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1990978-0-7188-0202-8Alexander CrudenCruden's Complete Concordance to the Old and New Testaments (Concordances)
1991978-0-7188-0205-9Alexander CrudenCruden's Complete Concordance to the Old and New Testaments (Concordances)
  ''978-0-7188-0306-3Tasha TudorFirst Prayers: Standard Edition (First Books)
  ''978-0-7188-0307-0Tasha TudorFirst Graces: Standard Edition (First Books)
  ''978-0-7188-0308-7Brenda Meredith SeymourFirst Hymns: Standard Edition (First Books)
1967978-0-7188-0309-4   ''First Carols (First Books)
1962978-0-7188-0452-7Meindert DeJongHurry Home Candy
1960978-0-7188-0482-4Mary SeniorWhen You Pray (Key Books)
1987978-0-7188-0520-3Laura Ingalls WilderThe Long Winter
1962978-0-7188-0602-6Meindert DeJong0body Plays with a Cabbage
1958978-0-7188-0620-0Lucy BredinHappy Clan (Pathway S.)
1971978-0-7188-0803-7Neville WilliamsRoyal Homes
1963978-0-7188-1258-4Joan ChamberlainPeople from Malaya and Hong Kong (Everyland Painting Books)
1964978-0-7188-1259-1Margaret Dawson-BowlingPeter and His Indian Friends
1991978-0-7188-1364-2Tasha TudorMore Prayers: Standard Edition (First Books)
1970978-0-7188-1367-3Alan SorrellImperial Rome
1991978-0-7188-1526-4Brenda Meredith SeymourFirst Poems (First Books)
  ''978-0-7188-1527-1   ''First Nursery Rhymes (First Books (Lutterworth))
1969978-0-7188-1535-6Frank StaffValentine and Its Origins
1968978-0-7188-1546-2David Paton · Roland AllenReform of the Ministry
1991978-0-7188-1597-4Brenda Meredith SeymourFirst ABC (First Books (Lutterworth))
1969978-0-7188-1652-0Kwesi A. DicksonBiblical Revelation and African Beliefs
1971978-0-7188-1687-2Stephen Neill · etc.Concise Dictionary of the Christian World Mission (World Christian books)
1970978-0-7188-1715-2P.Van AkkeranSri and Christ (World Council of Churches S.)
1970978-0-7188-1766-4The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments. Revised Standard Version: Translated from the original tongues: being the version set forth ... most ancient authorities and revised A.D.1952
1977978-0-7188-1800-5John EwanUnderstanding Your Hindu Neighbour (World Religions)
1971978-0-7188-1822-7Eric J. SharpeThinking About Hinduism (World Religions S.)
1972978-0-7188-1924-8Don CupittCrisis of Moral Authority
  ''978-0-7188-1936-1John CaponAnd There Was Light
1993978-0-7188-1976-7Laura Ingalls WilderThe First Four Years
1987978-0-7188-2060-2Jean Anita DaviesFriends for Simon (Junior Gateway)
1973978-0-7188-2084-8CBE, DSc, FRAS, Sir Patrick MooreColour Star Atlas
1974978-0-7188-2164-7John BunyanThe Pilgrim's Progress
1976978-0-7188-2272-9Stephen NeillSalvation Tomorrow
1977978-0-7188-2325-2Colin WinterNamibia: The Colin Winter Story
1992978-0-7188-2340-5Cruden · AlexanderCruden's Complete Concordance: To the Old and New Testaments (Concordances)
1978978-0-7188-2387-0Joyce ReasonBishop Jim: The Story of James Hennington (Faith & Fame)
1979978-0-7188-2397-9Don CupittJesus and the Gospel of God (Cross in Crucible)
1983978-0-7188-2408-2Kathleen WowkPlaying Cards of the World
1979978-0-7188-2424-2Harries · RichardPrayers of Grief and Glory (Frank Topping)
1987978-0-7188-2428-0Rose Wilder LaneYoung Pioneers
1993978-0-7188-2430-3Alasdair HeronA Century of Protestant Theology
1981978-0-7188-2432-7Roger MooreyExcavation in Palestine (Cities of the Biblical World S.)
1987978-0-7188-2448-8Freelove · William FrancisVictorian Horses and Carriages. A Personal Sketch Book
  ''978-0-7188-2456-3J. R. BartlettJericho: City of Biblical World (Cities of the Biblical World S.)
