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ISBN 978-0-13-195339-0 to 978-0-13-195735-0 < ISBN 978-0-13-195740-4 to 978-0-13-196243-9 > ISBN 978-0-13-196246-0 to 978-0-13-197102-8

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-0-13-195740-4Jim Perry · Gerald PostIntroduction to Oracle 10g
1983978-0-13-195743-5Howard J SmagulaCurrents: Contemporary directions in the visual arts
2005978-0-13-195745-9NAOut of Many TLC V1 REV & Bio Set 1 Pkg
  ''978-0-13-195746-6NAOut of Many TLC V1 REV & Comm Sense Pkg
  ''978-0-13-195747-3   ''Out of Many TLC V1 REV & Doc Set 1 Pkg
1983978-0-13-195750-3Howard J. SmagulaCurrents: Contemporary Directions in the Visual Arts
2005978-0-13-195752-7NAOut of Many Vol2 Ch16-31 & Bio Set 2 Pkg
  ''978-0-13-195753-4   ''Out of Many Vol2 Ch16-31 & Doc Set 2 Pkg
  ''978-0-13-195754-1   ''Out of Many Vol2 Ch16-31 & the Jungle Pkg
2005978-0-13-195755-8NAGo with Micro Off Wrd&ppt03comp&tips Wrd&pk
  ''978-0-13-195756-5   ''Go with Micro Off Acc03 Comp& Databs& Tips Pk
2005978-0-13-195759-6NADigging in Literature & PH Grammarn WB Pkg
1987978-0-13-195760-2KQEDGreat Game Bus Vl1
2005978-0-13-195761-9NAExpl Microsft Word& Xcl03cmp& Acc& Ppt& Tips& Pk
  ''978-0-13-195762-6   ''Writing about Art & Visual Arts Comb Pkg
  ''978-0-13-195763-3   ''Writing about Art & Visual Arts Vol 1 Pkg
  ''978-0-13-195764-0   ''Writing about Art & Visual Arts Vol 2 Pkg
  ''978-0-13-195765-7Writing about Art & World of Art REV Pkg
2007978-0-13-195766-4Gerald Audesirk · Teresa Audesirk · Bruce E. ByersBiology: Life on Earth with Physiology (8th Edition)
2008978-0-13-195768-8Anne GalBraith, Theresa Hornstein Linda FloraBiology 8th edition T.I.F
2007978-0-13-195769-5Gerald Audesirk · Teresa Audesirk · Bruce ByersBiology: Life on Earth and Life on Earth with Physiology, Student Study Guide
2008978-0-13-195770-1Teresa Audesirk · Gerald Audeesirk · Bruce E. ByersTransparency Acetates for Biology: Life on Earth and Life on Earth with Physiology
1988978-0-13-195777-0Allan C. Ornstein · F.P. HunkinsCurriculum: Foundations, Principles and Issues
1967978-0-13-195785-5M. Elizabeth Clarey · Robert J. DixsonCurso Practico De Pronunciacion Del Ingles
2005978-0-13-195788-6NAResearch Meth&society&soc Stu Wrtrs Mnl Pkg
  ''978-0-13-195791-6Tonality&design in Music Theory V1& Cd1 Pkg
  ''978-0-13-195792-3NAAcct for Hospital Indus&xcl Tips Fin&cpn Pk
  ''978-0-13-195794-7   ''Resource Guide Elem School Teachg&esol Pkg
2005978-0-13-195797-8NAExpl Microsft Offc+& Tait& CC Acc Code Pkg
  ''978-0-13-195798-5   ''Go Series Microsoft Xcl03 Comp& CC& Tait Pkg
  ''978-0-13-195803-6   ''Mosaicos& Student Actv Mnl& ANS Key& CD Pkg
  ''978-0-13-195804-3   ''Object Oriented Sys Analys&visio&vis 7.6pkg
  ''978-0-13-195806-7   ''Trato Hecho Clothbd&stu Actv/M&aud CDs& Pkg
2006978-0-13-195811-1Alyson Emery · Scott VahradianFirst Responder, A Skills Approach - Workbook
978-0-13-195813-5Student CD-ROM
2006978-0-13-195817-3Norman HollandOneKey WebCT, Student Access Kit, Core Concepts in Pharmacology
1973978-0-13-195818-0Ronald Terry HymanApproaches in Curriculum
2005978-0-13-195820-3NATeachg Studnts with Lrng Prob&stu W/Lrng Pk
