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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1983978-0-946626-00-7Eric LaneThe Travelling Men (Dedalus modern fiction series)
  ''978-0-946626-01-4Geoffrey FarringtonThe Revenants (Dedalus Original Fiction in Paperback)
  ''978-0-946626-02-1Robert IrwinThe Arabian Nightmare (Original Fiction)
1984978-0-946626-03-8Giovanni VergaMaestro Don Gesualdo (European classics)
  ''978-0-946626-04-5Giovanni VergaShort Sicilian Novels (Dedalus European classics)
  ''978-0-946626-05-2E. Lane · I. BrensonOberammergau: A Passion Play (European classics)
1990978-0-946626-06-9Merton GladeDays of Wine and Murder
1984978-0-946626-07-6   ''A. B. C. of Real Power
1985978-0-946626-08-3Eric LaneDante Alighieri's Publishing Company
1990978-0-946626-09-0   ''Dante Alighieri's Publishing Company
1986978-0-946626-10-6Giovanni VergaHouse by the Medlar Tree
1986978-0-946626-11-3Giovanni VergaHouse by the Medlar Tree
1985978-0-946626-12-0Gustav MeyrinkThe Golem (European Classics Paperback)
1986978-0-946626-13-7Jules Amedee Barbey D'AureveillyLes Diaboliques (Dedalus European Classics)
1992978-0-946626-14-4Robert IrwinThe Arabian Nightmare (Contemporary English language fiction)
1986978-0-946626-15-1Lyn WebsterThe Illumination of Alice J.Cunningham
1992978-0-946626-16-8Natalia Rubenstein · Frank WilliamsDedalus Book of Russian Decadence (Decadence from Dedalus)
1986978-0-946626-17-5Luigi PirandelloLate Mattia Pascal
1990978-0-946626-18-2Luigi PirandelloThe Late Mattia Pascal (Dedalus European Classics)
1986978-0-946626-19-9J. K. HuysmansLa-Bas (Lower Depths): Down There
1990978-0-946626-20-5Grazia DeleddaLa Madre (Woman and the Priest) - European classics
1986978-0-946626-21-2Ros FraneyCry Baby
1990978-0-946626-22-9Ramon LlulBlanquerna (European classics)
  ''978-0-946626-23-6Ramon LlulBlanquerna (European classics)
1987978-0-946626-24-3Johann Wolfgang von GoetheSufferings of Young Werther (European classics)
  ''978-0-946626-25-0Giovanni VergaCavalleria Rusticana (European classics)
1990978-0-946626-26-7Saint Thomas More · etc. · BACON · Campanella · HarringtonIdeal Commonwealths (European classics)
  ''978-0-946626-27-4Saint Thomas More · etc.Ideal Commonwealths
1988978-0-946626-28-1Rudolph Erich RaspeBaron Munchhausen's Narrative of His Marvellous Travels and Campaigns
1989978-0-946626-29-8Pat GrayMr. Narrator
1990978-0-946626-30-4Eugene SueThe Mysteries of Paris (European classics)
  ''978-0-946626-31-1Pat GrayMr. Narrator
1992978-0-946626-32-8Hans Jakob Christoffel von GrimmelshausenSimplicissimus
1990978-0-946626-33-5Eugene SueThe Wandering Jew (European classics)
1988978-0-946626-34-2Eric LaneA Guide to Literary London
1988978-0-946626-35-9Ros FraneyCry Baby
1990978-0-946626-36-6Agnar ThordarsonA Medal of Distinction
1988978-0-946626-37-3   ''Medal of Distinction
  ''978-0-946626-38-0Eyvind JohnsonDreams of Roses and Fire
1989978-0-946626-39-7Lyn WebsterThe Illumination of Alice J.Cunningham
1988978-0-946626-40-3Eyvind JohnsonDreams of Roses and Fire
1990978-0-946626-41-0Leonid AndreyevThe Red Laugh (European Classics)
  ''978-0-946626-42-7Leonid AndreyevThe Little Angel and Other Stories (European Classics)
  ''978-0-946626-43-4Eric LaneThe Guide on the Central Kingdom Express
  ''978-0-946626-44-1   ''The Guide on the Central Kingdom Express
1994978-0-946626-45-8Honore de BalzacThe Quest of the Absolute (European classics)
1990978-0-946626-46-5Geoffrey FarringtonThe Acts of the Apostates (Contemporary English language fiction)
1989978-0-946626-47-2J. R. LewisA Lover Too Many
1990978-0-946626-48-9Johann Wolfgang von GoetheSufferings of Young Werther
1989978-0-946626-49-6J. K. HuysmansThe Cathedral (European classics)
1991978-0-946626-50-2Johann Wolfgang von GoetheSufferings of Young Werther
1990978-0-946626-51-9Robert W. ChambersThe King in Yellow (American literary fantasy classics)
1990978-0-946626-53-3Honore de BalzacSeraphita (Dedalus European Classics)
