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ISBN 978-0-13-673120-7 to 978-0-13-677445-7 < ISBN 978-0-13-677493-8 to 978-0-13-681354-5 > ISBN 978-0-13-681370-5 to 978-0-13-684696-3

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1991978-0-13-677493-8Judith SageFederal Tax Course, 1992 (Student Edition)
  ''978-0-13-677535-5John L. Kramer · Robert L. Gardner · Lawrence C. PhillipsPrentice Hall's Federal Taxation, 1992: Comprehensive
1984978-0-13-677618-5David E. Goldberg · Keith Harrow · Yedidyah LangsamPl/I and Pl/C Workbook
1987978-0-13-677626-0William P. PickettThe Pizza Tastes Great: Dialogues and Stories
1989978-0-13-677634-5H.M. Gousha1989 Pocket Road Atlas: United States, Canada, Mexico (Gousha Pocket)
1978978-0-13-677666-6C. L. JohnstonPlane Trigonometry, a New Approach
1988978-0-13-677683-3William P. PickettThe Pizza Tastes Great: Dialogues and Stories
1991978-0-13-677774-8C. L. Johnston · Jeanne LazarisPlane Trigonometry: A New Approach
  ''978-0-13-677790-8H.M. Gousha (Firm)Fastmap Portland
1989978-0-13-677808-0Franz-Joachim Kauffels · Ian JohnsonPractical Lans Analyzed (Ellis Horwood Series in Computer Communications and Networking)
1987978-0-13-677824-0C. Webb · F. MuvitunaPlant and Animal Cell Cultures: Process Possibilities (Ellis Horwood Series in Biochemistry and Biotechnology)
1991978-0-13-677832-5John L. Kramer Sandra S. Kramer W. FowlerPh Federl Taxatn 1992 Corp/Prt
  ''978-0-13-677840-0KRAMER PHILLIPPh Course Manager Ph Federal Tax 1992
  ''978-0-13-677873-8CASSILL HOPKINPh Federal Tax 92 Corp Par S/G
1991978-0-13-677899-8Lawrence C. PhillipsPrentice Hall's Federal Taxation, 1992: Individuals
  ''978-0-13-677907-0KRAMER PHILLIPPh Federal Tax 1992 Ph Course Manager
  ''978-0-13-677931-5HOPKINS CASSILPh Federal Tax 1992 Individual S/G
  ''978-0-13-677972-8GarvinPh Tax Practice Problem Corp 1992
  ''978-0-13-677980-3BEEHLER SIMON SCHUSTERPh Tax Practice Problem Individual 1992
1991978-0-13-677998-8BEEHLER SIMON SCHUSTERPh Tax Practice Problems Individual 1990
978-0-13-678004-5Prentice Hall's Accounting Faculty Directory' 91
1991978-0-13-678020-5Page-JonesPractical Guide Struc Sys Ds (
  ''978-0-13-678046-5KALDEWAIJSm Programming:Algorithm T/M
1992978-0-13-678053-3A. G. DerocheThe Principles of Auto Body Repairing and Repainting
1993978-0-13-678079-3DEROUCHEPrinciples Auto Body Rep W/B
1991978-0-13-678087-8Rogene A. BuchholzPublic Policy Issues For Management (2nd Edition)
1992978-0-13-678103-5Edward L. Fritsch · Nate RosenblattMaster Reader: The Ten-Hour Speed-Reading, Speed-Thinking Course to Get the Most Out of Everything You Read
1991978-0-13-678111-0Norman TallentThe Practice of Psychological Assessment
  ''978-0-13-678178-3Eve P SteinbergPost office clerk-carrier
  ''978-0-13-678186-8Louis M. MezeiPractical Laboratory Information Management for Scientists & Engineers (Prentice Hall Laboratory Lotus Series)
1993978-0-13-678210-0Chrysostomos Nikias · Athina P. PetropuluHigher Order Spectra Analysis: A Non-Linear Signal Processing Framework
1991978-0-13-678228-5Vincent Del ToroElectric Power Systems
1992978-0-13-678244-5Dorothy RubinPower Vocabulary 1: Basic Word Strategies for Adults
  ''978-0-13-678251-3Dorothy RubinPower Vocabulary: Basic Word Strategies for Adults (Cambridge Adult Education) (Vol 2)
1996978-0-13-678269-8Stephen N. ThomasPractical Reasoning In Natural Language (4th Edition)
1992978-0-13-678285-8Association of Energy EngineersPower Generation, Energy, Management and Environmental Sourcebook
1992978-0-13-678319-0Dougal DixonPrehistoric Life and Evolution (Prentice Hall World of Nature)
1991978-0-13-678327-5G. SubramanianPreparative and Process-Scale Liquid Chromatography (Ellis Horwood Series in Chemical Engineering)
1992978-0-13-678350-3Ronald SoeterboekPredictive Control: A Unified Approach (Prentice Hall International Series in Systems and Control Engineering)
1988978-0-13-678457-9*Planning Effective Instruc%%% Dick/reiser
1992978-0-13-678475-3Prentice HallPre-Algebra Math and. . .