1980978-0-7188-2463-1Eric SmithPianos: Care and Restoration (Practical Handbook)
  ''978-0-7188-2464-8Alf GoverAl Gover's Cricket Manual: A Pictorial Guide to Batting Bowling Wicket-Keeping and Fielding
  ''978-0-7188-2465-5David AttenboroughThe Zoo Quest Expeditions: Travels in Guyana, Indonesia and Paraguay
1987978-0-7188-2483-9Deborah Brown · Marguerite FawdryThe Book of Samplers
1982978-0-7188-2505-8Jack CoxTake a Cold Tub, Sir!: The Story of the 'Boy's Own Paper'
1981978-0-7188-2507-2David AttenboroughJourneys to the Past: Travels in New Guinea Madagascar and the Northern Territory of Australia
1982978-0-7188-2517-1Richard HarriesShould a Christian Support Guerrillas (Anselm Books)
1987978-0-7188-2518-8Moira Anderson · Netta MartinMoira Anderson's Scotland
1987978-0-7188-2540-9A.M. RhodesHat Pins and Tie Pins (Antique Pocket Guides)
1983978-0-7188-2543-0Doreen YarwoodEnglish Interiors: A Pictorial Guide and Glossary
1987978-0-7188-2549-2Noel RileyVisiting Card Cases (Antique Pocket Guides)
  ''978-0-7188-2555-3Alexander H. Frey Jr. · David SingmasterHandbook of Cubik Math
  ''978-0-7188-2558-4Daphne RaeA World Apart
1985978-0-7188-2561-4Tasha TudorFirst Graces: Presentation Edition (First Books)
1987978-0-7188-2562-1Cyril J. DaveyNever Say Die: The Story of Gladys Aylward (Faith & Fame)
1983978-0-7188-2582-9Roger Fresco-CorbuVesta Boxes (Antique Pocket Guides)
1987978-0-7188-2588-1Ronald WillisCricket's Biggest Mystery: The Ashes (First Books)
1958978-0-7188-2641-3Cyril DaveyLady with a Lamp: Story of Florence Nightingale (Faith & Fame)
  ''978-0-7188-2642-0Phyllis Louisa GarlickConqueror of Darkness: The Story of Helen Keller (Faith & Fame)
1987978-0-7188-2651-2Sally MilesCrisis at Crabtree
1988978-0-7188-2676-5Dennis BrailsfordBareknuckles: A Social History of Prize Fighting
1987978-0-7188-2677-2John MilsomeThe Heroine of Newgate: The Story of Elizabeth Fry (Stories of Faith & Fame)
1989978-0-7188-2682-6Bond · Terance JamesBirds. The Paintings of Terance James Bond
1987978-0-7188-2693-2Henry Van DykeThe Story of Other Wise Man
1989978-0-7188-2695-6Ian RidpathStar Tales
1988978-0-7188-2696-3Joan AikenA Small Pinch of Weather
1979978-0-7188-2708-3Eric SmithClocks and Clock Repairing
1993978-0-7188-2714-4John Kenneth RichesA Century of New Testament Study
1992978-0-7188-2763-2Helen CaswellGod Makes Us Different (First Books)
1989978-0-7188-2768-7Catherine StorrMarianne Dreams
  ''978-0-7188-2779-3Mirza Tahir AhmadMurder in the Name of Allah (Anselm)
1989978-0-7188-2790-8P. N. BrooksCranmer in Context
1991978-0-7188-2791-5Palmer · MichaelMoral Problems. A Coursebook For Schools and Colleges
  ''978-0-7188-2807-3Susan WallbankFacing Grief: Bereavement at Ages 18-28: Bereavement and the Young Adult
1990978-0-7188-2814-1Carol TwinchWomen on the Land: Their Story During Two World Wars
  ''978-0-7188-2820-2Ferdinand Paris · Paul SchauenbergGuide to Medicinal Plants
  ''978-0-7188-2822-6Nick GreavesWhen Hippo Was Hairy: And Other Tales from Africa
1994978-0-7188-2824-0Peter NorrisArthur Henry Knighton-Hammond
1991978-0-7188-2825-7Roger MooreyA Century of Biblical Archaeology
1992978-0-7188-2834-9Wolfgang ZuckermannFamily Mouse Behind the Wheel
1991978-0-7188-2842-4Claus WestermannBasic Forms of Prophetic Speech
1992978-0-7188-2843-1Geoffrey GerardAway From It All: A Guide to Retreat Houses and Centres of Spiritual Renewal: Guide to Retreat Houses and Centres for Spiritual Renewal
  ''978-0-7188-2849-3Tomie De PaolaThe Parables of Jesus
1992978-0-7188-2854-7Ronald PaulsonHogarth: Volume I: The Modern Moral Subject 1697-1732: The Modern Moral Subject, 1697-1732 Vol 1 (Antique Collectors Guide)
  ''978-0-7188-2855-4Ronald PaulsonHogarth: Volume II: High Art and Low 1732-1750: High Art and Low, 1732-50 Vol 2 (Antique Collectors Guide)
  ''978-0-7188-2858-5Marie-Agnes GaudratThe Word of God (What Is God Like?)
