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ISBN 978-0-13-719931-0 to 978-0-13-723727-2 < ISBN 978-0-13-723743-2 to 978-0-13-727769-8 > ISBN 978-0-13-727827-5 to 978-0-13-730838-5

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1989978-0-13-723743-2Curtis D JohnsonProcess Control Instrumentation Technology
1991978-0-13-723768-5William H. RoetzheimC Programmer's Guide to the IBM Token Ring
  ''978-0-13-723776-0J. Terry GodfreyProgramming the Os/2 Kernel
1997978-0-13-723785-2Chee-Mun OngDynamic Simulations of Electric Machinery: Using MATLAB/SIMULINK
1991978-0-13-723834-7David Pellerin · Michael HolleyPractical Design Using Programmable Logic
1984978-0-13-723859-0HEPBURNProgramming Micro-Prolog **
1981978-0-13-723867-5BerryProgramming Lang Transltn **
1993978-0-13-723875-0Frantisek MadronProcess Plant Performance: Measurement and Data Processing for Optimization and Retrofits (Ellis Horwood Series in Chemical Engineering)
1992978-0-13-723883-5MILNER · WHITEProteins and Prediction
1982978-0-13-724039-5Michael R. TyranProduct Cost Estimating and Pricing: A Computerized Approach
1959978-0-13-724061-6Alfred · Griswold, Alice L. HooperA Modern Course In Trigonometry With Tables
1972978-0-13-724088-3David J. LuckProduct Policy and Strategy (Foundations of Marketing)
1984978-0-13-724097-5R. Matthiew SeidenProduct safety engineering for managers: A practical handbook and guide
1980978-0-13-724104-0Willie HammerProduct safety management and engineering (Prentice-Hall international series in industrial and systems engineering)
1989978-0-13-724121-7Jehiel Ayal · Igal ZifProduct Manager
1971978-0-13-724138-5Joe H. MizePROSIM V: User's Manual
1994978-0-13-724154-5DossatPrinciples Refrigeration
1991978-0-13-724162-0Procedures for Administrative Support in the Automated Office
1988978-0-13-724196-5Peter GrayProlog and Databases: Implementations and Applications (Ellis Horwood Series in Artificial Intelligence)
1983978-0-13-724336-5Paul DeisProduction and Inventory Management in the Technological Age
1972978-0-13-724401-0Martin K. StarrProduction Management: Systems and Synthesis
  ''978-0-13-724427-0Lewis R ZeyherProduction manager's handbook of formulas and tables
1995978-0-13-724436-2KOTLERSm Marketing Management ABC Ph Video Lib [VHS]
1994978-0-13-724477-5KOTLERSm Marketing Management Tif
  ''978-0-13-724485-0   ''Instructors Resource Manual
  ''978-0-13-724493-5Karl E. Case · Ray C. FairPrinciples of Macroeconomics
1994978-0-13-724527-7Ray D WhitmanEconomics software: Excel, Mac version
  ''978-0-13-724535-2Thomas M. BeveridgePrinciples of Macroeconomics: Study Guide
  ''978-0-13-724550-5Case FairSm Principles Macroeconomics I/M
  ''978-0-13-724568-0Case & FairPrinciples of Macroeconomics 3rd Ed Annotated Instructor's Edition
1993978-0-13-724576-5Bureau of Business Practice1993-94 Human Resources Guide
  ''978-0-13-724584-0Suzanne Jacobe Blair1993-94 Safety Manager's Guide
1997978-0-13-724659-5William H. GreeneEconometric Analysis (Prentice Hall international editions)
978-0-13-724816-2BaimFinancial Institutions Markets
1986978-0-13-724832-2Everett E. Adam · Ronald J. EbertProduction and Operations Management: Concepts, Models and Behaviour
1986978-0-13-724857-5Everett E. Adam · Ronald J. EbertProduction and Operations Management: Concepts, Models and Behaviour
  ''978-0-13-724873-5Everett E AdamProduction Operations Management
1983978-0-13-724880-3Arnoldo C. HaxProduction and Inventory Management
1959978-0-13-724930-5N V ReinfeldProduction Control
1980978-0-13-724948-0Everett E. Adam · Ronald J. EbertProduction and Operations Management: Concepts, Models and Behaviour
1978978-0-13-724955-8   ''Production and Operations Management: Concepts, Models and Behaviour
1982978-0-13-724971-8   ''Production and Operations Management: Concepts, Models and Behaviour
1983978-0-13-724997-8Terry HillProduction/Operations Management
1981978-0-13-725002-8Everett E. AdamProductivity and Quality: Measurement As a Basis for Improvement
1989978-0-13-725029-5Everett E. Adam · Ronald J. EbertProduction and Operations Management: Concepts, Models and Behaviour
1981978-0-13-725036-3Charles Oliver SmithProducts Liability: Are You Vulnerable?
