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1997978-1-84013-013-3Letty OatesStep-by-Step Decoupage
  ''978-1-84013-031-7Lavinia Cohn-SherbokThe History of Jewish Civilisation
  ''978-1-84013-057-7Yvonne ReesThe Decorative Artist
1998978-1-84013-078-2Gerbert FrodlKlimt
  ''978-1-84013-080-5Diana ConstanceLife Drawing Class
1997978-1-84013-081-2Mary BarnettGods & Myths of the Ancient World
1998978-1-84013-088-1Farm MuseumGatefold Book of Tractors
1997978-1-84013-099-7Francis FrithThe Photographic Memories of 2000 Cities, Towns and Villages
1998978-1-84013-113-0No author statedArt Deco Furniture and Metalwork
  ''978-1-84013-123-9Trewin CopplestoneArt Nouveau Architecture and Furniture (Pocket Companion Guides - Centuries of Style)
1999978-1-84013-142-0R KingselyCacti (Pocket Guides)
2001978-1-84013-153-6John CarrollThe World's Greatest Tractors
1998978-1-84013-177-2Chris HortonThe Encyclopedia of Cars
1999978-1-84013-181-9Gatefold Book of Fire Engines, The: 30 Superb Pull-out Gatefolds
1998978-1-84013-183-3Nicole SmithFlags of the World
1998978-1-84013-195-6Keith A. SaundersRAF St Mawgan: Britain in Old Photographs
2000978-1-84013-295-3Jo WellsDolls' Houses (The Collector's Corner)
1999978-1-84013-309-7George FortyWarriors (Fact Finders)
2000978-1-84013-314-1Robert JacksonSubmarines of the World: Over 280 of the World's Greatest Submarines (Expert Guide)
  ''978-1-84013-315-8Ian V. HoggTwentieth-century Artillery (Expert Guide)
2001978-1-84013-336-3Chris ChantAircraft of World War II: 300 of the World's Greatest Aircraft 1939-45
  ''978-1-84013-337-0Steve CrawfordBattleships and Carriers: 300 of the World's Greatest Warships (Expert Series)
  ''978-1-84013-338-7Philip TrewhittArmoured Fighting Vehicles: 300 Of The World's Greatest Military Vehicles
  ''978-1-84013-372-1Kahlil GibranThe Prophet: Timeless Masterpiece
2001978-1-84013-381-3Chris McNabTwentieth-century Small Arms: Over 270 of the World's Greatest Small Arms (Expert Guide Series)
2002978-1-84013-391-2Daniel J. MarchBritish Warplanes of World War Two: Combat Aircraft of the RAF and Fleet Air Arm 1939-1945
2001978-1-84013-392-9David DonaldAmerican Warplanes of World War II: Combat Aircraft of the United States Army Air Force, US Navy, US Marine Corps 1941-1945
2000978-1-84013-393-6David Donald · Jon LakeThe Encylopedia of Military Aircraft
2001978-1-84013-407-0Rob De La Rive BoxSports Cars: Classic Era (Complete Encyclopedia)
2002978-1-84013-422-3Chris Bishop · Adam WarnerGerman Insignia of World War II (Expert Series)
2001978-1-84013-426-1Victor Ambrus · Mark AmbrusDrawing Animals
  ''978-1-84013-430-8Mac Hawkins · Malcolm RootThe Railway Paintings of Malcolm Root
2002978-1-84013-437-7Chris BishopInfantry Weapons: Tactical Illustrations, Performance Specifications, First-hand Mission Reports (Firepower)
2001978-1-84013-455-1Richard NatkielAtlas of World War II
  ''978-1-84013-459-9Grange BooksArt Deco: A Stunning Guide to the Most Celebrated Era of 20th-century Art and Design
2003978-1-84013-474-2Richard WilhelmI Ching: Book of Changes
2002978-1-84013-476-6Chris McNab20th Century Military Uniforms: 300 Uniforms from Around the World (Expert Guide)
  ''978-1-84013-481-0Rachael BlackmoreQuick and Easy Pizzas and Pasta
  ''978-1-84013-500-8Alan DowdsSuperbikes: Over 200 Top Performance Machines, Past and Present (Expert Guide S.)
