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2004978-1-4057-0001-6Keith WalmsleyButterworths Company Law Handbook
2005978-1-4057-0008-5Roland D'Costa · Jonathan WinegartenTristram and Coote's Probate Practice Supplement
2004978-1-4057-0098-6Ernst & YoungInternational GAAP 2005
2005978-1-4057-0115-0Jonathan MontgomeryJoint Property Handbook
2008978-1-4057-0152-5Stephen Schaw Miller · Edward BaileySchaw Miller and Bailey: Personal Insolvency: Law and Practice
2005978-1-4057-0199-0Butterworths LawSTONE\'S JUSTICES\' MANUAL - 2004 SUPPLEMENT
  ''978-1-4057-0207-2Ernest H. ScamellButterworths Property Law Handbook
  ''978-1-4057-0256-0Julian Burling · Andrew Campbell · Joanna Gray · Jenny Hamilton · Tom MacKay · Iain MacNeil · Philip Tebbatt · Jane WelchButterworths Annotated Guide to the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000
  ''978-1-4057-0453-3Peter WallingtonButterworths Employment Law Handbook
  ''978-1-4057-0633-9Michael CookCook on Costs 2006
2006978-1-4057-0751-0TG MooreAnthony and Berryman's Magistrates' Court Guide 2006
2005978-1-4057-0773-2Mark Phillips · Glen Davis · Michael CrystalButterworths Insolvency Law Handbook
2005978-1-4057-0776-3Charles Barcroft · Paul StainforthFinance Act Handbook
2006978-1-4057-0863-0David J. Hayton · Paul Matthews · Charles MitchellLaw Relating to Trustees
2005978-1-4057-0898-2Professor Jeremy PhillipsButterworths Intellectual Property Law Handbook
  ''978-1-4057-0903-3Ernst & YoungIFRS/US GAAP Comparison
2006978-1-4057-1007-7Loukas Mistelis · Professor Hugh Beale · Arthur Marriott · Julian Lew · Paul Davies · Ross CranstonCommercial Law: Perspectives and Practice
  ''978-1-4057-1100-5Paul Carr · Adrian TurnerStone's Justices' Manual 2006
  ''978-1-4057-1102-9Peter WallingtonButterworths Employment Law Handbook
  ''978-1-4057-1241-5Robert BradgateThe Law of Contract (Butterworths Common Law Series)
2006978-1-4057-1256-9Ernst & YoungInternational GAAP 2007
  ''978-1-4057-1482-2Sarah NewtonButterworths: June '06 Issue 87: Civil Court Precedents
  ''978-1-4057-1564-5Ilias Bantekas · Giannis KeramidasInternational and European Financial Criminal Law
2007978-1-4057-1719-9Christopher Ryan · Katherine Reece ThomasThe Law and Practice of Shareholders' Agreements
  ''978-1-4057-1797-7Peter WilliamsScammell & Densham's Law of Agricultural Holdings (Ninth Edition)
2011978-1-4057-1798-4Mary Vitoria · Adrian Speck · Lindsey Lane · Daniel Alexander · Michael Tappin · Fiona Clark · Robert Onslow · Charlotte MayLaddie, Prescott and Vitoria: The Modern Law of Copyright and Designs
2006978-1-4057-1835-6Ian A. Macdonald · Frances WebberMacDonald's Immigration Law and Practice: First Supplement
2007978-1-4057-1840-0Halsbury's Statutory Instruments: Trademarks to Trusts v. 21
  ''978-1-4057-1868-4F.A.R. BennionBennion on Statutory Interpretation
2007978-1-4057-1882-0Brenda Hannigan · Dan PrenticeThe Companies Act 2006 - A Commentary
  ''978-1-4057-1890-5Michael Ford · Jonathan ClarkeRedgrave's Health and Safety
2020978-1-4057-1962-9Stewart C. BoydMustill & Boyd: Commercial Arbitration
2007978-1-4057-2355-8Keith WalmsleyButterworths Company Law Handbook: The Companies Act 2006
  ''978-1-4057-2502-6F G Davies · Ernest AnthonyAnthony and Berryman's Magistrates' Court Guide 2008 (Anthony & Berrymans)
  ''978-1-4057-2503-3Michael CookCook on Costs 2008
  ''978-1-4057-2523-1Paul Carr · Adrian TurnerStone's Justices' Manual 2007 2007
2008978-1-4057-2535-4Richard White · A.P. Carr · Nigel Lowe · Alistair MacDonaldWhite, Carr and Lowe: The Children Act in Practice
2008978-1-4057-2542-2Aswini Weereratne · Sally Hatfield · Ulele Burnham · Alison GerryButterworths New Law Guide: Mental Capacity Act 2005 (Butterworths New Law Guides)
2007978-1-4057-2550-7Peter WallingtonButterworths Employment Handbook
