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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1974978-0-903895-07-1Elie WieselNight, Dawn, The Accident.
  ''978-0-903895-16-3Alan CorenThe Collected Bulletins of President Idi Amin
  ''978-0-903895-23-1Harry SecombeTwice Brightly
1975978-0-903895-25-5Sheridan MorleyReview Copies: Plays and Players in London, 1970-74
1998978-0-903895-26-2Spike Milligan · etc.BOOK OF THE GOONS
1976978-0-903895-43-9Alfred BrendelMUSICAL THOUGHTS AND AFTERTHOUGHTS
1975978-0-903895-54-5Alan CorenGolfing for Cats
  ''978-0-903895-56-9Humphrey LytteltonTake it from the Top: An Autobiographical Scrapbook
1976978-0-903895-64-4Roger Wilmut · Jimmy GraftonThe Goon Show Companion: A History and Goonography
1998978-0-903895-75-0Alan CorenBUFFALO ARTHUR (Arthur Books)
  ''978-0-903895-76-7   ''ARTHUR THE KID (Arthur Books)
1998978-0-903895-78-1Barry TookCHOOKI AND THE PTARMIGAN: An Informal History of British Radio Comedy
2002978-0-903895-86-6Vernon ScannellPROPER GENTLEMAN
1978978-0-903895-91-0Humphrey LytteltonBest of Jazz: Basin Street to Harlem - Jazz Masters and Masterpieces, 1917-30 v. 1 (The best of jazz)