ''978-0-936384-29-0Susan CouplandBeginning to Pray in Old Age (Parish Life Sourcebooks)
1986978-0-936384-31-3Martin ThorntonEnglish Spirituality: An Outline of Ascetical Theology According to the English Pastoral Tradition
  ''978-0-936384-32-0Jerome TaylorIn Search of Self: Life, Death and Walker Percy
1986978-0-936384-33-7Eric O. SpringstedSimone Weil and the Suffering of Love
  ''978-0-936384-34-4Harry Boone PorterA Song of Creation: Selections from the First Article
  ''978-0-936384-35-1Louis WeilGathered to Pray: Understanding Liturgical Prayer (A Parish Life Sourcebook)
1985978-0-936384-36-8J. Neville WardFive for Sorrow, Ten for Joy: A Consideration of the Rosary
1986978-0-936384-37-5Diogenes AllenTemptation
  ''978-0-936384-38-2Martin ThorntonEnglish Spirituality
  ''978-0-936384-39-9Rachel HosmerGender and God: Love and Desire in Christian Spirituality
1986978-0-936384-40-5Richard HollowayThe Sidelong Glance: Politics, Conflict & the Church
  ''978-0-936384-41-2Dietrich BonhoefferMeditating on the Word
  ''978-0-936384-42-9Ann Belford UlanovPicturing God
  ''978-0-936384-43-6Dietrich BonhoefferMeditating on the Word
1987978-0-936384-44-3Julia GattaThree Spiritual Directors for Our Time: Julian of Norwich, the Cloud of Unknowing, Walter Hilton
  ''978-0-936384-45-0Martin ThorntonA Joyful Heart: Meditations for Lent
1987978-0-936384-46-7Elizabeth CanhamPraying the Bible: A Parish Life Sourcebook (Parish life sourcebooks)
1988978-0-936384-47-4Diogenes AllenLove: Christian Romance, Marriage, Friendship
1987978-0-936384-48-1John BootyThe Christ We Know
  ''978-0-936384-49-8John H. SnowMortal Fear: Meditations on Death And AIDS
  ''978-0-936384-50-4Isabel AndersAwaiting the Child: An Advent Journal
  ''978-0-936384-51-1John KaterA Faith for Teenagers: Making Sense of Life
  ''978-0-936384-52-8Robert LlewelynPraying Home: The Contemplative Journey
1987978-0-936384-53-5A. M. AllchinSongs to Her God: Spirituality of Ann Griffiths
1988978-0-936384-54-2Martin ThorntonPrayer: A New Encounter
  ''978-0-936384-55-9Edward S. GleasonRedeeming Marriage
  ''978-0-936384-56-6Helen OppenheimerThe Hope of Heaven: What Happens When We Die?
  ''978-0-936384-57-3John BootyThe Episcopal Church in Crisis
  ''978-0-936384-58-0John SnowThe Impossible Vocation: Ministry in the Mean Time
1988978-0-936384-60-3Ronald Ted SmithReconcilation: Art of Hearing Confession-Cassette
2000978-0-936384-61-0Ann Belford UlanovThe Wisdom of the Psyche
1988978-0-936384-62-7Martin ThorntonChristian Proficiency
  ''978-0-936384-63-4Eric O. SpringstedWho Will Make Us Wise?: How the Churches Are Failing Higher Education
  ''978-0-936384-64-1Robin GreenIntimate Mystery: Our Need to Worship
  ''978-0-936384-65-8Lloyd EdwardsDiscerning Your Spiritual Gifts
  ''978-0-936384-67-2John CoburnGrace upon Grace
1989978-0-936384-68-9Fredrica Harris ThompsettWe Are Theologians: Strengthening the People of the Episcopal Church
1989978-0-936384-69-6James R. AdamsSo You Think You're Not Religious?: A Thinking Person's Guide to the Church
  ''978-0-936384-70-2Austin Marsden FarrerLord I Believe: Suggestions for Turning the Creed into Prayer
  ''978-0-936384-71-9David McI GracieGandhi and Charlie: The Story of a Friendship
  ''978-0-936384-72-6Ann Belford Ulanov · Elizabeth Zarelli Turner · Victor Preller · Barry Ulanov · Helen OppenheimerMen and Women: Sexual Ethics in Turbulent Times (Mathematical Statistics)
  ''978-0-936384-73-3Margaret HebblethwaiteThrough Lent With Luke: Daily Reflections on the Transfiguration and Passion
1989978-0-936384-74-0David McI GracieGandhi and Charlie: The Story of a Friendship: As-Told Through the Letters and Writers of Mohandas K. Gandhi and the Rev'd Charles Freer Andrews
  ''978-0-936384-75-7Men and Women
  ''978-0-936384-80-1Lavinia ByrneSharing the Vision: The Spiritual Lessons of the Religious Life
  ''978-0-936384-81-8Martin L. SmithWord is Very Near You
  ''978-0-936384-82-5Nancy L. RothNew Christian Yoga
1989978-0-936384-83-2Howard E. GalleyCeremonies of the Eucharist: A guide to Celebration
  ''978-0-936384-84-9Kenneth LeechSpirituality and Pastoral Care
  ''978-0-936384-85-6Martin ThorntonThe Heart of the Parish: A Theology of the Remnant
  ''978-0-936384-87-0Verna J. DozierShe Has Done a Beautiful Thing: Women and the New Testament
  ''978-0-936384-88-7A. AllchinPraying the Trinity
1989978-0-936384-89-4Margaret MilesVisual Images in Meditative Prayer
  ''978-0-936384-90-0Nancy L. Roth · Tilden H. EdwardsNew Christian Yoga-Cassette
1990978-0-936384-91-7Michael RamseyThe Gospel and the Catholic Church
  ''978-0-936384-92-4Nancy RothThe Breath of God: An Approach to Prayer
1989978-0-936384-96-2Nancy RothNew Christian Yoga/Book and Tape
  ''978-0-936384-97-9Martin L. SmithThe Word Is Very Near You: A Guide to Praying With Scripture
2000978-0-936384-99-3James AdamsSo You Think You're Not Religious?