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2000978-967-978-740-5Regional Cooperation and the Digital Economy: Selected Speeches of Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, Prime Minister of Malaysia
1995978-967-978-741-2Mahathir bin MohamadDemocracy, human rights, EAEC, and Asian values: Selected speeches
  ''978-967-978-742-9Mahathir bin MohamadIslam and the Muslim ummah: Selected speeches
  ''978-967-978-743-6   ''Science, technology, and creativity: Selected speeches
  ''978-967-978-744-3   ''Regional development and the Pacific community: Selected speeches
2003978-967-978-745-0Tadahiro MitsuhashiJapan's Green Comeback: Future Visions of the Men Who Made Japan
2004978-967-978-746-7Low Sui PhengAsian Wisdom for Effective Management: From Lao Tzu to Miyamoto Musashi
  ''978-967-978-749-8K. RajkumarRightsizing the Malaysian Organisation: Strategies and Implemtation
2004978-967-978-750-4PelandukComprehensive Malay Dictionary: English-Malay / Malay-English (Philippine Languages Edition)
2001978-967-978-751-1Reggie TersanMyths and legends from the land of the hornbill
2000978-967-978-752-8Yusnor EfP. Ramlee yang saya kenal
  ''978-967-978-755-9James RitchieTun Ahmad Zaidi: Son of Sarawak
2004978-967-978-756-6Mahathir MohamadThe Malaysian Currency Crisis: How and Why It Happened
2001978-967-978-758-0Tom ShakespeareChoose to Change
  ''978-967-978-759-7Daniel BellFuture of Technology
  ''978-967-978-761-0Hock Lock LeeFinancial security in old age: Whither the employees provident fund of Malaysia?
  ''978-967-978-765-8Vittorio VolpiJapan Must Swim or Sink
2004978-967-978-767-2Nik Mohamed Affandi Bin Nik YusoffIslam & Wealth: The Balanced Approach to Wealth Creation, Accumulation and Distribution
2002978-967-978-768-9   ''Islam & Business
2001978-967-978-769-6kris barkwayThe New Golf Paradigm
2001978-967-978-770-2Ho Tak MingDoctors in the East: Where West Meets East
  ''978-967-978-771-9S.Y. KoayBasic Malay Made Easy (English and Malay Edition)
  ''978-967-978-772-6   ''Instant Malay for Tourists (English and Malay Edition)
  ''978-967-978-778-8Wang LingChinese Tea Culture: The Origin of Tea Drinking
2004978-967-978-779-5Ingfried, M.D. HobertGuava As Medicine: A Safe and Cheap Form of Food Therapy
2001978-967-978-782-5Fred K. H TamInvesting in KLSE stocks and futures: With Japanese candlestick charting techniques
2000978-967-978-783-2HalimVermillion eye: A chiller of a thriller that will shock you to the bone
2001978-967-978-784-9A. Kadir JasinOther thots: Opinions & observations, 1992-2001
  ''978-967-978-786-3Mahathir bin MohamadMalays forget easily
2001978-967-978-787-0Malaysia and the k-economy: Challenges, solutions, and the road ahead
  ''978-967-978-790-0Melayu mudah lupa
2002978-967-978-791-7John R. ClammerDiaspora & Identity: The Sociology of Culture in Southeast Asia
2003978-967-978-792-4Wong Choon ChingBeyond Taijiquan: Supremacy of the Tai-Chi Mind
2002978-967-978-796-2M. NandyGood English: The Essential Guide to Good English
2002978-967-978-798-6M. NandyWriting Better English: The Essential Guide to Good English
  ''978-967-978-799-3   ''Speaking Correct English: The Essential Guide to Good English
  ''978-967-978-801-3   ''Learning English Grammar and Language: The Essential Guide to Good English
  ''978-967-978-802-0   ''Grasping Basic English Grammar: The Essential Guide to Good English
  ''978-967-978-803-7   ''Understanding Basic English Grammar: The Essential Guide to Good English
2002978-967-978-804-4Ramona V. NavaratnamMalaysia's Economic Sustainability: Confronting New Challenges Amidst Global Realities
2003978-967-978-805-1Khoo Kheng-HorApplying Sun Tzu's Art of War in Corporate Planning (Sun Tzu's Business Management Series)
2004978-967-978-806-8Khoo Kheng-HorApplying Sun Tzu's Art of War in Customer Service (Sun Tzu's Business Management Series)
