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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1970978-0-7022-0613-9Joe HarrisThe bitter fight;: A pictorial history of the Australian labor movement
  ''978-0-7022-0620-7Clifford W AsplandA syntactical study of epic formulas and formulaic expressions containing the -ant forms in twelfth century French verse
1971978-0-7022-0702-0Rosemary DobsonFocus on Ray Crooke (Artists in Queensland)
1972978-0-7022-0763-1Rhyll McMasterThe brineshrimp (Paperback poets)
1973978-0-7022-0884-3Vicki ViidikasCondition red (Paperback poets)
1974978-0-7022-0945-1Robert GrayCreekwater journal (Paperback poets: Ser. 2)
1975978-0-7022-0977-2Leslie Edward SkinnerPolice of the pastoral frontier: Native police, 1849-1859
  ''978-0-7022-0978-9Murray BailContemporary portraits and other stories (Paperback prose ; 10)
1977978-0-7022-1015-0Derek GoodwinCrows of the World
1975978-0-7022-1040-2John Anthony MosesThe politics of illusion: The Fischer controversy in German historiography
978-0-7022-1054-9Peter KocanThe other side of the fence
1979978-0-7022-1095-2Friedrich SteinbauerMelanesian cargo cults: New salvation movements in the South Pacific
1978978-0-7022-1167-6Paul R WilsonThe other side of rape
  ''978-0-7022-1227-7Peter SekulessJessie Street, a rewarding but unrewarded life
1980978-0-7022-1275-8Brett HilderThe voyage of Torres: The discovery of the southern coastline of New Guinea and Torres Strait by Captain Luis Baéz de Torres in 1606
1979978-0-7022-1278-9Bruce BeaverAs it was
1977978-0-7022-1312-0Harold Trevor Clifford · H T CliffordIdentifying Grasses: Data, Methods and Illustrations
978-0-7022-1322-9Judith RodriguezWater life
1979978-0-7022-1346-5Seweryn KorzelinskiMemoirs of gold-digging in Australia
1977978-0-7022-1352-6Dean JaenschThe government of South Australia
1980978-0-7022-1366-3Alan GilpinEnvironment policy in Australia (Australian environment)
1976978-0-7022-1370-0Laurie ThomasThe most noble art of them all: The selected writings of Laurie Thomas
1977978-0-7022-1411-0David WetherellReluctant mission: The Anglican Church in Papua New Guinea, 1891-1942
1979978-0-7022-1417-2John SingeThe Torres Strait: People and History
1980978-0-7022-1418-9Rosemary Dobson · David Watt Ian CampbellSeven Russian Poets: Imitations
1979978-0-7022-1429-5Charles LisnerMy journey through dance
1977978-0-7022-1444-8L. EssonFive plays for stage, radio, and television (Portable Australian authors)
1982978-0-7022-1485-1Arai HakusekiLessons from History: The Tokushi Yoron
1981978-0-7022-1544-5Lyndall RyanThe Aboriginal Tasmanians
1989978-0-7022-1569-8Herman Kahn · Thomas PepperWill She Be Alright? the Future of Australia
1980978-0-7022-1573-5Judith RodriguezMudcrab at Gambaro's
1981978-0-7022-1620-6Lorna McDonaldRockhampton: A History of City and District
1982978-0-7022-1646-6Peter SekulessFred: An Australian Hero
1985978-0-7022-1665-7Wolf DonnerThe Five Faces Of Thailand: An Economic Geography
1982978-0-7022-1680-0Fay ZwickyKaddish and other poems
1983978-0-7022-1692-3John S. WesternThe Mass Media in Australia
1982978-0-7022-1700-5C. E. W. BeanAustralian Imperial Force in France 1917 (Australian Ecology Series)
1985978-0-7022-1707-4John GunnThe Defeat of Distance: Qantas, 1919-1939
1982978-0-7022-1710-4C. E. W. BeanThe Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-18: The Australian Imperial Force in France, 1917 (The Official history of Australia in the war of 1914-1918)
1984978-0-7022-1715-9Kate GrenvilleBearded Ladies
1985978-0-7022-1716-6Kate GrenvilleBearded Ladies Stories
1983978-0-7022-1721-0D. J. MurphyThe Big Strikes
  ''978-0-7022-1723-4C. E. W. BeanThe Australian Imperial Force in France, During the Main German Offensive, 1918: The Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-1918
1984978-0-7022-1725-8H S GullettThe Australian Imperial Force in Sinai and Palestine, 1914-1918 (Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-1918) (v 7)
1982978-0-7022-1730-2C. E. W. BeanThe Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-18: Australian Imperial Force in France, 1916 (The Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-1918)
1985978-0-7022-1738-8Edmund FungFrom Fear to Friendship: Australia's Policies Towards the People's Republic of China, 1966-1982
1983978-0-7022-1753-1C E W BeanThe Australian Imperial Force in France During the Allied Offensive, 1918 (Portable Australian Authors)
1984978-0-7022-1756-2Clement SemmlerBanjo of the Bush: The Life and Times of A B Banjo Paterson
1985978-0-7022-1831-6A. F. ChalmersWhat Is This Thing Called Science: An Assessment of the Nature and Status of Science and Its Methods
1984978-0-7022-1844-6Charles LisnerAustralian Ballet: Twenty One Years
1983978-0-7022-1903-0Lyndall RyanTHE ABORIGINAL TASMANIANS.