  ''978-0-7188-2859-2Marie-Agnes GaudratThe Love of God (What Is God Like?)
  ''978-0-7188-2860-8   ''Faith in God (What Is God Like?)
1993978-0-7188-2875-2Ronald PaulsonHogarth: Volume III: Art and Politics 1750-1764: Art and Politics, 1750-64 Vol 3 (Antique Collectors Guide)
1993978-0-7188-2878-3Frank StaffThe Penny Post: 1680 - 1918
  ''978-0-7188-2881-3Floris BarkelsNacht Und Nebel: Night and Fog: Night and Mist
  ''978-0-7188-2887-5Nick GreavesWhen Lion Could Fly: And Other Tales from Africa
  ''978-0-7188-2891-2Johannes ErritzoeBirds of CITES: And How to Identify Them
  ''978-0-7188-2894-3Johannes Erritzoe · illustrated by Helga Boullet Erritzoe · the author · foreword by H. R. H. Prince PhilipThe birds of CITES and how to identify them
1993978-0-7188-2895-0Johannes ErritzoeBirds of CITES: And How to Identify Them
1994978-0-7188-2899-8George Eldon LaddA Theology of the New Testament: Revised Edition
  ''978-0-7188-2915-5George Eldon LaddTheology of the New Testament
2016978-0-7188-2920-9Helen BinyonEric Ravilious: Memoir of an Artist
1995978-0-7188-2926-1Tom CrossThe Shining Sands: Artists in Newlyn and St Ives 1880-1930
  ''978-0-7188-2933-9Spencer Fitz-GibbonNot Mentioned in Despatches: The History and Mythology of the Battle of Goose Green
1996978-0-7188-2938-4Elsa Hamilton50th Royal Tank Regiment: The Complete Story: The Complete History
1995978-0-7188-2942-1Tom CrossPainting the Warmth of the Sun: St. Ives Artists, 1939-75
1996978-0-7188-2945-2Ben Witherington IIIJohn's Wisdom: A Commentary on the Fourth Gospel
1997978-0-7188-2948-3Jennifer ForemanMaskwork: The Background, Making and Use of Masks
  ''978-0-7188-2950-6M. ChahinBefore the Greeks (Gr-Gen)
1996978-0-7188-2953-7Alfred J. Hoerth · G. L. Mattingly · Edwin M. YamauchiPeoples of the Old Testament World
1997978-0-7188-2960-5Mawil Izzi DienThe Environmental Dimensions of Islam
  ''978-0-7188-2965-0Douglas DalesLight to the Isles
1998978-0-7188-2976-6Dick BirdNever the Same Again: A History of VSO
1998978-0-7188-2977-3Dennis BrailsfordBritish Sport: A Social History
  ''978-0-7188-2982-7Sally Morris · Jan HallwoodLiving with Eagles: Marcus Morris, Priest and Publisher
  ''978-0-7188-2985-8Mark GuscinThe Oviedo Cloth
1999978-0-7188-2991-9John C. TravellDoctor of Souls: Leslie Dixon Weatherhead 1893-1976: Leslie D. Weatherhead, 1893-1976
  ''978-0-7188-2994-0Ian CurteisPrayer for All Seasons, A. The Collects of the Book of Common Prayer
  ''978-0-7188-2997-1Albert L. BlackwellThe Sacred in Music
2003978-0-7188-3002-1Geoffrey ShoesmithPsychology: A Complete GCSE Course
2001978-0-7188-3006-9Elizabeth AbbottA History of Celibacy: from Athena to Elizabeth I, Leornardo Da Vinci, Florence Nightingale, Ghandi and Cher (Antique Collectors Guide)
2001978-0-7188-3016-8Spencer Fitz-GibbonNot Mentioned in Despatches: The History and Mythology of the Battle of Goose Green
2002978-0-7188-3017-5Monty ChisholmSuch Silver Currents: The Story of William and Lucy Clifford, 1845-1929
  ''978-0-7188-3018-2Frances BrownJoanna Southcott: The Woman Clothed with the Sun
2003978-0-7188-3020-5Christopher PhillipsSocrates Cafe: A Fresh Taste of Philosophy
  ''978-0-7188-3027-4Norman GrubbRees Howells: Intercessor
2014978-0-7188-3028-1Norman P. GrubbC. T. Studd, Cricketer and Pioneer
2003978-0-7188-3029-8Doris M. RuscoeThe Intercession of Rees Howells
  ''978-0-7188-3030-4Helen RanaVolunteer Tales: Experiences of Working Abroad
2007978-0-7188-3031-1Scott EasthamAmerican Dreamer: Bucky Fuller and the Sacred Geometry of Nature
