Museum of Contemporary Art

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1983978-0-914357-01-8Los Angeles · Lazar, Julie (editor) Museum of Contemporary ArtAvailable Light
1985978-0-914357-07-0Allen RuppersbergThe secret of life and death
  ''978-0-914357-08-7Mark LereMark Lere: New and selected work
  ''978-0-914357-09-4PANZA COLLECTIONThe Museum of Contemporary Art: The Panza Collection
1988978-0-914357-15-5Christian BoltanskiChristian Boltanski: Lessons of Darkness
1989978-0-914357-19-3Kerry BrougherSelections from the Beatrice and Philip Gersh Collection
1990978-0-914357-20-9Roni HornRoni Horn: The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
2001978-0-914357-28-5Judy FiskinJudy Fiskin: Some More Art
1992978-0-914357-29-2Calif.) Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles · Ill.) Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago · Whitney Museum of American ArtHand-Painted Pop: American Art in Transition, 1955-62
1994978-0-914357-32-2Hiroshi SugimotoHiroshi Sugimoto: Seascapes
  ''978-0-914357-35-3Amada CruzFelix Gonzalez-Torres
  ''978-0-914357-37-7Margret HondaRecto Verso
1997978-0-914357-39-1Elizabeth A. Smith · Anthony VidlerToba Khedoori (Focus Series)
1995978-0-914357-41-4Uta BarthAt the Edge of the Decipheruble: Recent Photographs by Uta Barth: 1
1996978-0-914357-42-1John YauEd Moses: A Retrospective of Paintings and Drawings, 1951-1996
1996978-0-914357-44-5Sigmar PolkeSigmar Polke Photoworks: When Pictures Vanish
1997978-0-914357-47-6Kerry Brougher · Jeff Wall · Calif.) Museum of Contemporary Art (Los AngelesJeff Wall
1996978-0-914357-48-3Cornelia H. ButlerPower of Suggestion
1997978-0-914357-50-6Margaret Steele · Cindy EstesThe Art of Shapes: For Children and Adults
  ''978-0-914357-51-3Paul Schimmel · Hal FosterRobert Gober
  ''978-0-914357-54-4Cindy EstesThe Art of Colors: For Children and Adults
1998978-0-914357-56-8Paul Schimmel · Guy Brett · Calif.) Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles · Kristine StilesOut of Actions: Between Performance and the Object, 1949-1979
2000978-0-914357-58-2Margaret Steele · Cindy EstesThe Art of the Body: For Children and Adults
1998978-0-914357-59-9Charles Ray · Paul Schimmel · Lisa Phillips · Calif.) Museum of Contemporary Art (Los AngelesCharles Ray
  ''978-0-914357-63-6Russell · McCall, Anthony · Weyergraf-Serra, Clara (eds.) FergusonRichard Serra Sculpture, 1985-1998: Sculpture, 1985-1998
2000978-0-914357-64-3Rina Carvajal · Suely Rolnik · Alma Ruiz · Sonia Salzstein · Catherine David · Osvaldo SanchezThe Experimental Exercise of Freedom: Lygia Clark, Gego, Mathias Goeritz, Helio Oiticica, And Mira Schendel
1999978-0-914357-65-0William C. Agee · Sam Francis · Calif.) Museum of Contemporary Art (Los AngelesSam Francis, Paintings 1947-1990
1998978-0-914357-68-1Kay RosenLifeli[k]e
1999978-0-914357-69-8Russell Ferguson · Frank O'Hara · Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary ArtIn Memory of My Feelings: Frank O'Hara and American Art
  ''978-0-914357-70-4Barbara Kruger · Ann Goldstein · Rosalyn Deutsche · Calif.) Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles · Whitney Museum of American ArtBarbara Kruger
2000978-0-914357-74-2Calif.) Museum of Contemporary Art (Los · Cornelia H. Butler · A. D. Coleman · Liz KotzThe Social Scene, The Ralph R. Parsons Foundation, Photography Collection
2001978-0-914357-78-0Calif.) Museum of Contemporary Art (Los AngelesPublic Offerings
2003978-0-914357-84-1Michael DarlingRoy Mcmakin: A Door Meant as Adornment
2002978-0-914357-85-8Heiner BastianAndy Warhol, Retrospective
2004978-0-914357-87-2Jonathan Flatley · Diedrich Diederichsen · Carrie Lambert · Lucy R. Lippard · James Meyer · Anne RorimerA Minimal Future? Art As Object 1958-1968 (Arts Magazine, March 1967)
2004978-0-914357-88-9Grant Arnold · Jessica Bradley · Connie Butler · Diedrich Diederichsen · Shepherd Steiner · Lynne Cooke · Sara KrajewskiRodney Graham: A Little Thought
2005978-0-914357-89-6Kerry Brougher · Judith ZilczerVisual Music: 1905-2005
  ''978-0-914357-91-9Paul Schimmel · Lisa Gabrielle MarkEcstasy: In and About Altered States
  ''978-0-914357-92-6Paul SchimmelRobert Rauschenberg: Combines by Paul Schimmel (2005) Hardcover
2007978-0-914357-99-5Cornelia Butler · Lisa Gabrielle MarkWACK!: Art and the Feminist Revolution (MIT Press)