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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-0-13-098135-6Radesh PalakurthiE-Commerce for Hospitality
978-0-13-098136-3Analyzing Social Problems
2002978-0-13-098137-0Gregory L. Weiss · Lynne E. LonnquistThe Sociology of Health, Healing, and Illness (4th Edition)
1994978-0-13-098138-7Berny Goodheart · James CoxThe Magic Garden Explained: The Internals of Unix System V Release 4: An Open Systems Design
2002978-0-13-098142-4Toby · Hayakawa, Alan R. FulwilerThe Blair Handbook
  ''978-0-13-098143-1Thomas W. Fermanian · Malcolm C. Shurtleff · Roscoe Randell · Henry T. Wilkinson · Philip L. NixonControlling Turfgrass Pests (3rd Edition)
1994978-0-13-098146-2Joseph A. Maciariello · Calvin J. KirbyManagement Control Systems (2nd Edition)
2001978-0-13-098150-9Noel-LevitzCollege Student Inventory, Form B for Keys to College Studying: Becoming a Lifelong Learner
1995978-0-13-098153-0Patrick Jackson · Allen H. CenterPublic Relations Practices: Managerial Case Studies and Problems (5th Edition)
2002978-0-13-098158-5Noel-LevitzForms A, B, & C: Online Pincard for College Student Inventory
1998978-0-13-098161-5Jenna WilsonInstructors Manual with Tests and Transparency Masters
2002978-0-13-098162-2Bryan E. Bledsoe · Robert S. Porter · Richard A. CherryParamedic Care: Principles & Practice Combined Workbook for volumes 1 - 5
2004978-0-13-098163-9James Blasingame · John H. BushmanTeaching Writing in Middle and Secondary Schools
2002978-0-13-098167-7Robert EllingPocket Reference for the EMT-B and First Responder (2nd Edition)
2003978-0-13-098168-4Leonard J. Territo · James B. Halsted · Max L. BromleyCrime and Justice in America: A Human Perspective (6th Edition)
2005978-0-13-098173-8Sydney S. ZentallADHD and Education: Foundations, Characteristics, Methods, and Collaboration
2002978-0-13-098174-5Sharon J. Gerson · Steven M. GersonTechnical Writing: Process and Product (4th Edition)
  ''978-0-13-098175-2Annette M. IversonBuilding Competence in Classroom Management and Discipline (4th Edition)
  ''978-0-13-098176-9Louise Boyle Swiniarski · Mary-Lou BreitbordeEducating the Global Village: Including the Child in the World (2nd Edition)
2010978-0-13-098177-6John J. MurphyA Interventive Interviewing in Counseling Children
2004978-0-13-098178-3Nathan Goldstein · Harriet FishmanDrawing to See
1993978-0-13-098179-0Charles T. · Sundem, Gary L. HorngrenIntroduction to Management Accounting, and Beyond Quality Package (Shrinkwrap)
2002978-0-13-098180-6Howard AbadinskyLaw and Justice: An Introduction to the American Legal System (5th Edition)
2004978-0-13-098186-8David L. ParryEssential Readings in Juvenile Justice
1993978-0-13-098187-5Gary D. Eppen · Floyd J. Gould · Charles P. Schmidt · Bowles · HammondIntro Management Science, and Beyond Quality Package (Shrinkwrap)
2002978-0-13-098188-2Kurt L. KrausExercises in Group Work
2004978-0-13-098189-9Kelly Rogers RuppPolice Writing: A Guide to the Essentials
1993978-0-13-098195-0Samuel Bowles · David H. Holt · HammondManagement
2003978-0-13-098217-9Larry GoldenCase Studies in Marriage and Family Therapy (2nd Edition)
2004978-0-13-098218-6Frank A. Nugent · Karyn Dayle JonesIntroduction to the Profession of Counseling (4th Edition)
2003978-0-13-098220-9Muriel Harris · David DavisPracticing Grammar and Usage: Prentice Hall Reference Guide to Grammar and Usage
2002978-0-13-098221-6Muriel HarrisPrentice Hall Reference Guide to Grammar and Usage