1987978-0-7022-1907-8John A. ScottSt Clair: Three Narratives
1986978-0-7022-1959-7Kate GrenvilleDreamhouse
1984978-0-7022-1965-8John W. LongworthBeef in Japan: Politics, Production, Marketing, and Trade
1983978-0-7022-1991-7Robert Elliot · Arran GareEnvironmental Philosophy: A Collection of Readings
1984978-0-7022-2008-1Professor of Philosophy Max CharlesworthReligion in Aboriginal Australia: An Anthology
1987978-0-7022-2017-3John GunnChallenging Horizons: Qantas, 1939-1954
1988978-0-7022-2037-1Adrian McGregorKing Wally: The Story of Wally Lewis
1987978-0-7022-2062-3Andrew TaylorReading Australian Poetry
1987978-0-7022-2079-1John MillingtonTropical Visions
1988978-0-7022-2107-1Frank FennerSir Macfarlane Burnet, scientist and thinker (The John Murtagh Macrossan lecture)
  ''978-0-7022-2118-7Terry Gwynn-JonesPioneer Aviator: The Remarkable Life of Lores Bonney
1990978-0-7022-2127-9Helen DashBrisbane Our Town: A Century of Photographs
1988978-0-7022-2128-6John GunnHigh Corridors: Qantas, 1954-1970
1989978-0-7022-2138-5Judith RodriguezThe House by Water: New and Selected Poems (Uqp Paperbacks)
1988978-0-7022-2141-5Bruce BeaverCharmed Lives (Uqp Paperbacks)
1989978-0-7022-2149-1Adam ShoemakerBlack Words, White Page: Aboriginal Literature 1929-88
  ''978-0-7022-2173-6Bobbi SykesLove Poems and Other Revolutionary Actions
1999978-0-7022-2174-3Kate GrenvilleJoan Makes History
1990978-0-7022-2180-4Jack DavisPaperbark: A Collection of Black Australian Writings (Uqp Black Australian Writers Series)
  ''978-0-7022-2193-4J. GwynnOn a Wing and a Prayer Great Australian Air Stories (UQP nonfiction)
  ''978-0-7022-2215-3Robert Edward NortonRace and politics in Fiji (UQP paperbacks)
1989978-0-7022-2221-4Philip SalomBarbecue of the Primitives (Uqp Poetry)
1989978-0-7022-2250-4Brian CaswellMerryll of the stones (UQP young adult fiction)
1990978-0-7022-2282-5Fay ZwickyAsk Me (Uqp Poetry)
2000978-0-7022-2325-9Janette Turner HospitalThe Ivory Swing
1990978-0-7022-2331-0Jonathan Dawson · Bruce MolloyQueensland images in film and television (UQP paperbacks)
1991978-0-7022-2338-9Bruce BeaverBruce Beaver: New and Selected Poems 1960-1990 (UQP poetry)
1992978-0-7022-2365-5Terry Gwynn-JonesBy the Seats of Their Pants: More Great Australian Air Stories (UQP nonfiction)
  ''978-0-7022-2374-7Pam YoungProud to Be a Rebel: The Life and Times of Emma Miller (Uqp Nonfiction)
  ''978-0-7022-2389-1Craig MunroInky Stephensen: Wild Man of Letters (UQP biography)
1991978-0-7022-2394-5Scott Lithgow · LithgowTraining and Working Dogs for Quiet Confident Control of Stock
1992978-0-7022-2399-0Elaine BarryFabricating the Self: The Fictions of Jessica Anderson (Uqp Studies in Australian Literature)
  ''978-0-7022-2406-5Jocelyn MoorhouseProof: The Screenplay (Uqp Paperbacks)
  ''978-0-7022-2412-6Jennifer StraussBoundary Conditions: The Poetry of Gwen Harwood (Uqp Studies in Australian Literature)
