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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1992978-1-877864-00-1Lois Lacivita NixonTrials, Tribulations, and Celebrations: African-American Perspectives on Health, Illness, Aging, and Loss
2005978-1-877864-01-8Edward C. Stewart · Milton J. BennettAmerican Cultural Patterns: A Cross-Cultural Perspective
1992978-1-877864-02-5Martin F. BennettUpdate Hong Kong
  ''978-1-877864-03-2Bill GriesarThe Underground Guide to University Study in Britain and Ireland
1990978-1-877864-04-9Sivasailam ThiagarajanBarnga: A Simulation Game on Cultural Clashes
1992978-1-877864-05-6Nancy J. Piet-Pelon · Barbara HornbyWomen's Guide to Overseas Living
1991978-1-877864-06-3Scott Andrew ShaneA Cultural Approach to Marketing in Japan
2000978-1-877864-07-0Edward T. Hall · Mildred Reed HallUnderstanding Cultural Differences: Germans, French and Americans
1992978-1-877864-08-7Yale RichmondFrom Nyet to Da: Understanding the Russians (Interact Series)
  ''978-1-877864-09-4Gretchen JanssenWomen on the Move: A Christian Perspective on Cross-Cultural Adaptation
2005978-1-877864-10-0Ari B. SiletzMullah with No Legs and Other Stories
1992978-1-877864-11-7Helen Wattley AmesSpain Is Different (Interact Series)
1993978-1-877864-12-4Donald E. DekiefferThe International Business Traveler's Companion
2004978-1-877864-13-1L. Robert Kohls · John M. KnightDeveloping Intercultural Awareness: A Cross-Cultural Training Handbook
1992978-1-877864-14-8Rosalind Kalb · Penelope WelchMoving Your Family Overseas
2002978-1-877864-15-5Margaret K. NydellUnderstanding Arabs: A Guide for Westerners (The Interact Series)
2003978-1-877864-16-2Yale RichmondFrom Nyet to Da: Understanding the new Russia
1993978-1-877864-17-9Bettina HanselThe Exchange Student Survival Kit
1994978-1-877864-18-6Jan DrumGlobal Winners: 74 Learning Activities for Inside and Outside the Classroom
  ''978-1-877864-19-3Daniel J. HessWhole World Guide to Culture Learning
1993978-1-877864-21-6Ellen SummerfieldCrossing Cultures Through Film
1994978-1-877864-22-3John C. CondonBuenos Vecinos: Communicandose Con Los Mexicanos (Spanish Edition)
1993978-1-877864-24-7Theodore GochenourBeyond Experience: An Experiential Approach to Cross-Cultural Education
1994978-1-877864-25-4PaigeEducation for the Intercultural Experience
1993978-1-877864-26-1Carol Clark OttesenL.A. Stories: The Voices of Cultural Diversity
1994978-1-877864-28-5Craig StortiCross-Cultural Dialogues: 74 Brief Encounters with Cultural Difference
1995978-1-877864-29-2Sandra M. Fowler · Monica G. MumfordIntercultural Sourcebook Vol 1: Cross-Cultural Training Methods
  ''978-1-877864-30-8Yale RichmondFrom Da to Yes: Understanding the East Europeans (Interact)
1995978-1-877864-31-5Lucy Shahar · David KurzBorder Crossings: American Interactions with Israelis
  ''978-1-877864-32-2Eva S. KrasManagement in Two Cultures: Bridging the Gap Between U.S. and Mexican Managers
  ''978-1-877864-33-9H. Ned SeelyeExperiential Activities for Intercultural Learning
  ''978-1-877864-34-6Gary AlthenThe Handbook of Foreign Student Advising
1999978-1-877864-35-3Meg Swanson · Robin MurrayPlaywrights of Color
1995978-1-877864-36-0Aaron WolfgangEverybody's Guide to People Watching
2005978-1-877864-37-7Nancy King · Ken HuffHost Family Survival Kit: A Guide for American Host Families
1996978-1-877864-38-4L. Robert KohlsSurvival Kit for Overseas Living: For Americans Planning to Live and Work Abroad
2000978-1-877864-39-1Benjamin J. BroomeExploring the Greek Mosaic: A Guide to Intercultural Communication in Greece (The Interact Series)
1996978-1-877864-40-7Alison Raymond LanierLiving in the USA (5th Edition)
  ''978-1-877864-41-4Yale RichmondFrom Nyet to Da: Understanding the Russians (Interact Series)
1997978-1-877864-42-1Philip H. HerbstThe Color of Words: An Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Ethnic Bias in the United States
1996978-1-877864-43-8Rena C. GropperCulture and the Clinical Encounter: An Intercultural Sensitizer for the Health Professions
1996978-1-877864-44-5Judith M. BlohmWhere in the World Are You Going?
