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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1958978-0-7101-0002-3J. HohenbergerSemitisches und Hamitisches Sprachgut in Masai: mit vergleichendem Worterbuck
1965978-0-7101-0003-0Otto A. JagerAntiquities of North Ethiopia: A Guide
1967978-0-7101-0004-7H.L. JolyLegend in Japanese Art
1966978-0-7101-0005-4F.M. JonasNetsuke
  ''978-0-7101-0006-1A.B. MitfordTales of Old Japan
1968978-0-7101-0007-8N.H.N. ModyCollection of Nagasaki Colour Prints and Paintings
  ''978-0-7101-0008-5   ''Japanese Clocks
1963978-0-7101-0009-2Theodor PapadopoullosPoesie Dynastique du Rwanda et Epopee: Akritique
1962978-0-7101-0010-8R. RuberuEducation in Colonial Ceylon: Being a Research Study on the History of Education in Ceylon, 1796-1834
1964978-0-7101-0012-2Oreste VaccariBrush Up Your Japanese (Involvement in history)
1970978-0-7101-0013-9   ''Concise English-Japanese, Japanese-English Dictionary
1967978-0-7101-0014-6   ''Complete course of Japanese Conversation Grammar
1964978-0-7101-0015-3   ''Japanese in a Hurry: A Quick Approach to Spoken Japanese
1964978-0-7101-0017-7Oreste VaccariJapanese Readers
  ''978-0-7101-0019-1   ''New Up-to-date English-Japanese Conversation Dictionary
  ''978-0-7101-0020-7   ''Pictorial Chinese-Japanese Characters
1967978-0-7101-0021-4   ''Standard English-Japanese Dictionary
1966978-0-7101-0022-1   ''Standard Kanji
1953978-0-7101-0026-9K. LamanThe Congo: Bk. 1 (Studia Ethnographica Upsaliensia)
1952978-0-7101-0027-6H.Von SicardNgoma Lungundu: Eine Afrikanische Bundeslade (Studia Ethnographica Upsaliensia)
1957978-0-7101-0028-3K. LamanThe Congo: Bk. 2 (Studia Ethnographica Upsaliensia)
1954978-0-7101-0029-0S. LagercrantzAfrican Methods of Fire-making (Studia Ethnographica Upsaliensia)
978-0-7101-0030-6Arctica: Essays Presented to Ake Campbell (Studia Ethnographica Upsaliensia)
1957978-0-7101-0032-0Hans Henning Von Der OstenAltorientalische Siegelsteine der Sammlung H.S.von Aulock (Studia Ethnographica Upsaliensia)
1968978-0-7101-0033-7K. LamanThe Congo: Bk. 4 (Studia Ethnographica Upsaliensia)
1964978-0-7101-0034-4Bengt Anell · etc.Varia I (Studia Ethnographica Upsaliensia)
1965978-0-7101-0035-1H.Von SicardNgano dze Cikarange: Text and Translation in German: Karangmarchen (Studia Ethnographica Upsaliensia)
1966978-0-7101-0036-8G. Berg · etc.Varia II (Studia Ethnographica Upsaliensia)
1967978-0-7101-0037-5Alexander Peter KupAdam Afzelius Sierra Leone Journal, 1795-96 (Studia Ethnographica Upsaliensia)
  ''978-0-7101-0038-2Anita JacobsonMarriage and Money (Studia Ethnographica Upsaliensia)
1968978-0-7101-0039-9E. Hilberth · J. HilberthContribution a l'Ethographie des Gbaya (Studia Ethnographica Upsaliensia)
  ''978-0-7101-0040-5E. HalldenCultural Policy of the Basel Mission in the Cameroons, 1886-1905 (Studia Ethnographica Upsaliensia)
1963978-0-7101-0041-2Masaharu AnesakiHistory of Japanese Religion: With Special Reference to the Social and Moral Life of the Nation
1970978-0-7101-0042-9Kurt MeissnerJapanese Woodblock Prints in Miniature: The Genre of Surimono
1970978-0-7101-0044-3George C. WilliamsonBook of the Famille Rose
1969978-0-7101-0046-7The Baur Collection, Geneva: Chinese ceramics; [in 4vols]
1970978-0-7101-0047-4S.Howard HansfordJade: Essence of the Hills and Streams
  ''978-0-7101-0048-1M. Jahss · B. JahssInro and Other Forms of Japanese Lacquer Art
  ''978-0-7101-0049-8J. HillierHarunobu: Catalogue of an Exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art
1968978-0-7101-0050-4Bengt AnellRunning Down and Driving of Big Game in North America (Studia Ethnographica Upsaliensia)
  ''978-0-7101-0051-1Kerstin EidlitzFood and Emergency Food in the Circumpolar Area (Studia Ethnographica Upsaliensia)
1970978-0-7101-0052-8Phebe FjellstromSwedish-American Colonization in the San Joaquin Valley in California (Studia Ethnographica Upsaliensia)
  ''978-0-7101-0053-5Oreste VaccariA. B. C. Japanese-English Dictionary
