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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-1-897675-00-7Irene Yates · Kate FordHow to be Brilliant at Writing Stories (How to be brilliant at...)
1993978-1-897675-02-1I. YatesHow to Be Brilliant at Grammar
1994978-1-897675-05-2B. Webber · T. BarnesHow to Be Brilliant at Algebra
1995978-1-897675-08-3Irene YatesHow to be Brilliant at Spelling (How to be brilliant at...)
  ''978-1-897675-09-0   ''How to be Brilliant at Reading (How to be brilliant at...)
1996978-1-897675-14-4Jo LaurenceHow to Sparkle at Phonics (How to sparkle at...)
1997978-1-897675-17-5   ''How to Sparkle at Alphabet Skills
  ''978-1-897675-18-2Irene YatesHow to Sparkle at Writing Stories and Poems (How to sparkle at...)
  ''978-1-897675-19-9   ''How to Sparkle at Grammar and Punctuation (How to Sparkle At...)
1995978-1-897675-20-5Neil BurtonHow to Sparkle at Assessing Science (How to sparkle at...)
1997978-1-897675-21-2B. Webber · J. HaighHow to Be Brilliant at Mental Arithmetic
  ''978-1-897675-23-6Janet Morris · Linda MortCaring and Sharing: Activities for 3-5 Year Olds
1997978-1-897675-24-3Irene YatesAll About Us: Activities for 3-5 Year Olds
1998978-1-897675-25-0   ''Water: Activities for 3-5 Year Olds
1998978-1-897675-26-7Irene YatesColours: Activities for 3-5 Year Olds
  ''978-1-897675-27-4Moira WilsonHow to Sparkle at Counting to 10
  ''978-1-897675-28-1Moira WilsonHow to Sparkle at Addition and Subtraction to 20
978-1-897675-29-8Posters (Set of 10)
1999978-1-897675-30-4Moira WilsonHow to Sparkle at Beginning Multiplication and Division (How to Sparkle At...)
1998978-1-897675-34-2Jean HaighHow to Sparkle at Number Bonds
  ''978-1-897675-35-9N. Burton · J. MachinAssessing Science Key Stage 2
1999978-1-897675-36-6Monica HunsHow to Sparkle at Science Investigations (How to Sparkle At...)
1998978-1-897675-37-3Linda Mort · Janet MorrisFamilies: Activities for 3-5 Year Olds
  ''978-1-897675-38-0Caroline Quin · Sue PearcePets: Activities for 3-5 Year Olds
1998978-1-897675-39-7Caroline Quin · Sue PearceWeather: Activities for 3-5 Year Olds
  ''978-1-897675-40-3   ''Gardening: Activities for 3-5 Year Olds
  ''978-1-897675-44-1Irene YatesHow to Dazzle at Reading
  ''978-1-897675-45-8   ''How to Dazzle at Writing
  ''978-1-897675-46-5   ''How to Dazzle at Grammar
1998978-1-897675-47-2Irene YatesHow to Dazzle at Spelling
  ''978-1-897675-48-9Wandsworth Borough CouncilEnglish (Keys to Success S.)
1999978-1-897675-49-6MaryAnn F. KohlPreschool Art: It's the Process not the Product
  ''978-1-897675-51-9I. YatesHow to Dazzle at Reading for Meaning
  ''978-1-897675-54-0Jackie SilbergGames to Play with Babies
  ''978-1-897675-55-7Jackie SilbergGames to Play with Toddlers
1999978-1-897675-56-4Jackie SilbergGames to Play with Two Year Olds
  ''978-1-897675-57-1Adrienne WaltonFood: Activities for 3-5 Year Olds
  ''978-1-897675-58-8Caroline QuinShopping: Activities for 3-5 Year Olds
  ''978-1-897675-59-5Janet O'Neill · Alan Jones · Roy PurnellUnderstanding Living Things (Brilliant Support Activities)
  ''978-1-897675-60-1Alan Jones · Alan Purnell · Janet O'NeillBrilliant Support Activities - Understanding Materials
2000978-1-897675-61-8Roy Purnell · Janet O'Neill · Alan JonesUnderstanding Physical Processes (Brilliant Support Activities)
1999978-1-897675-62-5Valerie EdgarHow to Sparkle at Christmas Time
1999978-1-897675-63-2Val EdgarHow to be Brilliant at Christmas Time
2000978-1-897675-68-7B GallagherProject Science - Materials and their Properties (Project Science S)
  ''978-1-897675-69-4M AbraitisProject Science - Physical Processes (Project Science S)
  ''978-1-897675-72-4Jackie SilbergThe I Can't Sing Book: For Grownups Who Can't Carry a Tune in a Paper Bag - But Want to Do Music with Young Children
2016978-1-897675-76-2Linda-Jane SimpsonInto the Garden of Dreams: Pathways to Imagination for 5-8s: Pathways to the Imagination for 5-8s
2003978-1-897675-78-6L Leininger · C RowanThe Kid-Friendly Web Guide: State-of-the-Art Learning Activites
2001978-1-897675-79-3Karen M BreitbartA-Z Maths Games
  ''978-1-897675-86-1Valerie EdgarHow to Sparkle at Maths Fun (How to sparkle at...)
1995978-1-897675-87-8Sheila BlackburnSam's Football Stories
2002978-1-897675-88-5Val EdgarHow to be Brilliant at Word Puzzles
2011978-1-897675-89-2Alan Jones · Janet O'Neill · Roy PurnellBrilliant Support Activities Science Series Pack
2001978-1-897675-90-8Rebecca TaylorHow to Sparkle at Word Level Activities (How to sparkle at...)
2003978-1-897675-94-6Mavis BrownCreative Development (Foundation Blocks)
  ''978-1-897675-95-3Maureen WarnerPhysical Development (Foundation Blocks)
2003978-1-897675-96-0Irene YatesCommunication, Language and Literacy (Foundation Blocks)
  ''978-1-897675-97-7Mavis BrownPersonal, Social and Emotional Development (Foundation Blocks)
  ''978-1-897675-98-4Rebecca TaylorMathematical Development (Foundation Blocks)
  ''978-1-897675-99-1Mavis BrownKnowledge and Understanding of the World (Foundation Block) (Foundation Blocks)