  ''978-0-13-098230-8Peter E.S. Freund · Meredith McGuire · Linda S. PodhurstHealth, Illness, and the Social Body: A Critical Sociology (4th Edition)
2001978-0-13-098231-5James MacGregor Burns · J.W. Peltason · Thomas E Cronin · David B Magleby · David M O'BrienGovernment By the People Brief Version Instructor's Resource Manual with Lecture Outliner
2002978-0-13-098235-3Kathleen Blais RN Ed.DCourseCompass Standard Access Card
2003978-0-13-098239-1Irving M. ZeitlinThe Religious Experience: Classical Philosophical and Social Theories
2003978-0-13-098241-4Karen Lee Fontaine · Carol Ren Kneisl · Eileen TrigoboffClinical Companion for Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing
2002978-0-13-098255-1Robert W. Funk · Susan X. Day · Linda S. ColemanStrategies for College Writing: A Rhetorical Reader (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-13-098256-8Dawn Rodrigues · Raymond J. RodriguesThe Research Paper: A Guide to Library and Internet Research (3rd Edition)
2004978-0-13-098257-5Jennifer A. GehenPrentice Hall's Question and Answer Review of Health Information Management (8th Edition)
  ''978-0-13-098261-2Brian HarkerJazz: An American Journey
2002978-0-13-098262-9Hudson T. Hartmann · Dale E. KesterPlant Propagation: Glossary
  ''978-0-13-098263-6Carole Wade · Carol TavrisPsychology (7th Edition)
  ''978-0-13-098264-3Carole Wade · Carol Tavris · Jeffrey D. GreenStudy Guide: Psychology Seventh Edition
978-0-13-098265-0Companion Website Stand Alone Access Code
978-0-13-098271-1CourseCompass Standard Access Code
2003978-0-13-098272-8Daniel Limmer · Brent Q. Hafen · Keith J. KarrenFirst Responder: A Skills Approach (6th Edition)
978-0-13-098273-5Blackboard Standard Access Code
2002978-0-13-098279-7Carole Wade · Carol TavrisWebCT Standard Access Code
2002978-0-13-098281-0Robert S. FeldmanDevelopment Across the Life Span (3rd Edition)
2003978-0-13-098282-7Robert S. FeldmanDevelopment Across the Life Span: Instructor's Resource Manual: Third Edition
2002978-0-13-098284-1H. Horton · Robert FeldmanTest Item File
  ''978-0-13-098285-8Robert S. FeldmanStudy Guide
1993978-0-13-098286-5Mark L. Berenson · David M. Levine · Bowles · HammondStatistics for Business and Economics, and Beyond Quality Package (Shrinkwrap)
2002978-0-13-098290-2Robert S. FeldmanCourseCompass with eBook Stand Alone Access Card
  ''978-0-13-098295-7   ''Development Across Life
1992978-0-13-098302-2Coad YourdonObject-Oriented Design (Italia
978-0-13-098304-6Blackboard Standard Access Code
2006978-0-13-098311-4nypCorrelations: Teacher's Resource Book Bk. 1
2003978-0-13-098313-8Joan M. Saslow · Tim CollinsWorkplace Plus 1 with Grammar Booster Complete Set Job Packs
  ''978-0-13-098314-5Joan M. Saslow · Tim CollinsWorkplace Plus 1 with Grammar Booster Technology Job Pack
2002978-0-13-098315-2   ''Workplace Plus 1 with Grammar Booster Hospitality Job Pack
2003978-0-13-098316-9   ''Workplace Plus 1 with Grammar Booster Food Services Job Pack
  ''978-0-13-098317-6   ''Workplace Plus 1 with Grammar Booster Manufacturing Job Pack
2002978-0-13-098318-3Joan M. Saslow · Tim CollinsWorkplace Plus 1 with Grammar Booster Healthcare Job Pack
2001978-0-13-098330-5FLOODWhat Can You Make?
2002978-0-13-098332-9Daniel Elling · Michael OKeefe · Bob EllingInstructors Resource Manual
2014978-0-13-098335-0Helping Grandpa
2001978-0-13-098337-4All Kingds of Faces
  ''978-0-13-098338-1MURRAYGrowing Bigger
  ''978-0-13-098339-8BLAKEYFour Little Koalas
2002978-0-13-098340-4John H. KranzlerStatistics for the Terrified, Third Edition
  ''978-0-13-098342-8THOMASCaps! Caps! Caps!