  ''978-967-978-807-5   ''Applying Sun Tzu's Art of War in Human Resource Management (Sun Tzu's Business Management Series)
  ''978-967-978-808-2   ''Applying Sun Tzu's Art of War in Marketing (Sun Tzu's Business Management Series)
  ''978-967-978-809-9   ''Applying Sun Tzu's Art of War in Selling (Sun Tzu's Business Management Series)
  ''978-967-978-810-5   ''Applying Sun Tzu's Art of War in Winning (Sun Tzu's Business Management Series)
2004978-967-978-812-9Victor C. C. KhorA New Perspective on the Dao De Jing
2002978-967-978-813-6Mahathir MohamadReflections on Asia
  ''978-967-978-818-1Mahathir Bin Mohamad · Hashim MakaruddinGlobalisation and the New Realities: Selected Speeches of Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, Prime Minister of Malaysia
  ''978-967-978-820-4Mahathir Bin Mohamad · David N. Abdulai · Tieh Chuan NgMahathir Mohamad: A Visionary & His Vision of Malaysia's K-Economy
  ''978-967-978-821-1Piya MahtaneyEconomic Con-Game: Development: Fact or Fiction
2010978-967-978-822-8Milon NandyEnglish Essentials the Easy Way: The Rules of How and When to Use Words and Phrases
2010978-967-978-823-5Milon NandyMastering English The Easy Way: The All-In-One Guide to Basic English Grammar
2002978-967-978-825-9Ahamed Kameel Mydin MeeraIslamic Gold Dinar
  ''978-967-978-827-3Khoo Kheng-HorSun Tzu's Business & Management Series: Applying Sun Tzu's Art of War in Customer Service, Corporate Planning, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Selling and Winning
  ''978-967-978-828-0   ''Applying Sun Tzu's Art of War in Managing Your Marriage
2003978-967-978-829-7   ''Applying Sun Tzu's Art of War in Managing Your Chi (Sun Tzu's Business & Management Series)
2002978-967-978-830-3   ''Applying Sun Tzu's Art of War in Managing Your Money
2004978-967-978-831-0Ang Lay Hoon · Ooi Bee LeeBasic Chinese for Everyone (Chinese Edition)
2010978-967-978-835-8J. S. Solomon · Chuah Ai BeeEnglish for Malaysians
2003978-967-978-836-5V. MohanUnleash Your Potential
  ''978-967-978-837-2From Manglish to English: Having Fun with English Grammar
2002978-967-978-838-9Adjectives and Adverbs: With Direct and Indirect Speech
2004978-967-978-839-6Verbs and Tenses: Vital Word Grouping Made Easy
2002978-967-978-840-2Prepositions, Conjunctions and Punctuation Marks: Vital Word Groups Made Easy
  ''978-967-978-841-9English Sentence Structure: English Sentences Made Easy
2002978-967-978-842-6Nouns and Pronouns: Important Word Groups Made Easy
  ''978-967-978-843-3Correct English Grammar: English Grammar Made Easy
2003978-967-978-844-0Financial Management Strategy
  ''978-967-978-845-7HalimA Children's History of Malaysia
  ''978-967-978-846-4MuhammadE-Government in Malaysia: Improving Responsiveness and Capacity to Serve
  ''978-967-978-848-8Ramon V. NavaratnamMalaysia's Socioeconomic Challenges: Debating Public Policy Issues
2003978-967-978-849-5Ruzaimi Mat RaniThe Sacred Garden: Exploration of Garden Design Through Mind Composition
  ''978-967-978-850-1The Route to Effective Public Speaking
  ''978-967-978-853-2Cambodia DailyVision for a New Asia: 7 Asian Leaders Speak on Economics, Trade & Terrorism
  ''978-967-978-854-9Xiu ZongchangMelons, Fruits & Vegetables As Medicine: Traditional Chinese Medical Therapies
  ''978-967-978-855-6Ji Qingshan · Li JieFoot Therapy for Common Diseases: Traditional Chinese Medical Therapies
2004978-967-978-859-4Lim Goh TongMy Story
2003978-967-978-860-0Mahathir Bin MohamadTerrorism and the Real Issues
2003978-967-978-861-7Collin AbrahamThe Naked Social Order: The Roots of Racial Polarisation in Malaysia
2005978-967-978-862-4Lau Ban TinCapital Control and the Malaysian Economy
2006978-967-978-864-8A. J. SurinCyberlaw & Its Implications
2004978-967-978-867-9Chia Joo Suanwhat's in your food?
