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1995978-0-85198-957-0D.J. CousinsPlants with Antimicrobial Properties: Antifungal Properties: Vol 2: CAB Abstracts
  ''978-0-85198-959-4B. Matthews · H. van LaarModelling the Impact of Climate Change on Rice Production in Asia (Cabi)
  ''978-0-85198-960-0D. Kimber · D. McGregorBrassica Oilseeds: Production and Utilization
  ''978-0-85198-961-7Bo LibertEnvironmental Heritage of Soviet Agriculture: 2 (Sustainable Rural Development) (Sustainable Rural Development Series)
1999978-0-85198-962-4A. Ludlow · James B. Grace · G. Mohren · P. HariBiology and Simulation of Forest Growth: A Study of Scots Pine and Environmental Change
1995978-0-85198-963-1Niranjan Panda · Gurdev S. KhushHost Plant Resistance to Insects
  ''978-0-85198-964-8Kevin Eatwell · Gidona Goodman · Emma Keeble · Anna MeredithCollecting Plant Genetic Diversity: Technical Guidelines (Plant Biotechnology Breeding)
1994978-0-85198-965-5Cabicode Manual on Floppy Disk
1995978-0-85198-966-2Ken Willis · John CorkindaleEnvironmental Valuation: New Perspectives
1995978-0-85198-967-9A.T. Barrion · Jim LitsingerRiceland Spiders of South and Southeast Asia
  ''978-0-85198-968-6D.S. KettleMedical and Veterinary Entomology (Second Edition)
  ''978-0-85198-969-3   ''Medical and Veterinary Entomology (Second Edition)
  ''978-0-85198-970-91995CAB Abstracts Online Manual 1995 (Only Available Direct)
1996978-0-85198-971-6S. SmithC.A.B.International Serials Checklist 1995
1995978-0-85198-972-3George T. TzotzosGenetically Modified Organisms, a Biosafety Manual (Biotechnology in Agriculture)
1996978-0-85198-973-0Talal Younes · Francesco CastriBiodiversity, Science and Development
1995978-0-85198-974-7Clive PhillipsProgress in Dairy Science
1996978-0-85198-975-4Grant Cushman · Jiri ZuzanekWorld Leisure Participation: Free Time in the Global Village (Cabi Publishing)
  ''978-0-85198-976-1E. CromwellGovernments, Farmers and Seeds in a Changing Africa
1995978-0-85198-977-8M. Ziya Alkan · M. Ali OzcelParasitology for the 21st Century (Cabi Publishing)
1996978-0-85198-978-5Gregory LangPlant Dormancy
1995978-0-85198-980-8Stephen R. SmithAgricultural Recycling of Sewage Sludge and the Environment
1995978-0-85198-981-5Greg Ashworth · Adri DietvorstTourism and Spatial Transformations
  ''978-0-85198-982-2Wiktor Adamowicz · P. C. Boxall · M. K. Luckert · William Phillips · William WhiteForestry, Economics and the Environment: Conference Entitled Forestry and the Environment: Economic Perspectives II: Selected Papers (Cabi)
  ''978-0-85198-983-9Mohamed FahmyProlific Sheep (Cabi)
  ''978-0-85198-984-6Desh Pal S. Verma · Randy ShoemakerSoybean: Genetics, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
  ''978-0-85198-985-3John RobinsonBananas and Plantains (Crop Production Science in Horticulture)
1996978-0-85198-986-0T.K. Basu · John W.T. DickersonVitamins in Human Health and Disease
1996978-0-85198-987-7Chin K. Ong · P. HuxleyTree-Crop Interactions: A Physiological Approach (Cabi)
1997978-0-85198-988-4Christopher Ritson · David HarveyThe Common Agricultural Policy (Second Edition)
1995978-0-85198-989-1M. Da Silva · D. W. MinterFungi from Brazil Recorded by Batista and Co-Workers: Mycological Paper, No 168
  ''978-0-85198-990-7K. Sankaran · D. MinterFungi Described and Recorded from Eucalyptus (Mycological Papers)
1994978-0-85198-991-4S.S. Sastroutomo · B. A. AuldAppropriate Weed Control in Southeast Asia
1995978-0-85198-992-1Quarantine Pests for Europe: Supplement 1993-95
1996978-0-85198-993-8M MatzerLichenicolous Ascomycetes With Fisitunic (Mycological papers)
  ''978-0-85198-994-5Eberhard F. BruenigConservation and Management of Tropical Rainforests
978-0-85198-995-2A.C. Pont · F.R. MagpayoBulletin of Entomological Research (BER sup)
1996978-0-85198-996-9Raphael A. MrodeLinear Models for the Prediction of Animal Breeding Values
  ''978-0-85198-997-6Robert E. Evenson · Robert W. Herdt · Mahabub HossainRice Research in Asia: Progress and Priorities
  ''978-0-85198-998-3R.E. StonemanConserving Peatlands
1996978-0-85198-999-0Graham DannThe Language of Tourism: A Sociolinguistic Perspective