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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1993978-1-898049-01-2Paul Trimby · Brian Horne · Pete GeddesTapping the Sun: A Guide to Solar Water Heating (New Futures)
1994978-1-898049-02-9Peter HarperFertile Waste: Managing Your Domestic Sewage (New Futures)
1999978-1-898049-05-0Frank JacksonSave Energy, Save Money: All About Energy Conservation in the Home (New Futures)
1993978-1-898049-07-4Paul AllenWired Up to the Sun: Guide to Photovoltaic Electricity (New Futures)
1999978-1-898049-09-8Brian HornePower Plants
1993978-1-898049-10-4   ''Where the Wind Blows: Introduction to Wind Energy (New Futures)
  ''978-1-898049-11-1Paul TrimbySolar Water Heating: A DIY Guide
1998978-1-898049-12-8Pat Borer · Cindy HarrisOut of the Woods: Ecological Designs for Timber Frame Self Build (New Futures)
1996978-1-898049-13-5Nick Grant · etc.Sewage Solutions: Answering the Call of Nature (New Futures)
  ''978-1-898049-14-2Julie StaufferSafe to Drink?: The Quality of Your Water (New Futures)
1995978-1-898049-15-9Allan ShepherdCareers and Courses in Sustainable Technologies: How to Get a Job That Doesn't Harm the Planet (New Futures)
2000978-1-898049-16-6Nick Grant · Mark Moodie · Chris WeedonSewage Solutions: Answering the Call of Nature (New Futures)
  ''978-1-898049-17-3Brian Horne · Pete Geddes · Graham Preston · Professor John UrryTapping the Sun: Solar Water Heating
2004978-1-898049-18-0Billy Langley · Dan CurtisGoing with the Flow: Small Scale Water Power
1995978-1-898049-19-7Hugh Piggott · Dave ThorpeIt's a Breeze!: a Guide to Choosing Windpower (New futures)
1997978-1-898049-20-3Hugh PiggottWindpower Workshop: Building Your Own Wind Turbine (New Futures)
1998978-1-898049-21-0Cindy Harris · Pat BorerThe Whole House Book: Ecological Building Design and Materials (New Futures)
1997978-1-898049-22-7Paul Trimby · Brian HorneTapping the Sun: Solar Heated Water Made Simple (New Futures,)
2000978-1-898049-23-4Diana AnthonyCreative Sustainable Gardening
1996978-1-898049-24-1Brian HornePower Plants: Biofuels Made Simple
2000978-1-898049-25-8Allan Shepherd · Fiona RoweThe Sustainable Careers Handbook
  ''978-1-898049-27-2Hugh PiggottWindpower Workshop: Building Your Own Wind Turbine
2002978-1-898049-28-9Thierry SalomonThe Energy Saving House
1997978-1-898049-29-6Andy RowlandCentre for Alternative Technology Guidebook
2001978-1-898049-31-9Peter HarperCool composting: A fresh approach (Fact sheet/Centre for Alternative Technology)
2001978-1-898049-32-6Hugh PiggottIt's a Breeze: A guide to choosing windpower
1996978-1-898049-33-3Paul TrimbySolar Water Heating: A DIY Guide
2003978-1-898049-35-7Thierry Salomon · Stephane BedelThe Energy Saving House (New Futures)
978-1-898049-38-8Allan Shepherd · Brian HorneWhere the Wind Blows: Windpower Explained (New Futures S,)
2000978-1-898049-49-4MacGarryPupil's Guide to Windpower
2001978-1-898049-50-0Ann MacGarryA pupil's guide to solar power: An information/resource booklet for students, teachers and others wanting a general introduction
1999978-1-898049-79-1Peter Harper · Louise HalestrapLifting the Lid: An Ecological Approach to Toilet Systems (New Futures)