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ISBN 978-0-13-092383-7 to 978-0-13-092922-8 < ISBN 978-0-13-092923-5 to 978-0-13-093418-5 > ISBN 978-0-13-093419-2 to 978-0-13-093989-0

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2001978-0-13-092923-5Tom Birch · Chuck RockwoodInstructors Manual
2003978-0-13-092928-0Robyn L. RosenWomen's Studies in the Academy: Origins and Impact
1992978-0-13-092933-4SilvermanCalculus and Analytic Geometry
2001978-0-13-092936-5Roy CookInstructors Manual with Test Item File and Transparency Masters
1992978-0-13-092941-9Marshall T. RoseThe Internet Message: Closing the Book With Electronic Mail (Prentice Hall Series in Innovative Technology)
2001978-0-13-092944-0Carol R. Ember · Melvin Ember · Peter N. Peregrine · Carol R EmberPhysical Anthropology and Archaeology
2002978-0-13-092952-5Victor L. Dupuis · Diann Musial · Gene Hall · Donna M Gollnick · Carol R. Ember · Augie FlerasProfessional Copy
978-0-13-092957-0Ronald EbertCoursecompass Standard Access Card
2002978-0-13-092964-8Lois A BaderReader's passages to accompany Bader reading and language inventory
1993978-0-13-092966-2R. O. ParkerEasy Object Programming for the Macintosh Using Appmaker and Think C/Book and Disk
2005978-0-13-092968-6Child Development and Education (Abridged - 3 Chapters Only)
2001978-0-13-092970-9Cynthia M. StoweReal Life Stories for Reading & Writing Success: Workbook 2 Activities for Vowel Consonant E Syllables and Suffixes Ful, Less, Ing and Ed
2009978-0-13-092973-0Anne J. Davis · Deborah Fowler · Mila A. AroskerEthical Dilemmas and Nursing Practice (5th Edition)
1993978-0-13-092974-7R. O. ParkerEasy Object Programming for the MacIntosh Using Appmaker and Think Pascal/Book and Disk
2001978-0-13-092975-4Cynthia M. StoweReal Life Stories for Reading & Writing Success: Workbook 1 Activities for Short Vowels, Suffix s, and Consonant Digraphs sh, ch, and th
  ''978-0-13-092978-5Cynthia M StoweReal Life Stories for Reading & Writing Success: Workbook 3 Activities for Open Syllables, All Vowels and y
2002978-0-13-092980-8Larry Long · Nancy LongComputers: Information Technology in Perspective (9th Edition)
2001978-0-13-092981-5Robert N. Brady · John F. DagelDiesel Engine and Fuel System Repair (5th Edition)
  ''978-0-13-092984-6James D. · Mitchell, Chase D. Jr. · Glassman, Corey W. HaldermanAdvanced Engine Performance Diagnosis
2006978-0-13-092986-0Betsy HoffmanEngine Performance
2001978-0-13-092989-1Larry E. Long · Nancy LongComputers (Brief 9th Edition)
1994978-0-13-092990-7Andre ArnoldFinite Transition Systems: Semantics of Communicating Systems (PRENTICE-HALL INTERNATIONAL SERIES IN DYNAMICS)
978-0-13-092991-4Nancy Long · Larry LongReview Copy
2002978-0-13-092992-1R. J. SanfordPrinciples of Fracture Mechanics
2003978-0-13-092993-8R SanfordSolutions Manual
2001978-0-13-092995-2Mary Munter · Lynn RussellGuide to Presentations
2002978-0-13-092998-3William S. Klug · Michael R. CummingsConcepts of Genetics
978-0-13-093000-2Administering for Quality: Canadian Early Childhood Development Programs
2001978-0-13-093003-3Kaveh Pahlavan · Prashant KrishnamurthyPrinciples of Wireless Networks: A Unified Approach (Prentice Hall Communications Engineering and Emerging Technologies Series)
  ''978-0-13-093004-0Dale Ewen · Joan S. Gary · James E. TrefzgerTechnical Calculus (4th Edition)
2002978-0-13-093005-7Cheng Liu · Jack EvettSoil Properties: Testing, Measurement, and Evaluation (5th Edition)
978-0-13-093007-1Anne LevyInstructors Manual
978-0-13-093008-8Larry LongCoursecompass Student Access Card