1989978-0-946626-54-0Honore de BalzacThe Quest of the Absolute (Dedalus European classics)
1990978-0-946626-55-7VoltaireMicromegas (European Classics)
1989978-0-946626-56-4J. K. HuysmansEn Route (European classics)
1990978-0-946626-57-1Friedrich Heinrich Karl De La Motte FouqueUndine (European classics)
  ''978-0-946626-58-8Luigi PirandelloThe Notebooks of Serafino Gubbio (Dedalus Nobel Prize Winners)
  ''978-0-946626-59-5William Heinesen · HippocreneThe Lost Musicians
  ''978-0-946626-60-1Gabriele D'AnnunzioThe Child of Pleasure (Decadence from Dedalus)
  ''978-0-946626-62-5Gabriele D'AnnunzioThe Triumph of Death (Decadence from Dedalus)
1992978-0-946626-63-2Brian StablefordThe Dedalus Book of Decadence: Moral Ruins v. 1 (Decadence from Dedalus)
1990978-0-946626-64-9Gabriele D'AnnunzioThe Victim (Decadence from Dedalus)
1990978-0-946626-65-6Gustav MeyrinkThe Angel of the West Window (European classics)
  ''978-0-946626-66-3Eyvind JohnsonDreams of Roses and Fire (Dedalus Nobel Prize winners)
  ''978-0-946626-67-0Jan PotockiTales from the Saragossa Manuscript: Ten Days in the Life of Alphonse Van Worden (Dedalus European Classics)
  ''978-0-946626-68-7Octave MirbeauThe Torture Garden (Decadence from Dedalus)
  ''978-0-946626-69-4Richard HuijingThe Dedalus Book of Dutch Fantasy (European Literary Fantasy Anthologies)
1992978-0-946626-70-0Gaston LerouxThe Phantom of the Opera (Dedalus European classics)
1990978-0-946626-71-7Brian StablefordTales from the Wandering Jew (European Literary Fantasy Anthologies)
1990978-0-946626-72-4Gustav MeyrinkAngel of the West Window (Empire of the Senses)
  ''978-0-946626-73-1CazotteThe Devil in Love (European Classics)
1991978-0-946626-74-8Yorgi YatromanolakisThe History of a Vendetta
  ''978-0-946626-75-5Gustav MeyrinkThe Golem (European classics)
1992978-0-946626-76-2The Dedalus book of femmes fatales
1991978-0-946626-77-9Brian StablefordThe Dedalus Book of Femmes Fatales (European Literary Fantasy Anthologies)
  ''978-0-946626-78-6   ''The Dedalus Book of British Fantasy: 19th Century
1993978-0-946626-79-3Charles NodierSmarra and Trilby (European Classics) (Dedalus European Classics)
1992978-0-946626-80-9Brian StablefordDedalus Book of Decadence: Black Feast v. 2 (Decadence from Dedalus)
  ''978-0-946626-81-6Remy de GourmontThe Angels of Perversity (Decadence from Dedalus)
2016978-0-946626-82-3Octave MirbeauThe Diary of a Chambermaid (Decadence from Dedalus)
2018978-0-946626-83-0Camillo BoitoSenso: And Other Stories (Decadence from Dedalus) (Dedalus European Classics)
1991978-0-946626-84-7Brian StablefordThe Dedalus Book of British Fantasy: 19th Century (European Literary Fantasy Anthologies)
1992978-0-946626-85-4J. K. HuysmansLa-Bas: Down There (Decadence from Dedalus)
1992978-0-946626-86-1Christine DonougherDedalus Book of French Fantasy
  ''978-0-946626-87-8Richard HuijingDedalus Book of Belgian Fantasy
  ''978-0-946626-88-5Giovanni VergaI Malavoglia (The House by the Medlar Tree) (European Classics)
1991978-0-946626-89-2Paul Louis BoonChapel Road
1992978-0-946626-90-8Natalia Rubenstein · Frank WilliamsDedalus Book of Russian Decadence (Decadence from Dedalus)
  ''978-0-946626-91-5Herbert RosendorferThe Architect of Ruins (Europe 1992/95)
  ''978-0-946626-92-2Gustav MeyrinkThe Green Face (Decadence from Dedalus)
1992978-0-946626-93-9Mike MitchellThe Dedalus Book of Austrian Fantasy: The Meyrink Years, 1890-1930 (European Literary Fantasy Anthologies)
2003978-0-946626-94-6Eca de QueirozThe Relic (Dedalus European Classics)
1992978-0-946626-95-3Mike MitchellDedalus Book of German Fantasy: The Romantics and Beyond
  ''978-0-946626-96-0   ''Dedalus Book of German Fantasy: The Romantics and Beyond
  ''978-0-946626-97-7William HeinesenThe Black Cauldron
  ''978-0-946626-98-4Eca de QueirosThe Mandarin and Other Stories (European Classics)
1995978-0-946626-99-1Octave MirbeauLe Calvaire (Decadence from Dedalus)