2005978-0-13-195821-0Olga Kagan · Frank Miller · Ganna KudymaReference Grammar, Student Activities Manual, and Audio CD's for V PUti: Russian Grammar in Context Textbook and Student Activities Manual (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-13-195822-7NAConexiones&stu ACT/M&ans Key&1key BB&Dic Pk
2005978-0-13-195823-4NABusiness & Busn Plan Pro & Lrng GD Pkg
  ''978-0-13-195824-1   ''Go with Microsoft Ofc03brf Enh& Tait& Tips& Pk
  ''978-0-13-195825-8Robert M. Sherfield · Rhonda J. Montgomery · Patricia G. MoodyCornerstone: Building on Your Best for Career Success: With Video Cases for Cornerstone Building on Your Best for Career Success & Video Cases on CD Pkg
2006978-0-13-195828-9Steve Robbins · David A. DeCenzoSupervision Today!, 5/e & Self-Assessment Library v.3.0 Package (5th Edition)
1984978-0-13-195835-7Bryan Carsberg · Michael PageCurrent Cost Accounting: The Benefits and the Costs
2005978-0-13-195844-9NADigital Elect with VHDL Quartus & L/M Pkg
2019978-0-13-195846-3John F. Garganigo · René de Costa · Alessandra Luiselli · Georgina Sabat-Rivers · Elzbieta Sklodowska · Ben A. HellerHuellas de las literaturas hispanoamericanas (3rd Edition)
2007978-0-13-195847-0Mahmood A. KhanFood and Beverage Management
2005978-0-13-195852-4NACrim Just Mainstrm&crosscurr&usa Pat ACT Pk
  ''978-0-13-195854-8   ''Gender in Cross Cult Persp&construc Sex Pkg
2006978-0-13-195858-6Dennis J. SporreReality Through the Arts (6th Edition)
978-0-13-195865-4Western Civilization: Practice Tests v. 1
2006978-0-13-195867-8Philip · Bowen Makens · KotlerInstructor's Manual with Case Guide for Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism, 4e fourth 2006
  ''978-0-13-195877-7Vickie Kimbrough · Charla LautarEthics, Jurisprudence and Practice Management in Dental Hygiene
2005978-0-13-195878-4Robert T. GrauerStudent CD Revised
2005978-0-13-195880-7NAProfessnlsm in Teachg& Tchr Testd& Planng Pkg
2006978-0-13-195881-4   ''Astronomy Today & Interwri Prs Reb Cpn Pkg
2005978-0-13-195882-1   ''Cost Accounting& Student Sol Mnl& S/G& CC Pkg
2005978-0-13-195883-8NATeachg Spec Stu Gen&expl Idea&incl Clss Pkg
1994978-0-13-195884-5Robert Leroy KruseData Structures Program Design (Prentice-Hall software series)
2005978-0-13-195885-2NALinear Alg with Appl&labs W/MATLAB&Ssm Pkg
  ''978-0-13-195886-9Teachg Sci as Inquiry&case Std Elem Sci Pkg
2006978-0-13-195888-3Beginng Alg SSP MML Pkg
2005978-0-13-195889-0Linda SimonNew Beginnings: Guide to Adult Learners (3rd Edition)
2006978-0-13-195890-6NAMarkt Manag& Plan Hb& Best Prac& VID on DVD Pk
1968978-0-13-195891-3Ruth A. MartinsonCurriculum Enrichment for the Gifted in the Primary Grades
1986978-0-13-195892-0KruseSm Data Structures Program Design I/M
2006978-0-13-195893-7W Richard ScottOrganizations and Organizing: Rational, Natural and Open Systems Perspectives
2008978-0-13-195894-4Jeanne H. Ballantine · Floyd M. HammackThe Sociology of Education: A Systematic Analysis (6th Edition)
2006978-0-13-195897-5Darlene Clark Hine · William C. Hine · Stanley HarroldExploring African-American History CD-ROM Volumes I and II
  ''978-0-13-195898-2Darlene Clark Hine · William C. Hine · Stanley HarroldInstructor's Resource CD-ROM (African-American History)