2008978-1-4057-2625-2Michael Pether · Victoria Cargill · Gavin Beardsell · David Brown · Christopher Newton Euro · Sheila Russell · Ian WalkerBingham and Berrymans' Personal Injury and Motor Claims Cases: Supplement
  ''978-1-4057-2827-0Keith WalmsleyButterworths Company Law Handbook
  ''978-1-4057-2828-7UnnamedAll England Annual Review 2007
  ''978-1-4057-2879-9Peter WallingtonButterworths Employment Law Handbook
  ''978-1-4057-2900-0Keith Gordon · Ximena Montes Manzano · John Tiley · Patrick Cannon · Charles BarcroftTiley and Collison's UK Tax Guide 2008-09
978-1-4057-3103-4Shawcross and Beaumont Air Law Issue 113
2008978-1-4057-3351-9Keith WalmsleyButterworths Company Law Handbook: Supplement: The Companies Act 2006
2009978-1-4057-3421-9Stephen Gentle · Louise HodgesKingsley Napley: Serious Fraud, Investigation and Trial
2008978-1-4057-3629-9Lord Chancellor Mackay of ClashfernHalsbury's Laws of England Current Service Set
2009978-1-4057-3687-9Lord Justice Sedley · Sue Prince · Victoria Jolliffe · Richard Munden · Richard Stone · Helen Fenwick · Gavin P. Phillipson · Andrew ScottBorrie and Lowe: The Law of Contempt (Butterworths Common Law Series)
2010978-1-4057-3723-4Schuyler K. HendersonHenderson on Derivatives
2009978-1-4057-4226-9F. G. DaviesAnthony and Berryman's Magistrates' Court Guide 2010
2009978-1-4057-4227-6UnnamedAll England Annual Review 2008
  ''978-1-4057-4229-0Harry StylesButterworths Law Directory 2010
  ''978-1-4057-4236-8Peter WallingtonButterworths Employment Law Handbook
  ''978-1-4057-4257-3Mary Hyland · Kevin WaltonWhillans's Tax Tables 2009-10 (Finance Act Edt)
  ''978-1-4057-4259-7Paul Carr · Adrian TurnerStone's Justices' Manual 2009
2009978-1-4057-4327-3Barry Cotter · Daniel BennettMunkman on Employer's Liability
  ''978-1-4057-4450-8Katherine Reece Thomas · Chris RyanReece Thomas & Ryan: The Law and Practice of Shareholders' Agreements (Book & CD)
2011978-1-4057-4493-5Peter WilliamsScammell and Densham's Law of Agricultural Holdings:
2010978-1-4057-4522-2David Hayton · Paul Matthews · Charles MitchellUnderhill and Hayton Law of Trusts and Trustees
  ''978-1-4057-4567-3Roderick RamageKelly's Legal Precedents
  ''978-1-4057-4944-2Peter WallingtonButterworths Employment Law Handbook
  ''978-1-4057-4986-2Keith WalmsleyButterworths Company Law Handbook
2010978-1-4057-4989-3Michael CookCook on Costs 2011
  ''978-1-4057-4990-9F. G. DaviesAnthony and Berryman's Magistrates' Court Guide 2011
  ''978-1-4057-4991-6Tolley's Employment Handbook
  ''978-1-4057-5001-1Tolley's Health and Safety at Work Handbook 2011
  ''978-1-4057-5004-2Michael Ford · Jonathan ClarkeRedgrave's Health and Safety
2010978-1-4057-5005-9Michael Pether · Victoria Cargill · Gavin BeardsellBingham & Berrymans' Personal Injury and Motor Claims Cases
2011978-1-4057-5106-3Malcolm Jack · Mark Hutton · Christopher Johnson · Douglas Millar · Simon Patrick · Alan SandallErskine May: Parliamentary Practice
2010978-1-4057-5109-4Professor Andrew Tettenborn · David Wilby · David BennettThe Law of Damages (Butterworths Common Law Series)
  ''978-1-4057-5165-0Keith Gordon · Ximena Montes Manzano · Patrick CannonTiley and Collison's UK Tax Guide 2010-11
  ''978-1-4057-5171-1Mary Hyland · Kevin WaltonWhillans's Tax Tables 2010-11
978-1-4057-5450-7Criminal Law (Treason Act 1351 to Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984) (Volume 12 (1))
2010978-1-4057-5475-0Ian MacDonald · Ronan ToalMacDonald's Immigration Law and Practice: 2-Volumes
2011978-1-4057-5547-4Michael CookCook on Costs 2012
  ''978-1-4057-5581-8Lord Justice David Edmond Neuberger · Louise Di MambroThe Civil Court Practice (the Green Book) 2011
  ''978-1-4057-5591-7Kevin WaltonWhillans's Tax Tables 2011-12: (Budget edition)
2011978-1-4057-5719-5BDO's Orange Tax Guide 2011-12