1983978-0-13-725044-8Brian E. · Ross, Timothy L. Graham-MooreProductivity gainsharing: How employee incentive programs can improve business performance
  ''978-0-13-725051-6Brian E. Graham-Moore · Timothy L. RossProductivity Gainsharing: How Employee Incentive Programs Can Improve Business Performance
1982978-0-13-725069-1Everett E AdamProduction and operations management: Concepts, models, and behavior
1975978-0-13-725077-6Robert L JansonProduction control desk book
1982978-0-13-725085-1R. Bruce McAfee · William PoffenbergerProductivity Strategies: Enhancing Employee Job Performance
  ''978-0-13-725093-6R. Bruce McAfeeProductivity strategies: Enhancing employee job performance
1987978-0-13-725110-0Peter Schnupp · Lawrence BernhardProductive PROLOG Programming (Prentice-Hall International series in computer science) (English and German Edition)
1967978-0-13-725127-8George W. Plossl · Oliver W. WightProduction and Inventory Control
1971978-0-13-725135-3John E. BiegelProduction Control: A Quantitative Approach
1985978-0-13-725144-5George W. PlosslProduction and Inventory Control: Principles and Techniques (2nd Edition)
1984978-0-13-725151-3James L. RiggsProductive Supervision
1981978-0-13-725184-1Robert J. KalthoffProductivity and Records Automation
1980978-0-13-725192-6Frank C WilsonProduction planning and control handbook
1981978-0-13-725234-3Robert J. KalthoffProductivity and Records Automation
1963978-0-13-725242-8PapeProfessional Career in Physical Education
1989978-0-13-725268-8Everett E. Adam · Ronald J. EbertProduction and Operations Management: Concepts, Models and Behaviour
1975978-0-13-725275-6Lewis R ZeyherProduction and operations manual and guide
1989978-0-13-725292-3POM/M Combined Package Adam et al.
1971978-0-13-725309-8Richard WeinerProfessional's guide to public relations services
1972978-0-13-725317-3John E. B ShawA professional guide to commodity speculation
  ''978-0-13-725325-8Paul MichaelProfessional football's greatest games
1997978-0-13-725326-5RobbinsInstructors Manual with Video Guide
1978978-0-13-725358-6Suzanne TremblayThe Professional Skin Care Manual
1984978-0-13-725367-8James L. RiggsThe Productive Supervisor
1983978-0-13-725374-6James L. Riggs · Glenn H. FelixProductivity by Objectives
1984978-0-13-725383-8John F. KeaneProductivity Management in the Development of Computer Applications
1986978-0-13-725391-3Professional's Tax Desk Manual
1981978-0-13-725408-8John E. B. ShawA Professional Guide to Commodity Speculation
1989978-0-13-725417-0Mary Ann De VriesProfessional secretary's encyclopedic dictionary
1997978-0-13-725426-2ROBBINSTest Item File
1983978-0-13-725440-8Harris ThayseProfessional Bar Service Management
1973978-0-13-725457-6Paul PregerThe professional man's money: A guide to investment profits with questions and answers
1981978-0-13-725465-1John R BittnerProfessional broadcasting: A brief introduction
1983978-0-13-725481-1Harris ThayseProfessional food service management
1987978-0-13-725490-3J K LasserThe Professional Edition of J.K. Lasser's Your Income Tax, 1987
1989978-0-13-725516-0William W. BartlettMortgage-Backed Securities: Products, Analysis, Trading
1989978-0-13-725524-5MATHIASSENProfessional Systems Devlop
1988978-0-13-725532-0George M. BollenbacherThe Professional's Guide to the U.S. Government Securities Markets: Treasuries, Agencies, Mortgage-Backed Instruments
