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2008978-0-7136-8824-5David Carey · Rebecca Clark CareyThe Vocal Arts Workbook: A Practical Course for Developing the Expressive Range of Your Voice
2007978-0-7136-8829-0Peter CloughSculptural Materials in the Classroom
  ''978-0-7136-8831-3Carlo Borlenghi32nd America's Cup: A Photographic Celebration
2008978-0-7136-8832-0Derek PrattThe Thames: A Photographic Journey from Source to Sea
2009978-0-7136-8833-7Annika Sanders · Kerry SeagerJunky Styling: Wardrobe Surgery
2011978-0-7136-8835-1Sarah StaffordBrooches (Jewellery Handbooks)
2008978-0-7136-8839-9Daniel BordenEssential Architecture: The History of Western Architecture
  ''978-0-7136-8841-2Julia GreenBeowulf the Brave (White Wolves: Myths and Legends)
  ''978-0-7136-8850-4Pamela OldfieldThe Queen's Token (White Wolves: Stories with Historical Settings)
  ''978-0-7136-8851-1Roger StevensLet's Recycle Grandad and Other Brilliant New Poems
2008978-0-7136-8852-8Richard NerurkarMarathon Running: From Beginning to Elite
2012978-0-7136-8853-5Deepal Warakagoda · Richard Grimmett · Carol Inskipp · Tim InskippBirds of Sri Lanka (Helm Field Guides)
2008978-0-7136-8854-2Ashley P. MartinThe Advanced Shotokan Karate Bible: Black Belt and Beyond
  ''978-0-7136-8856-6Lead Others Effectively: How to Motivate and Inspire at Work (Steps to Success)
2007978-0-7136-8858-0Philip RidleyLeaves of Glass (Modern Plays)
2008978-0-7136-8859-7Polly O'NeilSurfaces and Textures: A Visual Sourcebook
  ''978-0-7136-8860-3Peter Holden · Geoffrey AbbottRSPB Handbook of Garden Wildlife
2007978-0-7136-8864-1Andrew BrodieBest Handwriting for Ages 10-11
2011978-0-7136-8865-8Clive FinlaysonAvian Survivors - The Biogeography of Palearctic Birds (Poyser Monographs)
2009978-0-7136-8867-2Joanne HaywoodMixed-media Jewellery: Methods and Techniques (Design and Make)
2010978-0-7136-8868-9Alice Kettle · Jane McKeatingMachine Stitch: Perspectives
  ''978-0-7136-8871-9Hugo Montgomery-SwanHeavy Weather Powerboating
2008978-0-7136-8872-6Nick Rennison100 Must-read Life-changing Books
  ''978-0-7136-8873-3Stephen E. Andrews · Duncan Bowis100 Must-Read Books for Men
2009978-0-7136-8874-0Paul Chantler · Peter StewartEssential Radio Journalism: How to Produce and Present Radio News (Professional Media Practice)
2010978-0-7136-8875-7John FletcherThe Tamer Tamed (New Mermaids)
2010978-0-7136-8876-4Elizabeth CaryThe Tragedy of Mariam (New Mermaids)
2008978-0-7136-8877-1Gary CooksonA Home Afloat: Living Aboard Vessels of All Shapes and Sizes
  ''978-0-7136-8878-8Dag PikeDisasters at Sea
  ''978-0-7136-8879-5Richard Nugent · Steve BrownFootball: Raise Your Mental Game
  ''978-0-7136-8880-1Helen MacGregor · Stephen ChadwickSinging Spanish: 22 Photocopiable Songs and Chants for Learning Spanish (Singing Languages)
2009978-0-7136-8882-5Carrie WestonMighty Max: A Bloomsbury Young Reader (Bloomsbury Young Readers)
  ''978-0-7136-8883-2Andrew PetersEver Clever Eva (White Wolves: Stories from Different Cultures)
