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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1988978-0-426-20319-3Terrance DicksDoctor Who-The Mysterious Planet
  ''978-0-426-20321-6Terrance DicksDoctor Who-The Wheel in Space (Doctor Who Library)
1991978-0-426-20322-3Ian BriggsDoctor Who - Dragonfire
1988978-0-426-20326-1Nigel RobinsonDoctor Who-The Underwater Menace
  ''978-0-426-20327-8Nigel RobinsonDoctor Who-The Edge of Destruction
1993978-0-426-20328-5Terrance DicksDoctor Who-The Smugglers
1988978-0-426-20329-2Pip Baker · Jane BakerDoctor Who-Ultimate Foe (A Target book)
  ''978-0-426-20330-8Stephen WyattDoctor Who-Paradise Towers (Doctor Who Library)
  ''978-0-426-20331-5Pip Baker · Jane BakerDoctor Who - Time and the Rani (A Target Book)
1989978-0-426-20332-2Ian Stuart BlackDoctor Who-War Machines (Dr. Who Library, No. 136)
1991978-0-426-20333-9Malcolm KohllDoctor Who-Delta and the Bannerman (Doctor Who Library)
1989978-0-426-20334-6Graham WilliamsDoctor Who - The Nightmare Fair
1989978-0-426-20335-3Philip MartinDoctor Who - Mindwarp (The Trial of a Time Lord) Target Books, No. 139
  ''978-0-426-20336-0John PeelDoctor Who-The Chase (Target Doctor Who Library)
1990978-0-426-20337-7Ben AaronovitchDoctor Who - Remembrance of the Daleks (Target Books)
1989978-0-426-20338-4Wally K. DalyDoctor Who - The Ultimate Evil (The Missing Episodes)
1990978-0-426-20339-1Graeme CurryDoctor Who - The Happiness Patrol (Target Books)
1989978-0-426-20340-7Kevin ClarkeSilver Nemesis
  ''978-0-426-20341-4Stephen WyattDoctor Who-Greatest Show in the Galaxy (Doctor Who Library)
1994978-0-426-20342-1Jean-Marc LofficierDoctor Who Programme Guide: v. 1
1989978-0-426-20343-8John PeelDoctor Who-Mission to the Unknown: Part 1
  ''978-0-426-20344-5   ''Doctor Who-The Daleks Masterplan: The Mutation of Time Bk. 2 (Target Doctor Who Library)
1990978-0-426-20345-2Terrance DicksDoctor Who and the Planet of the Giants
  ''978-0-426-20346-9   ''Doctor Who-The Space Pirates (Doctor Who Library)
1990978-0-426-20347-6Philip MartinDoctor Who - Mission to Magnus (Target Books)
1991978-0-426-20348-3Ian BriggsThe Curse of Fenric (Doctor Who, 151)
  ''978-0-426-20350-6Ben AaronavitchDoctor Who-Battlefield (Target Doctor Who Library)
1990978-0-426-20351-3Marc PlattDoctor Who-Ghost Light
  ''978-0-426-20352-0Rona MunroDoctor Who-Survival
1991978-0-426-20353-7Victor PembertonDoctor Who-The Pescatons (Target Doctor Who Library No 153)
  ''978-0-426-20355-1John PeelTimewyrm: Genesys (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20357-5Terrance DicksTimewyrm: Exodus (The New Doctor Who Adventures)
1991978-0-426-20359-9N RobinsonDr Who Timewyrm Apocalyps: Apocalypse (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20360-5P CornellDr Who Timewyrn Revelations (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20361-2Jean-Marc LofficierDoctor Who: Terrestrial Index (Doctor Who - the programme guide)
  ''978-0-426-20362-9Peter Darvill-Evans · Ian MarshDoctor Who-Time Lord (Dr. Who)
1992978-0-426-20365-0Marc PlattDr Who Cats Cradle:times Crucibl: Times Crucible (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20367-4Andrew CartmelCat's Cradle: Warhead (New Doctor Who Adventures)
1992978-0-426-20368-1Andrew HuntCat's Cradle: Witch Mark (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20369-8David J. Howe · Mark Stammers · Stephen James WalkerDoctor Who Handbook: The Fourth Doctor (Dr Who Handbooks S.)