2003978-967-978-868-6Managing Success
  ''978-967-978-875-4M. ed. YeohBridging the Divide: Towards Building a New South
  ''978-967-978-876-1Michael Yeoh · Chong Kuang Yin · Lim Chai Mee · David WongGlobalisation and Its Impact on Asia: Sharing Knowledge, Ideas, and Information
2004978-967-978-878-5Kheng-Hor KhooTAIKOR: Valour,Honour,Suspense, Betrayal and Love, the Definitive Malaysian Saga
2003978-967-978-879-2Hajrudin SomunMathathir: The Secret of the Malaysian Success
2004978-967-978-881-5David AbdulaiCan Malaysia Transit Into The K-economy?: Dynamic Challenges, Tough Choices & The Next Phase
2003978-967-978-883-9Daim ZainuddinWar of Deception: The Facts and Fallacies About the War in Iraq
2004978-967-978-884-6Mahathir Bin Mohamad · Hashim MakaruddinReflections On Asean: Selected Speeches Of Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, Prime Minister Of Malaysia
2005978-967-978-885-3Ahmad Faiz Abdul HamidMalaysia and South-South Cooperation During Mahathir's Era: Determining Factors and Implications
2004978-967-978-886-0Lydia TehLife's Like That - Scenes from Malaysian Life
  ''978-967-978-887-7Hng Hung Yong5 Men & Ideals: Building National Identity
  ''978-967-978-888-4Brian StewartSmashing Terrorism In The Malayan Emergency: The Vital Contribution Of The Police
2004978-967-978-890-7Ahamed Kameel Mydin MeeraThe Theft Of Nations: Returning To Gold
  ''978-967-978-891-4Senu Abdul RahmanMental Revolution: Promoting Economics, Education & Religion in Malaysia
  ''978-967-978-895-2Peggy LimTransforming Ceos
2000978-967-978-897-6N. A. MazelaCorporate Management Styles: Case Study of Malasian Companies
2004978-967-978-898-3Khoo Kheng-Hier · Kheng-Hor KhooAbdullah Administration
  ''978-967-978-901-0Phua Kai Lit · Soo Keng SoonWhat's Ahead for Malaysia?: Contemporary Challenges & Emerging Trends
  ''978-967-978-904-1Mahathir Mohamad · Kohei HashimotoAchieving True Globalisation
2004978-967-978-905-8Ramon V. NavaratnamWinds of Change: Malaysia's Socioeconomic Transition from Dr. Mahathir Mohamad to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
  ''978-967-978-908-9Islamic Summit 2003 Putrajaya · Michael YeohManaging Partnerships: Unlocking Economic Potential for Growth & Development in Muslim Countries
2005978-967-978-911-9Syed Ali Tawfik Al-attas · Ng Tieh Chuan · Ali Tawfik Al-attas · Tieh Chuan NgAbdullah Ahmad Badawi: Revivalist of an Intellectual Tradition
  ''978-967-978-913-3Ramon V. NavaratnamMy Life and Times: A Memoir
  ''978-967-978-914-0Ahmad SarjiLawn Bowls in Malaysia: The President's Memoir
  ''978-967-978-917-1Toshiko YamaguchiBasic Japanese Vocabulary: An Explanation of Usage
2005978-967-978-918-8Khaw Choon EanThinking Smart: Applying the Theory of Constraints in Development Thinking Skills
2006978-967-978-920-1Shukor OmarkMalay Business: Revivalism Through Entrepreneurship
2005978-967-978-922-5Alvin Teoh · Fabian FidelisThe Tao of Talking: The Speaker's Tenets Towards Charisma
2006978-967-978-925-6Chia Joo SuanYou're What You Eat: Your Healthy Lifestyle Guide
  ''978-967-978-926-3Leo Ann MeanOn Creativity: Awakening the Creative Mind
  ''978-967-978-927-0Yow Yit SengChinese Dimensions: Their Roots, Mindset and Psyche (English and Chinese Edition)
  ''978-967-978-928-7Khoo Kheng-HorWin Without Fighting: Learn from Sun Tzu How to Handle Difficult Persons, Resolve Conflicts & Enjoy Relationships
2007978-967-978-930-0Vasanthi RamachandranAs It Is...: An Ode to a Decade of Hidden Issues