2001978-0-13-093009-5David Deterding · Gloria PoedjosoedarmoThe Grammar Of English: Morphology and Syntax for English Teachers in Southeast Asia
2002978-0-13-093015-6Max MainEnhanced Wireless Networking Certification
  ''978-0-13-093016-3Marcraft CorporationLab Manual
2001978-0-13-093018-7William B. MartinQuality Service: What Every Hospitality Manager Needs to Know
2001978-0-13-093021-7CapronInstructors Manual with Test Item File
  ''978-0-13-093024-8John R. NofsingerThe Psychology of Investing
2002978-0-13-093028-6Tim GottleberBulletproof UNIX
  ''978-0-13-093031-6Stanley E. GunstreamExplorations in Basic Biology (9th Edition)
978-0-13-093032-3Bertrand MeyerWorkbook
2002978-0-13-093041-5DEITELComplete Perl and Cgi Web Edition Training Course, Student Edition
  ''978-0-13-093042-2DEITELE-Commerce and E-Business with Access: Student's Edition
  ''978-0-13-093043-9Complete Advanced Java 2 Platform Web Edition Training Course, Studentedition: Training Course
2004978-0-13-093046-0Neil StoreyElectrical & Electronic Systems
2003978-0-13-093047-7Michael Duck · Richard ReadData Communications and Computer Networks: For Computer Scientists and Engineers
978-0-13-093049-1Larry LongReview Copy
2001978-0-13-093050-7Alfie KohnBeyond Discipline: From Compliance to Community (ASCD)
1993978-0-13-093055-2Fundamentals Anatomy Phys With Study Guide Martini
978-0-13-093056-9Muhammad Ali MazidiInstructors Manual
2001978-0-13-093058-3Grant Wiggins · Jay McTigheUnderstanding by Design
2001978-0-13-093059-0Richard Curwin · Allen MendlerDiscipline with Dignity
  ''978-0-13-093061-3Judi HarrisDesign Tools for the Internet Supported Classroom
2004978-0-13-093062-0Mick NortonQuick Course in Statistical Process Control (Net Effect)
1993978-0-13-093063-7Fundamentals Anatomy Physiology W.S/G Martini
2004978-0-13-093064-4Christopher Vickery · Alex RybaData Structures with Java
2003978-0-13-093065-1Marcraft CorporationSecurity System Installer
978-0-13-093066-8Esther DiMarzio · Lynn Quitman TroykaPrentice Hall Business Reference
2001978-0-13-093068-2Richard A. YatesBusiness Law in Canada Cdn
1993978-0-13-093071-2Joseph N. StrausMusic by Women for Study and Analysis
978-0-13-093072-9Using Simply Accounting for Windows, version 8.0
2002978-0-13-093074-3Terri M. Geerinck · Geoff StarkConflict Management Skills for Law Enforcement
2000978-0-13-093075-0WORTZMANAddison Wesley Science and Technology Grade 2 Complete Package
2001978-0-13-093079-8E Mail Etiquette
2002978-0-13-093081-1Walter A. Triebel · Avtar SinghThe 8088 and 8086 Microprocessors: Programming, Interfacing, Software, Hardware, and Applications (4th Edition)
978-0-13-093082-8Walter TriebelInstructors Manual
2002978-0-13-093083-5Theodore WildiElectrical Machines, Drives, and Power Systems (5th Edition)
  ''978-0-13-093084-2Theodore WildiInstructors Manual
  ''978-0-13-093085-9Jerry A. NathansonBasic Environmental Technology: Water Supply, Waste Management and Pollution Control (4th Edition)
  ''978-0-13-093092-7SULLIVANPrecalculus: Graphing and Data Analysis, Teacher's Edition
2003978-0-13-093093-4Hispan SullivanAssessment MST Precalculus Nasta
2003978-0-13-093095-8Charles P. NemethCriminal Law
  ''978-0-13-093096-5Charles NemethInstructors Manual
2002978-0-13-093101-6Kenneth A. Strike · Pamela A. MossEthics and College Student Life: A Case Study Approach (2nd Edition)
2001978-0-13-093102-3Terry L.M. BarteltDigital Electronics: An Integrated Laboratory Approach
978-0-13-093103-0Managing Today's Workplace: Traditional, Virtual, and Entrepreneurial
