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1999978-0-85052-670-7Michael StedmanAdvance to Victory 1918: Somme (Battleground Europe)
  ''978-0-85052-671-4Tim Kilvert-JonesOmaha Beach: V Corps' Battle for the Normandy Beachead (Battleground Europe Series)
2000978-0-85052-673-8   ''Normandy: Sword Beach - 3rd British Division/27th Armoured Brigade (Battleground Europe)
1998978-0-85052-674-5Paul ReedCombles: Somme (Battleground Europe)
1999978-0-85052-675-2Tony BridglandSea Killers in Disguise: Q Ships and Decoy Raiders of WW1
  ''978-0-85052-677-6Jack Horsfall · Nigel CaveMons: 1914 (Battleground Europe)
  ''978-0-85052-678-3Helen McPhail · Philip GuestEdmund Blunden: On the Trail of the Poets of the Great War (Battleground Europe)
1998978-0-85052-679-0Bill ClementsTowers of Strength: Story of Martello Towers
1988978-0-85052-681-3David RolfPrisoners of the Reich: Germany's Captives, 1939-45
1999978-0-85052-684-4Bill ClementsTowers of Strength: Martello Towers Worldwide
  ''978-0-85052-686-8Jackie George · Susan OttawayShe Who Dared Covert Operations in Northern Ireland with the SAS
1999978-0-85052-688-2Kyle Tallett · Trevor TaskerGavrelle: Arras (Battleground Europe)
  ''978-0-85052-689-9Robertson Dr K GWar Resistance and Intelligence: Collected Essays in Honour of M.R.D.Foot
  ''978-0-85052-693-6Edward SnidersFlying in, Walking Out: Memories of War and Escape 1939-1945
  ''978-0-85052-695-0Charles WhitingJochen Peiper: Battle Commander SS Liebstandarte Adolf Hitler
  ''978-0-85052-696-7T. A. HeathcoteThe Field Marshals of the British Army 1736-1997. A Biographical Dictionary
1999978-0-85052-701-8Patrick WilsonDunkirk (Battleground Europe)
  ''978-0-85052-702-5Michael StedmanGreat Battles of the Great War
2000978-0-85052-710-0Charles HeymanThe British Army 2000-01: A Pocket Guide
1999978-0-85052-711-7Martin MiddlebrookYour Country Needs You!: Expansion of the British Army Infantry Division, 1914-18
2000978-0-85052-712-4David Lloyd OwenThe Long Range Desert Group 1940-1945: Providence Their Guide
  ''978-0-85052-714-8Alaistair Timpson · Andrew Gibson-WattIn Rommel's Backyard: A Memoir of the Long Range Desert Group
1999978-0-85052-716-2Julian Paget · Derek SaundersHougoumont: the Key to Victory in Waterloo (Battleground Europe)
1989978-0-85052-724-7D.J. Sutton · John WalkerFrom Horse to Helicopter: Transporting the British Army in War and Peace
2000978-0-85052-730-8Mike YoungArmy Service Corps 1902-1918
  ''978-0-85052-733-9N.J. McCamleySecret Underground Cities: an Account of Some of Britain's Subterranean Defence, Factory and Storage Sites in the Second World War
  ''978-0-85052-734-6Richard Van EmdenPrisoners of the Kaiser (Voices of the veterans)
2000978-0-85052-736-0Carl ShilletoNormandy: Utah Beach - VII Corps and 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions (Battleground Europe)
  ''978-0-85052-737-7Tim SaundersNormandy: Hill 112 - The battle of the Odon
  ''978-0-85052-738-4Colin FoxMonchy le Preux - Arras (Battleground Europe)
  ''978-0-85052-739-1Malcolm HobartBadges and Uniforms of the Royal Air Force
2001978-0-85052-741-4Peter HartSomme Success: the Royal Flying Corps and the Battle of the Somme, 1916
2000978-0-85052-742-1J.N. ShipsterMist Over the Rice Fields
  ''978-0-85052-743-8John LewesJock Lewes - Co-Founder of the SAS
2000978-0-85052-746-9N.J. McCamleyCold War Secret Nuclear Bunkers
  ''978-0-85052-748-3Robert BoscawenArmoured Guardsmen
  ''978-0-85052-750-6David ChandlerNapoleon
  ''978-0-85052-751-3Matthew Hughes · Matthew S. SeligmannLeadership in Conflict: Personalities of the Great War