  ''978-1-4057-5734-8BDO's Yellow Tax Guide 2011-12
  ''978-1-4057-5736-2Butterworths Law Directory 2012
  ''978-1-4057-5738-6Anne RedstonTolley's Yellow Tax Handbook 2011-12 (Five Volume Set)
  ''978-1-4057-5750-8Janet RosserTolley's Company Law Handbook
2011978-1-4057-5751-5Jeremy WhiteTolley's Customs Duties Handbook 2011
  ''978-1-4057-5752-2Keith WalmsleyButterworths Company Law Handbook
  ''978-1-4057-5755-3Tolley's Employment Handbook (Tolley's Employment Handbook (Elizabeth Slade Qc))
  ''978-1-4057-5756-0Jerry LaiTolley's Company Secretary's Handbook
  ''978-1-4057-5767-6Peter WallingtonButterworths Employment Law Handbook
2011978-1-4057-5768-3Tolley's Health & Safety at Work Handbook 2012
  ''978-1-4057-5807-9Paul Carr · Adrian TurnerButterworths Stone's Justices' Manual 2011
  ''978-1-4057-5808-6Gordon Keith · Ximena Montes Manzano · John Tiley · Patrick Cannon · Charles Barcroft · Anne FairpoTiley and Collison's UK Tax Guide 2011-12
  ''978-1-4057-5810-9Kevin WaltonWhillans's Tax Tables 2011-12: (Finance Act edition)
  ''978-1-4057-6031-7F. G. DaviesAnthony and Berryman's Magistrates' Court Guide 2012 (Anthony & Berrymans)
2011978-1-4057-6559-6Parosha ChandranHuman Trafficking Handbook: Recognising Trafficking and Modern-Day Slavery in the UK
2012978-1-4057-6571-8Geoffrey FullerFuller: The Law and Practice of International Capital Markets
  ''978-1-4057-6608-1Claire HayesWhillans's Tax Tables 2012-13: (Budget edition)
  ''978-1-4057-6938-9Peter WallingtonButterworths Employment Law Handbook (20th Edition)
  ''978-1-4057-7014-9UnnamedButterworths Law Directory 2013 (Lw Directory)
  ''978-1-4057-7025-5Keith WalmsleyButterworths Company Law Handbook
2011978-1-4057-7362-1Andrew Bartlett · Ebony Alleyne · Elizabeth Boon · Suzanne Chalmers · Cyril Chern · Michael Curtis · Michele Gregorio · Antony Edwards-StuartEmden's Construction Law by Crown Office Chambers
2013978-1-4057-7849-7Adrian TurnerAnthony and Berryman's Magistrates' Court Guide 2014 (Anthony & Berrymans)
2013978-1-4057-7877-0Jerry P. L. LaiTolley's company secretary's handbook
2012978-1-4057-7987-6Stephen MasonElectronic Evidence
2016978-1-4057-8166-4Trevor CookCook: Pharmaceuticals Biotechnology and the Law
2014978-1-4057-8796-3Nicholas Bacon · James Woolf · Simon GarrodThe Bar Handbook 2014-2015
2015978-1-4057-9490-9Giles ClarkeClarke's Offshore Tax Planning
  ''978-1-4057-9504-3MHA MacIntyre Hudson's Yellow Tax Guide 2015-16
  ''978-1-4057-9505-0MHA MacIntyre Hudson's Orange Tax Guide 2015-16
  ''978-1-4057-9523-4Claire Hayes · Kevin WaltonWhillans's Tax Tables 2015-16 (Budget edition)
2015978-1-4057-9678-1Brian Neill · Richard Rampton · Heather Rogers · Timothy Atkinson · Aidan EardleyDuncan and Neill on Defamation 4th ed
  ''978-1-4057-9805-1Tolley Technical Tax Team · Jeremy WhiteTolley's Customs and Excise Duties Handbook Set 2015-2016
2016978-1-4057-9974-4Professor Jeremy Phillips · Simon Mehigan · Gerald Gouriet · John Saunders · David WilsonPaterson's Licensing Acts 2017
  ''978-1-4057-9977-5Paul Carr · Adrian TurnerButterworths Stone's Justices' Manual 2016
  ''978-1-4057-9983-6Adrian TurnerAnthony and Berryman's Magistrates' Court Guide 2017
  ''978-1-4057-9985-0Adrian ZuckermanThe Civil Court Practice 2016: (The Green Book)
2016978-1-4057-9991-1Giles ClarkeClarke's Offshore Tax Planning 23rd edition
  ''978-1-4057-9994-2Jerry LaiTolley's Company Secretary's Handbook
  ''978-1-4057-9995-9Antonio Bavasso · Louise TolleyButterworths Competition Law Handbook
  ''978-1-4057-9996-6Simon Middleton · Jason RowleyCook on Costs 2017
  ''978-1-4057-9998-0Peter WallingtonButterworths Employment Law Handbook
2016978-1-4057-9999-7Lynnette Bober · John Lindsay · Neil Morgan · Jayne Harrold · Caroline Brooks · Andrew Goodall · Phil Greatrex · Martin SherwoodFinance Act Handbook 2016