1981978-0-13-093104-7Kathleen HarcharikBusiness Computations
2001978-0-13-093105-4Susan J. Sears · Virginia N. GordonBuilding Your Career: A Guide to Your Future (3rd Edition)
  ''978-0-13-093106-1Carl G. SargentWorkplace Companion: A Student Work-Based Learning Notebook
2002978-0-13-093107-8Robert M. Sherfield · Rhonda J. Montgomery · Patricia G. MoodyCornerstone Building on Your Best Instructor's Edition Third Edition
2001978-0-13-093110-8SMITHMaking Economic Connections Cdn
2002978-0-13-093113-9Courtland L. BoveeExcellence in Business Communication: Instructor's Manual
  ''978-0-13-093114-6John V. ThillExcellence in Business Communication (Test Bank, Fifth Edition)
2003978-0-13-093117-7Courtland L. BoveeExcellence in Business Communication, Study Guide
2002978-0-13-093122-1Gerald Trites · David PugsleyE-Business: A Canadian Perspective for a Networked World
  ''978-0-13-093123-8Deborah Meredith · Ellen McIntoshCanadian Cases in Business Law
2000978-0-13-093125-2Bill Armstrong · Don DavisRevised Answer Section
2001978-0-13-093126-9Uyless BlackUyless Black's Networking 101
2001978-0-13-093127-6Dan LivingstonAdvanced Flash 5, ActionScript in Action
  ''978-0-13-093128-3C. Henry Edwards · David E. PennyStudent Solutions Manual: Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems Computing and Modeling
  ''978-0-13-093129-0Shari Lawrence PfleegerSoftware Engineering: International Edition: Theory and Practice
  ''978-0-13-093133-7Martin FeldmanElectronics Lab Manual
2004978-0-13-093134-4Homayun SidkyPerspectives on Culture: A Critical Introduction to Theory in Cultural Anthropology
978-0-13-093136-8Pinpoint Web Based Local CD and Pincode (for testing and training)
2003978-0-13-093137-5Lim HowStronger Heart Wiser Mind
1986978-0-13-093139-9John J. AndersonBusiness Computing With Lotus 1-2-3
2001978-0-13-093150-4Martha CombsReaders and Writers in the Primary Grades: A Balanced and Integrated Approach (2nd Edition)
2003978-0-13-093153-5Robert NewmanInstructors Manual
1987978-0-13-093154-2Flora ReiaBusiness Communications: Speaking and Writing Effectively
2002978-0-13-093159-7Timothy Sean SykesAutocad 2000: 1 Step at a Time: Basics
1985978-0-13-093170-2Marie RittenBusiness Mathematics
2001978-0-13-093175-7Fawwaz UlabyFundamentals of Applied Electromagnetics, 2001 Media Edition: International Edition
2000978-0-13-093185-6BrooksUpGraded A+ Certification Package (2nd Edition)
978-0-13-093186-3Uyless BlackUyless Black's Networking 101: Workbook
2001978-0-13-093189-4   ''Uyless Black's Networking 101 Training Course (Complete Video Courses)
1997978-0-13-093196-2John RemlingBrakes
1983978-0-13-093204-4Philip V. LewisBusiness Report Writing
2002978-0-13-093205-1Scott FreemanBiological Science: Cell/Genetics (Volume 1)
2001978-0-13-093208-2Gary DesslerInstructors Manual with Test Item File
978-0-13-093210-5Thomas W. Zimmerer · Ronald ReisInstructor's Manual
2002978-0-13-093215-0David L. GoetschConstruction Safety and Health
  ''978-0-13-093217-4William KleitzDigital and Microprocessor Fundamentals: Theory and Application (4th Edition)
978-0-13-093218-1William KleitzInstructors Manual
2001978-0-13-093219-8Ronald A. ReisBecoming an Electronics Technician: Securing Your High-Tech Future (4th Edition)
1987978-0-13-093220-4Betty Roper RicksBusiness Communication: Systems and Applications
2005978-0-13-093222-8Gordon J. Aubrecht IIEnergy: Physical, Environmental, and Social Impact (3rd Edition)
978-0-13-093223-5Gordon AubrechtInstructors Manual