2005978-0-13-195899-9NAArt Hist REV V 2 W/CD & Webct Std Pkg
1988978-0-13-195901-9Charles W. McNichols · Sara F. RushinekData Base Management: A Microcomputer Approach
2005978-0-13-195907-1NAGo with Microsoft Office Acc03 Comp&cd Pkg
  ''978-0-13-195908-8   ''Lit of Latin Amer&dict&thes&garcia Girls Pk
  ''978-0-13-195909-5   ''Learng Think Things Thru & Argument Rdr Pkg
2005978-0-13-195910-1Psychology & Study Guide & Wrtr GD Pkg
  ''978-0-13-195911-8NAMarktg Real Peo&sg&pp6&brnd&1key BB&Vid Pkg
  ''978-0-13-195914-9Marktg Real Peo& S/G& Brand&1key BB&Vid Pkg
1974978-0-13-195917-0George Granville TankardCurriculum improvement: an administrator's guide
1987978-0-13-195918-7J. David BrownSolutions to exercises and projects to accompany Data structures and program design (Prentice-Hall software series)
2008978-0-13-195920-0Amy BaldwinCommunity College Experience, Brief Edition, The (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-13-195927-9Amy BaldwinOneKey CourseCompass, Student Access Kit, The Community College Experience
  ''978-0-13-195928-6   ''OneKey Blackboard, Student Access Kit, The Community College Experience
2008978-0-13-195930-9Amy BaldwinOneKey WebCT, Student Access Kit, The Community College Experience
2005978-0-13-195932-3NACornerstone Buildg Your Conc& Plnr& VID CD Pk
1985978-0-13-195934-7Don CasseldBASE II Simplified for the IBM Personal Computer
2005978-0-13-195935-4NACornerstone Conc & Stu Jrnl & VID CD Pkg
2006978-0-13-195938-5   ''Essen Intermed Algebra Mathxl & SSP Sa Pkg
2006978-0-13-195940-8NAIntermed Algebra Mathxl & SSP Sa Pkg
1985978-0-13-195942-2Don CasseldBASE II Simplified for the IBM Personal Computer
2006978-0-13-195944-6NAAlgebra Coll Student Mathxl & SSP Sa Pkg
2005978-0-13-195945-3   ''Basic Coll Math MXL & SSP Sa Pkg
  ''978-0-13-195947-7   ''Essen Basic Coll Math MXL & SSP Sa Pkg
  ''978-0-13-195952-1   ''Ess Desgn Macromed Flash Mx04 L1&java L1 Pk
  ''978-0-13-195953-8   ''Keys to Success&ph Plannr&jrnl&hate&cd Pkg
2007978-0-13-195955-2Goldfield · Abbott · AndersonAmerica's Journey Continuity and Change in the Twentieth Century History Notes
2005978-0-13-195956-9NACornerstn Full&journl&strat CD&Plnr&vid Pkg
2005978-0-13-195957-6NACornerstone Full& Journal& Video CD Pkg
1970978-0-13-195958-3Leonard August LarsonCurriculum foundations and standards for physical education
2005978-0-13-195960-6NACornerstone Full&journl&hate&plnr&vid CD Pk
  ''978-0-13-195961-3   ''Chez Nous&1key 2.Quia BB&Mnl&oxfrd Dict Pkg
1985978-0-13-195967-5Alan FreedmandBase Dozen for dBase II (An Alan Freedman microguide)
2005978-0-13-195970-5NAReadrs&writers Primary Grades & ASCD Pkg
1986978-0-13-195975-0Johannes J. MartinData Types and Data Structures (Prentice-Hall International series in computer science)
2005978-0-13-195980-4NACommunity College Exper&10ways Fight Hte Pk
2006978-0-13-195981-1Debbie J. Goodman · Ron GrimmingWork in Criminal Justice: An A-Z Guide to Careers in Criminal Justice
1986978-0-13-195983-5Johannes J. MartinData Types and Data Structures (Prentice Hall International Series in Computing Science)
2007978-0-13-195984-2Connie S. DempseyInstructor's Resource Manual for Core Concepts in Pharmacology