2003978-0-7188-3034-2Pamela Howe TaylorThe Germans We Trusted: Stories Which Had To Be Told
  ''978-0-7188-3041-0Frances BrownJoanna Southcott's Box of Sealed Prophecies
2005978-0-7188-3051-9Michael PalmerMoral Problems: A Coursebook For Schools and Colleges
2006978-0-7188-3059-5John Le BourgeoisArt and Forbidden Fruit: Hidden Passion in the Life of William Morris
2007978-0-7188-3064-9D. P. Mortlock · Dp Mortlock · CV RobertsThe Guide to Norfolk Churches (Popular Guide)
2006978-0-7188-3065-6Elizabeth R. MoberlyHomosexuality: A New Christian Ethic
2006978-0-7188-3066-3R.R. JordanWriters and Their Other Work: Twentieth-Century British Writers and English Teaching Abroad
2007978-0-7188-3071-7Wood · JuliaResurrection of Oscar Wilde. A Cultural Afterlife
2010978-0-7188-3073-1Barry SpurrAnglo-Catholic in Religion: T.S. Eliot and Christianity
2009978-0-7188-3076-2D. P. Mortlock · Dp MortlockGuide to Suffolk Churches, The (Popular Guide)
2007978-0-7188-3082-3Brown & ChapmanWindsor Ablaze!. The Windsor Castle Fire & Restoration. Ten Years On: The Windsor Castle Fire and Restoration - Ten Years on
2010978-0-7188-3083-0Palmer MichaelAtheist's Creed, The
2009978-0-7188-3084-7Sara GrayDictionary of British Women Artists
2017978-0-7188-4184-3Professor Thomas O'LoughlinDiscipleship and Society in the Early Churches
2014978-0-7188-4214-7Gisela H. KreglingerStoried Revelations: Parables, Imagination and George MacDonald's Christian Fiction
  ''978-0-7188-4220-8Roger H. Guichard Jr.Niebuhr in Egypt: European Science in a Biblical World
  ''978-0-7188-4270-3Gordon L. HeathCanadian Churches and the First World War
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  ''978-0-7188-4279-6Sharon R. ChaceAn Artistic Approach to New Testament Literature
2014978-0-7188-4281-9Michael F. BirdColossians and Philemon: A New Covenant Commentary
  ''978-0-7188-4292-5Kathleen KernIn Harm's Way: A History of Christian Peacemaker Teams
  ''978-0-7188-4294-9Jarem SawatskyJustpeace Ethics: A Guide to Restorative Justice and Peacebuilding
  ''978-0-7188-4311-3Clive BarrettSubversive Peacemakers: War-Resistance 1914-1918: an Anglican Perspective
2017978-0-7188-4405-9Stuart DurantThe Decorative Designs of C.F.A. Voysey: Second Edition
  ''978-0-7188-4538-4Randal Carter WorkingVisual Theology of the Huguenots: Towards an Architectural Iconology of Early Modern French Protestantism 1535 to 1623
2017978-0-7188-4540-7Fraser FlemingTruth about Science and Religion: From the Big Bang to Neuroscience
2018978-0-7188-4756-2A.W. TozerKnowledge of the Holy: The Attributes of God. Their Meaning in the Christian Life
2002978-0-7188-9009-4Colin NarbethCollecting Military Medals: A Beginner's Guide
2003978-0-7188-9015-5A.J. AppasamySundar Singh
  ''978-0-7188-9093-3Johannes BlauwThe Missionary Nature of the Church: A Survey of the Biblical Theology of Mission
  ''978-0-7188-9103-9Roland AllenReform of the Ministry: A Study in the Work of Roland Allen (Roland Allen Library)
  ''978-0-7188-9135-0William LawThe Spirit of Prayer and the Spirit of Love
2004978-0-7188-9153-4Stuart MacDonaldThe History and Philosophy of Art Education
  ''978-0-7188-9165-7Lionel Smithett LewisSt.Joseph of Arimathea at Glastonbury
2006978-0-7188-9166-4W.S. Pakenham-WalshA Tudor Story: The Return of Anne Boleyn
2005978-0-7188-9167-1Eric SmithClocks and Clock Repairing
2006978-0-7188-9168-8Roland AllenMissionary Methods: St Paul's or Ours? (Roland Allen Library)
2006978-0-7188-9170-1Roland AllenMissionary Principles: and Practice (Roland Allen Library)