2005978-0-13-093224-2Russell Mersereau · Joel JacksonCircuit Analysis: A Systems Approach
2009978-0-13-093225-9Dan L. Beeson · Rudolph HelmAssembling and Repairing Personal Computers
2001978-0-13-093228-0John Tobey · Jeffrey SlaterBeginning Algebra
2001978-0-13-093229-7John Tobey · Jeffrey SlaterBasic College Mathematics
2002978-0-13-093231-0Orlen N. Johnson · Michael A. McNally · Christine E. EssayEssentials of Dental Radiography
2001978-0-13-093235-8Allan BedfordEngineering Mechanics: Study Pack: Statics and Dynamics
1987978-0-13-093238-9Betty Roper RicksStudy Guide to Accompany Business Communications: Systems and Applications
2003978-0-13-093250-1John KiczaResilient Cultures: America's Native Peoples Confront European Colonization, 1500-1800
978-0-13-093251-8Chatelaine Wonder Foods: Starring Nutritional Powerfoods in 100 Health Giving Recipes
2002978-0-13-093254-9Tiffany K. EdmondsEssential FrontPage 2002 for Web Professionals
2001978-0-13-093257-0William A. Johnson · Richard P. Rettig · Gregory M. Scott · Stephen M. GarrisonThe Criminal Justice Student Writer's Manual (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-13-093258-7Carol R. Ember · Melvin Ember · Peter N. PeregrineAnthropology
2004978-0-13-093261-7Daniel H Cole · Peter Z GrossmanPrinciples of Law and Economics
978-0-13-093266-2Accounting Vol I Cdn
978-0-13-093267-9Accounting Vol 2 Cdn
978-0-13-093268-6Accounting Vol I Cdn
978-0-13-093269-3Accounting Vol 2 Cdn
1900978-0-13-093278-5OLSONBusiness Consumer Arithmetic
2001978-0-13-093281-5Philip Adler2002 Daily Bridge Calendar
  ''978-0-13-093284-6Pete Moulton · Jason MoultonPete & Jason Moulton's Telecom Survival Training Course
  ''978-0-13-093285-3Chris H. Pappas · William H. MurrayC# Essentials (Prentice Hall Ptr Microsoft Technologies Series)
  ''978-0-13-093287-7Chris H. Pappas · William H. MurrayC# for Windows Programming
2001978-0-13-093288-4Raymond Frost · Judy StraussBuilding Effective Web Sites
2002978-0-13-093291-4Lester Rowntree · Martin Lewis · Marie Price · William WyckoffDiversity Amid Globalization (2nd Edition)
2003978-0-13-093292-1Jeff KnorrAn Introduction to Poetry: The River Sings
2001978-0-13-093293-8Alpheus Thomas Mason · Donald Grier StephensonAmerican Constitutional Law: Introductory Essays and Selected Cases (13th Edition)
978-0-13-093295-2SawhneyElectronic Commerce and Technology
978-0-13-093296-9Richard JohnsonbaughInstructors Manual
2001978-0-13-093297-6Mark Dix · Paul RileyDiscovering AutoCAD 2002
2005978-0-13-093299-0Martin R. HenleyClassroom Management: A Proactive Approach
  ''978-0-13-093300-3Connie R. Mahon · Diane TiceClinical Laboratory Immunology
1983978-0-13-093302-7James VanOostingBusiness correspondence: Writer, reader, and text
2002978-0-13-093308-9Curt R. BartolCriminal Behavior: A Psychosocial Approach: Instructor's Manual with Tests
2003978-0-13-093310-2Robert KailTest Item File on Psych Central
1981978-0-13-093311-9Nick Brieger · etc. · ComfortBusiness Contacts
2003978-0-13-093312-6Samuel T. Gladding · Deborah W. NewsomeCommunity and Agency Counseling (2nd Edition)
2002978-0-13-093315-7Scott FreemanBiological Science: Plant/Animal (Volume 3)
  ''978-0-13-093317-1Becky KoenigColor Workbook
2004978-0-13-093318-8James B. MillerThe Epic of Evolution: Science and Religion in Dialogue
2002978-0-13-093323-2Robert V. KailStudy Guide
2000978-0-13-093334-8Kate ChopinThe Awakening
2002978-0-13-093335-5Ellen P. MetzgerAn Explorer's Guide to the Earth System
  ''978-0-13-093336-2Harry Nickla · CummingsInstructors Manual with Tests