2006978-0-13-195986-6Leland N. Holland · Michael P. AdamsWorkbook for Core Concepts in Pharamacology
1986978-0-13-195991-0Shirley Neal · Kenneth LeTraunikData Base Management Systems in Business
2005978-0-13-195992-7Earth Intro Phys Geo& LM& 1key Web& Geosci Pkg
2006978-0-13-195993-4Robert BlitzerPrecalculus
2006978-0-13-195996-5George MillerPrentice Hall Reader - Ap
2005978-0-13-195997-2Tom PirnotMathematics All Around
  ''978-0-13-195998-9Mario F. TriolaElementary Statistics
2007978-0-13-195999-6John M. BublicAP Instructor's Manual in Accompany Comparative Politics Today Updated Eighth Edition AP Edition
1987978-0-13-196007-7George W. Trimberger · William M. Etgen · David M. GaltonDairy Cattle Judging Techniques
2015978-0-13-196010-7Jayne MooneyApplied Criminological Theory
2007978-0-13-196012-1Colin Flint · Peter TaylorPolitical Geography: World-economy, Nation-state and Locality (5th Edition)
1993978-0-13-196016-9Jean-Claude UsunierInternational Marketing
1985978-0-13-196023-7Paul W. Heiser · Inge D. PickneyThe dBASE II Cash Manager: Cash Receipts/Cash Disbursements for the Small Business Owner or Accountant
1986978-0-13-196031-2Esen OzkarahanDatabase Machines and Database Management
2006978-0-13-196033-6KNOX ET ALHuman Geography: Places And Regions in Global Context, Second Canadian Edition
2007978-0-13-196046-6Longman PearsonTestGen 5.5 QuizMaster 4.1 AP Edition, Comparative Politics Today, Updated 8th Edition
2005978-0-13-196047-3Robin Bade · Michael ParkinFoundations of Economics, AP Edition (not chinese edition)
1985978-0-13-196049-7Robert L. KruseData Structures Program Design
2005978-0-13-196052-7NAUnderstanding Psych& Forty Studies Chng Pkg
  ''978-0-13-196053-4   ''Measurement&assessmnt in Teachg&no Child Pk
1985978-0-13-196056-5Leo H. BradleyCurriculum Leadership and Development Handbook
2005978-0-13-196057-2NAPrebles Artforms& Intrwrt Prs Reb Cpn Crd Pk
  ''978-0-13-196059-6   ''Educ Tech for Teachg&lrng&v Linkg Tech Pkg
2005978-0-13-196060-2NABiologcl Sci&cw+ Gradebk A/Crd&gene Test Pk
  ''978-0-13-196061-9   ''Herit World CIV 1700 V1& Song& Doc Set 1 Pkg
2005978-0-13-196063-3NACreatg Amer Readg&sf Compact&patt Pck Rd Pk
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2006978-0-13-196067-1James S. WalkerPhysics: Ap Edition
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1985978-0-13-196080-0Tony LimadBASE II for Beginners (Prentice-Hall Personal Computing Series)
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2007978-0-13-196089-3Project Management: Achieving Competitive Advantage (Instructor's Resource Manual)
  ''978-0-13-196090-9Brian Abbs · Chris Barker · Ingrid FreebairnPostcards: Power Pack Edition 6
2005978-0-13-196091-6BEAUMONTNorthStar: Building Skills for the TOEFL iBT, Intermediate Audio CDs
  ''978-0-13-196092-3John J. RuszkiewiczSF Writer One Key Instructor Access Kit
1985978-0-13-196098-5Tony LimadBase II for Beginners (Prentice-Hall personal computing series)
2005978-0-13-196099-2NAExcept Lives Spec& Incl Clsrm& Nclb& Idea04 Pk
2005978-0-13-196101-2NAExcpt Live Spec&incl Clsrm&cru Rdg&idea04pk
  ''978-0-13-196102-9   ''Society Basics & Study/G & Socnotes Pkg
  ''978-0-13-196104-3   ''Simply Java Programmg&ess Java&tut Jbldr Pk