1990978-0-13-725540-5Niels Erik AndersenProfessional Systems Development: Experience, Ideas, and Action (Business Information Technology Series)
1989978-0-13-725557-3Chuck Y. GeeProfessional Travel Agency Management
1988978-0-13-725565-8Cheryl Toman-CubbageProfessional Liability Pitfalls for Financial Planners
1990978-0-13-725573-3Bruce M. Johnson · Marcia RuweProfessional Programming in Cobol
  ''978-0-13-725607-5Joseph R. OliverPreparing the Consolidated Return: Professional Tax Adviser's Guide
1991978-0-13-725615-0Rolph AndersonProfessional Personal Selling
1992978-0-13-725623-5Richard A. MeyersPascal: The Software Fundamentals of Computer Science
1991978-0-13-725649-5Robert L. Kruse · Bruce P. Leung · Clovis L. TondoData Structures and Program Design in C
1993978-0-13-725656-3KRUSE TONDOInstructors Resource Manual with Software
2001978-0-13-725664-8Edward YourdonProgramming in C
1981978-0-13-725705-8Harold W. DickhutThe Professional Resume and Job Search Guide (A Spectrum book)
  ''978-0-13-725713-3Harold W DickhutThe professional resume & job search guide (A Spectrum book)
1997978-0-13-725749-2Gary DesslerABC Video Library to Management, 1998 [VHS]
1986978-0-13-725771-3R. Joe Kranz · Jan FrauenProfessional Resource Development
1985978-0-13-725797-3Ben Blank · Mario R. GarciaProfessional Video Graphic Design/the Art and Technology Featuring Numerous Examples of Broadcast News Graphics
  ''978-0-13-725805-5J. McCreadyProfessional Selling in Canada
  ''978-0-13-725813-0Judith S.Van AlstyneProfessional and Technical Writing Strategies
1984978-0-13-725839-0Arlene YerysThe Professional Secretary at Work: Strategies and Skills for Success
1984978-0-13-725847-5Arlene YerysThe professional secretary at work: Strategies and skills for success
1982978-0-13-725853-6Fred E. CaseProfessional Real Estate Investing: How to Evaluate Complex Investment Alternatives
1983978-0-13-725861-1Frederick E CaseProfessional real estate investing: How to evaluate complex investment alternatives
1981978-0-13-725879-6B.Robert AndersonProfessional Sales Management
1974978-0-13-725887-1Evelyn V BrunsonThe professional secretary
2001978-0-13-725903-8Evelyn V., BrunsonThe Professional Secretary
1998978-0-13-725946-5MILLSm Restaurant Management I/M
1983978-0-13-725986-1Nancy W. CollinsProfessional Women and Their Mentors: A Practical Guide to Mentoring for the Woman Who Wants to Get Ahead
  ''978-0-13-725994-6Nancy W CollinsProfessional women and their mentors: A practical guide to mentoring for the woman who wants to get ahead
1970978-0-13-726000-3J. M HurstThe profit magic of stock transaction timing
1973978-0-13-726018-8J. M. HurstProfit Magic of Stock Transaction Timing
1976978-0-13-726042-3Calvin L GreenbergProfit opportunities in real estate investments
1979978-0-13-726075-1Weldon GirardProfit opportunities in commercial and industrial real estate
1990978-0-13-726084-3Candace Matthews · Joanne MarinoProfessional Interactions: Oral Communication Skills of Science, Technology & Medicine
  ''978-0-13-726100-0   ''Professional Interactions: Oral Communications Skills in Science, Technology and Medicine: Instructor's Manual
1992978-0-13-726118-5HowellPrinciples Methods Sched Resrv
1973978-0-13-726133-8George ReigerProfiles in Saltwater Angling
2000978-0-13-726142-0Daniel J. InmanEngineering Vibration, Second Edition