  ''978-0-85052-753-7Mike O'ConnorAirfields and Airmen of Ypres: Battleground Special (Battleground Europe)
2000978-0-85052-754-4Martin LindsaySo Few Got Through: A Magnificent Account of the Gordon Highlanders
2001978-0-85052-758-2John GaylorMilitary Badge Collecting
2000978-0-85052-759-9Francis MacKayAsiago: 15/16 June, 1918 Battle in the Woods and Clouds: Battle in the Woods and Clouds - Italy 1918 (Battleground Europe)
1989978-0-85052-760-5John TerraineBusiness in Great Waters: The U-Boat Wars, 1916-1945
  ''978-0-85052-761-2Robert ThompsonMake for the Hills
2000978-0-85052-766-7Lewis ChildsKimberley (Battleground South Africa)
  ''978-0-85052-768-1Ray WestlakeBritish Battalions on the Western Front January to June 1915
  ''978-0-85052-769-8Julian PagetSecond to None: The History of the Coldstream Guards 1650-2000
  ''978-0-85052-770-4Frank SteerArnhem: The Fight to Sustain
2000978-0-85052-772-8J. Wilks · Eileen WilksRommel and Caporetto
  ''978-0-85052-774-2Charles WhitingThe Search for Gestapo Muller
2001978-0-85052-775-9David J. HawkingsKeeping the Peace: The Aldermaston Story
2000978-0-85052-777-3Mike McBrideThe UK Police 2001-2002: A Pocket Guide
  ''978-0-85052-778-0Trevor PidgeonFlers (Battleground Europe)
  ''978-0-85052-779-7Iain BallantyneThe "Warspite": The Fighting Life of the Royal Navy's Bravest Battleship (Warships of the Royal Navy)
  ''978-0-85052-782-7Edward Hancock · Nigel CaveBazentin Ridge (Battleground Europe)
2000978-0-85052-783-4John ClarkeGallantry Medals and Decorations of the World (Leo Cooper/Pen & Sword Books' Collectors Series)
2001978-0-85052-785-8Tonie Holt · Valmai HoltMajor and Mrs.Holt's Battlefield Guide Operation Market Garden
2000978-0-85052-786-5Chaz BowyerFighter Pilot
2001978-0-85052-787-2Michael StedmanThe German Spring Offensive (Battleground Europe)
2000978-0-85052-789-6Helen McPhail · Philip GuestSaint Quentin: Hindenburg Line (Battleground Europe)
1999978-0-85052-790-2Tony Spagnoly · Ted SmithCameos of the Western Front: Salient Points Three: Ypres & Picardy 1914-18: 3
2000978-0-85052-791-9Arthur BanksA Military Atlas of the First World War
2001978-0-85052-792-6Paul Dickinson · Terry CoppDieppe (Battleground Europe)
  ''978-0-85052-797-1Raymond MitchellCommando Despatch Rider: From D-Day to Deutschland 1944-45
2000978-0-85052-798-8Mike TolhurstBastogne (Battleground Europe)
2001978-0-85052-800-8Paul MaceForrard: The Story of the East Riding Yeomanry
  ''978-0-85052-804-6Charles HeymanThe Armed Forces of the United Kingdom 2001/2002
  ''978-0-85052-805-3John LewesJock Lewes: The Biography of Jock Lewes, Co-founder of the SAS
  ''978-0-85052-806-0David Lloyd OwenThe Long Range Desert Group 1940-1945: Providence Their Guide
2001978-0-85052-807-7James G. DorrianStorming St.Nazaire
  ''978-0-85052-810-7Maurice FreedmanUnravelling Enigma: The Impact of Code-breaking in the Second World War
  ''978-0-85052-811-4Brian BondThe Battle of France and Flanders 1940: Sixty Years on
  ''978-0-85052-812-1Andrew HydeThe First Blitz - 1915: Zeppelin Raids Over England During the Great War (Weapons in Action)
  ''978-0-85052-814-5Jon CookseyBoulogne (Battleground Europe)
2001978-0-85052-815-2Tim SaundersNijmegen: Battleground Europe World War II - Grave and Groesbeek
  ''978-0-85052-816-9Lawrence PatersonFirst U-boat-flotilla
  ''978-0-85052-817-6Jack WilliamsThe Rigger: Operating with the SAS
  ''978-0-85052-818-3Jack Horsfall · Nigel CaveBourlon Wood (Battleground Europe)
  ''978-0-85052-819-0John PotterA Testimony to Courage: The History of the Ulster Defence Regiment 1969-1992
2001978-0-85052-821-3Gregory F. MichnoDeath on the Hellships. Prisoners at Sea in the Pacific War