1992978-0-7022-2416-4Brian CaswellA cage of butterflies (UQP young adult fiction)
  ''978-0-7022-2418-8HUGH LUNNHead Over Heels
1995978-0-7022-2438-6Fedora Gould FisherRaphael Cilento (UQP biography)
2000978-0-7022-2444-7Herb WhartonUnbranded (UQP Black Australian Writers)
1994978-0-7022-2450-8Richard WalshFerretabilia: The Life and Times of Nation Review
  ''978-0-7022-2466-9Fay ZwickyPoems, 1970-1992 (UQP PAPERBACKS)
1992978-0-7022-2478-2Eric C RollsSojourners: The Epic Story of China's Centuries-Old Relationship with Australia: Flowers and the Wide Sea
1993978-0-7022-2499-7James MoloneyDougy (Uqp Young Adult Fiction)
  ''978-0-7022-2541-3David LawrensonMartin Offiah: A blaze of glory
1995978-0-7022-2564-2Wandjuk Marika · Jennifer IsaacsWandjuk Marika: Life Story
1993978-0-7022-2575-8Hugh LunnFred & Olive's blessed lino
1995978-0-7022-2612-0Bruce BeaverAnima and Other Poems (UQP poetry)
  ''978-0-7022-2613-7Childe and Australia: Archaeology, politics, and ideas (UQP paperbacks)
1995978-0-7022-2624-3Laurie DugganSelected Poems 1971-1992 (UQP paperbacks)
1994978-0-7022-2627-4Harry GordonAustralia and the Olympic games
  ''978-0-7022-2637-3Ruby Langford GinibiMy Bundjalung People (UQP BLACK AUSTRALIAN WRITERS)
1998978-0-7022-2651-9Anne WhiteheadParadise Mislaid: In Search of the Australian Tribe of Paraguay
2001978-0-7022-2688-5John A ScottThe Architect
1996978-0-7022-2709-7Nugi Garimara Doris PilkingtonFollow the Rabbit-Proof Fence
1995978-0-7022-2757-8Hugh LunnSpies Like Us (Uqp Paperbacks Memoir)
  ''978-0-7022-2799-8Peter CareyThe Fat Man in History
  ''978-0-7022-2800-1Oodgeroo Noonuccal · Adam Shoemaker · Laurie HergenhanOodgeroo: A Tribute (Australian Literary Studies , Vol 16, No 4)
1996978-0-7022-2848-3Roberta B Sykes · Bobbi SykesEclipse (UQP Black Australian Writers)
  ''978-0-7022-2872-8Judith BeveridgeAccidental grace (UQP poetry)
1996978-0-7022-2904-6Ross FitzgeraldThe Footy Club: Inside the Brisbane Bears
1997978-0-7022-2917-6Alexis WrightPlains of Promise (UQP Black Australian Writers)
1998978-0-7022-2941-1Bridget GoodwinKeen As Mustard: Britain's Horrific Chemical Warfare Experiments in Australia
1997978-0-7022-2952-7Peter CareyJack Maggs
  ''978-0-7022-2959-6Ross FitzgeraldFred Paterson: The People's Champion
1998978-0-7022-3051-6Colin BourkeAboriginal Australia: An Introductory Reader in Aboriginal Studies
1999978-0-7022-3053-0Catherine PrattResisting Fiction: The Novels of Henry Handel Richardson (Alien Zones)
1997978-0-7022-3060-8Barbara HanrahanBarbara Hanrahan Diaries
1999978-0-7022-3073-8John GunnContested Skies: Trans-Australia Airlines Australian Airlines 1946-1992
  ''978-0-7022-3113-1Herb WhartonYumba Days
2002978-0-7022-3134-6Aileen Moreton-RobinsonTalkin' Up to the White Woman: Indigenous Women and Feminism