1970978-0-7101-0055-9J. Hillier · Walter AmstutzJapanese Emblems and Designs
1966978-0-7101-0056-6J.A. StoutModern Makonde Sculpture
1966978-0-7101-0057-3J.A. StoutModern Makonde Sculpture
1958978-0-7101-0059-7Wilfred WhiteleyShort Description of Item Categories in Iraqw, with Material on Gorowa, Alagwa and Burunge (East African Linguistics Studies)
1960978-0-7101-0060-3Wilfred WhiteleyTense System of Gusii (East African Linguistics Studies)
1970978-0-7101-0062-7Oreste VaccariJapanese Conversation Grammar: Supplement
1971978-0-7101-0064-1Theodor PapadopoullosCase of Tribal Differentiation: Migration of the Warega Tribe
1956978-0-7101-0070-2Auguste Toussaint · H. AdolpheBibliography of Mauritius, 1502-1954
1971978-0-7101-0072-6Zulfikar Ali BhuttoGreat Tragedy
1969978-0-7101-0074-0J.F. DuponRecueil de Documents pour Servir a l'Histoire de Rodrigues (Mauritius Archives Publications)
1972978-0-7101-0075-7Zulfikar Ali BhuttoGreat Tragedy
  ''978-0-7101-0076-4Early Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art
1973978-0-7101-0079-5Piyadasa Dharmasiri RatnatungaIndex to the journals of the Pali Text Society, (1882-1927)
1970978-0-7101-0080-1J.P. VogelTile Mosiacs of the Lahore Fort
1972978-0-7101-0081-8Jalaluddin AhmedArt in Pakistan: Early Years
  ''978-0-7101-0082-5Lars SundstromEcology and Symbiosis: Niger Water Folk (Studia Ethnographica Upsaliensia)
1971978-0-7101-0083-2Lisa ColldenTraditional Religion of the Sakata (Studia Ethnographica Upsaliensia)
1972978-0-7101-0084-9C-.J. CharpentierBazaar-E Tashqurghan: Ethnographical Studies in an Afghan Traditional Bazaar (Studia ethnographica Upsaliensia)
1975978-0-7101-0085-6Otto A. Jaeger · Ivy PearceAntiquities of North Ethiopia: A Guide
1973978-0-7101-0087-0Chinese Ceramics from the Cottle Collection: Catalogue
978-0-7101-0090-0E. A. EliasEnglish-Arabic, Arabic-English Pocket Dictionary
978-0-7101-0091-7E. A. EliasEnglish-Arabic Pocket Dictionary
978-0-7101-0092-4   ''Arabic-English Pocket Dictionary
1974978-0-7101-0093-1E. AnderssonContribution a l'Ethnographie des Kuta II (Studia Ethnographica Upsaliensia)
1973978-0-7101-0094-8Ancient Chinese Bronzes and Early Ceramics: Catalogue
978-0-7101-0096-2Richard WinstedtEnglish-Malay Dictionary
1973978-0-7101-0097-9Japanese Netsuke Formerly in the Collection of Robert L.Greene: Catalogue
1966978-0-7101-0098-6Syed Muhammed Naguib Al-AttasRaniri and the Wujudiyyah of the 17th Century Acheh
1965978-0-7101-0099-3Cyril SkinnerCivil War in Kelantan in 1839
1964978-0-7101-0100-6S.Husin AliSocial Stratification in Kampong Bagan: Study of Class, Status, Conflict and Mobility in a Rural Malay Community
1973978-0-7101-0101-3Ronald G. CantHistorical Geography of Pahang
1957978-0-7101-0102-0Richard WinstedtColloquial Malay
  ''978-0-7101-0103-7   ''Dictionary of Colloquial Malay
1970978-0-7101-0104-4A.I. AkramSword of Allah: Khalid bin Al Waleed
1968978-0-7101-0105-1Arnold Joseph Toynbee · etc.World Writers on Pakistan
1969978-0-7101-0106-8Lalif Ahmed SherwaniPakistan Resolution to Pakistan
1970978-0-7101-0107-5Syed Sharifuddin PirzadaFoundations of Pakistan: v. 1
  ''978-0-7101-0108-2   ''Foundations of Pakistan: v. 2
1970978-0-7101-0109-9Sharif Al MujahidIndian Secularism
1968978-0-7101-0110-5Mustaq AhmadPakistan's Foreign Policy
1971978-0-7101-0111-2Mujtaba RazviFrontiers of Pakistan
1970978-0-7101-0112-9F.A. KhanArchitecture and Art Treasures in Pakistan
978-0-7101-0113-6Students Practical Dictionary: Urdu-English
1970978-0-7101-0114-3Pakistan: Land of Many Splendours
1974978-0-7101-0115-0Oreste VaccariConcise English-Japanese, Japanese-English Dictionary
  ''978-0-7101-0116-7Oreste Vaccari · Enko Eliza VaccariDictionnaire Pratique Francais-Japonais Pour La Conversation
1950978-0-7101-0117-4Bernhard KarlgrenBook of Odes (Museum of Far Eastern Antique Reprint)
1957978-0-7101-0119-8B. GyllensvardT'ang Gold and Silver (Museum of Far Eastern Antique)
1958978-0-7101-0120-4Bernhard KarlgrenEasy Lessons in Chinese Writing (Museum of Far Eastern Antique S.)
