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ISBN 978-0-13-223697-3 to 978-0-13-224184-7 < ISBN 978-0-13-224186-1 to 978-0-13-224565-4 > ISBN 978-0-13-224566-1 to 978-0-13-224946-1

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
978-0-13-224186-1Medical Coding and Billing: Student CD Rom
1984978-0-13-224189-2CREEDY JohnEconomics
2010978-0-13-224190-8Spencer G. Niles · Norman E. Amundson · Roberta NeaultCareer Flow: A Hope-Centered Approach to Career Development
2006978-0-13-224197-7Carol R. Ember · Melvin R Ember · Peter N. PeregrineOneKey WebCT, Student Access Kit, Anthropology
  ''978-0-13-224198-4Carol R. Ember · Melvin Ember · Peter N. PeregrineOneKey Blackboard, Student Access Kit, Physical Anthropology and Archaeology (2nd Edition)
1983978-0-13-224204-2kreininInstructors Manual with Test Economics an Introductory Text
2007978-0-13-224206-6David C. Johnson · Alexei White · Andre CharlandEnterprise AJAX: Strategies for Building High Performance Web Applications
2006978-0-13-224207-3NAPrentice Hall Human Res& Ehrm Internet GD Pk
  ''978-0-13-224208-0NACoping with Coll GD&Studt Refl Jrnl&ph Plnr
  ''978-0-13-224209-7   ''Teaching K-12 Schools& No Child Left Behind
  ''978-0-13-224210-3Baxter Larmon · Scott T. SnyderPediatric Emergencies, Dynamic Lectures Series
2006978-0-13-224213-4NADigital Fundamentals& Esource Access Pack
  ''978-0-13-224218-9   ''On Cooking& Cookg Tech DVD& Study Guide Pkg
  ''978-0-13-224219-6   ''Anat& Phys for Emerg Care& CC Studt A/Codes
  ''978-0-13-224221-9   ''Understndg EKGs Practcl Apprch&12 Lead EKGs
2006978-0-13-224224-0NACreatv Thinkg& Arts&undrstndg Purpose Chllg
2007978-0-13-224226-4John C. HullFundamentals of Options and Futures
  ''978-0-13-224227-1Mark S. DorfmanIntroduction to Risk Management and Insurance (9th Edition)
2006978-0-13-224231-8Gary Paul Howland · Gary PoyssickEssentials for Design: Microsoft FrontPage 2003: Comprehensive
  ''978-0-13-224237-0Shelley Gaskin · Alicia VargasGO! with Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 Vol. 1 and Student CD Package
  ''978-0-13-224240-0Shelley Gaskin · Sally Preston · John Preston · Robert L. FerrettGo! With Microsoft Office Word 2003 Brief and Go Student CD (Go! Series)
  ''978-0-13-224241-7Shelley Gaskin · Sally Preston · John Preston · Robert L. FerrettGO! with Microsoft Office Word 2003 Comprehensive and Go! Student CD Package
2006978-0-13-224242-4John Preston · Sally Preston · Robert L. Ferrett · Shelley GaskinGo! with Microsoft Word 2003, Volume 1 and Go! Student CD
  ''978-0-13-224243-1NAAutodesk Arch Dsktp& Arch Dsktp07 1yr Pke
  ''978-0-13-224244-8Autodesk Arch Desktop 2007& Dsktp07 180day
1983978-0-13-224246-2Economics Study Gde(Anderson) Putallaz
2006978-0-13-224249-3NAWestern Heritage Since 1300&1ky CC Stu A/Kt
  ''978-0-13-224250-9   ''Western Heritg Since 1300&1ky Webct S/A/Kit
  ''978-0-13-224251-6   ''Western Heritage Combind&1ky BB Stu A/Kit
2006978-0-13-224252-3NAWestern Heritage Combind&1ky CC Stu A/Kit
  ''978-0-13-224254-7   ''Western Heritage Combind&1ky Webct S/A/Kit
  ''978-0-13-224255-4   ''Western Heritage Vol 1&1key BB Stu Acc Kit
2006978-0-13-224256-1NAWestern Heritage Vol 1&1key CC Stu Acc Kit
