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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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1999978-0-13-013823-1Andrew StullMusic on the Internet, 1999-2000
2001978-0-13-013824-8KUSHNERExtremism America
  ''978-0-13-013826-2Sharan L. Schwartzberg EdD OTRInteractive Reasoning in the Practice of Occupational Therapy
2000978-0-13-013827-9Richard Saferstein · SafersteinCriminalistics: An Introduction to Forensic Science (7th Edition)
2005978-0-13-013828-6Wayne TomasiIntroduction to Data Communications and Networking
2001978-0-13-013829-3Joanne Banker Hames · Yvonne EkernIntroduction to Law (2nd Edition)
2000978-0-13-013831-6Harold G. CoxLater Life: The Realities of Aging (5th Edition)
1999978-0-13-013832-3Rick MeyerMaster Guide for Passing the Respiratory Care Credentialing Exams (4th Edition)
  ''978-0-13-013833-0Health Professions InstituteMedical Transcription: Fundamentals and Practice (2nd Edition)
978-0-13-013834-7HEALTH PROFESSIONS INSTMedical Trans Funds Pract Trans Keys
2000978-0-13-013835-4Health ProfessionsMedical Transcription
1999978-0-13-013837-8NAMaterialtool: Selectn GD Ver 2 & Workbk Pkg
  ''978-0-13-013840-8Philip B. Bedient · Hanadi S. Rifai · Charles J. NewellGround Water Contamination: Transport and Remediation (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-13-013844-6Niall M. FraserEngineering Economics in Canada
1972978-0-13-013847-7H.Harrison Clarke · David H. ClarkeAdvanced Statistics: With Applications to Physical Education
1999978-0-13-013851-4Alkis Constantinides · Navid MostoufiNumerical Methods for Chemical Engineers with MATLAB Applications
1971978-0-13-013854-5Enrico Volterra · J.H. GainesAdvanced Strength of Materials (Civil engineering and engineering mechanics series)
1985978-0-13-013862-0FOURNIERAdvantage *
2000978-0-13-013864-4Operations Management Test Item File
2000978-0-13-013867-5Roberta S RussellOperations management (Prentice Hall test manager)
1985978-0-13-013870-5FOURNIERAdvantage Teachers Edition *
1999978-0-13-013878-1K. Elayn Martin-GayInteractive Math for Introductory Algebra: Spring 99
1996978-0-13-013884-2Darke County Genealogical Soc.Families of Darke County, Ohio Vol:2
2001978-0-13-013898-9GrauerExpl Microsf Word2000 Exprt Wrd2000 Cbt Package
1999978-0-13-013902-3GeschwenderInstructors Manual
978-0-13-013903-0KinsellaMelting Pot
1999978-0-13-013904-7Dean J. ChampionResearch Methods for Criminal Justice and Criminology (2nd Edition)
1985978-0-13-013905-4Presno/FournieAdvantage Revsd Ed
1999978-0-13-013910-8MedcomDealing with Dementia: Care Provider Series Video
2000978-0-13-013911-5Jean Marie StineSuper Brain Power: 6 Keys to Unlocking Your Hidden Genius
978-0-13-013912-2FREWCommunication Medical Office
1985978-0-13-013913-9Presno/FournieAdvantage Teachrs Ed Revised
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2001978-0-13-013917-7Gordon M. SachsThe Fire and EMS Department Safety Officer
1999978-0-13-013918-4MedcomInfection Control: Care Provider Series Video
  ''978-0-13-013919-1   ''Personal Care: Care Providers Series Video
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1998978-0-13-013922-1WillBeing a Long-Term Care Nursing Assistant, Updated & Workbook Pkg
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  ''978-0-13-013924-5MedcomBed Bath: Care Provider Series Video
  ''978-0-13-013925-2   ''Age Specific Care: Care Provider Series Video
  ''978-0-13-013928-3   ''Body Mechanics: Care Provider Series Video
2004978-0-13-013930-6Listen and Hear
1999978-0-13-013931-3MedcomTransmission Based Precautions: Care Provider Series Video
1999978-0-13-013932-0MedcomPatient Rights: Care Provider Series Video
2003978-0-13-013933-7George A. WistreichHuman Biology and Medical Terminology Applications
1999978-0-13-013936-8Dennis Howitt · Duncan CramerIntro Stats Psych + Gde Comp Stats Pack V8
1977978-0-13-013938-2Hans Jürgen PressThe Adventures of The Black Hand Gang
2004978-0-13-013939-9Listen and Hear
2001978-0-13-013940-5KeckInstructors Manual
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  ''978-0-13-013942-9Joanne M. Landy · Keith R. Burridge · Joanne M LandyReady to Use Fine Motor Skills & Handwriting Activities for Young Children
  ''978-0-13-013943-6Joanne M. Landy · Keith R. BurridgeReady to Use Motor Skills & Movement Station Lesson Plans for Young Children
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2000978-0-13-013950-4BurnsGovernment by the People
1975978-0-13-013953-5Jane RobertsAdventures in Consciousness: An Introduction to Aspect Psychology
1978978-0-13-013961-0Jane RobertsAdventures in Consciousness: An Introduction to Aspect Psychology
978-0-13-013964-1Sm Learning Maths Elem Middle
2002978-0-13-013965-8George Cathcart · Yvonne Pothier · James Vance · Nadine BezukAnnenberg Video [VHS]
1999978-0-13-013966-5BeckSm Motivation Theories Princip
978-0-13-013967-2Companion Website - Cathcart
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1968978-0-13-013987-0Claude M. SimpsonMark Twain's "Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" (20th Century Interpretations)
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978-0-13-013996-2NYTFall 1999 Nyt Engineering
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978-0-13-014018-0ThorndikeSpss CD
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1988978-0-13-014051-7J. PintThe Adventures of Lucky Luke: v. 1
  ''978-0-13-014069-2J. PintThe Adventures of Lucky Luke: v. 2
1993978-0-13-014085-2Algebra 2 Graphing Calc Wkbk Prentice Hall
978-0-13-014094-4Learning Mathematics in Elementary and Middle Schools
978-0-13-014096-8Canadian Criminology
1999978-0-13-014099-9James MacGregor Burns · J. W. Peltason · Thomas E. CroninGovernment by the People: Basic Version
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1999978-0-13-014113-2Against The Clock, Ellenn BehovianMac: Basc Oper& Quark4& Adobe Photo5& 2cd Pkg
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  ''978-0-13-014118-7Bill DouskalisIP Telephony: The Integration of Robust VolP Services
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978-0-13-014125-5Interpreting Standardized Test Scores
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1998978-0-13-014223-8NAKeys to Success Dre DL Pkg
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978-0-13-014240-5Introduction to Political Psychology
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1999978-0-13-014253-5NCCERCarpentry Lev 1 Framg Floors Sills Vid 1 [VHS]
  ''978-0-13-014254-2   ''Carpentry Lev 1 Wall Framing Video 2 [VHS]
2001978-0-13-014255-9   ''Carpentry [VHS]
1999978-0-13-014256-6   ''Carpentry [VHS]
  ''978-0-13-014257-3   ''Carpentry [VHS]
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