  ''978-0-426-20376-6Mark GatissNightshade (New Doctor Who Adventures)
1993978-0-426-20377-3Gareth RobertsHighest Science (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20378-0Neil PenswickThe Pit (New Doctor Who Adventures)
1992978-0-426-20384-1Ben AaronovitchTransit (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20385-8Paul CornellLove and War (New Doctor Who Adventures)
1993978-0-426-20387-2Peter Darvill-EvansDeceit (New Doctor Who Adventures)
1993978-0-426-20388-9Andy Lane · Jim MortimoreLucifer Rising (Doctor Who New Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20389-6John PeelDoctor Who-The Evil of the Daleks (Target Doctor Who Library)
  ''978-0-426-20390-2   ''Doctor Who-The Power of the Daleks
  ''978-0-426-20392-6David BanksIceberg (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20393-3Nigel RobinsonDr Who New Adventures:birthright (New Doctor Who Adventures)
1993978-0-426-20394-0Christopher BulisShadowmind (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20395-7David A. McInteeWhite Darkness (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20397-1Daniel BlytheDimension Riders (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20399-5Jim MortimoreBlood Heat (The New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20400-8David J. Howe · Mark Stammers · Stephen James WalkerDoctor Who - The Handbook: The Sixth Doctor: The Colin Baker Years 1984 - 1986 (Dr Who Handbooks)
1993978-0-426-20401-5Martin AdamsSonic the Hedgehog in Robotnik's Laboratory
  ''978-0-426-20402-2Martin AdamsSonic the Hedgehog in the Fourth Dimension
  ''978-0-426-20403-9   ''Sonic the Hedgehog and the Silicon Warriors
  ''978-0-426-20404-6Kate OrmanThe Left-handed Hummingbird (New Doctor Who Adventures)
1994978-0-426-20405-3Martin AdamsSonic the Hedgehog in Castle Robotnik
  ''978-0-426-20408-4Steve LyonsConundrum (New Doctor Who Adventures)
1994978-0-426-20409-1Paul CornellNo Future (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20410-7Gareth RobertsTragedy Day (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20411-4Stephen James Walker · Mark StammersDecalog (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20412-1Gary RussellLegacy (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20413-8Barry LettsDoctor Who-Paradise of Death (Target Doctor Who Library)
1994978-0-426-20414-5Justin RichardsTheatre of War (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20415-2Andy LaneAll Consuming Fire (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20417-6Terrance DicksBlood Harvest (Doctor Who New Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20418-3Paul CornellGoth Opera (Doctor Who Missing Adventures S.)
  ''978-0-426-20419-0Simon MessinghamStrange England (New Doctor Who Adventures)
1994978-0-426-20421-3David A. McInteeFirst Frontier (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20422-0John PeelEvolution (Doctor Who Missing Adventures S.)
  ''978-0-426-20423-7Mark GatissSt. Anthony's Fire (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20424-4Paul LeonardVenusian Lullaby (The missing adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20425-1Jim MortimoreParasite (New Doctor Who Adventures)
1994978-0-426-20427-5Daniel O'MahonyFalls the Shadow (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20429-9Craig HintonCrystal Bucephalus (The missing adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20430-5David J. Howe · Mark Stammers · Stephen James WalkerDoctor Who - The Handbook: The First Doctor: The William Hartnell Years 1963 - 1966 (Dr Who Handbooks)
  ''978-0-426-20431-2Christopher BulisState of Change (Doctor Who: The Missing Adventures)
1995978-0-426-20433-6Andrew CartmelWarlock (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20434-3Barry LettsDoctor Who-Ghosts of N-space (Doctor Who Missing Adventures S.)
