Saffron Books

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1990978-1-872843-00-1Hossein MusavianImam Khomeini: His life and leadership
1992978-1-872843-01-8Sajid RizviIslamic Art in the 1990's: Proceedings of Eastern Art Report Seminar in June 1990
  ''978-1-872843-02-5   ''Japanese Art: The Contemporary Scene - Proceedings of Seminars Sponsored by Eastern Art Report in 1990 and 1991
  ''978-1-872843-03-2   ''Art and Ideas: Ali Omar Ermes
1993978-1-872843-04-9Antje SiebrechtAntje Siebrecht 1992 - 1993. Korean Odyssey. Koreanische Odyssee.
1994978-1-872843-05-6Sajid Rizvi · Ali Omar ErmesReaching Out: Conversations on Islamic Art with Ali Omar Ermes (Eastern Art Report)
1995978-1-872843-06-3Sajid Rizvi · James W. Allan et alEastern Art in the Ashmolean Museum Oxford (Eastern Art Report): 1 (Great Museums of the World)
1998978-1-872843-07-0Sajid Rizvi · Shirley RizviArt and Artists in Dubai (Eastern Art Report)
  ''978-1-872843-10-0   ''Chinese Art in the 1990s I (Eastern Art Report)
  ''978-1-872843-11-7Sajid Rizvi · etc.Hai Shuet Yueng: Innovation in Abstraction
1998978-1-872843-13-1Katy Deepwell · Fatma Ismail Afifi · David KoloaneArt Criticism and Africa (African art & society)
  ''978-1-872843-14-8John PictonEl Anatsui: A Sculpted History of Africa (African art & society)
  ''978-1-872843-17-9Sajid RizviHai Shuet Yeung: Innovation in Abstraction
2000978-1-872843-20-9Roderick Whitfield · Tao Wang · Wang TaoExploring China's Past: New Discoveries and Studies in Archaeology and Art (Saffron International Series in Chinese Art & Archaeology)
2001978-1-872843-21-6Amal GhoshBeyond Frontiers: Contemporary British Art by Artists of South Asian Descent (Saffron Asian Art & Society) (Saffron Asian Art & Society S.)
2000978-1-872843-22-3Fran Lloyd · EDDisplacement and Difference: Contemporary Arab Visual Culture in the Diaspora (Asian Art & Society) (Saffron Asian Art & Society)
2002978-1-872843-23-0Sajid Rizvi101 Diasporas: Artists of Chinese Descent in Britain
  ''978-1-872843-25-4Roderick Whitfield · Tao Wang · Wang TaoExploring China's Past: New Discoveries and Studies in Archeology and Art (Saffron International Series in Chinese Art & Archaeology)
2005978-1-872843-26-1Jaehoon YeonKorean Grammatical Constructions: Their Form and Meaning (Saffron Korean Linguistics Series): 1
2001978-1-872843-27-8Youngsook Pak · Jaehoon YeonHistory, Language and Culture in Korea: Proceedings of the 20th Conference of the Association of Korean Studies in Europe (AKSE)
2002978-1-872843-29-2Helen WangSir Aurel Stein in the "Times"
2005978-1-872843-35-3Alanoud AlsharekhChallenging Limitations: The Redefinition of Roles for Women in the GCC
  ''978-1-872843-36-0Jaehoon YeonKorean Grammatical Constructions: Their Form and Meaning (Saffron Korean Linguistics Series)
2005978-1-872843-38-4Jaehoon YeonStudies in Korean Morpho-Syntax: A Functional-Typological Perspective (Saffron Korean Linguistics Series): A Functional-Typological Perspective: 1 (Saffron Korean Linguistics Series)
  ''978-1-872843-46-9Richard Fardon · Christine StelzigColumn to Volume: Pt. 1: Formal Innovation in Chamba Statuary (Saffron Afriscopes)
2006978-1-872843-47-6Richard Fardon · Christine StelzigColumn to Volume: Formal Innovation in Chamba Statuary: 1 (Saffron Afriscopes)
2010978-1-872843-60-5Richard FardonFusions/Masquerades and Thought Style East of the Niger-Benue Confluence, West Africa (Saffron Afriscopes)
2005978-1-872843-66-7Guilain P. Denoeux · Robert SpringborgPromoting Democracy and State Building in Palestine: Donor Assistance to the Palestinian Legislative Council (Saffron LMEI Papers on the Contemporary Middle East)
2010978-1-872843-71-1Choe WansuKorean True-view Landscape (Saffron Korea Library): Paintings by Chong Son (1676-1759) (Saffron Korea Library Series)
2005978-1-872843-73-5I. Eo-Ryeong'Maehwa the Plum Blossom: Reading the Cultural Codes of Korea, China and Japan (Saffron Korea Library)
  ''978-1-872843-81-0Ernst J. Grube · Jeremy JohnsThe Painted Ceilings of the Cappella Palatina 2005 (Islamic Art S.)
  ''978-1-872843-83-4Kim BongryolThe Secret Spirit of Korean Architecture (Saffron Korea Library)
2010978-1-872843-84-1Heo KyunGardens of Korea: Harmony with Intellect and Nature (Saffron Korea Library)
2005978-1-872843-85-8   ''Gardens of Korea: Harmony with Intellect and Nature (Saffron Korea Library Series)
  ''978-1-872843-86-5Korea Historical Research AssociationA History of Korea (Saffron Korea Library) (Saffron Korea Library) (Saffron Korea Library Series)
2009978-1-872843-88-9Ernst J. Grube · Eleanor Sims · Gewza FehervariIslamic Art 2009: Studies on the Art and Culture of the Muslim World: A History and Appreciation of Traditional Paintings (Islamic Art S.)
2006978-1-872843-93-3Alanoud AlsharekhAngry Words Softly Spoken: A Comparative Study of English and Arabic Women Writers (Saffron Asian Art & Society)
2006978-1-872843-94-0John Ayers · Richard P. MarchantBlanc De Chine: Porcelain from Various Collections at S. Marchant and Son
2005978-1-872843-95-7Sajid Rizvi · Lulu M. Al Sabah · Geza FehervariArt and Artists in Kuwait: A Special Presentation in Eastern Art Report
2012978-1-872843-99-5Helen WangThe Music of Ink at the British Museum