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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1990978-1-871592-02-3Michael Paul PeterRed Hedz
1989978-1-871592-04-7Henry RollinsBody Bag
1990978-1-871592-05-4Henry RollinsJackass Theory
1996978-1-871592-11-5Arthur MachenThe Great God Pan (Creation Classics S.)
1995978-1-871592-15-3Jeremy ReedKicks
1996978-1-871592-19-1Jack HunterHouse of Horror: The Complete Hammer Films Story
1993978-1-871592-20-7David Kerekes · David SlaterKilling for Culture: An Illustrated History of Death Film from Mondo to Snuff (Creation Cinema)
  ''978-1-871592-22-1Simon DwyerRapid Eye: v. 1
1992978-1-871592-23-8   ''Rapid Eye: v. 2 (Rapid Eye, 2)
1995978-1-871592-24-5   ''Rapid Eye: v. 3
1997978-1-871592-28-3Michael LeighThe Velvet Underground
1998978-1-871592-31-3Alan MooreYuggoth Cultures
1994978-1-871592-32-0D M MitchellThe Starry Wisdom: A Tribute to H P Lovecraft
1996978-1-871592-33-7David WoodTorture Garden: From Bodyshocks to Cybersex - A Photographic Archive of the New Flesh
  ''978-1-871592-34-4Jack StevensonDesperate Visions: The Films of John Waters & The Kuchar Brothers: The Films of John Waters and the Kuchar Brothers (Creation Cinema Collection)
  ''978-1-871592-35-1Andrew BootFragments of Fear: History of British Horror Films
1999978-1-871592-36-8Charles JohnsonPIRATES
1996978-1-871592-37-5Andy BlackNecronomicon: Bk. 1: The Journal of Horror and Erotic Cinema
1998978-1-871592-38-2Andy BlackNecronomicon: Bk. 2: The Journal of Horror and Erotic Cinema
  ''978-1-871592-41-2Jack HunterInside Teradome: An Illustrated History of Freak Film (Creation Cinema Collection)
1995978-1-871592-47-4Pierre GuyotatEden, Eden, Eden
1997978-1-871592-49-8Lydia LunchParadoxia: A Predator's Diary
1996978-1-871592-54-2Louis AragonIrene's Cunt
1997978-1-871592-55-9Richard von Freiherr Krafft-EbingPsychopathia Sexualis (Velvet Ser.))
1995978-1-871592-57-3Panagiotis PantziarkaHouse of Pain (Velvet S.)
1997978-1-871592-58-0Terence SellersCorrect Sadist: Dungeon Evidence Bk. 2
1995978-1-871592-61-0Jeremy ReedThe Last Star: Biography of Marc Almond
1996978-1-871592-62-7Jack SargeantBorn Bad: Story of Charles Starkweather
1996978-1-871592-64-1Valentine PenroseThe Bloody Countess: Crimes of Elisabeth Bathory, Countess Dracula (True Crime Series)
1999978-1-871592-65-8John GilmoreFetish Blonde
2000978-1-871592-68-9Jack Sargeant · Stephanie WatsonLost Highways: An Illustrated History of Road Movies (Creation Cinema Collection)
  ''978-1-871592-69-6Simon DwyerRapid Eye Movement: The Best of Rapid Eye: v. 4 (Best of the Classic Counter-Culture Journal)
1999978-1-871592-71-9Jeremy ReedBRIAN JONES: THE LAST DECADENT
1998978-1-871592-72-6H. P. LovecraftCrawling Chaos: Selected Works, 1920-35
  ''978-1-871592-74-0Dennis MorrisDestroy: A Photographic Record of the "Sex Pistols", 1977
  ''978-1-871592-76-4Salvador DaliDiary of a Genius
  ''978-1-871592-80-1Jeremy ReedSister Midnight
1996978-1-871592-81-8Romain SlocombeCity of the Broken Dolls (Velvet Series)
1997978-1-871592-82-5Melanie DesmoulinsThe Snake, The
1999978-1-871592-83-2Pierre LouysThe Erotic Adventures of Toinon
1999978-1-871592-85-6Mikita BrottmanHollywood Hex: Death and Destiny in The Dream Factory: An Illustrated History of Cursed Movies (Creation Cinema Collection)
  ''978-1-871592-91-7Christopher Wayne Curry · John W. CurryA Taste of Blood: The Films of Herschell Gordon Lewis (Creation Cinema Collection)
1998978-1-871592-93-1Jack HunterEros in Hell: Sex, Blood and Madness in Japanese Cinema (Creation Cinema Collection)
2003978-1-871592-99-3   ''Search and Destroy: Vietnam War Movies (Creation Cinema Collection, 19)