  ''978-0-85052-822-0Tony BridglandWaves of Hate: Naval Atrocities 1914-1945
  ''978-0-85052-823-7A.J. BarkerFortune Favours the Brave: The Commonwealth Brigade in the Korea War
  ''978-0-85052-825-1Philip A. HaighFrom Wakefield to Towton (Battleground Britain)
  ''978-0-85052-834-3William C.C. CavanaghA Tour of the Battle of the Bulge Battlefields (Battleground Europe: Special)
2002978-0-85052-835-0T. A. HeathcoteBritish Admirals of the Fleet 1734-1995: A Biographical Dictionary
2002978-0-85052-836-7Graham BoundFalkland Islanders at War
2001978-0-85052-837-4Tim SaundersHell's Highway (Battleground Europe)
  ''978-0-85052-838-1Helen McPhail · Philip GuestSassoon and Graves: On the Trail of the Poets of the Great War (Battleground Europe: On the trail of the poets of the Great War)
  ''978-0-85052-839-8Graham KeechSt.Julian: Ypres (Battleground Europe)
2008978-0-85052-842-8Nigel Cave · Jack SheldonLe Cateau (Battleground Europe)
2002978-0-85052-843-5Iain BallantyneHMS "London" (Warships of the Royal Navy)
2001978-0-85052-844-2Rolf MagenerOur Chances Were Zero: The Daring Escape by Two German POW's from India in 1942
2002978-0-85052-846-6John HudsonSunset in the East: Fighting Against the Japanese Through the Seige of Imphal and Alongside Them in Java 1943-1946
  ''978-0-85052-852-7Kingsley M. OliverThe RAF Regiment at War 1942-46
2001978-0-85052-853-4Michael RenshawBeaucourt: Battleground Somme (Battleground Europe)
  ''978-0-85052-854-1Frederick ForsythThe Biafra Story: The Making of an African Legend
2002978-0-85052-856-5Frank SteerArnhem: The Landing Grounds and Oosterbeek (Battleground Europe)
2002978-0-85052-857-2Geoffrey Powell · John PowellThe History of the Green Howards: Three Hundred Years of Service
2001978-0-85052-858-9George FortyGerman Occupation of the Channel Islands (Battleground Europe)
  ''978-0-85052-859-6Tonie Holt · Valmai HoltMy Boy Jack?: The Search for Kipling's Only Son
2002978-0-85052-860-2Mohammed Yousaf · Mark AdkinAfghanistan the Bear Trap: The Defeat of a Superpower
  ''978-0-85052-861-9Tim SaundersThe Island: Nijmegen to Arnhem (Battleground Europe)
  ''978-0-85052-862-6David BiltonThe Trench - The Full Story of the 1st Hull Pals
2001978-0-85052-863-3Richard Van EmdenNorman Collins: Veteran of the Great War
  ''978-0-85052-864-0Mike O'ConnorAirfields and Airmen of the Somme (Battleground Europe: Somme)
2002978-0-85052-865-7Airey NeaveThey Have Their Exits: A Classic World War Two Memoir of Action and Escape
2002978-0-85052-866-4Tim SaundersGold Beach Jig Sector and West (Battleground Europe)
  ''978-0-85052-867-1Charles HeymanThe British Army 2002-2003: A Pocket Guide
2001978-0-85052-868-8Bernard EdwardsAttack & Sink. The Battle of the Atlantic Summer 1941
  ''978-0-85052-869-5Denis EdwardsDevils Own Luck: Pegasus Bridge to the Baltic 1944-45
2002978-0-85052-870-1Deborah LakeThe Zeebrugge and Ostend Raids 1918
  ''978-0-85052-871-8Martin Marix Evans · Peter Burton · Michael WestawayNaseby: English Civil War June 1645: Naseby June 1645 (Battleground Britain)
  ''978-0-85052-872-5Reginald BurtonRailway of Hell: A Japanese POW's Account of War, Capture and Forced Labour
2002978-0-85052-875-6Ole FeldbaekThe Battle of Copenhagen 1801
  ''978-0-85052-876-3Francis MacKayTouring the Italian Front 1917-1919 (Battleground Europe)
  ''978-0-85052-877-0Tony BridglandOutrage at Sea: Naval Atrocities in World War One
  ''978-0-85052-878-7Andrew Uffindell · Michael Corum · Andrew UffindelWaterloo Guide (Battleground Napoleonic)
1990978-0-85052-890-9Alexis WrangelGeneral Wrangel
1991978-0-85052-891-6John WingateThe Fighting Tenth: Tenth Submarine Flotilla and the Siege of Malta