2002978-1-84013-506-0Adrian D. GilbertThe Encyclopedia of Warfare: From Earliest Times to the Present Day
  ''978-1-84013-509-1Press Association9-11: A Tribute
  ''978-1-84013-512-1Sun TzuThe Art of War
  ''978-1-84013-520-6EditedArts and Crafts Movement: A Superb Visual Guide to This Significant Period of Design Reform 1850-1920
  ''978-1-84013-522-0Craig CheethamAnatomica: The Complete Home Medical Reference
2002978-1-84013-523-7Peter ForrestalWine: The Global Encyclopedia of
2003978-1-84013-531-2Paul TaggartLine to Stroke (Art Techniques from Pencil to Paint)
  ''978-1-84013-532-9Paul TaggartLine and Wash (Art Techniques from Pencil to Paint)
  ''978-1-84013-533-6   ''Texture and Effects: Art Techniques from Pencil to Paint
  ''978-1-84013-534-3   ''Light and Shade (Art Techniques from Pencil to Paint S.)
  ''978-1-84013-535-0   ''Sketch and Colour (Art Techniques Pencil to Paint)
2008978-1-84013-539-8Chris McNabMilitary Vehicles: 300 of the Worlds Most Effective Military Vehicles (Expert Guide)
2002978-1-84013-544-2Victoria CharlesSalvador Dali
2002978-1-84013-546-6Maria Varchavskaya · Xenia Yegorova · Maria VarshavskayaRubens (Great Masters)
2003978-1-84013-556-5New Line Books · Concepts ConfidentialPablo Picasso: 1881-1914 (Perfect Squares)
  ''978-1-84013-557-2New Line Books · Concepts ConfidentialRembrandt (Perfect Squares)
  ''978-1-84013-558-9   ''Salvador Dali (Perfect Squares)
2003978-1-84013-559-6New Line Books · Concepts ConfidentialAuguste Renoir (Perfect Squares)
  ''978-1-84013-560-2   ''Gauguin (Perfect Squares)
  ''978-1-84013-561-9   ''Rubens (Perfect Squares)
  ''978-1-84013-562-6   ''Claude Monet (Perfect Squares)
  ''978-1-84013-563-3   ''Vincent Van Gogh (Perfect Squares)
2004978-1-84013-564-0Sylvie ForestierChagall (Great Masters)
2004978-1-84013-565-7Anna BarskayaGauguin (Great Masters)
  ''978-1-84013-566-4Natalia BrodskayaAuguste Renoir (Great Masters)
  ''978-1-84013-571-8Mikhail GuermanGreat Masters: Vasily Kanclinsky
  ''978-1-84013-572-5Patrick ChaleyssinGreat Masters: James McNeill Whistler
2003978-1-84013-575-6Winston S. ChurchillThe Second World War
2004978-1-84013-580-0Natalia GritsaiGreat Masters: Anthony Van Dyck
2003978-1-84013-584-8New Line Books · Concepts ConfidentialMarc Chagall (Perfect Squares)
  ''978-1-84013-592-3Anthony HallOperation Overlord D-Day
2004978-1-84013-615-9Michelle KennedyJealousy: 99 Tips to Bring You Back from the End of Your Tether (Last Straw Strategies)
2004978-1-84013-638-8Craig CheethamHot Cars of the 70s: The Best Cars of the Decade
  ''978-1-84013-639-5Jim WinchesterAircraft of World War II (Aviation Fact File)
  ''978-1-84013-640-1Winchester JimMODERN MILITARY AIRCRAFT
  ''978-1-84013-641-8Jim WinchesterThe Aviation Factfile: Biplanes, Triplanes and Seaplanes
2004978-1-84013-642-5Jim WinchesterCivil Aircraft
  ''978-1-84013-644-9Richard Nicholls · M. ThornClassic Cars of the World: Over 600 World Class Automobiles
2007978-1-84013-648-7T. NewdickThe Encyclopedia of Military Jets
2004978-1-84013-651-7Craig CheethamClassic Customized Street Machines: Custom Cars
2005978-1-84013-656-2Grange BooksMondrian (Perfect Squares)
2004978-1-84013-657-9   ''Bosch (Perfect Squares)
  ''978-1-84013-665-4Martha SchuenemanThe Calorie, Carbohydrate and Cholesterol Directory
  ''978-1-84013-677-7Darman PeterSmall Arms of the World (Military Handbooks)
  ''978-1-84013-686-9Eric LedryNapoleon: The Visionary Conqueror
2004978-1-84013-697-5Hook AlexWorld War II Day by Day