  ''978-0-13-098343-5I Spy Two
2001978-0-13-098345-9Blast Off!
2002978-0-13-098348-0Susan PetersonWorking with Clay (2nd Edition)
2015978-0-13-098349-7Norman L. RosenbergThe Sixties
2002978-0-13-098350-3Joyce S. Hertzson · Eileen F. Bushnell · Stephanie K. Cole · Karen Sardisco · Bruce WengerDesign Dynamics: Integrating Design and Technology
1993978-0-13-098351-0UnknownMajoring in the Rest of Your Life: Career Secrets for College Students, by Carter, Revised Edition
2002978-0-13-098352-7Neil J. SalkindExploring Research
2001978-0-13-098356-5Robert L. Linn · Norman E. GronlundMultimedia Version of Measurement and Assessment in Teaching (8th Edition)
2002978-0-13-098359-6Marilyn WymanLooking and Writing: A Guide for Art History Students
2001978-0-13-098361-9M CassadeA simple guide to Office XP (Simple Guides)
2002978-0-13-098362-6P. MacBrideA Simple Guide to Windows Xp (Simple Guides)
2001978-0-13-098364-0VariousSimple Guide to Using your Computer (Simple Guides)
  ''978-0-13-098365-7Brendan MunnellyECDL Complete Solution Box Set (c)
2002978-0-13-098366-4Rena B. Lewis · Donald H. DoorlagTeaching Special Students in General Education Classrooms (6th Edition)
2003978-0-13-098367-1Teaching Special Students in General Education Classes: Instructor's Manual
1993978-0-13-098377-0CoveySeven Habits of Highly Effective People
2001978-0-13-098379-4Julie KunselmanStatistics Analysis Crim Just& Crim: User GD
2004978-0-13-098380-0Vernon O. EggerHistory of the Muslim Peoples: v. 2
  ''978-0-13-098383-1Kathryn HagenFashion Illustration for Designers
  ''978-0-13-098388-6Heinrich M. SchoeningBusiness Management of Telecommunications
2003978-0-13-098389-3Vernon O EggerA History of the Muslim World to 1405: The Making of a Civilization
2002978-0-13-098390-9Robert M. Sherfield · Rhonda J. Montgomery · Patricia G. MoodyCornerstone: Building on Your Best
1993978-0-13-098393-0Mary Campbell · David R. CampbellUnderstanding DOS 6
2002978-0-13-098396-1Richard E. MayerLearning and Instruction
1981978-0-13-098400-5Dale BailsBusiness Fluctuations: Forecasting and Applications
2003978-0-13-098402-9Sherfield Robert MInstructor's Manual to Accompany Cornerstone: Building on Your Best, Concise 3rd Edition
978-0-13-098406-7Stephen EthierInstructors Manual
2003978-0-13-098407-4Stephen EthierInstructors Manual
  ''978-0-13-098408-1   ''Instructors Manual
2003978-0-13-098409-8Barry W. Hancock · Paul M. SharpPublic Policy, Crime, and Criminal Justice (3rd Edition)
  ''978-0-13-098411-1Barry W. Hancock · Paul M. SharpCriminal Justice in America: Theory, Practice, and Policy (3rd Edition)
2002978-0-13-098413-5Richard D. KelloughA Resource Guide for Teaching:K-12 (4th Edition)
2001978-0-13-098417-3VanAlstyneCC with eBook Stand Alone Access Card
2003978-0-13-098421-0A. Daniel Frankforter · William M. SpellmanThe West: Culture and Ideas, Prentice Hall Portfolio Edition, Volume One: to 1660
  ''978-0-13-098422-7A. Daniel Frankforter · William M. SpellmanThe West: Culture and Ideas, Prentice Hall Portfolio Edition, Volume Two: 1400 to the Present
  ''978-0-13-098423-4W. Allen MartinThe Urban Community
2001978-0-13-098424-1Joseph F. SinkeyCommercial Bank Financial Management: International Edition
1992978-0-13-098427-2Brooks · STRITCHBusiness Government Canada
2001978-0-13-098441-8ABC Little Book
  ''978-0-13-098442-5Who Uses This? Big Book
1995978-0-13-098443-2Jason H. P. KravittSecuritization of Financial Assets