2006978-967-978-931-7Khoo Kay Kim · Elinah Abdullah · Wan Meng HaoMalays/Muslims in Singapore: Selected Readings in History 1819-1965
  ''978-967-978-933-1Anajee SinghWrite It Right: How to Overcome the Fear & Avoid the Pitfalls of Writing Compositions
2006978-967-978-934-8Julian JollyPath to Good Health: Looking at Health & Well-being in the 21st Century
2007978-967-978-935-5Jean SeveryCommon French Expressions and Idioms: A Desktop Reference for Every Learner of French (French Edition) (French and English Edition)
2006978-967-978-936-2Christopher Wan Soo Kee · Khoo Kheng-HorCrime Prevention the Sun Tzu Way
2007978-967-978-937-9See Hoon PeowThe Law & Child Labour in Malaysia: Case Study in a Chinese New Village
2008978-967-978-938-6Tang Tuck Cheong · Wong Hock TsenMalaysia's International Trade Issues: An Impressionistic View
2007978-967-978-939-3Ong Hean-TattThe Chinese Pakua: An Exposé
  ''978-967-978-940-9Lee Su Kim · Thang Siew Ming · Lee King SiongBorder Crossings: Moving Between Languages & Cultural Frameworks
  ''978-967-978-941-6Khoo Kheng-HorMamasan
  ''978-967-978-942-3Bruce GaleMastering Malay: A Guide to Reading Malay Newspapers (Malay Edition) (Malay and English Edition)
2008978-967-978-946-1Jean SeveryEssential French Grammar: The All-in-one Guide (French Edition)
2007978-967-978-947-8Bruce GalePolitical Risk & International Business: Case Studies in Southeast Asia
2008978-967-978-950-8Wai K LeongEmpowering Asian Mindsets Through Coaching
  ''978-967-978-951-5Bruce Gale · Yudhykana LaiaMastering Indonesian: A Guide to Reading Indonesian Language Newspapers (Indonesian and English Edition)
2008978-967-978-953-9Chong Wai LangLearning Beyond Schooling: Bringing Out Children's True Potentials
  ''978-967-978-956-0Alexandre Xavier · Theresa DasFrench Phrase Book: English-malay-french (French and English Edition)
2010978-967-978-957-7Syed Ali Tawfik Al-attasMashsha'i Philosophical System: A Commentary & Analysis of the Hidayat Al-hikmah
  ''978-967-978-959-1Peter EatonBorneo & Beyond: Journey Through a Changing World
  ''978-967-978-960-7Elvin VongLeadership & Motivation: The Key to Achieving What You Want in Life
2009978-967-978-964-5Peggy Tan Pek TaoLife: The Malaysian Style!
  ''978-967-978-965-2Pelanduk PublicationsFingertip English: Quick and Easy Way to Learn English
2010978-967-978-966-9Chan King NuiFrom Poor Migrant to Millionaire: Chan Wing 1873-1947
2009978-967-978-967-6Khoo Kheng-HorSIFU: An Unusual Teacher in the Turbulence of the Malaysian War
2009978-967-978-968-3Syed Ali Tawfik Al-attasGuide to Philosophy: The Hidayat Al-hikmah of Athir Al-din (English and Arabic Edition)
2010978-967-978-969-0James U. H. Chin · Karla J. SmithThe Iranun of Sabah: Language and Culture of an Endangered Minority in Sabah
  ''978-967-978-970-6Mesut IdrizBalkan City of Ottoman Manastir Bitola: A Model Paradigm for Applied Shari Ah With Reference to Ottoman Judicial Records
  ''978-967-978-971-3Peggy Tan Pek TaoGifts of the Heart: Stories to Lift the Spirits
2011978-967-978-973-7Jayanthi Muniandy · Roopa Ram KartarramA Guide to Easy Essay Writing: A Step-by-Step Guide to Construct a Good Essay
  ''978-967-978-976-8Ma Tin Cho Mar · Noorjahan Bi BiMyanmar Phrase Book: A Quick and Effective Way to Learn Myanmar Conversation (English and Burmese Edition)
2012978-967-978-978-2Jean SeveryFrench Grammar Exercise Book: Practice Makes Perfect