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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1994978-1-898323-00-6Simon Atkins · Chris McIntyreGuide to Namibia and Botswana
  ''978-1-898323-01-3David ElseGuide to Zimbabwe and Botswana (Bradt - No Frills Guides Series)
  ''978-1-898323-02-0Tim BurfordHiking Guide to Poland and Ukraine (Bradt-No Frills Guides Series)
  ''978-1-898323-03-7Hilary BradtGuide to Madagascar
  ''978-1-898323-04-4Hilary Bradt · etc.Backpacking in Chile and Argentina (Bradt)
1994978-1-898323-05-1Rob RachowieckiClimbing and Hiking in Ecuador
  ''978-1-898323-06-8Royston EllisGuide to Mauritius
  ''978-1-898323-07-5Tony Soper · Dafila ScottAntarctica: A Guide to the Wildlife
  ''978-1-898323-08-2Edward PaiceGuide to Eritrea (Bradt Travel Guides)
1995978-1-898323-09-9Philip BriggsGuide to Ethiopia (Bradt Travel Guides)
  ''978-1-898323-10-5Peter Dawson · Andrea Dawson · L WhiteAlbania: A Guide and Illustrated Journal
1994978-1-898323-11-2John R. JonesGuide to Vietnam (Bradt guides)
1995978-1-898323-12-9Stephen FallonGuide to Cuba (Bradt Travel Guides)
1996978-1-898323-13-6Anthony LambertSwitzerland by Rail (Bradt Travel Guides)
1995978-1-898323-14-3Linda KeenGuide to Lebanon (Bradt Travel Guides)
1994978-1-898323-15-0Philip BriggsGuide to South Africa
1995978-1-898323-16-7Antarctica: Poster Set
1994978-1-898323-17-4Antarctica: Postcard Set
1995978-1-898323-18-1I. Cannon · W. HoughGuide to Estonia (Bradt)
1995978-1-898323-19-8Inara Punga · W. HoughGuide to Latvia (Bradt)
  ''978-1-898323-20-4R. Avizienis · W. HoughGuide to Lithuania (Bradt)
  ''978-1-898323-21-1Nicholas GreenwoodGuide to Burma (Country Guide)
  ''978-1-898323-22-8John R. JonesGuide to Laos and Cambodia (The Bradt Travel Guide)
  ''978-1-898323-23-5Royston and Gemunu Amarasignhe. EllisGUIDE TO MALDIVES.
1996978-1-898323-24-2Pam AscanioCentral and South America by Road (Bradt Travel Guides)
1996978-1-898323-25-9Tim BurfordBackpacking in Central America (Backpacking Guide)
1995978-1-898323-27-3Diana DarkeGuide to North Cyprus (The Bradt Travel Guide) (Bradt Travel Guides)
  ''978-1-898323-28-0David Else · Sarah ChanterGuide to Zanzibar (Bradt Travel Guides)
  ''978-1-898323-29-7Bob Swain · Paula SnyderAfrica by Road (Road Guides)
  ''978-1-898323-30-3Nicholas GreenwoodBurma Then and Now
1996978-1-898323-31-0Hilary Dunsterville BranchGuide to Venezuela (Bradt)
  ''978-1-898323-32-7Athol YatesRussia by Rail (Bradt Travel Guides)
1996978-1-898323-34-1Tim BurfordHiking Guide to Romania
  ''978-1-898323-35-8Philip BriggsGuide to Malawi (Bradt) (Bradt Travel Guides)
  ''978-1-898323-36-5   ''Guide to Tanzania (Country Guides) (Bradt Travel Guides)
  ''978-1-898323-37-2   ''Guide to Uganda (Bradt Travel Guides)
1997978-1-898323-38-9Andreas UmbreitGuide to Spitsbergen, Svalbard, Franz Josef Land, Jan Mayen (Bradt Travel Guide) (Paperback)
1998978-1-898323-39-6Paul AshSouthern Africa by Rail
1996978-1-898323-40-2Hilary Bradt · Derek Schuurman · Nick GarbuttMadagascar Wildlife: A Visitor's Guide
  ''978-1-898323-41-9Edward PaiceGuide to Eritrea (Country Guide)
1996978-1-898323-42-6John PittUSA by Rail (Rail Guides)
1997978-1-898323-44-0Zane KatsikisGreece by Rail: With Major Ferry Routes (Rail Guides)
  ''978-1-898323-45-7Philip BriggsMozambique (Country Guides)
1996978-1-898323-46-4Colin TaylorAustralia and New Zealand by Rail (Country Guides)
  ''978-1-898323-47-1Tony SoperAntarctica: A Guide to the Wildlife (Bradt)
  ''978-1-898323-48-8Alex BradburyGuide to Belize (Bradt Travel Guides)
1997978-1-898323-49-5Royston EllisIndia by Rail (Bradt Rail Guides)
1996978-1-898323-50-1Chris McIntyreGuide to Zambia (Bradt)
  ''978-1-898323-51-8Royston EllisGuide to Mauritius (Country Guides) (Bradt Travel Guides)
1997978-1-898323-52-5Philip BriggsGuide to South Africa (Bradt Travel Guides)