1984978-0-13-196105-0William E. BowlesDaily Key for Today's Christians
2005978-0-13-196110-4NAExcpt Live Spec& Incl Cls& Nclb& Real& Idea04pk
  ''978-0-13-196112-8   ''Except Live Spec& Incl Cls& CC A/C& Idea04 Pkg
1983978-0-13-196113-5William BowlesDaily Key to Today's Christians (Steeple books)
2006978-0-13-196118-0NATait & Phit Tips Excel Pkg
1983978-0-13-196121-0Peter YoungD-Day (A Reward book)
2005978-0-13-196123-4NAEss Word 2002 L1&2&3&tips Wrd&wn XP&Tait Pk
1984978-0-13-196130-2Albert L. & Seabrook, Richard PeabodydBASE II Programming: Making dBASE Work for Your Small Business (Book and Disk)
978-0-13-196131-9Using Computers in the Pharmacy
2006978-0-13-196133-3Bernard W. TaylorIntroduction to Management Science (9th Edition)
2007978-0-13-196134-0Martha Wilson · Bernard W. Taylor IIIIntroduction to Management Science Test Item File
2006978-0-13-196135-7Bernard W. TaylorReview Copy
2008978-0-13-196141-8Richard SafersteinForensic Science: An Introduction
  ''978-0-13-196142-5Richard SafersteinForensic Science An Introduction Annotated Instructor's Edition
2007978-0-13-196143-2   ''Basic Laboratory Exercises for Forensic Science
1984978-0-13-196148-7Albert L PeabodydBASE II programming: Making dBASE II work for your small business
2005978-0-13-196149-4NATeachg Secondary Mathematics&math on Int Pk
2006978-0-13-196151-7NAActiv for Integ Sci&math on Int&sci Int Pkg
2005978-0-13-196152-4   ''Teachg Mathematics to All Child&math Int Pk
  ''978-0-13-196153-1   ''Teaching Math for 21st Cent&math on Int Pkg
  ''978-0-13-196154-8Ward/Prentice HallWARD'S/Prentice Hall Personal Rock and Mineral Set
1985978-0-13-196155-5Elizabeth BlissData Processing Mathematics
2008978-0-13-196161-6Richard T. WrightEnvironmental Science - Toward a Sustainable Future: Ap Test Prep
1985978-0-13-196171-5Alan FreedmanThe dBASE Query Language: How to Search for and Select Your Data in dBASE (An Alan Freedman Microguide)
2006978-0-13-196183-8Clifford E. Simonsen · Jeremy R. SpindloveTerrorism Today: The Past, The Players, The Future (3rd Edition)
1985978-0-13-196189-0Alton R. KindredData Systems and Management: An Introduction to Systems Analysis and Design
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2006978-0-13-196192-0Laurie U. deBettencourt · Lori A. HowardEffective Special Education Teacher: A Practical Guide for Success, The
2005978-0-13-196202-6Pren Hall Guide Coll Wrt Brf&pckt Pattrn Pk
  ''978-0-13-196205-7NAPren Hall Guide for Coll Wrtr& 1key Webct Pk
2006978-0-13-196207-1James N. GilbertCriminal Investigation (7th Edition)
  ''978-0-13-196208-8Brother GilbertCriminal Investigation
978-0-13-196214-9The dBASE III Plus to Go
2005978-0-13-196215-6NAGo Ser Microsoft Acc03 V1&ppt V1&flshdr Pkg
2007978-0-13-196217-0A Brief Guide to Biology / A Brief Guide to Biology with Physiology *Instructor Resource Center on CD/DVD
2006978-0-13-196220-0David KroghA Student Lecture Notebook for Brief Guide to Biology
1985978-0-13-196221-7Yedidyah LangsamData Structures for Personal Computers
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2006978-0-13-196242-2Julie IwamotoLongman Mathematics Answer Key
2007978-0-13-196243-9iii-michael-sullivanStatistics: Informed Decisions Using Data