1995978-0-426-20435-0Gareth RobertsRomance of Crime (Doctor Who Missing Adventures S.)
  ''978-0-426-20436-7Kate OrmanThe New Doctor Who Adventures: Set Piece
  ''978-0-426-20437-4Daniel BlytheDr Who New Adv:infinite Requiem (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20438-1Steve LyonsDoctor Who: Time of Your Life (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20439-8David A. McInteeSanctuary (New Doctor Who Adventures)
1995978-0-426-20440-4Gary RussellInvasion of the Cat-people (Doctor Who Missing Adventures S.)
  ''978-0-426-20441-1Paul LeonardDancing the Code (Doctor Who: Missing Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20442-8Paul Cornell · Martin Day · Keith ToppingThe Discontinuity Guide (Doctor Who)
  ''978-0-426-20443-5Paul CornellHuman Nature (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20444-2Andy LaneOriginal Sin (New Doctor Who Adventures)
1995978-0-426-20445-9Justin RichardsSystem Shock (Doctor Who Missing Adventures S.)
  ''978-0-426-20446-6Dave StoneSky Pirates! (Doctor Who New Adventures S.)
  ''978-0-426-20447-3Christopher BulisSorcerer's Apprentice (Doctor Who Missing Adventures S.)
  ''978-0-426-20448-0Stephen James Walker · Mark StammersDecalog 2: 2: Lost Property (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20449-7Martin DayThe Menagerie (Doctor Who Missing Adventures S.)
1995978-0-426-20450-3Gareth RobertsZamper (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20452-7Paul LeonardToy Soldiers (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20453-4Stephen MarleyManagra (Doctor Who Missing Adventures S.)
  ''978-0-426-20454-1Steve LyonsHead Games (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20455-8Craig HintonMillennial Rites (Doctor Who Missing Adventures S.)
1995978-0-426-20456-5Ben AaronovitchDr Who New Adv: The Also People (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20457-2Andy LaneThe Empire of Glass
  ''978-0-426-20458-9David J. Howe · Stephen WalkerDoctor Who - The Handbook: The Fifth Doctor: The Peter Davison Years 1982 - 1984 (Dr Who Handbooks)
  ''978-0-426-20459-6Terrance DicksDr Who New Adv: Shake Down (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20460-2David A McInteeDr Who Miss Adv:lords Of The Stor (Doctor Who Missing Adventures S.)
1996978-0-426-20461-9Daniel O'MahonyMan in the Velvet Mask (Doctor Who Missing Adventures S.)
1996978-0-426-20462-6Marc PlattDowntime (Doctor Who Missing Adventures S.)
  ''978-0-426-20463-3Lance ParkinJust War (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20464-0Andrew CartmelWarchild (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20465-7Kate OrmanSleepy (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20466-4Gareth RobertsEnglish Way of Death (Doctor Who Missing Adventures S.)
1996978-0-426-20467-1David Bishop · James StevensWho Killed Kennedy (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20468-8Dave StoneDeath and Diplomacy (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20469-5Christopher BulisEye of the Giant (Doctor Who Missing Adventures S.)
  ''978-0-426-20470-1Paul CornellHappy Endings (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20471-8Lance ParkinDoctor Who-A History of the Universe
1996978-0-426-20472-5Justin RichardsSands of Time (Doctor Who Missing Adventures S.)
  ''978-0-426-20473-2Craig HintonGodEngine (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20474-9Steve LyonsKilling Ground (Doctor Who Missing Adventures S.)
  ''978-0-426-20476-3Lawrence MilesChristmas on a Rational Planet (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20477-0Gary RussellScales of Injustice (Doctor Who Missing Adventures)
1996978-0-426-20478-7Andy Lane · Justin RichardsDecalog 3: Consequences (Doctor Who)
  ''978-0-426-20479-4David A. McInteeShadow of Weng-chiang (Doctor Who Missing Adventures S.)
  ''978-0-426-20480-0Christopher BulisTwilight of the Gods (Doctor Who Missing Adventures S.)