  ''978-0-13-224257-8   ''Western Heritage Vol 1&1ky Webct S/Acc Kit
2008978-0-13-224259-2Carolyn Curley, Ernie Danfo Roy CameronMathematical Models w/ Applications Texas Edition TEACHER'S RESOURCE GUIDE & PRINTED TEST BANK
2014978-0-13-224260-8Taks Preparation Teaching Manual Including Blackline Masters: Mathematical Models with Applications
1983978-0-13-224261-5Mordechai E. KreininEconomics: An Introductory Text
2006978-0-13-224264-6NAAutoCAD Architect Print & CC AutoCAD Pkg
  ''978-0-13-224269-1   ''Discoverg AutoCAD 2007& Autodsk07 W1yr Lrng
1989978-0-13-224270-7Arthur A ThompsonEconomics of the firm: Theory and practice
2006978-0-13-224271-4NAIntro to AutoCAD 2007& Autodsk 07 W/1yr Lrng
2007978-0-13-224272-1Tami M. BereskaDeviance, Conformity, and Social Control in Canada, Second Edition
  ''978-0-13-224273-8Gary PooleThe Psychology of Health and Health Care: A Canadian Perspective
2006978-0-13-224274-5NADevelopg& Implemtg Indiv&devl Effct Indiv
  ''978-0-13-224277-6Patricia Hackett · Carolynn A. LindemanMusical Classroom & Compact Disc Pkg
2007978-0-13-224280-6George McMichael · James S. LeonardAnthology of American Literature Volumes 1 and 2 (2007) - Instructor's Manual
2006978-0-13-224286-8Judith M. WilkinsonNursing Process And Critical Thinking
2006978-0-13-224291-2NAIntro Hospitality Managemt& Study Guide Pkg
  ''978-0-13-224293-6Western Heritage Vol 2&1key BB Stu Acc Kit
  ''978-0-13-224294-3Western Heritage Vol 2&1key CC Stu Acc Kit
1982978-0-13-224295-0W. H. Locke Anderson · Ann F. Putallaz · William G. ShepherdEconomics
2006978-0-13-224296-7NAWestern Heritage Vol 2&1key Webct S/Acc Kt
  ''978-0-13-224297-4   ''Western Heritage Since 1300&1ky BB Stu A/Kt
  ''978-0-13-224299-8   ''Discovg Philosopy Portf&commn Term&abc News
2006978-0-13-224300-1NADiscoverg Philosophy Portf&abc News Videos
2006978-0-13-224301-8NADiscovg Philosophy Portf&common Phils Terms
2007978-0-13-224302-5Terry L. Norton · Betty L. Land50 Literacy Strategies for Beginning Teachers, 1-8 (2nd Edition) (Pt. 1-8)
2009978-0-13-224303-2Parker Fawson · D. Ray Reutzel · Lisa A. PrayTeaching Oral Language with English Learners: A Developmental Approach (International Series in Management)
1989978-0-13-224304-9USSRThe Economist business traveller's guides
2020978-0-13-224305-6Geoffrey Keppel Professor Emeritus · Thomas WickensDesign and Analysis (5th Edition)
2011978-0-13-224306-3Marcie SimsThe Write Stuff: Thinking Through Paragraphs
2012978-0-13-224307-0The Write Stuff: Thinking Through Paragraphs, Annotated Instructor's Edition
1976978-0-13-224311-7Raymond Vernon · Louis T. WellsEconomic Environment of International Business
2006978-0-13-224317-9NAPhysics& Math for Physics with Calc Pkg
  ''978-0-13-224318-6   ''Startg Out on Internet&linkg Tec&curr Integ
  ''978-0-13-224319-3   ''Western Heritg TLC Vol2&1key Crscmps S/A/Kt
  ''978-0-13-224320-9   ''Buildg Stratg for Coll&vocab&naw&roget Thes
2008978-0-13-224321-6Richard T. WrightInstructor's Edition Environmental Science: Toward a Sustainable Future
2007978-0-13-224327-8Robert E. Nunley · Bernard O. WilliamsThe Cultural Landscape: An Introduction to Human Geography, Study Guide