  ''978-1-84013-719-4Paramahansa YoganandaAutobiography of a Yogi
  ''978-1-84013-724-8Forty SandraArt of the Japanese Masters
  ''978-1-84013-731-6New Line Books · Concepts ConfidentialMega Squares: Chagall
  ''978-1-84013-732-3   ''Mega Squares: Picasso
2004978-1-84013-735-4Confidential ConceptsNaive Art (Mega Squares)
  ''978-1-84013-739-2New Line Books · Professor Paul Gauguin · Concepts ConfidentialMega Squares: Gauguin
  ''978-1-84013-740-8New Line Books · Concepts ConfidentialMega Squares: Klimt
  ''978-1-84013-742-2New Line Books · Concepts Confidential · Francisco GoyaMega Squares: Goya
  ''978-1-84013-745-3New Line Books · Concepts ConfidentialMega Squares: Turner
2005978-1-84013-747-7   ''Renoir (Mega Squares)
2004978-1-84013-748-4   ''Mega Squares: Dali
2004978-1-84013-749-1New Line Books · Concepts ConfidentialMega Squares: Monet
2007978-1-84013-751-4Craig CheethamThe World's Worst Cars: From Pioneering Failures to Multimillion Dollar Disasters
2005978-1-84013-757-6A. HookWorld War II (Defining Moments)
  ''978-1-84013-758-3Charlotte GreigFlags: The Directory of
  ''978-1-84013-762-0Grange BooksKandinsky (Perfect Squares)
2005978-1-84013-775-0Grange BooksLempicka (Mega Squares)
  ''978-1-84013-779-8Jane Rogoyska · Frances AlexanderAmedeo Modigliani (Great Masters)
2007978-1-84013-789-7Chris ChantAmerican Combat Aircraft
2005978-1-84013-796-5Amy Jane Beer · Pat MorrisEncyclopedia of Mammals: An Essential Guide to the Mammals of the World
  ''978-1-84013-797-2Derek HallEncyclopedia of Endangered Animals: An Essential Guide to the Threatened Species of Our World
  ''978-1-84013-809-2Jim (ed) WinchesterConcept Aircraft (Aviation Fact File)
978-1-84013-811-5Frances Gies · Joseph GiesDaily Life in Medieval Times
2005978-1-84013-812-2Robert JacksonHelicopters (Aviation Fact File)
  ''978-1-84013-814-6Paula HammondBugs and Other Terrifying Tiny Creatures (Expert Guide)
2007978-1-84013-824-5Wendy KaplanEncyclopedia of Arts and Crafts
2008978-1-84013-828-3Patrick Hook · Senior Lecturer and Honorary Consultant in Psychological Medicine Michael Sharpe · Brian DavisWaffen-SS 2 (Elite Attack Forces)
1999978-1-84013-855-9Aesop · Alice Mills · Lialia Varetsa · Valentin VaretsaThe Hare and the Tortoise and Other Fables: Aesop's Fables (Children's Classics)
2007978-1-84013-857-3Nathalia BrodskaiaNaive Art
2007978-1-84013-858-0Evgueny KovtunRussian Avant - Garde
  ''978-1-84013-887-0Arthur Clutton-BrockWilliam Morris
  ''978-1-84013-901-3Alan HerdmanDirectory: Pilates
2006978-1-84013-907-5Chris BishopThe Encyclopedia of Tanks and Armoured Fighting Vehicles: From World War I to the Present Day
  ''978-1-84013-908-2Jim WinchesterThe Encyclopedia of Modern Aircraft: From Civilan Airliners to Military Superfighters
  ''978-1-84013-909-9Robert JacksonThe Encyclopedia of Warships: From World War II to the Present Day
2006978-1-84013-910-5Chris BishopThe Encyclopedia of Small Arms and Artillery: From World War II to the Present Day
  ''978-1-84013-925-9Donald Wigal · Confidential ConceptsMaritime Maps (Mega Squares)
  ''978-1-84013-929-7Jim ( Ed. ) WinchesterMilitary Aircraft of the Cold War - the Aviation Factfile
2007978-1-84013-930-3T. FlemingGuitar Course: The Step-by-step
2006978-1-84013-947-1Ippolito RoselliniTitle: Treasures of Egypt and Nubia
2007978-1-84013-949-5Ken Preston-Mafham500 Cacti: Species and Varieties in Cultivation
  ''978-1-84013-998-3Ken Preston-Mafham500 Butterflies