  ''978-1-877864-45-2Robert EddyReflections on Multiculturalism
1997978-1-877864-46-9Margaret K. NydellUnderstanding Arabs: A Guide for Westerners (The Interact Series)
  ''978-1-877864-47-6Craig StortiThe Art of Coming Home
  ''978-1-877864-48-3Paula Rae HeusinkveldPathways to Culture: Readings on Teaching Culture in the Foreign Language Class
  ''978-1-877864-49-0Ellen SummerfieldSurvival Kit for Multicultural Living
1997978-1-877864-50-6Daniel J. HessStudying Abroad/Learning Abroad: An Abridged Version of The Whole World Guide to Culture Learning
  ''978-1-877864-51-3Dugan RomanoIntercultural Marriage: Promises & Pitfalls
  ''978-1-877864-52-0Germaine W. ShamesTranscultural Odysseys: The Evolving Global Consciousness
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  ''978-1-877864-54-4Glen FisherMindsets: The Role of Culture and Perception in International Relations
1998978-1-877864-55-1Nathan J. CorbittGlobal Awareness Profile: Gaptest: Facilitator's Manual
1998978-1-877864-56-8Barbara Finkelstein · Elizabeth K. EderHidden Messages: Instructional Materials for Investigating Culture
  ''978-1-877864-57-5Yale RichmondInto Africa: Intercultural Insights (Interact Series)
1999978-1-877864-58-2Hu WenzhongEncountering the Chinese: A Guide for Americans (The Interact Series)
1998978-1-877864-59-9Clifford H. Clarke · G. Douglas LippDanger and Opportunity: Resolving Conflict in U.S.-Based Japanese Subsidiaries
  ''978-1-877864-60-5Glen FisherThe Mindsets Factor in Ethnic Conflict: A Cross-Cultural Agenda
  ''978-1-877864-61-2Marshall R. SingerPerception & Identity in Intercultural Communication
  ''978-1-877864-62-9Milton J. BennettBasic Concepts of Intercultural Communication: Selected Readings
1998978-1-877864-63-6John C CondonBuenos Vecinos: Comunicandose Con los Mexicanos
1999978-1-877864-64-3Sandra M. Fowler · Monica G. MumfordIntercultural Sourcebook Vol 2: Cross-Cultural Training Methods
1998978-1-877864-65-0George HendersonOur Souls to Keep: Black/White Relations in America
  ''978-1-877864-66-7Anastasia CusulosWalkin' in Your Shoes: The Case of Janis/With Facilitator's Guide
  ''978-1-877864-67-4   ''Walkin' in Your Shoes: The Case of Janis
  ''978-1-877864-68-1   ''Walkin' in Your Shoes: The Case of Vanessa: Gender: Facilitaor's Guide
  ''978-1-877864-69-8   ''Walkin' in Your Shoes: The Case of Vanessa
1998978-1-877864-70-4Craig StortiFiguring Foreigners Out: A Practical Guide
1999978-1-877864-71-1Helen Wattley-AmesSpain is Different (Interact Series)
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1998978-1-877864-77-3Clifford H. Clarke · G. Douglas LippDanger and Opportunity: Resolving Conflict in U.S.-Based Japanese Subsidiaries
2000978-1-877864-78-0Lee ZeiglerFilm and Video Resources for International Educational Exchange
2000978-1-877864-79-7Jeffrey A. FadimanSouth Africa's 'Black' Market: How to Do Business With Africans
2001978-1-877864-80-3Philip H. HerbstWimmin, Wimps & Wallflowers: An Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Gender and Sexual Orientation Bias in the United States
2000978-1-877864-81-0Mary Margaret Wang · Richard W. Brislin · Wei-zhong Wang · David Williams · Julie Haiyan ChaoTurning Bricks Into Jade: Critical Incidents for Mutual Understanding Among Chinese and Americans
  ''978-1-877864-82-7Gilles Asselin · Ruth MastronAu Contraire: Figuring out the French
2001978-1-877864-83-4Jacqueline OliveiraBrazil: A Guide for Businesspeople
2005978-1-877864-84-1Ellen SummerfieldSeeing the Big Picture: Exploring American Cultures on Film
2001978-1-877864-85-8Eun Y. KimThe Yin and Yang of American Culture: A Paradox
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  ''978-1-877864-87-2L. Robert KohlsLearning to Think Korean: A Guide to Living and Working in Korea (The Interact Series)
  ''978-1-877864-88-9Christina Johansson Robinowitz · Lisa Werner CarrModern-Day Vikings: A Pracical Guide to Interacting with the Swedes (The Interact Series)
2002978-1-877864-90-2Gert Jan Hofstede · Paul B. Pedersen · Geert HofstedeExploring Culture: Exercises, Stories and Synthetic Cultures
2003978-1-877864-91-9Skye StephensonUnderstanding Spanish-Speaking South Americans: Bridging Hemispheres (Interact Series)
2005978-1-877864-92-6Cornelius Grove · Willa HallowellRandomia Balloon Factory: A Unique Simulation for Working Across the Cultural Divide
2007978-1-877864-93-3David MatsumotoNew Japan: Debunking Seven Cultural Stereotypes
1997978-1-877864-94-0NipporicaEcotonos: A Multicultural Problem-Solving Simulation
2002978-1-877864-95-7Nilda ChongThe Latino Patient: A Cultural Guide for Health Care Providers
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2002978-1-877864-99-5Gary AlthenAmerican Ways: A Guide for Foreigners in the United States