  ''978-0-13-678483-8Prentice HallPre-Algebra Teaching Resources
  ''978-0-13-678491-3Anthony J. PansiniPower Systems Stability Handbook
1991978-0-13-678541-5PH ED STAFFPh Tax Kit 1992 Return Prepare
1992978-0-13-678558-3H. S. ChaubePlant Diseases of International Importance: Diseases of Vegetables and Oil Seed Crops
  ''978-0-13-678566-8J. Kumar · H. S. Chaube · U. S. Singh · A. N. MukhopakhyayPlant Diseases of International Importance: Diseases of Fruit Crops
  ''978-0-13-678574-3A. N. MukhopadhyayPlant Diseases of International Importance: Diseases of Sugar, Forest, and Plantation Crops
1992978-0-13-678582-8U. S. Singh · A. N. Mukhopadhyay · J. Kumar · H. S. ChaubePlant Diseases of International Importance: Diseases of Cereals and Pulses
1991978-0-13-678608-5HortonPortable C Software (Italian)
  ''978-0-13-678616-0ChangPrinciples Pictorial Info (Ita
1993978-0-13-678624-5ONEIL ET ALPolice Officer (Peterson's Master the Police Officer Exam)
1997978-0-13-678641-2KerinSm Strategic Marketing Probs I/M
1995978-0-13-678673-3GoushaLakeland/Winter Haven/Polk Cou
978-0-13-678681-8Project Management Method *** Burnett
1994978-0-13-678731-0Michael R. SneydAccounting IBD
1993978-0-13-678756-3Michael R. SneydInternational Banking and Finance
1995978-0-13-678798-3Alan Bernstein · Donna FreiermuthThe Practice Builder: Complete Marketing Library of $1,000,000 Strategies
1992978-0-13-678806-5Larua Williams Rice · Laura W RicePractical Horticulture
1994978-0-13-678905-5Guido H., III StempelThe Practice of Political Communication
1997978-0-13-678913-0Thomas M PoulsenNations and States: A Geographic Background to World Affairs
1993978-0-13-678921-5Donald W. MoffatPlant Engineer's Portable Problem-Solver
1992978-0-13-678950-5Plant Evolution and the Origin of Crop Species
  ''978-0-13-678954-3W. H. WeissPlant Supervisor's Complete Desk Book
  ''978-0-13-678970-3Julia Derek ParkerLove Signs: Pisces, February 19-March 20
1993978-0-13-678988-8Judith Felson Duchan · Lynne E. HewittPragmatics: From Theory to Practice
  ''978-0-13-678996-3Muhammad H. RashidPower Electronics: Circuits, Devices, and Applications (2nd Edition)
1993978-0-13-679002-0Power Electronics Ssm
1980978-0-13-679043-3Walter FlemingPlane trigonometry
1988978-0-13-679051-8Walter Fleming · Dale VarbergPlane Trigonometry: A Problem Solving Approach
978-0-13-679065-5A F SissonWord and Expression Locater Edition
1989978-0-13-679069-3Walter Fleming · Dale VarbergPlane Trigonometry ST/ML S/M Fleming et al.
1998978-0-13-679078-5Raymond Hylton · Howard SpodekThe World's History Volume I: Documents Set (Set I)
1999978-0-13-679086-0Raymond Hylton · Howard SpodekThe World's History: Documents Set
1965978-0-13-679100-3Fred W. & REEES, Paul K. SPARKSPlane trigonometry. . . .