2002978-0-85052-892-3Francis MacKayOverture to Overlord: The Preparations for D-day (Special Operations of World War Two, Northwest Europe)
  ''978-0-85052-893-0Thomas FeganThe Baby Killers: German Air Raids on Britain in the First World War
2002978-0-85052-896-1Geoffrey BrooksHitler's Terror Weapons: From Doodlebug to Nuclear Warheads
  ''978-0-85052-897-8Jack Horsfall · Nigel CaveThe Battle for Flesquieres Ridge (Battleground Europe)
  ''978-0-85052-898-5Bernard EdwardsThe Road to Russia: Arctic Convoys 1942-1945
  ''978-0-85052-899-2Chistina HolsteinFort Douaumont (Battleground Europe)
  ''978-0-85052-900-5B. A. JamesMoonless Night: The Second World War Escape Epic
2002978-0-85052-902-9Mitch Peeke · Steve Jones · Kevin Walsh-JohnsonThe "Lusitania" Story
  ''978-0-85052-903-6Andrew RawsonLoos 1915: The Northern Battle and Hohenzollern Redoubt (Battleground Europe)
  ''978-0-85052-904-3Andrew RawsonLoos: Hill 70 (Battleground Europe)
  ''978-0-85052-908-1Nigel HawkinsThe Starvation Blockades: The Naval Blockades of WWI
  ''978-0-85052-910-4John PalmerLuck on My Side: the diaries and reflections of a young wartime sailor 1939-45
2002978-0-85052-911-1Bernard EdwardsThe Quiet Heroes: British Merchant Seaman at War
  ''978-0-85052-912-8Ian DaglishOperation Bluecoat (Battleground Europe)
2003978-0-85052-915-9Derek Wood · Derek DempsterThe Narrow Margin: The Battle of Britain and the Rise of Air Power, 1930-1949 (Pen & Sword Military Classics)
2002978-0-85052-916-6Mike SeearWith the Gurkhas in the Falklands: A War Journal
  ''978-0-85052-917-3Lawrence PatersonSecond U-boat Flotilla
  ''978-0-85052-918-0N.J. McCamleySaving Britain's Art Treasures from Hitler
  ''978-0-85052-919-7D. S. RichardsThe Peninsula Years: Britain's Redcoats in Spain and Portugal
2003978-0-85052-920-3John TerraineThe Western Front, 1914-18 (Pen & Sword Military Classics)
2002978-0-85052-922-7David RattrayDavid Rattray's Guidebook To The Anglo-Zulu War Battlefields
2002978-0-85052-923-4Stephen J. ChambersGallipoli: Gully Ravine (Battleground Europe: Gallipoli)
  ''978-0-85052-924-1Neil BarberThe Day the Devils Dropped In: The 9th Parachute Battalion in Normandy, D-Day to D+6: Merville Battery to the Chateau St Come
2003978-0-85052-925-8John KillenThe Luftwaffe (Pen & Sword Military Classics)
  ''978-0-85052-926-5Robin NeillandsWellington and Napoleon: Clash of Arms (Pen & Sword Military Classics)
2002978-0-85052-927-2John FrostA Drop Too Many
  ''978-0-85052-928-9Peter PedersonFromelles (Battleground)
2003978-0-85052-930-2Ernle BradfordSiege: Malta 1940-1943 (Pen & Sword Military Classics)
  ''978-0-85052-931-9Ronald LewinThe Life and Death of the Afrika Korps (Pen & Sword Military Classics)
2002978-0-85052-932-6Ted Smith · Tony SpagnolySalient Points Four: Ypres and Picardy 1914-18 (Battleground Europe)
2002978-0-85052-933-3Tonie Holt · Valmai HoltMajor and Mrs. Holt's Concise Guide to the Western Front - North (Holts Battlefield Guides)
2003978-0-85052-936-4John MasefieldThe Old Front Line (Pen & Sword Military Classics)
2002978-0-85052-938-8Peter PedersonHamel (Battleground Europe)
  ''978-0-85052-939-5Frank SteerArnhem: The Bridge (Battleground)
2003978-0-85052-941-8Oliver WarnerNelson's Battles (Pen & Sword Military Classics)
2005978-0-85052-942-5Tim Kilvert-JonesFalaise: Battleground (Battleground Europe)
2002978-0-85052-943-2Martin MiddlebrookThe First Day on the Somme
  ''978-0-85052-944-9Eric HuntMont Pincon (Battleground Europe: Normandy)
  ''978-0-85052-945-6N.J. McCamleyCold War Secret Nuclear Bunkers
2003978-0-85052-946-3Donald FeatherstoneBowmen of England (Pen & Sword Military Classics)