2000978-0-7022-3136-0Professor of Politics Geoffrey Stokes · Ian Ward · Michael LeachThe Rise and Fall of One Nation
  ''978-0-7022-3151-3James MoloneyTouch Me
2003978-0-7022-3173-5Rae WearThe Premiers of Queensland
2000978-0-7022-3174-2Samuel Wagan WatsonOf Muse, Meandering and Midnight (Uqp Black Australian Writers)
2001978-0-7022-3189-6Laurie DugganGhost Nation: Imagined Space and Aust Visual Culture 1901-1939
  ''978-0-7022-3220-6Peter YellowleesYour Guide to E-Health: Third Millennium Medicine on the Internet
2001978-0-7022-3222-0Thom BlakeA Dumping Ground: Cherbourg Settlement 1900-1940
2015978-0-7022-3228-2Anthony EatonA New Kind of Dreaming (Uqp Young Adult Fiction)
2002978-0-7022-3236-7Peter CareyTrue History of the Kelly Gang
2001978-0-7022-3242-8Bronwyn LeaFlight Animals
2008978-0-7022-3245-9Paul MemmottGunyah, Goondie & Wurley: The Aboriginal Architecture of Australia
2001978-0-7022-3252-7Estate of Ray WhitrodBefore I Sleep: Memoirs of a Modern Police Commissioner
  ''978-0-7022-3257-2Gwen Harwood · Gregory KratzmannSteady Storm of Correspondence: Selected Letters of Gwen Harwood 1943-1995
2002978-0-7022-3262-6Ashley MallettThe Black Lords of Summer: The Story of the 1868 Aboriginal Tour of England and Beyond
2001978-0-7022-3263-3Peter CareyTrue History of he Kelly Gang
  ''978-0-7022-3275-6Jack GallawayThe Brisbane Broncos: The Team to Beat
2013978-0-7022-3281-7Pilkington DorisFollow the Rabbit-Proof Fence
2002978-0-7022-3282-4Samuel Wagan WatsonItinerant Blues
2008978-0-7022-3284-8M. T. C. CroninMy Lover's Back: 79 Love Poems
2002978-0-7022-3302-9Marian Simms1901: The Forgotten Election (Uqp Australian Studies)
2003978-0-7022-3305-0John SingeMy Island Home: A Torres Strait Memoir
  ''978-0-7022-3308-1Doris Pilkington · Nugi GarimaraUnder the Wintamarra Tree
2002978-0-7022-3309-8Frances De GroenXavier Herbert Letters
  ''978-0-7022-3315-9Toni Johnson-WoodsBig Bother: Why Did That Reality TV Show Become Such a Phenomenon?
2002978-0-7022-3330-2Kate GrenvilleJoan Makes History
  ''978-0-7022-3342-5Jack GallawayBrisbane Broncos: The Team to Beat
2008978-0-7022-3349-4Ross GibsonSeven Versions of an Australian Badland
2003978-0-7022-3351-7Laurie DugganMangroves
  ''978-0-7022-3352-4Alison HoddinottGwen Harwood Collected Poems
2013978-0-7022-3355-5Doris PilkingtonFollow the Rabbit-Proof Fence
2004978-0-7022-3360-9Andrew StaffordPig City: From the Saints to Savage Garden
2003978-0-7022-3369-2Iain ColemanThe Happy Horse: How to Find One and Keep It That Way
  ''978-0-7022-3374-6Nancy PhelanWriting Round The Edges
  ''978-0-7022-3383-8Jack GallawayOrigin
2003978-0-7022-3386-9Nerida NewtonThe Lambing Flat
  ''978-0-7022-3389-0Ross FitzgeraldThe Pope's Battalions
2004978-0-7022-3407-1Larissa BehrendtHome (Black Australian Writing)
2003978-0-7022-3414-9Ruth HegartyBittersweet Journey
  ''978-0-7022-3415-6   ''Is That You, Ruthie?
