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1975978-0-7183-0014-2Nicholas ReynoldsTreason Was No Crime
1980978-0-7183-0018-0Tony JeapesSAS Operation Oman
1975978-0-7183-0064-7Jean Overton FullerGerman Penetration of SOE: France, 1941-44
1979978-0-7183-0067-8Armand Van IshovenFall of an Eagle: Life of Fighter Ace Ernst Udet
1982978-0-7183-0068-5Peter G. MasefieldTo Ride the Storm: Story of the Airship R101
1968978-0-7183-0071-5Desmond DonnellyGaderene '68: The crimes, follies and misfortunes of the Wilson government
1982978-0-7183-0099-9Annie Bullen · Brian RivasJohn Derry: The Story of Britain's First Supersonic Pilot
1968978-0-7183-0101-9David IrvingBreach of Security
1974978-0-7183-0103-3David AddenbrookeRoyal Shakespeare Company
1976978-0-7183-0113-2Claud CockburnUnion Power: The Growth and Challenge in Perspective
1968978-0-7183-0121-7Roland BeamontPhoenix into Ashes
1981978-0-7183-0128-6Frank GriffithsWinged Hours: Autobiography
1977978-0-7183-0135-4Bryan MageeFacing Death
1971978-0-7183-0142-2John A. KentOne of the Few
1974978-0-7183-0153-8Bill WilliamsAirship Pilot No.28
1971978-0-7183-0162-0Heinz PrullerJochen Rindt
1980978-0-7183-0177-4F.R. ChappellWellington Wings: RAF Intelligence Officer in the Western Desert
1977978-0-7183-0185-9Gregory BlaxlandPlain Cook and the Great Showman: First and Eighth Armies in North Africa
1973978-0-7183-0193-4Jack BroomeMake Another Signal
1980978-0-7183-0197-2Norman FranksWings of Freedom: Twelve Battle of Britain Pilots
1971978-0-7183-0202-3Alastair MarsBritish Submarines at War, 1939-45
1975978-0-7183-0214-6Adam FergussonWhen Money Dies
1976978-0-7183-0244-3Mary WilliamsChill company: Ghost stories from Cornwall
  ''978-0-7183-0254-2Norman L. R FranksDouble mission: RAF fighter ace and SOE agent, Manfred Czernin, DSO, MC, DFC
1971978-0-7183-0262-7Maurice TugwellAirborne to Battle
1976978-0-7183-0274-0Nigel TangyeThe inconstant sea: A Cornishman's chronicle
1969978-0-7183-0321-1F.W. WinterbothamSecret and Personal
1972978-0-7183-0332-7Jack BroomeConvoy is to Scatter
1976978-0-7183-0334-1George SavaThe Years of The Healing Knife: A Surgeon's Autobiography
1981978-0-7183-0338-9Geoffrey JonesNight Flight: Halifax Squadrons at War
1979978-0-7183-0356-3Philip WarnerAlamein
1974978-0-7183-0373-0Captain Jack BroomeServices Wrendered
1977978-0-7183-0375-4Geoffrey CoxRace for Trieste
1978978-0-7183-0385-3Alex RevellVivid Air: Gerald and Michael Constable-Maxwell, Fighter Pilots in Both World Wars
1979978-0-7183-0386-0Gregory BlaxlandAlexander's Generals: Italian Campaign, 1944-45
1982978-0-7183-0418-8Leslie HowardTrivial Fond Records
1967978-0-7183-0420-1David IrvingAccident - the Death of Genral Sikorski
1980978-0-7183-0427-0Hubert GreggAgatha Christie and All That Mousetrap
1967978-0-7183-0440-9Pat MossThe story so far
1983978-0-7183-0449-2Rex WoodsNight Train to Innsbruck: A Commando's Escape to Freedom
1984978-0-7183-0510-9J.F. JaworzynNo Place to Land: Pilot in Coastal Command
  ''978-0-7183-0521-5Lewis GoldenEchoes from Arnhem
  ''978-0-7183-0531-4Antony Brett-James · Viscount Bernard Law MontgomeryConversations with Montgomery
  ''978-0-7183-0543-7Louise CollisImpetuous Heart: Story of Ethel Smyth
1985978-0-7183-0544-4Denys Val BakerHaunted Travellers
1985978-0-7183-0549-9Joan ReesShelley's Jane Williams
1986978-0-7183-0571-0Richard WigganOperation Freshman: Rjukan Heavy Water Raid, 1942
1985978-0-7183-0574-1R. DarlingtonNight Hawk: Biography of Flight Lieutenant Karel Kuttelwascher, D.F.C.and Bar, the R.A.F.'s Greatest Night Intruder Ace
  ''978-0-7183-0587-1J.R.D. BrahamScramble!: An Autobiography
1986978-0-7183-0595-6Nigel TangyeBlue Bays of Cornwall
  ''978-0-7183-0601-4A.S. EvansBeneath the Waves: A History of H.M.Submarine Losses, 1904-1971: History of H.M.Submarine Losses, 1904-71
  ''978-0-7183-0619-9Chaz BowyerWellington Bomber
  ''978-0-7183-0620-5A. MaitlandThrough the Bombsight
1988978-0-7183-0628-1Frank Walker · Pamela Mellor · Henty Henty-CreerThe Mystery of X5: Lieutenant H.Henty-Creer's Attack on the "Tirpitz"
1987978-0-7183-0638-0Thomas B.L. ChurchillCommando Crusade
1987978-0-7183-0642-7Geoffrey CoxA Tale of Two Battles: Personal Memoir of Crete and the Western Desert, 1941
  ''978-0-7183-0643-4G.G. ConnellMediterranean Maelstrom: H. M. S. "Jervis" and the 14th Flotilla
1988978-0-7183-0645-8Charles Messenger · etc. · Colonel George Young · Lieutenant-Colonel Stephen RoseThe Middle East Commandos
1987978-0-7183-0654-0William Scanlan MurphyFather of the Submarine: Life of the Reverend George Garrett Pasha
  ''978-0-7183-0656-4Lofty LargeOne Man's Special Air Service
  ''978-0-7183-0660-1Ernest Schofield · Roy Conyers NesbitThe Arctic Airmen: Royal Air Force in Spitsbergen and North Russia in 1942
1988978-0-7183-0674-8Geoffrey CoxCountdown to War: A Personal Memoir of Europe, 1938-40
  ''978-0-7183-0679-3John SladerThe Red Duster at War: History of the Merchant Navy During the Second World War
1989978-0-7183-0687-8Peter MortonEmergency Tour: 3 Para in South Armagh
1988978-0-7183-0696-0Lofty LargeOne Man's War in Korea
1988978-0-7183-0699-1H.J. SpillerTicket to Freedom

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