978-0-13-679119-5Solutions Manual. Systems Dynamics. Third edition
1990978-0-13-679127-0K. Lindsey · M. G. K. JonesPlant Biotechnology in Agriculture (Biotechnology Series)
1998978-0-13-679135-5LOUStories Twist
1971978-0-13-679167-6Fred Winchell SparksPlane trigonometry
978-0-13-679184-3Atkinson · MillerPlanning Systems of Autonomous Mobile Robots
1977978-0-13-679209-3Fred Winchell SparksPlane trigonometry
1984978-0-13-679225-3Fred W. Sparks · Paul Klein Rees · Charles Sparks ReesPlane Trigonometry
2001978-0-13-679235-2Hudson T. Hartmann · Dale E. Kester · Fred T. Davies · Robert GeneveHartmann and Kester's Plant Propagation: Principles and Practices (7th Edition)
978-0-13-679259-8PFLEIDERERSoftdesk Site Planning Development
1998978-0-13-679267-3Philip Kotler · Gary Armstrong · Peggy H. CunninghamPrinciples of Marketing, Fourth Canadian Edition
1975978-0-13-679290-1Nicholas M. ShortPlanetary Geology
1997978-0-13-679291-8James MohrSco Companion: Professional Edition
1900978-0-13-679308-3MathewsEarth Sc Curric Proj.Rs6
1997978-0-13-679317-5Peter C. Gega · Joseph M. PetersScience in Elementary Education/Sampler of National Science Education Standards
1977978-0-13-679357-1John A DeMayThe plaintiff's personal injury case: Its preparation, trial and settlement
1966978-0-13-679407-3Marc RaeffPlans for Political Reform in Imperial Russia, 1730-1905.
  ''978-0-13-679415-8M RaeffPlans for political reform in Imperial Russia, 1730-1905
1986978-0-13-679424-0LIMAYEPlanning Cogeneration Systems
1984978-0-13-679432-5Jay Weininger · Deborah ClowneyPlanning for Computer Success
  ''978-0-13-679440-0WEININGER CLOWPlanning for Computer Success
1973978-0-13-679456-1N. Dean EvansPlanning and developing innovative community colleges
1989978-0-13-679457-8Walter Dick · Robert A. ReiserPlanning Effective Instruction
1985978-0-13-679465-3Band Director's Survival Guide
1989978-0-13-679466-0William D. WellsPlanning for R.O.I.: Effective Advertising Strategy/Book and Workbook
978-0-13-679473-8Planning Ro1 Workbook
1984978-0-13-679481-3Charles A. Maher · Randy Elliot BennettPlanning and Evaluating Special Education Services
1983978-0-13-679506-3Richard H. SpencerPlanning Implementation and Control in Product Test and Assurance
1988978-0-13-679549-0John CriswellPlanned Maintenance for Productivity and Energy Conservation
1977978-0-13-679555-1Neil Gilbert · Harry SpechtPlanning for Social Welfare: Issues, Models, and Tasks
1989978-0-13-679572-8Elizabeth Thompson OrtizYour Complete Guide to Sexual Health
  ''978-0-13-679580-3   ''Your Complete Guide to Sexual Health
1990978-0-13-679606-0William R. Sherrard · C. R. Smolin · John RodenrysProduction and Management Systems for Business/Book and Disk
  ''978-0-13-679630-5Donald W. MoffatPlant Manager's Handbook of Model Reports and Formats
1989978-0-13-679648-0John W. CriswellPlanned Maintenance for Productivity and Energy Conservation
1993978-0-13-679663-3Malcolm D. Devine · Stephen O. Duke · Carl FedtkePhysiology of Herbicide Action
1991978-0-13-679671-8Roger FournierPractical Guide to Structured System Development and Maintenance (Yourdon Press Computing Series)
1989978-0-13-679697-8SteffensPrinciples Of Fish Nutrition Cl (Ellis Horwood Series In Aquaculture And Fisheries Support)
1970978-0-13-679704-3W. James Popham · Eva L. BakerPlanning an Instructional Sequence
1970978-0-13-679712-8W. James PophamPlanning an instructional sequence