  ''978-0-426-20481-7Simon Bucher-JonesDeath of Art (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20482-4Kate OrmanReturn of the Living Dad (New Doctor Who Adventures)
1996978-0-426-20483-1Russell T. DaviesDamaged Goods (New Doctor Who Adventures)
1997978-0-426-20484-8Ben AaronovitchSo Vile a Sin (New Doctor Who Adventures)
1996978-0-426-20485-5Steve Lyons · Chris HowarthDoctor Who The Completely Useless Encyclopaedia
  ''978-0-426-20486-2David J. Howe · Stephen James WalkerDoctor Who -The Handbook: The Third Doctor: The Jon Pertwee Years 1970 - 1974 (Dr Who Handbooks)
  ''978-0-426-20487-9Paul LeonardSpeed of Flight (Doctor Who Missing Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20488-6Gareth RobertsThe Plotters (Doctor Who Missing Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20489-3Lance ParkinCold Fusion (Doctor Who Missing Adventures S.)
1996978-0-426-20490-9Matthew JonesBad Therapy (New Doctor Who Adventures)
1997978-0-426-20497-8Jim MortimoreEternity Weeps (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20498-5Dave StoneBurning Heart (Doctor Who Missing Adventures S.)
  ''978-0-426-20499-2Jean-Marc LofficierDoctor Who: The Nth Doctor - An In-depth Study of the Films That Almost Were
  ''978-0-426-20500-5Kate OrmanRoom with No Doors (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20501-2Christopher BulisDevice of Death (Doctor Who Missing Adventures S.)
1997978-0-426-20502-9Marc PlattLungbarrow (New Doctor Who Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20503-6David A. McInteeDark Path (Doctor Who Missing Adventures S.)
  ''978-0-426-20504-3Lance ParkinDying Days (New Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20505-0Richard SalterDecalog 4: 4: Re-generations (New Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20506-7Gareth RobertsWell-mannered War (Doctor Who Missing Adventures)
1997978-0-426-20507-4Paul CornellOh No it Isn't! (New Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20508-1Justin RichardsDragons' Wrath (New Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20510-4Dave StoneShip of Fools (New Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20511-1Matthew JonesBeyond the Sun (New Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20512-8Lawrence MilesDown (New Adventures)
1997978-0-426-20513-5Gary RussellDeadfall (New Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20514-2Simon Bucher-JonesGhost Devices (New Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20516-6David J. Howe · Mark Stammers · Stephen James WalkerDoctor Who: The Handbook - The Second Doctor
  ''978-0-426-20519-7Terrance DicksMean Streets (New Adventures)
1998978-0-426-20521-0Kate OrmanWalking to Babylon (New Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20522-7Dave StoneOblivion Pb (New Adventures)
1998978-0-426-20523-4Christopher BulisTempest (New Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20524-1Justin RichardsThe Medusa Effect (New Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20525-8Paul Leonard · Nick WaltersDry Pilgrimage (New Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20526-5Jim MortimoreThe Sword of Forever (New Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20527-2David J. Howe · Stephen James Walker"Doctor Who": The Handbook - The Seventh Doctor (Dr Who)
1998978-0-426-20528-9Len BeechAnother Girl,another Planet (New Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20529-6Lance Parkin · Mark ClaphamBeige Planet Mars (New Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20530-2Rebecca Levene · Simon WinstoneWhere Angels Fear (New Adventures)
1999978-0-426-20531-9Dave StoneThe Mary-Sue Extrusion (New Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20532-6Lawrence MilesDead Romance (New Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20533-3Justin RichardsTears of the Oracle (New Adventures)
1999978-0-426-20534-0Dave StoneReturn to the Fractured Planet (New Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20535-7Justin RichardsThe Joy Device (New Adventures)
  ''978-0-426-20536-4Mark Clapham · Jon De Burgh MillerTwilight of the Gods (New Adventures)
1970978-0-426-95189-6Sheldon Lord · (Lawrence Block)The Sisterhood (Softcover Library S95189)