2006978-0-13-224328-5NAFramewrk Humn Res Mgmt& Stu CD& Interprtv Sim
1981978-0-13-224329-2Raymond Vernon · Louis T. WellsEconomic Environment of International Business
2006978-0-13-224330-8NASociology& Seeing Ourselvs& S/G Sociol Pkg
2007978-0-13-224331-5Efraim Turban · Jae Kyu Lee · Dave KIng · Judy McKay · Peter MarshallElectronic Commerce A Managerial Perspective 2008
2006978-0-13-224339-1NAJanson Hist of Art Comb&from Abacus to Zeus
  ''978-0-13-224340-7   ''Janson Hist of Art V1& from Abacus to Zeus
2006978-0-13-224341-4NAJanson Hist of Art V2& from Abacus to Zeus
2006978-0-13-224343-8NAEmerg Care& Emerg Care WB&Aud Lect&emt BSC
  ''978-0-13-224344-5Western Heritage TLC V2&1key Webct Stu A/Kt
1983978-0-13-224345-2William P AlbrechtEconomics
2006978-0-13-224347-6NAWestern Heritg TLC Comb&1ky Crscmpss S/A/Kt
  ''978-0-13-224348-3   ''Western Heritg TLC Comb&1key Webct Stu A/Kt
  ''978-0-13-224349-0   ''Western Heritg TLC Vol1&1key Blkbd Stu A/Kt
  ''978-0-13-224350-6   ''Western Heritg TLC Vol1&1ky Crscompss A/Kit
2006978-0-13-224351-3NAWestern Heritg TLC Vol1&1key Webct Stu A/Kt
  ''978-0-13-224353-7   ''Western Heritg TLC Vol2&1key Blkbrd S/A/Kit
2006978-0-13-224354-4NAHealth& Phys Assemt Nur&ph Real Nurs&lab M
2007978-0-13-224355-1Sandra F. Smith · Donna J. Duell · Barbara C. MartinClinical Nursing Skills: Basic to Advanced Skills (7th Edition)
  ''978-0-13-224357-5Joseph M. KirmanElementary Social Studies: Creative Classroom Ideas (4th Edition)
1983978-0-13-224360-5Larry G SgontzStudy guide & workbook: Economics: 3rd ed. [by] William P. Albrecht, Jr
2008978-0-13-224363-6Robert E. NunleyTest Item File (The Cultural Landscape An Introduction To Human Geography)
2006978-0-13-224367-4NAInclusive Classrm Strat& Idea as Amended 04
  ''978-0-13-224368-1Nina M. Beaman MS RNC CMAWorkbook, Volume I, Administrative
978-0-13-224369-8unspokenInstallable Version
2006978-0-13-224381-0NATrain& Assess It Prem V1& Phit Tip File& Ofc3
  ''978-0-13-224384-1   ''Juvenile Delinquency&careers Cj CDROM Pkg
  ''978-0-13-224385-8   ''Excellence in Business& S/G Excell in Busn
2006978-0-13-224386-5NAExcellence in Business& Sg&1key CC S/A Kit
1986978-0-13-224387-2Raymond Vernon · Louis T. WellsEconomic Environment of International Business
2006978-0-13-224388-9NAExcellence in Busn&s/G& 1key BB A/Acc Kit
  ''978-0-13-224391-9   ''Invitn to Psycho Study Ed& Live Psy Exp& S/M
  ''978-0-13-224392-6   ''Astro& Webassign Prob&res Obs Starnite&edmu
  ''978-0-13-224397-1Richard SafersteinCriminalistics: An Introduction to Forensic Science (College Edition): International Edition
  ''978-0-13-224398-8NAYour Criminal Justc Career&career Cj CD Pkg
2006978-0-13-224400-8NAOrgztnl Behv& Self Assess Lib CD&1ky CC A/K
2006978-0-13-224401-5NAOrgztnl Behv& Self Assess Lib CD&1ky BB A/K
  ''978-0-13-224402-2Tim JudgeOrgztl Behv& Self Assess Lib CD&1ky Web A/K
1986978-0-13-224403-9William P., Jr. AlbrechtEconomics
2007978-0-13-224404-6Joe R. Feagin · Clairece Booher R FeaginRacial and Ethnic Relations
2006978-0-13-224414-5NAClassical Myths& Three Theban Plays Pkg
2004978-0-13-224418-3   ''Classical Myths& Hesiod & Theognis Pkg
2006978-0-13-224420-6   ''Classical Myths& Great Dialogues of Plato