1985978-0-13-679721-0Luc Steels · J. A. CampbellProgress in Artificial Intelligence (Ellis Horwood Series in Artificial Intelligence)
1997978-0-13-679739-5SystatStatistics: Systat 7.0 for Windows
1960978-0-13-679746-3Charles C. HoltPlanning Production, Inventories, and Work Force
1997978-0-13-679754-8Douglas C. GiancoliPhysics: Principles with Applications, Volume I (5th Edition)
  ''978-0-13-679762-3Douglas C. GiancoliPhysics: Principles with Applications, Volume II (5th Edition)
1971978-0-13-679779-1Charles H DoeblerPlanning your child's education,
1999978-0-13-679812-5Michael KoehlerAdministrator's Staff Development
1997978-0-13-679820-0McclaveStatistics for Business & Economics Preview
1991978-0-13-679843-9Walter Farley[ The Black Stallion (Black Stallion (Paperback) #01) By Farley, Walter (Author) Paperback 1991 ]
1998978-0-13-679887-3Ronald L. PartinPrentice Hall Directory of Online Social Studies Resources
  ''978-0-13-679895-8Rob GordonEssential Jni: Java Native Interface (Essential Java)
  ''978-0-13-679903-0Marcus GoncalvesWindows Nt 4.0 Server Security Guide (Prentice Hall Series on Microsoft Technologies)
  ''978-0-13-679911-5DyePrinciples of Financial Management
1998978-0-13-679952-8KellerSm Strategic Brand Management [VHS]
  ''978-0-13-679978-8EmerySm Principles Financial Mgmt I
978-0-13-679986-3Test Item File
1997978-0-13-680018-7Douglas Emery · John FinnertySolutions Manual
  ''978-0-13-680034-7Andrea Vierra · Judith Pollock · Felipe GolezReading Educational Research (3rd Edition)
1998978-0-13-680042-2E. Sutton Flynt · Robert B. CooterFlynt-Cooter Reading Inventory for the Classroom
978-0-13-680059-0Intersections: Essays in the Sciences and Humanities
1999978-0-13-680067-5Pop Can: Popular culture in Canada
1972978-0-13-680190-0Louis DUnderstanding Movies, 2nd Edition
1987978-0-13-680257-0MoffatThe Plant Manager's Daily Planner, 1988
1980978-0-13-680264-8Cushing PhillipsPlant engineer's desk handbook
1973978-0-13-680272-3Victor J CotzPlant engineer's manual and guide,
1974978-0-13-680280-8Donald W MoffatPlant engineer's handbook of formulas, charts, and tables,
1998978-0-13-680281-5Jean Compain · Robert Courchene · Helene Knoerr · Alysse WeinbergPoints de rencontre
1982978-0-13-680298-3Donald W. MoffatPlant Engineer's Handbook of Formulas, Charts, and Tables
1968978-0-13-680306-5A. Harris StonePlants Are Like That
1988978-0-13-680307-2Hudson Thomas HartmannPlant Science: Growth, Development, and Utilization of Cultivated Plants (2nd Edition)
1970978-0-13-680363-8Harold C. BoldThe Plant Kingdom
  ''978-0-13-680371-3Harold C. BoldPlant Kingdom (Foundations of Modern Biology)
1977978-0-13-680389-8Harold Charles BoldThe plant kingdom (Prentice-Hall foundations of modern biology series)
1987978-0-13-680398-0Harold C. Bold · John W., II LA ClaireThe Plant Kingdom
1976978-0-13-680405-5Samuel RushforthPlant Kingdom: Evolution and Form
1997978-0-13-680422-2H DasStrategic Organizational Design for Canadian Firms in Global Economy
1998978-0-13-680596-0Mark F. Komarinski · Cary CollettLinux System Administration Handbook
1997978-0-13-680604-2Stephen Morse · David IsaacParallel Systems in the Data Warehouse (Data Warehousing Institute Series from Prentice Hall)
  ''978-0-13-680612-7Ari LuotonenWeb Proxy Servers (Web Infrastructure Series)
1997978-0-13-680620-2Nancy V. WoodWriting Argumentative Essays
1999978-0-13-680638-7Peter R. Beckman · Paul Crumlish · Michael Dobkowski · Steven LeeThe Nuclear Predicament: Nuclear Weapons in the Twenty-First Century (3rd Edition)