  ''978-0-7022-3416-3Frank BrennanTampering With Asylum: A Universal Humanitarian Problem
2004978-0-7022-3425-5Australian Olympic CommitteeThe Compendium: Official Australian Olympic Statistics 1896-2002
  ''978-0-7022-3434-7Adrian McgregorWally Lewis Forever the King
2004978-0-7022-3436-1Robert NewtonSaturday Morning, Mozart and Burnt Toast
2005978-0-7022-3437-8Anthony EatonGirl In The Cave
2004978-0-7022-3441-5Meredith MckinneyThe Equal Heart and Mind: Letters Between Judith Wright and Jack Mckinney
  ''978-0-7022-3450-7Margaret SomervilleWildflowering: The Life and Places of Kathleen McArthur
  ''978-0-7022-3454-5Jay VerneyA Mortality Tale
  ''978-0-7022-3462-0Hesba BrinsmeadPastures Of The Blue Crane
2007978-0-7022-3468-2Patrick Buckridge · Belinda McKayBy the Book: A Literary History of Queensland
2004978-0-7022-3471-2Samuel Wagan WatsonSmoke Encrypted Whispers
  ''978-0-7022-3474-3Kimberley StarrThe Kingdom Where Nobody Dies
2004978-0-7022-3484-2Lidija CvetkovicWar Is Not the Season for Figs
2006978-0-7022-3486-6Jennifer StraussThe Collected Verse of Mary Gilmore: 1887-1929 (1) (Academy Editions of Australian Literature)
2004978-0-7022-3496-5David MaloufJohnno
2005978-0-7022-3500-9John ArnoldThe Bibliography of Australian Literature: F-J (2) (The Bibliography of Australian Literature series)
  ''978-0-7022-3509-2Estate Of Bruce BeaverThe Long Game and Other Poems
2008978-0-7022-3516-0Alan GouldThe Past Completes Me: Selected Poems 1973-2003
2016978-0-7022-3521-4Tara June WinchSwallow the Air (David Unaipon Award Winners Series)
2005978-0-7022-3533-7Brian CaswellDouble Exposure
  ''978-0-7022-3535-1Rose HeatherThe Butterfly Man
  ''978-0-7022-3536-8John HarmsThe Pearl: Steve Renouf's Story
2006978-0-7022-3539-9Helen GregoryExpressions of Mercy: Brisbane's Mater Hospitals 1906-2006
  ''978-0-7022-3545-0Fiona DoyleOn Country: Stories of Nyrlotte
2008978-0-7022-3554-2William J. LinesPatriots: Defending Australia's Natural Heritage
2006978-0-7022-3555-9Laurie DugganThe Passenger
2006978-0-7022-3556-6Margie CroninThe Flower, the Thing
  ''978-0-7022-3561-0Andrew StaffordPig City: From the Saints to Savage Garden
  ''978-0-7022-3568-9Judith BeveridgeThe Best Australian Poetry 2006 (Best Australian Poetry series)
  ''978-0-7022-3574-0Paul EggertRobbery Under Arms
978-0-7022-3595-5Don't Take Your Love to Town
978-0-7022-3596-2All My Mob
2009978-0-7022-3599-3Brett Bowden · Michael T. Davis · Geoffrey RobertsonTerror: From Tyrannicide to Terrorism
2008978-0-7022-3603-7Mary Besemeres · Anna WierzbickaTranslating Lives: Living with Two Languages and Cultures
  ''978-0-7022-3607-5John TranterThe Best Australian Poetry 2007 (Best Australian Poetry series)
2008978-0-7022-3617-4Gayle KennedyMe, Antman & Fleabag
2007978-0-7022-3626-6brooks-davidThe Fern Tattoo
  ''978-0-7022-3641-9Andrew D. BlechmanPigeons - the Fascinating Saga of the World's most revered and Reviled Bird
2009978-0-7022-3654-9David BrooksThe Best Australian Poetry 2008 (Best Australian Poetry series)
  ''978-0-7022-3662-4Brigid RooneyLiterary Activists: Writer-Intellectuals and Australian Public Life
2010978-0-7022-3699-0John HowkinsCreative Ecologies: Where Thinking Is a Proper Job (Creative Economy & Innovation Culture Se)
  ''978-0-7022-3767-6Jake Lynch · Johan GaltungReporting Conflict: New Directions in Peace Journalism (New Approaches to Peace and Conflict)
2013978-0-7022-4956-3Isak SvenssonEnding Holy Wars: Religion and Conflict Resolution in Civil Wars (Peace and Conflict Series)
  ''978-0-7022-4969-3Ivana MilojevicBreathing: Violence In, Peace Out (Peace and Conflict Series)
2015978-0-7022-5017-0Elizabeth FenshamMy Dog Doesn't Like Me
2015978-0-7022-5353-9Matthew CondonAll Fall Down
2016978-0-7022-5398-0Shelley DavidowWhisperings in the Blood: A Memoir
  ''978-0-7022-5408-6Andrew McmillenSkeleton School: Dissecting the Gift of Body Donation
2017978-0-7022-5952-4Amanda GearingThe Torrent: A True Story of Heroism and Survival
2018978-0-7022-5988-3Shelley DavidowShadow Sisters
2019978-0-7022-6034-6Simon ClearyThe War Artist
  ''978-0-7022-6043-8Margaret CookA River with a City Problem: A History of Brisbane Floods