1998978-0-13-726159-8Egor P. PopovPOPOV: ENGG MECH SOLIDS _c2 (2nd Edition)
1997978-0-13-726175-8Robert M. KoernerDesigning with Geosynthetics (4th Edition)
1999978-0-13-726191-8William Johnson · Richard Rettig · Scott Gregory · Stephen GarrisonInstructors Manual
1981978-0-13-726208-3Robert RachlinProfit strategies for business
  ''978-0-13-726216-8Robert RachlinProfit strategies for business
1990978-0-13-726225-0Carroll MorganProgramming from Specifications (Prentice Hall International Series in Computing Science)
  ''978-0-13-726233-5Carroll MorganProgramming from Specifications (Prentice Hall International Series in Computing Science)
1990978-0-13-726241-0BackhouseProgram Construction Verftn (D
  ''978-0-13-726258-8Jones GoldsmitProgramming Occam 2 (German)
1991978-0-13-726266-3David A. Watt · Muffy ThomasProgramming Language Syntax and Semantics (Prentice-hall International Series in Computer Science)
1996978-0-13-726274-8David A. Watt · Muffy ThomasProgramming Language Syntax and Semantics (Prentice-Hall International Series in Computer Science)
1990978-0-13-726282-3MorganSm Programming Specifications I/M
1985978-0-13-726290-8H. de SaramProgramming in Micro-Prolog
1985978-0-13-726308-0H. de SaramProgramming in Micro-Prolog (Ellis Horwood Series Computers and Their Applications)
1990978-0-13-726340-0Jake Richter · Bud SmithGraphics Programming for the 8514/A
1992978-0-13-726357-8Jake Richter · Bud SmithGraphics Programming for the 8514/A
1998978-0-13-726365-3Dov GabbayElementary Logics: A Procedural Perspective (Ellis Horwood Series in Artificial Intelligence)
1991978-0-13-726373-8Mark WinegardnerProphet of the Sandlots: Journeys With a Major League Scout
  ''978-0-13-726381-3George E. Gray · Lester A. HoelPublic Transportation (Prentice Hall series in engineering reference)
  ''978-0-13-726407-0Julio Sanchez · Maria P. CantonIBM Microcomputer Assembly Language in 10 Programming Lessons (Prentice Hall Programming Skills Series)
1992978-0-13-726423-0Julio Sanchez · Maria P. CantonIBM Microcomputer C in 10 Programming Lessons (Prentice Hall programming skills series)
1996978-0-13-726449-0Maria P. CantonTurbo Pascal in Ten Programming Lessons (Prentice Hall Programming Skills Series)
1991978-0-13-726464-3David W. HowellPrinciples and Methods of Scheduling Reservations (3rd Edition)
1992978-0-13-726480-3MEYERSSm Pascal Aie
1995978-0-13-726498-8Kamal B. RojianiProgramming in C with Numerical Methods for Engineers
1989978-0-13-726522-0Hafen and KarrenPrehospital Emergency Care and Crisis Intervention
  ''978-0-13-726530-5HAFEN/IPSNational Emt Exam Prep--ibm 3.5 Disk
1991978-0-13-726548-0   ''National Emt Exam Prep 5.1/4sw
  ''978-0-13-726555-8HAFEN/KARRENDept Transportation Less/plans
1992978-0-13-726597-8J K Lasser InstituteJ.K. Lassers Your Income Tax 1992/Professional Edition
1991978-0-13-726605-0UNIX System LaboratoriesOpen Look Graphical User Interface: Programmer's Guide
1992978-0-13-726613-5Sandra LeonardProgramming in Three Dimensions: 3-D Graphics, Ray Tracing and Animation
1991978-0-13-726621-0   ''Programming in Three Dimensions: 3-D Graphics, Ray Tracing and Animation
1971978-0-13-726646-3Carl L MooreProfitable applications of the break-even system
1992978-0-13-726688-3GarvinPh Federal Tax 1993 Corp
1991978-0-13-726738-5KOTLER ET ALPrinciples Marketing Special Pack
1991978-0-13-726746-0Principles Marketg /Bk Mart Pk Kotler/maddox
