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ISBN 978-0-13-031964-7 to 978-0-13-032375-0 < ISBN 978-0-13-032377-4 to 978-0-13-032829-8 > ISBN 978-0-13-032830-4 to 978-0-13-033362-9

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2001978-0-13-032377-4Douglas Bell · Mike ParrJava for Students (3rd Edition)
  ''978-0-13-032378-1Brad Eigen · Dan Livingston · Micah BrownEssential Photoshop 6 for Web Professionals (2nd Edition)
2000978-0-13-032382-8Chris Werry · Miranda MowbrayOnline Communities: Commerce, Community Action, and the Virtual University (Hewlett-Packard Professional Books)
1972978-0-13-032383-5Elsie M. GouldAmerican Woman Today: Free or Frustrated? (Inquiry into crucial American problems)
1973978-0-13-032391-0Emory M., ThomasThe American War and Peace, 1860-1877
2002978-0-13-032393-4Gene F. Franklin · J. David Powell · Abbas Emami-NaeiniFeedback Control of Dynamic Systems, 4th Edition
978-0-13-032394-1STEPICHInstructional Design
2001978-0-13-032396-5Gary R. Morrison · Deborah L. LowtherIntegrating Computer Technology into the Classroom (2nd Edition)
2002978-0-13-032401-6Patricia J. Fewell · William J. GibbsMicrosoft Office for Teachers
  ''978-0-13-032403-0Agnes L. Dimitriou · Juan A. Sempere Martínez · Frances M. Sweeney¡Modelos! An Integrated Approach for Proficiency in Spanish
2003978-0-13-032404-7Agnes L. Dimitriou · Frances M. Sweeney · Juan A SempereWriters Manual with Answer Key
2000978-0-13-032405-4Allen AngelElementary Algebra for College Students with Geometry
1973978-0-13-032409-2Emory ThomasThe American War and Peace 1860-1877
2000978-0-13-032410-8Steve HellerLearning to Program in C++ (CD-ROM)
978-0-13-032412-2AngelElementary Algebra Mat 0024 Flyer
2002978-0-13-032413-9AngelElementary Algebra for College Students with Geometry
978-0-13-032414-6Exploring Ms Office Professional 2000 W
2001978-0-13-032415-3Robert T. Grauer · Maryann BarberExploring MS Office Professional Proficient Certified Edition with Windows 2000
1999978-0-13-032416-0Ken O'ConnorGrade for Learning
1987978-0-13-032418-4Automobile Technicians Refresher Course: Automatic Transmissions - Transaxles Manual Drivetrains and Axles
978-0-13-032421-4Student CD-ROM
2000978-0-13-032424-5Arthur A. Sloane · Fred WitneyLabor Relations (10th Edition)
1987978-0-13-032426-9Automobile Technicians Refresher Course: Suspension and Steering and Brakes
  ''978-0-13-032434-4Automobile Technicians Refresher Course: Electrical Systems, Heating and Air Conditioning (Book 3)
  ''978-0-13-032442-9Automobile Technicians Refresher Course: Engine Repair
2001978-0-13-032450-4FairbanksLaboratory Manual with Systems Projects
2001978-0-13-032456-6Eric MeyerMother Nature, M.D
2002978-0-13-032457-3Al BredenbergProfitable E Marketing: Success Strategies That Pay Off
2001978-0-13-032458-0OliverLaboratory Manual
1987978-0-13-032459-7Automobile Technicians Refresher Course: Engine Performance
2000978-0-13-032463-4McswaneEssentials Food Safety Sani WI
2005978-0-13-032465-8Mary MoltFood for Fifty-Chef Tec Tutor
2001978-0-13-032470-2Edgar V. Roberts · Henry E. JacobsLiterature: An Introduction to Reading and Writing
  ''978-0-13-032472-6Anthony Bedford · Wallace T. FowlerEngineering Mechanics: Statics (3rd Edition)
  ''978-0-13-032473-3Anthony Bedford · Wallace T. FowlerEngineering Mechanics: Statics and Dynamics (3rd Edition)
  ''978-0-13-032474-0Neal E. TrautmanHow to Be a Great Cop
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  ''978-0-13-032479-5Frederic MartiniFundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology
2001978-0-13-032482-5J Bergeron · Gloria BizjakInstructors Resource Manual
978-0-13-032484-9J Bergeron · Gloria BizjakTest Item File
2001978-0-13-032487-0J. David Bergeron · Gloria BizjakFirst Responder Workbook
1979978-0-13-032490-0Henry C. DethloffAmericans and Free Enterprise
2000978-0-13-032493-1Patrick J. Moreo · Gail Sammons · Jeff BeckFront Office Operations and Auditing Workbook (2nd Edition)
2001978-0-13-032494-8Michael G. Roskin · Nicholas O. Berry · Michael Roskin · Nicholas BerryIR: The New World of International Relations (5th Edition)
  ''978-0-13-032495-5James W. Nilsson · Susan A. RiedelElectric circuits