2008978-0-7136-8884-9Jane ClarkeShadow Puppet and Other Ghost Stories (White Wolves: Comparing Fiction Genres)
2008978-0-7136-8886-3Samantha SteeleUK and Ireland Circumnavigator's Guide
2009978-0-7136-8887-0Cathy MilesSculpting in Wire (Basics of Sculpture)
2008978-0-7136-8888-7Alison Muir BennettHitchiker's Guide to the Oceans: Crewing Around the World
  ''978-0-7136-8889-4Alistair BuchanHow to Sail on a Budget (Sailmate)
2009978-0-7136-8890-0EnsemblebashWorld Beats: Exploring Rhythms from Different Cultures (Music Express Extra)
  ''978-0-7136-8902-0Harvey MarcovitchBlack's Medical Dictionary
2008978-0-7136-8903-7Ann ManieCollage in the Classroom
  ''978-0-7136-8904-4Neil TongeDark Eagle and Other Historical Stories (White Wolves: Comparing Fiction Genres)
  ''978-0-7136-8905-1Tony BradmanSpace Pirates and Other Sci-fi Stories (White Wolves: Comparing Fiction Genres)
2009978-0-7136-8911-2Anthony DysonPrintmakers' Secrets
2007978-0-7136-8931-0David PyeThe Nature and Art of Workmanship
2008978-0-7136-8935-8Mike PeytonMike Peyton's Floating Assets
  ''978-0-7136-8936-5Nick Ward · Sinead O'BrienLeft for Dead: The Untold Story of the Tragic 1979 Fastnet Race
  ''978-0-7136-8937-2Campbell Mackenzie · Spike BriggsSkipper's Medical Emergency Handbook
  ''978-0-7136-8938-9Mary BlewittCelestial Navigation for Yachtsmen
  ''978-0-7136-8939-6Tim BartlettThe Adlard Coles Book of Navigation (Adlard Coles Book of)
2009978-0-7136-8941-9Sue Freeman · British GymnasticsTrampolining (Know the Game)
2008978-0-7136-8943-3Joe PenhallPenhall Plays: 2: Blue/orange, Dumb Show, Wild Turkey: v. 2 (Contemporary Dramatists)
2007978-0-7136-8944-0Marius Von MayenburgThe Ugly One (Modern Plays)
2007978-0-7136-8947-1Andrew Brodie · Judy RichardsonBest Handwriting for Ages 7-11: Photocopiable Resource Book for Handwriting Practice (Best Handwriting)
2008978-0-7136-8948-8Tom CunliffeComplete Yachtmaster: Sailing, Seamanship and Navigation for the Modern Yacht Skipper
  ''978-0-7136-8949-5Les WeatherittYour First Atlantic Crossing: A Planning Guide for Passagemakers
  ''978-0-7136-8951-8Gwyn Headley · Yvonne SeeMah-Jong (Know the Game)
2009978-0-7136-8952-5British GymnasticsGymnastics (Know the Game)
2008978-0-7136-8954-9Iain MacintoshFootball Fables
  ''978-0-7136-8956-3Molly PotterFree Time Activities: For Ages 7-9 (Inspirational Ideas)
  ''978-0-7136-8957-0Molly PotterInspirational Ideas: PSHE and Citizenship 9-11 (Inspirational Ideas)
2008978-0-7136-8958-7Andrew Brodie · Judy RichardsonAssembly Tomorrow Key Stage 1 (Assembly Tomorrow)
  ''978-0-7136-8960-0Terry DearyRoman Tales: The Captive Celt
  ''978-0-7136-8961-7Terry DearyRoman Tales: The Grim Ghost
  ''978-0-7136-8963-1   ''Roman Tales: The Goose Guards
  ''978-0-7136-8968-6Andrew BrodieNumber Journey 5-6 (Number Journey)
2008978-0-7136-8969-3Andrew BrodieMental Maths in Minutes: Extentsion (Mental Maths in Minutes)
  ''978-0-7136-8970-9Terry DearyRoman Tales: The Fatal Fire
  ''978-0-7136-8972-3Rochelle StraussTree of Life: The Incredible Biodiversity of Life on Earth