1946978-0-7101-0121-1   ''Glosses on the Book of Odes (Museum of Far Eastern Antique)
1967978-0-7101-0122-8Bernhard KarlgrenLoan Characters in Prehan Texts (Museum of Far Eastern Antique)
1953978-0-7101-0123-5G. LindbergHsing-Yao and Ting-Yao (Museum of Far Eastern Antique)
1958978-0-7101-0124-2M. Ly-Tio-FaneMauritius and the Spice Trade: Odyssey of Pierre Poivre (Mauritius Archives Publications)
1956978-0-7101-0125-9B. SommarstromSite of Ma-Kia-Yao (Museum of Far Eastern Antique)
1954978-0-7101-0126-6Auguste ToussaintEarly American Trade with Mauritius (Mauritius Archives Publications)
1973978-0-7101-0127-3Oreste Vaccari · Enko Eliza VaccariComplete Course of Japanese Conversation Grammar
1974978-0-7101-0128-0   ''New Up-to-Date English-Japanese Conversation Dictionary
1973978-0-7101-0129-7   ''Japanese in a Hurry: A Quick Approach to Spoken Japanese
1972978-0-7101-0130-3   ''Japanese Readers
  ''978-0-7101-0132-7   ''Pictorial Chinese-Japanese Characters: New and Fascinating Method to Learn Ideographs
1975978-0-7101-0133-4Milan KalousCannibals and Tongo Players of Sierra Leone
  ''978-0-7101-0134-1F.L. DunnRain-forest Collectors and Traders: Study of Resource Utilization in Modern and Ancient Malaya
  ''978-0-7101-0135-8A.B. MitfordTales of Old Japan
1934978-0-7101-0136-5Nils PalmgrenKansu Mortuary Urns of the Pan Shan and Ma Chang Group
1973978-0-7101-0137-2W. LinehanHistory of Pahang
  ''978-0-7101-0138-9Joseph ArnoldJava Journal
1970978-0-7101-0139-6D.E.K. Wijasuriya · Lim Huck TeeIndex Malaysiana
1970978-0-7101-0140-2D.E.K. Wijasuriya · Lim Huck TeeIndex Malaysiana
1977978-0-7101-0141-9E. CavicchiProblems of Change in Kikuyu Tribal Society
1965978-0-7101-0142-6Richard WinstedtUnabridged English-Malay Dictionary
1977978-0-7101-0143-3Lord MedwayMammals of Borneo: Field Keys and an Annotated Checklist
1972978-0-7101-0144-0Raoul LehuardStatuaire du Stanley Pool
1976978-0-7101-0145-7Raoul LehuardPhemba du Mayombe: Figures Sculptes Dites 'Phemba' du Mayombe
1975978-0-7101-0146-4Francois Neyt · Louis De StryckerApproche des Arts Hemba
1976978-0-7101-0147-1Marie Louise BastinStatuettes Tshokwe du Heros Civilisateur "Tshibinda Ilunga"
1979978-0-7101-0149-5A. J. StockwellBritish Policy and Malay Politics During the Malay Union Experiment, 1945-48
1975978-0-7101-0155-6Anthony Reid · Lance CastlesPrecolonial State Systems in South East Asia: Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, Bali-Lombok, South Celebes
1983978-0-7101-0157-0Alfred Buhler · etc.Indian Tie-dyed Fabrics
  ''978-0-7101-0158-7John Irwin · Margaret HallIndian Embroideries
  ''978-0-7101-0159-4John Irwin · Margaret HallIndian Painted and Printed Fabrics
  ''978-0-7101-0160-0Kay Talwar · Krishna KalyanIndian Pigment Paintings on Cloth
1981978-0-7101-0161-7P. B. R. CareyBabad Dipanagara: An Account of the Outbreak of the Java War (1825-1830): Account of the Outbreak of the Java War, 1825-30 (The Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society Monograph)
978-0-7101-5541-2Dirty Laundry
1998978-0-7101-5547-4Earl Palmer · Paul Cedar · Gary Demarest · Maxie Dunnam · Myron Augsburger · Lloyd OgilvieThe Communicator's Commentary Complete 12 Volume Set

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