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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-84174-022-5David OughtonTextbook On Consumer Law
2000978-1-84174-023-2Josephine Steiner · Lorna WoodsTextbook on EC Law, 7th Ed.
2002978-1-84174-029-4Peter ClinchUsing A Law Library: A Student's Guide to Legal Research Skills (Blackstone Press)
2000978-1-84174-030-0Graham Rowley · etc. · Janet E. Stevenson · Timothy Blakemore · Brendan GreenLaw for Legal Executives: Year 2 Pt. 1
  ''978-1-84174-055-3Inns of Court School of LawConference Skills 2000-2001 (Inns of Court Bar Manuals)
  ''978-1-84174-057-7Inns of Court School of LawNegotiation 2000-2001 (Inns of Court Bar Manuals)
  ''978-1-84174-058-4   ''Criminal Litigation and Sentencing 2000-2001 (Inns of Court Bar Manuals)
  ''978-1-84174-059-1   ''Advocacy 2000-2001 (Inns of Court Bar Manuals)
2000978-1-84174-060-7Inns of Court School of LawRemedies 2000-2001 (Inns of Court Bar Manuals)
  ''978-1-84174-061-4   ''Case Preparation 2000-2001 (Inns of Court Bar Manuals)
  ''978-1-84174-062-1   ''Drafting 2000-2001 (Inns of Court Bar Manuals)
2000978-1-84174-063-8Inns of Court School of LawOpinion Writing 2000-2001 (Inns of Court Bar Manuals)
  ''978-1-84174-064-5   ''Evidence 2000-2001 (Inns of Court Bar Manuals)
  ''978-1-84174-093-5P.R. GhandhiBlackstone's International Human Rights Documents (Blackstone's Statute Books)
2001978-1-84174-096-6Richard Clements · Jane KayLaw Questions and Answers - Constitutional and Administrative Law, 2nd Ed.
2000978-1-84174-098-0Mark Pawlowski · James BrownLandlord and Tenant (Law Questions & Answers)
2001978-1-84174-099-7Ian Brown · Adrian ChandlerLaw of Contract (Law Questions & Answers)
2000978-1-84174-122-2Nicola LaverBlackstone's Guide To Becoming A Solicitor
2001978-1-84174-134-5Andrew Nicol · Gavin Millar · Andrew SharlandMedia Law and Human Rights (Blackstone's Human Rights S.)
  ''978-1-84174-172-7John Wadham · Jonathan Griffiths · Bethan RigbyBlackstone's Guide to the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (Blackstone's Guides)
2006978-1-84174-178-9Eamon Barnes · Caroline Butler · Maura Butler · Francis H. Cassidy · Barry Donoghue · Caroline Fennell · David Keane · Monika LeechCriminal Litigation (Law Society of Ireland Manual)
2002978-1-84174-183-3Clive WalkerBlackstone's Guide to the Anti-Terrorism Legislation (Blackstone's Guide Series)
2004978-1-84174-188-8Gina ClaytonTextbook on Immigration and Asylum Law
2001978-1-84174-189-5Robert M. Abbey · Mark B. RichardsA Practical Approach to Commercial Conveyancing and Property (Practical Approach S.)
2002978-1-84174-190-1Malcolm LaceyProbation Working for Justice
1993978-1-84174-191-8Hugh BrayneLegal Materials For Social Workers (Blackstone Press)
2001978-1-84174-195-6Katherine WilliamsTextbook on Criminology, 4th Ed.
  ''978-1-84174-196-3Andrew Hicks · S.H. GooCases and Materials on Company Law (Cases & materials)
2001978-1-84174-197-0Hugh Brayne · Gerry MartinLaw for Social Workers
  ''978-1-84174-198-7Geoffrey MorsePartnership Law
  ''978-1-84174-211-3Meryl ThomasBlackstone's Statutes on Property Law 2001/2002 (Blackstone's Statute Books)
  ''978-1-84174-215-1Andrew Christie · Stephen GareBlackstone's Statutes on Intellectual Property (Blackstone's Statute Books)
2005978-1-84174-221-2J. Andrew BorkowskiTextbook On Succession
2001978-1-84174-244-1Glenn Hutton · David Johnston Governor General of CanadaEvidence and Procedure 2002 (Blackstone's Police Manuals)
2004978-1-84174-246-5Christopher DorriesCoroners' Courts: A Guide to Law and Practice
2001978-1-84174-249-6Commercial Bar AssociationCommercial Bar Association Directory 2001
  ''978-1-84174-261-8David WilsonWhat Everyone In Britain Should Know About The Police
2001978-1-84174-269-4David WilsonWhat Everyone In Britain Should Know About Crime And Punishment
  ''978-1-84174-270-0Neil Lucas · Richard StoneLaw of Contract (Blackstone's Study Packs S.)
  ''978-1-84174-271-7P. CumperBlackstones's Study Pack: Constitutional and Administrative Law (Blackstone's Study Packs S.)
  ''978-1-84174-273-1Sylvia Hargreaves · Elspeth DeardsEuropean Union Law (Blackstone's Study Packs S.)
  ''978-1-84174-274-8Roger Sexton · WattsLand Law (Blackstone's Study Packs S.)
2001978-1-84174-275-5J. Hodgson · J. LewthwaiteLaw of Torts (Blackstone's Study Packs S.)
  ''978-1-84174-276-2J. Hooper · G. WattLaw of Trusts (Blackstone's Study Packs S.)
  ''978-1-84174-277-9Rebecca Huxley-BinnsBlackstone's Study Pack: English Legal Method (Blackstone's Study Packs S.)
2002978-1-84174-286-1Peter BarrieCompensation for Personal Injuries
2003978-1-84174-288-5Judge James W. Rant CBCourts-Martial, Discipline, and the Criminal Process in the Armed Services (Blackstone Press)
2002978-1-84174-291-5Huw Smart · John Watson · John WilsonCrime (Blackstone's Police Q & A S.)
  ''978-1-84174-292-2Huw Smart · John WatsonGeneral Police Duties (Blackstone's Police Q & A S.)
  ''978-1-84174-293-9   ''Evidence and Procedure (Blackstone's Police Q & A S.)
2003978-1-84174-301-1Rhona K. M. SmithTextbook on International Human Rights (Textbook S.)
2002978-1-84174-303-5Huw Smart · John WatsonRoad Traffic (Blackstone's Police Q & A S.)