  ''978-0-7188-9171-8   ''The Spontaneous Expansion of the Church: and the Causes Which Hinder it (Roland Allen Library)
2006978-0-7188-9173-2Roland AllenMinistry of the Spirit: Selected Writings of Roland Allen (Roland Allen Library)
2008978-0-7188-9175-6Karl BarthThe German Church Conflict
2007978-0-7188-9176-3George B. Burnet · William H. MarwickThe Story of Quakerism in Scotland: 1650-1850
2005978-0-7188-9178-7Michael PalmerMoral Problems in Medicine: A Practical Coursebook
2009978-0-7188-9190-9Kern KathleenIn Harms Way: A History of Christian Peacemaker Teams
  ''978-0-7188-9191-6Denis O. LamoureuxEvolutionary Creation: A Christian Approach to Evolution
  ''978-0-7188-9196-1Sawatsky JaremJustpeace Ethics: A Guide to Restorative Justice and Peacebuilding
2008978-0-7188-9201-2Geoffrey A. Studdert KennedyAfter War, Is Faith Possible?: An Anthology
2009978-0-7188-9206-7Stevens GeraldNew Testament Greek Primer
2010978-0-7188-9207-4Wilkinson AlanDissent or Conform: War Peace and the English Churches 1900-1945
  ''978-0-7188-9209-8A.H. & Singmaster, D. FreyHandbook of Cubik Math
  ''978-0-7188-9217-3Stanley & Coles, Romand HauerwasChristianity, Democracy and the Radical Ordinary: Conversations between a Radical Democrat and a Christian
2010978-0-7188-9221-0Yordy Laura RuthGreen Witness: Ecology Ethics and the Kingdom of God
  ''978-0-7188-9224-1John AplinThe Inheritance of Genius: A Thackeray Family Biography, 1798-1875
2011978-0-7188-9225-8Aplin JohnMemory and Legacy: A Thackeray Family Biography 1876-1919
2010978-0-7188-9230-2Anthony Laughton · John Gould · T. & Roe, H. (Eds) TuckerOf Seas and Ships and Scientists
2012978-0-7188-9268-5William AtkinsonBaptism in the Spirit: Luke-Acts and the Dunn Debate
  ''978-0-7188-9275-3Nicholas MeeHiggs Force: The Symmetry-Breaking Force that Makes the World an Interesting Place
2014978-0-7188-9319-4Stephan KampowskiA Greater Freedom: Biotechnology, Love, and Human Destiny (in Dialogue with Hans Jonas and Jurgen Habermas)
2020978-0-7188-9324-8Professor Thomas O'LoughlinDiscipleship and Society in the Early Churches
2014978-0-7188-9328-6Geoffrey ShoesmithPsychology: A New Complete GCSE Course, for AQA Specification 4180
  ''978-0-7188-9367-5Clive BarrettSubversive Peacemakers: War-Resistance 1914-1918: An Anglican Perspective
2015978-0-7188-9368-2Graham HarrisDestruction of Sodom, The: A Scientific Commentary
2017978-0-7188-9427-6Maria Clara BingemerThe Mystery and the World: Passion for God in Times of Unbelief (Na)
2016978-0-7188-9436-8Julian LovelockSwallows, Amazons and Coots: A Reading of Arthur Ransome
  ''978-0-7188-9444-3Robert J. MillerHelping Jesus Fulfill Prophecy (Na)
2021978-0-7188-9460-3Frankie MorrisArtist of Wonderland: The Life, Political Cartoons, and Illustrations of Tenniel
2019978-0-7188-9464-1Adrian BarlowEspying Heaven: The Stained Glass of Charles Eamer Kempe and his Artists
2017978-0-7188-9469-6Randal Carter WorkingVisual Theology of the Huguenots: Towards an Architectural Iconology of Early Modern French Protestantism 1535 to 1623
2016978-0-7188-9470-2Sue MagrathHealing the Ravaged Soul: Tending the Spiritual Wounds of Child Sexual Abuse
2018978-0-7188-9478-8Ian RidpathStar Tales: Revised and Expanded Edition
2017978-0-7188-9491-7Eric J. KyleSpiritual Being and Becoming: Western Christian and Modern Scientific Views of Human Nature for Spiritual Formation
2021978-0-7188-9526-6Theodore RoszakThe Cult of Information: The Folklore of Computers and the True Art of Thinking
2021978-0-7188-9529-7Jennifer ForemanMaskwork: The Background, Making and Use of Masks