2007978-0-7136-8973-0Jinks McGrathThe Rings Book (Jewellery Handbooks)
2008978-0-7136-8975-4Molly PotterFree Time Activities: For Ages 9-11 (Inspirational Ideas)
  ''978-0-7136-8976-1   ''Free Time Activities: For Ages 5-7 (Inspirational Ideas)
  ''978-0-7136-8979-2   ''Inspirational Ideas: PSHE and Citizenship 7-9 (Inspirational Ideas)
2008978-0-7136-8980-8Andrew BrodieImproving Comprehension 8-9 (Improving Comprehension)
  ''978-0-7136-8981-5   ''Improving Comprehension 7-8 (Improving Comprehension)
2008978-0-7136-8982-2Andrew BrodieImproving Comprehension 6-7 (Improving Comprehension)
  ''978-0-7136-8983-9   ''Improving Comprehension 5-6 (Improving Comprehension)
  ''978-0-7136-8984-6Andrew Brodie · Judy RichardsonAssembly Tomorrow Key Stage 2 (Assembly Tomorrow)
  ''978-0-7136-8985-3Andrew BrodieNumber Journey 10-11 (Number Journey)
  ''978-0-7136-8986-0   ''Number Journey 9-10 (Number Journey)
2008978-0-7136-8987-7Andrew BrodieNumber Journey 8-9 (Number Journey)
  ''978-0-7136-8988-4   ''Number Journey 7-8 (Number Journey)
  ''978-0-7136-8989-1   ''Number Journey 6-7 (Number Journey)
2008978-0-7136-8990-7Andrew BrodieImproving Comprehension 9-10 (Improving Comprehension)
  ''978-0-7136-8991-4   ''Improving Comprehension 10-11 (Improving Comprehension)
2007978-0-7136-8995-2David SibleyThe North American Bird Guide (Helm Field Guides)
2008978-0-7136-8997-6Jean BenedettiThe Art of the Actor: The Essential History of Acting, from Classical Times to the Present Day (Performance Books)
2003978-0-7136-9124-5Robert ClarkJiu Jitsu White Belt to Green Belt: The Official World Jiu Jitsu Federation Training Manual
  ''978-0-7136-9133-7Robert ClarkJiu Jitsu Blue Belt to Brown Belt: The Official World Jiu Jitsu Federation Training Manual
  ''978-0-7136-9134-4   ''Jiu Jitsu Black: The Official World Jiu Jitsu Federation Training Manual
  ''978-0-7136-9135-1Sensei K. EnoedaShotokan Karate: 10th Kyu to 6th Kyu
2003978-0-7136-9136-8Sensei K. EnoedaShotokan Karate 5th kyu to Black Belt
  ''978-0-7136-9138-2Senior Instructors of the Taekwondo Asso · Tae Kwon-Do Association of Great BritainTae Kwon-Do Green Belt to Red Belt: The Official Tae Kwon-Do Association of Great Britain Training Manual
  ''978-0-7136-9139-9Senior Instructors of the Taekwondo Asso · Senior Instructors of the TagbTae Kwon-Do Blackbelt: The Official Tae Kwon-Do Association of Great Britain Training Manual
2005978-0-7136-9255-6Lucinda RochReeds Oki Marina and Waypoint Guide (Directory of Marinas, Marine Services and Supplies)
2004978-0-7136-9286-0Dominic CouzensSecret Lives of Garden Birds (RSPB)
2005978-0-7136-9287-7Neville Featherstone · Peter LambieReeds Oki Afloat Western Almanac 2006 2006 (Reed's Almanac)
2007978-0-7136-9365-2Katie WearingAbracadabra Strings Beginners - Abracadabra Violin Beginner (Pupil's book + CD)
  ''978-0-7136-9366-9Katie Wearing · Frankie HenryAbracadabra Strings Beginners - Abracadabra Cello Beginner (Pupil's book + CD)