  ''978-0-13-224422-0   ''Teachg Today Intro&tchr Tstd&no Child Left&
  ''978-0-13-224423-7Wade · TavrisInvitation to Psychology Study Edit&s/G Pkg
  ''978-0-13-224425-1NAFunctional Behav Assemt& Tchr Prep A/Card
2006978-0-13-224426-8Pamela ArlovWordsmith: Guide to Paragraphs & Essays
  ''978-0-13-224427-5Pamela ArlovWordsmith: Guide to College Writing
  ''978-0-13-224428-2John Sheridan BiaysAlong These Lines: Writing Paragraphs& Essays
2007978-0-13-224432-9Roberta Pavy Ramont RN MS Ed.D · Dee NiedringhausFundamental Nursing Care (2nd Edition)
2006978-0-13-224433-6NARacial& Ethnc Groups&how Garcia Girls&souls
  ''978-0-13-224434-3Statis& Studt Study Pck& Minitab Rel4 Win CD
  ''978-0-13-224436-7NAGo with Microsft Offc03& Tait Go Ofc3 V2.5
1986978-0-13-224437-4William P., Jr. AlbrechtEconomics
2006978-0-13-224440-4NAOperatns Managemt& Studt CD& MS Proj& 1ky CC
2006978-0-13-224441-1NAWritrs World Paragraphs&ph Wrtrs Jrnl& Naw
  ''978-0-13-224442-8   ''Voices of Studt Teachr&tchr Prep A/Cde Crd
2005978-0-13-224449-7NAGovt by Peo Nat St& Local& 1srch W/Res Nav Pk
  ''978-0-13-224450-3   ''Govt by Peo Teachg& Lrng Classrm & 1srch Pk
  ''978-0-13-224451-0   ''Govt by People Texas & 1srch W/Res Nav05 Pk
1985978-0-13-224452-7C. C. GotliebThe Economics of Computers: Costs, Benefits, Policies and Strategies
2005978-0-13-224454-1NAGo: Microsf Word Acc Xcl03v1& Tips& Tait2.3.1
  ''978-0-13-224455-8   ''Go: Microsf Word Acc Xcl03v1& Tips03 Wrd Acc
  ''978-0-13-224457-2   ''Excptnl Childrn: Intro Spec Edu & S/S/G Pkg
2007978-0-13-224459-6Philip E. BishopAdventures in the Human Spirit (5th Edition)
2006978-0-13-224466-4Org Chem& Comp Webste&s/M&1key Webct&frmewk
2006978-0-13-224467-1NAChem: Cen Sci& Basic Media&lab Expr&1key CC
2006978-0-13-224468-8NAEssn Orgnc Chem&s/G S/M&molec Model Set Pkg
  ''978-0-13-224474-9   ''Classical Myth & Pren Hall GD Resrch Nav Pk
  ''978-0-13-224476-3Gen Chem: Prin&basic Media&molec&sel S/M Pk
  ''978-0-13-224477-0Gen Chem: Prin&basc Media Pk&molec Model Pk
1989978-0-13-224478-7LTDItaly (Economist Business Traveller's Guide)
2007978-0-13-224479-4Barry Libert · Jon SpectorWe Are Smarter Than Me: How to Unleash the Power of Crowds in Your Business
2006978-0-13-224480-0On Cookg: Textbk Cul&cost Genie&dvd&1key BB
  ''978-0-13-224482-4NAElectric Circ Fundmtls&lab Mnl&ewb Multisim
2006978-0-13-224483-1NABehavr Modificatn: What It Is&resrch Nav Pk
2005978-0-13-224484-8   ''Out Many: Teachg& Lrng Clss V2& Prac Tests Pk
  ''978-0-13-224485-5Chez Nous: Branche Sur Monde & Audio CD Pkg
  ''978-0-13-224487-9NAChez Nous: Branche Sur & Stdnt Actv Mnl Pkg
  ''978-0-13-224488-6   ''Chez Nous: Branche&stdnt Actv Mnl&aud CD Pk
  ''978-0-13-224489-3Conexiones: Com & Cultura & Audio CD Pkg
2005978-0-13-224490-9NAConexiones: Com& Cultura& Stdnt Actv Mnl Pk
  ''978-0-13-224491-6Conexiones: Com& Cult& S/Actv Mnl&aud CD Pk
  ''978-0-13-224492-3NAExpl Microsf Off03 Enh V1& Ofc03 V2& Tait Pkg
  ''978-0-13-224493-0   ''Expl Microsf Offc03 Enh& Cayt06 Intro& Tips03
1989978-0-13-224494-7Mordechai E. KreininEconomics: An Introductory Text
2005978-0-13-224495-4NAEductnl Psy: Devlpg Lrnrs& Case Studies Pkg
  ''978-0-13-224497-8Turnbull · BauerExcptnl Lives: Spec Edu&inclusv&explan Idea
