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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1999978-0-13-020997-9Ronald D. Hunter · Pamela D. Mayhall · Thomas BarkerPolice-Community Relations and the Administration of Justice (5th Edition)
978-0-13-020998-6EricksenQuick Simple Windows 98
1999978-0-13-021005-0GIESECKETechncl Drawing Funds Autocad Rel 14
1977978-0-13-021006-7Homer ParkerAir Pollution
1999978-0-13-021008-1Mark L. DantzkerUnderstanding Today's Police (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-13-021020-3Dawn Rodrigues · Raymond Rodriguez · Raymond J. RodriguesThe Research Paper and the World Wide Web (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-13-021022-7Muriel HarrisPrentice Hall Reference Guide to Grammar and Usage (4th Edition)
1984978-0-13-021023-4Inc. Arrakis SystemsAlgebra I: Apple IIE Version (48k Disk)
978-0-13-021024-1HarrisPh Reference Guide Grammar Usage W/O Ex
1999978-0-13-021025-8Muriel HarrisThe Writer's FAQs Pocket Handbook
2000978-0-13-021026-5Stephen ReidPurpose and Process: A Reader for Writers (4th Edition)
1999978-0-13-021027-2Mary Lynch Kennedy · William J. Kennedy · Hadley M. SmithWriting in the Disciplines: A Reader for Writers, Fourth Edition
  ''978-0-13-021028-9Stephen ReidPrentice Hall Guide for College Writers, Full Edition with Handbook (5th Edition)
  ''978-0-13-021029-6   ''The Prentice Hall Guide for College Writers Brief Edition, without Handbook (5th Edition)
1984978-0-13-021031-9Inc. Arrakis SystemsAlgebra I: Atari Version: 001 (16k Disk)
1995978-0-13-021034-0Uresh VahaliaUnix Internals: The New Frontiers
1999978-0-13-021035-7Leila R. SmithPowerpnt Transparencs&Trans Engl Career
1984978-0-13-021049-4Inc. Arrakis SystemsAlgebra I: Atari Version: 002 (16k Disk)
1999978-0-13-021053-1Andrew S. TanenbaumSm Structured Computer Organization
1999978-0-13-021054-8PHSm Socio Student Media Version
1998978-0-13-021057-9George E. MillerPrentice Hall Reader/Model Student Essays
978-0-13-021061-6Understanding Canadian Public Administration: Theory and Practice
1984978-0-13-021064-7Inc. Arrakis SystemsAlgebra I: Commodore Version: 002 (48k Disk)
1999978-0-13-021066-1Elizabeth New · Virginia M. ScottTraitement de textes: Une introduction à l'expression écrite
  ''978-0-13-021074-6TANOUSWealth Equation
1984978-0-13-021080-7Inc. Arrakis SystemsAlgebra I: IBM PCJR Version (64k Disk)
978-0-13-021081-4REMENDERSociology Student Media Version
2001978-0-13-021089-0RobertsAn Anthology of American Literature: Realism Vol 2
1999978-0-13-021091-3Kenneth E. KendallSystems Analysis and Design
  ''978-0-13-021100-2Scott Dominic CarpenterReading Lessons: An Introduction to Theory
978-0-13-021103-3SSCP EDITORIALRetrieving American Past Sample Book
1980978-0-13-021105-7Robert WallAirliners
1999978-0-13-021107-1Francis J. Doyle · E. P. Gatzke · R. S. ParkerProcess Control Modules: A Software Laboratory for Control Design
2000978-0-13-021115-6John J. MacionisSociety: The Basics
  ''978-0-13-021119-4Sean McGrathXML Processing with Python (with CD-ROM)
  ''978-0-13-021120-0John J. MacionisData File
2000978-0-13-021121-7KOTLER · ArmstrongPrinciples of Marketing Video Cases [VHS]
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1999978-0-13-021123-1John J. MacionisSociety: The Basics
978-0-13-021124-8John MacionisCompanion Website - Macionis
1984978-0-13-021130-9Inc. Arrakis SystemsAlgebra II: Atari Version: 002 (16k Disk)
1998978-0-13-021135-4Michael SullivanPrecalculus: Graphing and Data Analysis
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  ''978-0-13-021153-8David R. GoldfieldAmerican Journey
1982978-0-13-021154-5Louis Theodore · Anthony J. BuonicoreAir Pollution Control Equipment: Selection, Design, Operation and Maintenance
1998978-0-13-021188-0Donald Kagan · Steven E. Ozment · Frank M. TurnerWestern Heritage: Brief Edition Chapters 1-15