1991978-0-13-093337-9BurpeeBurpee American Gardening Series: Vegetables
2001978-0-13-093338-6Harry NicklaStudent Handbook and Solutions Manual
1991978-0-13-093345-4Alice Recknagel IreysBurpee Garden Designs (Burpee American gardening series)
2001978-0-13-093348-5Kristen DeTienneGuide to Electronic Communication (Guide to Business Communication Series)
  ''978-0-13-093350-8Frank SchmallegerCriminal Justice: A Brief Introduction (4th Edition)
1991978-0-13-093352-2Suzanne Frutig BalesAnnuals (Burpee American Gardening Series)
2001978-0-13-093353-9Eduardo F. Zayas-Bazán · Susan M. Bacon · Dulce Garcia · Eduardo Zayas-Bazán · Dulce M. GarcíaConexiones: Comunicación y Cultura (2nd Edition)
2003978-0-13-093354-6Karen D. HalpernUnderstanding Finance: Money, Capital, and Investments
2002978-0-13-093355-3Steven A RigolosiApplied Communications Skills for the Construction Trades
1991978-0-13-093360-7Bales SuzannePerennials (Burpee American gardening series)
2002978-0-13-093361-4Frank SchmallegerInstructors Resource Guide
978-0-13-093368-3James Burns · Cronin · PeltasonTest Item File
2001978-0-13-093369-0James MacGregor Burns · J.W. Peltason · Thomas Cronin · David B. Magleby · David M. O'BrienGovernment by the People: Brief Edition
2002978-0-13-093370-6Commercial Bank Financial Management: Intructor's Manual with Solution and Test Bank (6th edition)
2003978-0-13-093371-3BurnsGOVT.BY PEOPLE:BRIEF EDITION-S
2002978-0-13-093372-0James BurnsInstructors Resource Manual with Lecture Outliner
2002978-0-13-093373-7Kathleen R. AllenBringing New Technology to Market
2003978-0-13-093374-4John R. Hubbard · Anita HurayData Structures with Java
  ''978-0-13-093375-1Keith M. WalkerApplied Mechanics for Engineering Technology (7th Edition)
2007978-0-13-093376-8SmithCritical Care Paramedic
1992978-0-13-093378-2Anne M. ZemanThe Burpee American gardening series
2001978-0-13-093379-9Bonnie J. Golden · Kay LeshGolden: Building Self-Esteem_p3 (3rd Edition)
2002978-0-13-093382-9Robert J. Oberg · Peter Thorsteinson · Dana L. WyattApplication Development Using Visual Basic and .NET
2001978-0-13-093383-6Michael Stiefel · Robert J. ObergApplication Development Using C# and .NET
2005978-0-13-093384-3Steve HunterBusiness Rules Approach
2002978-0-13-093385-0Brian DurneyThe Essential Java Class Reference for Programmers
2003978-0-13-093387-4David L. Goetsch · Stanley B. DavisQuality Management: Introduction to Total Quality Management for Production, Processing, and Services (4th Edition)
2002978-0-13-093388-1Jerry L. Holechek · Richard A. Cole · James T. Fisher · Raul ValdezNatural Resources: Ecology, Economics, and Policy (2nd Edition)
2006978-0-13-093389-8John F. Kershaw President · Chek ChartManual Drivetrains and Axles
2002978-0-13-093390-4Marc ManciniConnecting with Customers: How to Sell, Service, and Market the Travel Product
1997978-0-13-093394-2Dale G. Bails · Larry C. PeppersBusiness Fluctuations
2001978-0-13-093399-7Steve K. HowellEngineering Design and Problem Solving (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-13-093400-0Marty HallMarty Hall's Servlets and JavaServer Pages Training Course (Complete Video Courses)
1989978-0-13-093402-4Dan Bertozzi · Lee B. BurgunderBusiness, Government, and Public Policy: Concepts and Practices
2001978-0-13-093414-7Dianne J. Cyr · Jasbir Dhaliwal · Ajax PersaudE-Business Innovation: Cases and Online Readings
2003978-0-13-093415-4John M. StefanelliA+ Certification
2001978-0-13-093418-5Claudia NeuhauserCalculus for biology and medicine: Student solutions manual