1992978-0-13-726829-0Leo Lieberman · Richard Ferdinand Heller · Nancy WolochPreparation for the CLEP, College-Level Examination Program: The 5 general examinations (Arco Master the CLEP)
1986978-0-13-726837-5Jourdain*Programmers Problem Solvr Ibm
1992978-0-13-726928-0Mark LorenzObject-Oriented Software Development: A Practical Guide
1994978-0-13-726936-5Ryan StansiferStudy of Programming Languages, The
1996978-0-13-726944-0STANISFERSm Study of Programming Languages I/M
1992978-0-13-726977-8Christopher R. Malburg · Marilyn M. CohenThe Professional Investor's Tax Guide/Book and Disk
1998978-0-13-726993-8StenersonSm Programmable Logic Controll
1995978-0-13-727033-0Karl E. CasePrinciples of Microeconomics
1994978-0-13-727074-3BEVERIDGEThe Principles of Microeconomics
1995978-0-13-727090-3Case FairInstructors Manual
978-0-13-727215-0SafersteinInstructors Manual with Tests
1997978-0-13-727223-5Clifton Meloan · Richard Saferstein · Richard JamesCriminalistics (Lab Manual)
1998978-0-13-727231-0Suryaji R. Bhonsle · Klaus J. WeinmannMathematical Modeling for Design of Machine Components, TK Integrated
1997978-0-13-727256-3Cheryl Cleaves · Margie Hobbs · Paul DudenheferCollege Mathematics for Technology - Solutions Manual
978-0-13-727264-8Bird Talk
1997978-0-13-727272-3LongChemistry The Central Science Math Review Toolkit
2000978-0-13-727280-8Nina Rosen · Fredericka L. StollerChanging Generations: A Story for Developing Reading Skills
1997978-0-13-727298-3Thomas Zimmerer · Norman ScarboroughEssentials of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (2nd Edition)
1998978-0-13-727306-5Philip E. BishopAdventures in the Human Spirit (2nd Edition)
1997978-0-13-727371-3BusbyContemporary Canada: Authentic Readings for Esl Students
1996978-0-13-727397-3SchwartzSolutions Manual
1997978-0-13-727405-5Putnam P. Texel · Charles B. WilliamsUse Cases Combined With Booch/Omt/Uml: Process and Products
1996978-0-13-727413-0Grant Hutchison · Calene JanacekDB2 Certification Guide for Common Servers
1995978-0-13-727454-3Ronald J. , and Ambrosio, Frank J. and Deloach, Jim C. and Moss, Gregory TocciLab Manual Troubleshooting and Design to Accompany Digital Systems Principles and Applications
1998978-0-13-727470-3PULKRABEKSm Engineering Fundamentals in
  ''978-0-13-727512-0George AcquaahInstructors Manual
  ''978-0-13-727520-5Frank SchmallegerCriminal Law Today: An Introduction With Capstone Cases
1996978-0-13-727546-5Jane P. LaudonEssentials of Management: Information Systems
1999978-0-13-727587-8Jerome Zornesky · Stephen H. MaybarCircuit Analysis: An Integrated Approach
  ''978-0-13-727595-3Alan C. Dixon · James L. AntonakosA Practical Approach to Digital Electronics
978-0-13-727603-5POLKINGDifferential Equations
1998978-0-13-727611-0ASTROMSm Computer Controlled Systems
  ''978-0-13-727702-5Diane DucatTurning Points: The Career Guide for the New Century
1996978-0-13-727710-0Leon Schiffman · Leslie KanukOn Location! at Lands End:Custom Case Video [VHS]
1997978-0-13-727728-5David ColemanGroupware: Collaborative Strategies for Corporate LANs and Intranets
1997978-0-13-727751-3J. M. Ivler · Kamran HusainCgi Developer's Resource: Web Programming in Tcl and Perl (Resource Series)
  ''978-0-13-727769-8Anthony R. de Souza · Frederick P. StutzThe World Economy: Resources, Location, Trade and Development (3rd Edition)