1999978-0-13-021190-3Charles G. Morris · Albert A. MaistoUnderstanding Psychology
1997978-0-13-021198-9Robert S. FeldmanChild Development: Topical Approach
978-0-13-021209-2BrownReaching Full Potential Succ C
1998978-0-13-021212-2Stephen P. RobbinsSelf-Assessment Library, The: Insights Into Your Skills, Abilities and Interests
1984978-0-13-021213-9Inc. Arrakis SystemsAlgebra III: Atari Version: 001 (16k Disk)
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2001978-0-13-021220-7Belth L. Adams J Roemmelt · Richard J. Fogelson · Roemmelt · Bob Page · Frew · Van Leuven · Fremgen · BeckerPrehospital Medicine & The Law
1984978-0-13-021221-4Inc. Arrakis SystemsAlgebra III: Atari Version: 002 (16k Disk)
1999978-0-13-021222-1Ellie QuigleyUnix Shells by Example
  ''978-0-13-021223-8Sam Graci · Harvey Diamond · Jeanne Marie Martin · David SchweitzerThe Power of Superfoods (2nd Edition)
2000978-0-13-021225-2Anne M. Bauer · Charlotte H. Keefe · Thomas M. SheaStudents with Learning Disabilities or Emotional/Behavioral Disorders
1999978-0-13-021228-3Neil R. Carlson · William Buskist · G. Neil MartinPsychology: The Science of Behaviour: European Adaptation
2001978-0-13-021229-0Paul M. Maniscalco · Hank T. ChristenUnderstanding Terrorism and Managing the Consequences
  ''978-0-13-021231-3Super Tots: Picture Cards Level 1
2001978-0-13-021232-0Super Tots Picture Cards 2
2000978-0-13-021235-1Carolyn NilsonTraining & Development Yearbook 2000
  ''978-0-13-021236-8LYNN60 Minute Tax Planner 2000
978-0-13-021237-5KingPurchase Managrs Deskbk Purch Law 00 Cum
2000978-0-13-021238-2Corporate ClassroomsPrentice Hall's Get a Grip on Supervisory Skills
1999978-0-13-021240-5ChartonSimple Guide To Upgrad/Repair Your Pc (Simple Guides)
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978-0-13-021243-6SandlerSecrets Savvy 50 Plus Consumer
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978-0-13-021276-4XILINXPractical Xilinx Designer Lab Bk Ver 1.5
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978-0-13-021290-0Fiscal Fitness
978-0-13-021291-7LIEBESFELDTeaching Techniques Health Care Educ
1999978-0-13-021294-8Against the ClockSm Trapwise Digital Trappg I/M
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1975978-0-13-021303-7Christopher BigsbyEdward Albee: A Collection of Critical Essays (20th Century Views)
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978-0-13-021330-3Structural Steel Design Using L.R.F.D
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978-0-13-021384-6Principle Marketing
1998978-0-13-021385-3KotlerPrinciple Marketing and Career
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1986978-0-13-021395-2Insight GuidesInsight Guides: Alaska (Insight Guide Alaska)
978-0-13-021398-3LANCASTERTroublshtg Using Elec Wkbnch PWR Supply
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978-0-13-021406-5Vhdl and Verilog Digital System Impleme
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1999978-0-13-021453-9David ZeltsermanPractical Guide to Snmpv3 and Network Management
1998978-0-13-021456-0Lynn Quitman TroykaSimon and Schuster Quick Access Reference for Writers 1998: Mla Update Edition
1998978-0-13-021457-7Lynn Quitman TroykaSimon & Schuster Handbook for Writers, 5th Edition
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978-0-13-021461-4LANCASTERTroubleshoot Using Electro Wkbench Auto
978-0-13-021462-1   ''Troubleshoot Using Electro Wkbench Tele
2005978-0-13-021463-8Zary Segall · Marilyn Livingston · Alan EliasonSoftware Engineering Studio
1999978-0-13-021464-5KennedySm Writing Disciplines I/M
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1981978-0-13-021469-0Michael HaleyThe Alfred Hitchcock album
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1984978-0-13-021478-2Alcoholism and Related Problems
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2007978-0-13-021499-7   ''Practice: v. 2
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