1998978-0-13-680646-2Kevin KellerInstructors Manual
2000978-0-13-680678-3Lorus MilnePlant Life
1978978-0-13-680694-3Charles H. BeckerPlant Manager's Handbook
1987978-0-13-680703-2   ''Plant Manager's Manual and Guide
1997978-0-13-680729-2Bil Lewis · Daniel J. Berg · Sun Microsystems PressMultithreaded Programming With PThreads
1984978-0-13-680745-2Charles E. RothThe Plant Observer's Guidebook: A Field Botany Manual for the Amateur Naturalist
  ''978-0-13-680752-0Charles Edmund RothThe plant observer's guidebook: A field botany manual for the amateur naturalist (PHalarope books)
1987978-0-13-680760-5David Gareth JonesPlant Pathology: Principles and Practice
1967978-0-13-680769-8John MolnarPlant Operation Manual
978-0-13-680779-7HEINSOHNSm Sources Control Air Pollutn Engrg S/M
1985978-0-13-680794-0Pamela D. MayhallPolice-Community Relations and the Administration of Justice
  ''978-0-13-680802-2STONE DELUCAPolice Administration
  ''978-0-13-680810-7W. Clinton. TerryPolicing Society: An Occupational View
1986978-0-13-680836-7Russell S. FlingPractical Design of Reinforced Concrete
1983978-0-13-680851-0C. J. SwankThe Police Personnel System
1991978-0-13-680877-0C. J. ClealPlant Fossils in Geological Investigation: The Palaeozoic (Ellis Horwood Series in Applied Geology)
  ''978-0-13-680885-5Godwin J. I. IgwePowder Technology and Multiphase Systems: Gas Permeametry and Surface Area Measurement (Ellis Horwood Series in Chemical Engineering)
1991978-0-13-680901-2Donald W. MoffatPlant Engineer's Handbook of Formulas, Charts, and Tables
2001978-0-13-680919-7Karl E. Case · Ray C. FairPrinciples of Economics
1992978-0-13-680943-2Karl E. Case · Ray C. FairPrinciples of Economics (Annotated Instructor's Edition)
1968978-0-13-680975-3Hartmann Hudson T.Plant Propagation: Principles and Practices
1985978-0-13-680984-5Hudson T Hartmann · Dale E KesterPlant Propagation: Principles and Practices
1975978-0-13-680991-3Hudson Thomas Hartmann · Dale E. KesterPlant Propagation: Principles and Practices
1983978-0-13-681007-0Hudson Thomas HartmannPlant Propagation: Principles and Practices
1989978-0-13-681016-2Hudson T. Hartmann · Dale E. Kester · Fred T. DaviesPlant Propagation: Principles and Practices
  ''978-0-13-681040-7CHARIOT SOFTWAREPrinciples Macroeconomics 3.5
1981978-0-13-681056-8Hudson T. Hartman · etc.Plant Science: Growth, Development and Utilization of Cultivated Plants
1992978-0-13-681149-7L. H. FenicalPspice: A Tutorial
  ''978-0-13-681164-0Margot LovejoyPostmodern Currents: Art and Artists in the Age of Electronic Media (Studies in the Fine Arts: the Avant-Garde, No 64)
  ''978-0-13-681180-0Douglas W. Kutz · Dawn K. RhodesPolicies and Procedures Manual for Accounting and Financial Control
  ''978-0-13-681198-5Dorothy RubinPower Vocabulary 3: Basic Word Strategies for Adults (Cambridge Adult Education) (Vol 3)
1993978-0-13-681206-7   ''Power Vocabulary 4: Basic Word Strategies for Adults
1993978-0-13-681214-2Dorothy RubinPower Vocabulary 5: Basic Word Strategies for Adults
1992978-0-13-681230-2Caroline BoissetThe Plant Growth Planner (Horticulture)
1996978-0-13-681248-7Dean John Champion · George E. RushPolicing in the Community
1972978-0-13-681254-8Robert W. ScheryPlants for Man
1986978-0-13-681305-7Lola ObermanThe Pleasures of Watching Birds
1998978-0-13-681321-7Peter J. KriegerUnderstanding Chemical Principles: A Learning Companion
1999978-0-13-681354-5Stanford H RoweInstructor's manual to accompany telecommunications for managers