2001978-0-13-098445-6Down by the Bay Big Book
2001978-0-13-098446-3Down by the Bay Little Book
  ''978-0-13-098447-0Night and Day Big Book
  ''978-0-13-098448-7Night and Day Little Book
1993978-0-13-098450-0Diseno De Programmas(span) ** Pena
2002978-0-13-098452-4James MacGregor Burns · Thomas E. Cronin · David B. MaglebyCourseCompass with eBook Stand Alone Access Card
2001978-0-13-098455-5ABC Big Book
2007978-0-13-098458-6Bruce D. Baker · Preston E. Green · Craig E. RichardsFinancing Education Systems
2003978-0-13-098459-3Patrick ReganLinux
  ''978-0-13-098460-9Russell C. HibbelerStructural Analysis: International Edition
978-0-13-098461-6Patrick ReganInstructors Manual
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2001978-0-13-098464-7SUTTONLost and Found
  ''978-0-13-098465-4DAVISMy Day
2001978-0-13-098466-1ZAMMITTime for Pizza
  ''978-0-13-098467-8STEWARTA Trip to the Moon
1993978-0-13-098468-5MCCANDLESSTeoria Macroeconomica (Spanish)
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  ''978-0-13-098472-2Ed FiskConstruction Project Administration
2003978-0-13-098475-3Barbara H. Cox · William Koelzer · Barbara CoxInternet Marketing in Hospitality
1999978-0-13-098476-0Paul M. Whisenand · R. Fred FergusonManaging of Police Organizations, The
2002978-0-13-098478-4Deborah PhillipsLongman Complete Course for the Toefl Test: Preparation for the Computer and Paper Tests
  ''978-0-13-098479-1LongmanLongman Dictionary of American English (2nd, 02) by Longman [Paperback (2002)]
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2005978-0-13-098482-1RidgewayContent Area Literacy Learning
2003978-0-13-098485-2Jeannette Endres · Robert Rockwell · Cynthia G MenseFood, Nutrition, and the Young Child (5th Edition)
2002978-0-13-098486-9Paul J. Zelanski · Mary Pat FisherColor
2003978-0-13-098491-3Leonard Territo · James A. Halsted · Max BromleyStudent Study Guide
2001978-0-13-098505-7NAMOUS Essent Excel 200& CD Train Assess Pkg
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2001978-0-13-098520-0NAStatistic Manager Using Excl& Minitab Std Pk
2001978-0-13-098523-1NAAcctg & Target Annul& Mastg& A1& Peachtr8.0 Pk
  ''978-0-13-098528-6   ''Explor Micrsft Offc XP V1& Int& Frntpg& LCC Pk
2002978-0-13-098533-0Summit Technology GroupMERS: Victor Student
1997978-0-13-098534-7F.L. EmmonsStorm: Personal Version 4.0
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2001978-0-13-098540-8ZAMMITClever Clown
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2001978-0-13-098551-4ECCLESTONEMeet My Friends
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2001978-0-13-098565-1NADiscrete Time Signl Proc& Cmptr Exploratn Pk
1995978-0-13-098567-5Muhammed Ali Mazidi · Janice Gillispie MazidiDesign and Interfacing of the IBM PC, PS, and Compatible: Design and Interfacing of the IBM PC, PS And... (80x86 IBM PC & Compatible Computers)
978-0-13-098575-080x86 IBM PC Compatible Comps Vol 2 L/M (Eighty X Eighty-Six IBM - Compatible Computers)
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  ''978-0-13-098577-4Thomas L. FloydPrinciples of Electric Circuits: Electron Flow Version
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2001978-0-13-098582-8John Sheridan BiaysCC with eBook STand Alone Access Card
2003978-0-13-098586-6Mary Ann HoganReview Card
  ''978-0-13-098588-0   ''Nursing Notes
2002978-0-13-098589-7   ''Nursing Notes
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