1997978-1-898323-53-2Hilary BradtGuide to Madagascar
  ''978-1-898323-54-9Rob Rachowiecki · Mark ThurberClimbing and Hiking in Ecuador (Bradt Travel Guide Climbing & Hiking in Ecuador)
  ''978-1-898323-55-6Hazel BarkerCentral Asia by Road
  ''978-1-898323-56-3Tim BurfordBackpacking in Mexico (Hiking Guides)
  ''978-1-898323-58-7Stephen MansfieldGuide to Philippines (Bradt Travel Guides)
1997978-1-898323-59-4Alex BradburyGuide to Brazil: Pantanal, Amazon and North-east Coast (Bradt Travel Guides)
1998978-1-898323-60-0Philip BriggsEast and Southern Africa - The Backpacker's Manual
1997978-1-898323-61-7Hazel BarkerRussia and Central Asia by Road (Road Guides)
  ''978-1-898323-62-4Stephen FallonGuide to Cuba (Bradt Travel Guides)
1998978-1-898323-63-1Jane Wilson-Howarth · Matthew EllisYour Child's Health Abroad: A Manual for Travelling Parents
  ''978-1-898323-64-8Chris McIntyreNamibia: The Bradt Travel Guide (Country Guides) (Bradt Travel Guides)
  ''978-1-898323-65-5David ElseGuide to Zanzibar
  ''978-1-898323-66-2Philip BriggsGuide to Ethiopia (Bradt Country Guides)
1998978-1-898323-67-9John R. JonesGuide to Vietnam (Bradt Travel Guides)
1999978-1-898323-68-6KEENLebanon Guide: 2
1998978-1-898323-69-3Philip BriggsGuide to Ghana (Bradt Country Guides)
  ''978-1-898323-70-9Tim BurfordChile and Argentina: Backpacking and Hiking (4e)
  ''978-1-898323-71-6Roger Harris · Peter HutchisonGuide to the Amazon (Bradt Travel Guide the Amazon)
  ''978-1-898323-72-3Paul AshSouthern Africa by Rail (Rail Guides)
  ''978-1-898323-73-0Aisling Irwin · Colum WilsonCape Verde Islands: The Bradt Travel Guide (Bradt Travel Guides)
2000978-1-898323-74-7Royston EllisMaldives: The Bradt Travel Guide (Bradt Travel Guide Maldives)
1998978-1-898323-75-4Hilary Bradt · et alPeru and Bolivia: Backpacking and Trekking (Bradt Travel Guide Peru & Bolivia: Backpacking & Trekking)
1997978-1-898323-76-1Bradt Catalogue 1998
1999978-1-898323-77-8Neil TaylorEstonia: The Bradt Travel Guide (Bradt Travel Guides)
1996978-1-898323-78-5Tim BurfordRomania Hiking Guide 2
1998978-1-898323-79-2Philip BriggsUganda: The Bradt Travel Guide (Country Guides) (Bradt Travel Guides)
1999978-1-898323-82-2Ross VeltonHaiti and the Dominican Republic: The Island of Hispaniola (Bradt Travel Guide Haiti & the Dominican Republic: The Island of Hispaniola)
1999978-1-898323-83-9John PittUSA by Rail (Rail Guides)
  ''978-1-898323-84-6Philip BriggsMalawi: The Bradt Travel Guide (Bradt Travel Guide Malawi)
1994978-1-898323-85-3Hilary BradtBackpacker's Africa: East and Southern Africa for Walkers and Overland Travellers
1999978-1-898323-86-0Philip BriggsTanzania: The Bradt Travel Guide (Bradt Travel Guide Tanzania)
  ''978-1-898323-87-7Royston Ellis · Derek SchuurmanMauritius Rodrigues & Reunion The Mascarene Isles (Bradt) (Bradt Travel Guide Mauritius, Rodriques & Reunion: The Mascarene Isles)
  ''978-1-898323-88-4David Horwell · Pete OxfordGalapagos Wildlife: A Visitor's Guide (Wildlife S.)
  ''978-1-898323-89-1Hilary Dunsterville BranchVenezuela: The Bradt Travel Guide (Bradt Travel Guide Venezuela)
1999978-1-898323-90-7Stephen Baister · Chris PatrickLatvia: The Bradt Travel Guide (Guide to) (A Guide to)
  ''978-1-898323-91-4Gordon McLachlanLithuania: The Bradt Travel Guide (Guide to) (A Guide to)
2008978-1-898323-92-1Paul CraskDominica (Bradt Travel Guide)
2000978-1-898323-93-8Ross VeltonMali: The Bradt Travel Guide (Bradt Travel Guide Mali)
2003978-1-898323-94-5Jane BlundenMongolia (The Bradt Travel Guide) (Bradt Travel Guides)
2000978-1-898323-95-2Kathy JarvisEcuador, Peru and Bolivia: The Backpacker's Manual (Bradt Hiking Guides)
1999978-1-898323-97-6Hilary BradtMadagascar: The Bradt Travel Guide
  ''978-1-898323-98-3Tim BurfordGeorgia (Guide to)
  ''978-1-898323-99-0Chris McIntyreZambia: The Bradt Travel Guide (Bradt Travel Guide Zambia)