2005978-0-13-224498-5NAUser Centerd Web Site Dev&ofc Frntpg Win Pk
2005978-0-13-224500-5NAGente& Actv Manl& Grammr CD& Aud& Actv& VID CDs
  ''978-0-13-224501-2   ''Society: Basics& Study/G& Census 04& 1key BB&
  ''978-0-13-224503-6   ''Teachg Sci as Inquiry&no Child Left&cd Actv
  ''978-0-13-224506-7   ''C++ How Prog& Get Start Visl C++6&intro MFC
  ''978-0-13-224508-1   ''Small Java How Progr&essn Java Class Ref Pk
2005978-0-13-224515-9NAEducatnl Tech for Teachg & ASCD Acc Code Pk
  ''978-0-13-224518-0Contmp Psychtrc: Mental&drug GD&Clincl&card
  ''978-0-13-224519-7NATeachg Spec Stu in Gen Edu&expln Idea04 Ses
2005978-0-13-224520-3NACreatg Inclusv Classrms& Expln Idea04 Ses Pk
  ''978-0-13-224524-1   ''Paralleles: Comm& Cul&oxfrd Fr Dict&1key BB
  ''978-0-13-224525-8   ''Creatg Inclus Class& Real Lives& Expln Idea04
  ''978-0-13-224526-5   ''Emergncy Care & Basic Life Support Sklls Pk
  ''978-0-13-224527-2John J. Wild · Kenneth L. Wild · Jerry C. Y. HanInternational Business & Culturequest Pkg
2005978-0-13-224528-9NATrato Hecho: Spanish Real Life& Audio CD Pk
  ''978-0-13-224530-2   ''Trato Hecho: Spanish& Stdnt Actvties Mnl Pk
2005978-0-13-224531-9NATrato Hecho: Spanish&s/Actv Mnl&audio CD Pk
  ''978-0-13-224533-3   ''Managmt Info Sys& I/A Multimed CD& 1key Webct
  ''978-0-13-224534-0   ''Mosaicos: Spanish World Brf& 1key Blkbd Pkg
  ''978-0-13-224535-7   ''Mosaicos: Spanish World Brf& S/Actv Mnl Pkg
  ''978-0-13-224537-1   ''Mosaicos: Spanish World Brf&actv Mnl&aud CD
2005978-0-13-224538-8NAMosaicos: Spanish World Brf & Audio CD Pkg
2005978-0-13-224539-5NAMosaicos: Spanish World Brf&1key Crscomp Pk
  ''978-0-13-224540-1   ''Mosaicos: Spanish World Brf& 1key Webct Pkg
  ''978-0-13-224541-8Mosaicos: Spanish World Lang& S/Actv Mnl Pk
  ''978-0-13-224542-5NAMosaicos: Spanish World&s/Actv Mnl&audio CD
  ''978-0-13-224543-2   ''Mosaicos: Spanish World Lang & Audio CD Pkg
2006978-0-13-224546-3NCCERElectrical: P&C Day RC&i Trainee Guide Level 1-2
2006978-0-13-224547-0NCCERElectrical: P&C Day RC&I LV1&2 Annotated Instructor's Guide Level 1&2
  ''978-0-13-224548-7   ''Electrical: P&C Day RC&I Trainee Guide Level 3&4
  ''978-0-13-224549-4   ''Electrical: P&C Day RC&I LV3&4 Annotated Instructor's Guide Level 3&4
  ''978-0-13-224550-0NAMulticul Edu Pluralstc& Expl Divrs& Jhu Digtl
1990978-0-13-224551-7Louis A. Dow · Fred N. HendonEconomics and Society
2005978-0-13-224552-4NALife on Earth & Onekey Blkbd Pkg
  ''978-0-13-224553-1Excptnl Childrn: Intro& Expln Idea 04 Ses Pk
2005978-0-13-224554-8NADiscrete Math with Graph Thry& Prac Probs Pk
  ''978-0-13-224555-5Linear Alg with Appl & Students Sols Mnl Pk
  ''978-0-13-224556-2Govt by People National & Onekey Webct Pkg
  ''978-0-13-224558-6NAIntro Fin Acctg & Und Corp Annual Report Pk
2005978-0-13-224559-3NAGlobal Perspectvs: Handbk Undrstng& Time Pk
  ''978-0-13-224562-3James T. McClaveA S/Stdy PK, StandAlone, First Course in Statistics, A for First Course in Statistics
2006978-0-13-224563-0NAQuality & Student Solutions Manual Pkg
2005978-0-13-224564-7   ''Go with Microsf Ofc03 Brf Enh& Tips: Ofc& File
  ''978-0-13-224565-4   ''Essn Microsf Off03 Brf& Data Files& Tips XCL&