  ''978-0-85052-947-0Sydney HudsonUndercover Operator: An SOE Agent's Experiences in France and the Far East
2002978-0-85052-948-7Nick van der Bijl · David Aldea5th Infantry Brigade in the Falklands War
2003978-0-85052-950-0Ewen Southby-TailyourBlondie: Founder of the SBS and Modern Single Handed Ocean Racing
2003978-0-85052-951-7John StrawsonBeggars in Red (Pen & Sword Military Classics)
2002978-0-85052-953-1Peter Marren1066: The Battles of York, Stamford Bridge and Hastings (Battleground Britain)
  ''978-0-85052-954-8Tim SaundersOperation Epsom (Battleground Europe)
2003978-0-85052-955-5Brendan O'CarrollBearded Brigands: The LRDG in the Diaries/Photographs of Trooper Frank Jopling
  ''978-0-85052-956-2John StrawsonHitler as Military Commander (Pen & Sword Military Classics)
  ''978-0-85052-958-6Mike O'ConnorAirfields and Airmen of Cambrai (Battleground Europe)
2002978-0-85052-959-3David GreenCaptured at the Imjin River: The Korean War Memoirs of a Gloster
2003978-0-85052-960-9Clive HarrisWalking the London Blitz (Battleground Europe)
  ''978-0-85052-961-6Andrew RawsonWalcheren (Battleground Europe)
2003978-0-85052-962-3Elizabeth-Anne Wheal · Stephen PopeDictionary of the Second World War (Pen & Sword Military Classics)
  ''978-0-85052-964-7Tim TraversThe Killing Ground: the British Army, the Western Front and the Emergence of Modern Warfare, 1900-1918 (Pen & Sword Military Classics): The British ... Front and Emergency of Modern War 1900-1918
  ''978-0-85052-965-4M. R. D. FootSix Faces of Courage
  ''978-0-85052-966-1Geoffrey PowellMen at Arnhem
  ''978-0-85052-967-8John ColvinNot Ordinary Men: The Story of the Battle of Kohima (Pen & Sword Military Classics)
2003978-0-85052-971-5Geoffrey BrookeSingapore's Dunkirk: The Aftermath of the Fall
  ''978-0-85052-972-2George J. MarrettCheating Death: Combat Air Rescues in Vietnam and Laos
  ''978-0-85052-973-9Dudley PopeThe Black Ship
  ''978-0-85052-975-3Roy FullickShan Hackett. The Pursuit of Excellence
2002978-0-85052-976-0Susan OttawayViolette Szabo: The Life That I Have
2003978-0-85052-977-7Leonard SellersDeath for Desertion: The Story of the Court Martial and Execution of Sub Lt. Edwin Dyett
  ''978-0-85052-978-4Martin MiddlebrookThe Argentine Fight For The Falklands
2006978-0-85052-979-1Stephen Pope · Elizabeth-Anne WhealDictionary of the First World War (Pen & Sword Military Classics)
2003978-0-85052-980-7Anne BakerFrom Bi-planes to Spitfires: The Life of Air Chief Marshal Sir Geoffrey Salmond
2003978-0-85052-981-4Martin CassidyMarching with Wellington: With the Enniskillings Through the Peninsula to Waterloo
  ''978-0-85052-982-1Charles WhitingDisaster at Kasserine: Ike and the 1st (US) Army in North Africa 1943
2004978-0-85052-985-2David ClarkMarston Moor English Civil War - July 1644 (Battleground Britain) (Battleground Europe)
2003978-0-85052-986-9Terry NormanThe Hell They Called High Wood: Somme 1916
  ''978-0-85052-987-6Edwyn GrayDisasters of the Deep: A History of Submarine Tragedies
  ''978-0-85052-988-3Pierre BertonVimy (Pen & Sword Military Classics)
  ''978-0-85052-989-0Geoffrey BennettNaval Battles of World War II (Pen & Sword Military Classics)
2003978-0-85052-992-0Douglas BaderFight for the Sky: The Story of the Spitfire and Hurricane
2006978-0-85052-994-4Philip ZieglerOmdurman (Pen & Sword Military Classics)
2003978-0-85052-995-1Tony BridglandTunnelmaster and Arsonist of the Great War: The Norton-Griffiths Story
  ''978-0-85052-996-8Martin MiddlebrookNorth Midland Territorials Go to War: The First Six Months in Flanders Trenches
  ''978-0-85052-997-5Airey NeaveFlames of Calais: A Soldiers Battle 1940