2000978-0-13-032499-3Andrew R W Jackson · Julie M JacksonEnvironmental Science Lecturers Guide
  ''978-0-13-032503-7David B. MaglebyThe 2000 Elections: A Guide and Workbook
2002978-0-13-032505-1Elaine FosterContemporary Maternal-newborn Nursing Care: Instructor's Resource Manual
978-0-13-032507-5Patricia Ladewig · Marcia London · OldsTest Manual
1988978-0-13-032509-9Micheline Steckman · Nancy SklarewAmusettes
2001978-0-13-032511-2Marcia L. London · Patricia Wieland Ladewig · Sally B. Olds · Marcia L.W. London · R.L. Williams · Penner · Partridge · BeckerStudent Workbook Contemporary Maternal-Newborn Nursing Care
  ''978-0-13-032512-9Patricia Weiland Ladewig · Marcia L. London · Sally B. Olds · Patricia Wieland LadewigContemporary Maternal Newborn Nursing Care Clinical Handbook, Fifth Edition
2000978-0-13-032514-3James O. GlanvilleGeneral Chemistry for Engineers, Preliminary Edition
2002978-0-13-032515-0   ''General Chemistry for Engineers (Second Preliminary Edition)
  ''978-0-13-032517-4Nivaldo Jose Tro · Nivaldo J. TroIntroductory Chemistry
2000978-0-13-032518-1Paul HerseyManagement of Organizational Behavior: Leading Human Resources
2001978-0-13-032519-8Karen Blanchard · Christine RootFor Your Information, Intro Level Book
2000978-0-13-032522-8Patricia BennerFrom Novice to Expert: Excellence and Power in Clinical Nursing Practice, Commemorative Edition
2000978-0-13-032523-5Against The ClockMacromedia Director 8: Creating Powerful Multimedia
2001978-0-13-032524-2Against the ClockAmerica's Other Youth: Growing Up Poor
978-0-13-032526-6Math Pro Maintenance
2001978-0-13-032527-3Assafa EndeshawInternet and e-commerce law: With focus on Asia-Pacific
2000978-0-13-032529-7Nancy FetzerHolder and Fastie Alphabet Chart 25-Pack, Contains 25 8-1/2 x 11 Cards
2001978-0-13-032530-3Neal E. TrautmanLanding a Law Enforcement Job
2000978-0-13-032531-0MILLERDiscounted Pkge, No Cd Included (for Sticker)
978-0-13-032532-7America's Other Youth: Growing Up Poor
2001978-0-13-032534-1Peter M. BergevinFinancial Statement Analysis: An Integrated Approach
2002978-0-13-032535-8Alan C. Lamborn · Joseph LepgoldWorld Politics into the 21st Century: Unique Contexts, Enduring Patterns
  ''978-0-13-032538-9Richard T. Wright · Bernard J. NebelEnvironmental Science: Toward A Sustainable Future (8th Edition)
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1969978-0-13-032540-2Howard E FreemanAmerica's troubles;: A casebook on social conflict
2001978-0-13-032542-6Rosalie MaggioHow to Say It: Choice Words, Phrases, Sentences, and Paragraphs for Every Situation
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2005978-0-13-032545-7Rogers · FreibergFreedom to Learn
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978-0-13-032550-1Labview Student Edition 6I
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2001978-0-13-032559-4Robert H BishopLearning with LabVIEW 6i
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2001978-0-13-032567-9Ralph H. PetrucciGeneral Chemistry: Principles and Modern Applications
  ''978-0-13-032568-6Ralph H. PetrucciMath Review ToolKit
978-0-13-032571-6MARTINIFundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology Learn System Ed Book Block
978-0-13-032572-3TortoraFundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology
1970978-0-13-032573-0Richard D. KelloughSurviving Your First Year of Teaching: Guidelines for Success (A Spectrum book)
1994978-0-13-032574-7Anthology Water $$$ Lorch
978-0-13-032575-4Occupational Safety Management and Engineering Fifth Edition INSTRUCTOR'S MANUAL
2001978-0-13-032576-1Nancy J. White J.D.Principles and Practices of Construction Law
  ''978-0-13-032578-5SanyelInstructors Manual
2003978-0-13-032584-6Bert ScalzoOracle DBA Guide to Data Warehousing and Star Schemas
2001978-0-13-032585-3John C. Ritchie Jr.Needs Development: Negotiation and Presentation for Success (NetEffect Series)
2000978-0-13-032586-0Oliver PottWindows 98 New Reference
2000978-0-13-032592-1Janet HorneComputerized Accounting and Quickbook 2000 with CD and Student Data
1977978-0-13-032599-0Jay AnsonThe Amityville Horror
2000978-0-13-032605-8NASupplement: Social Construction Race & 10 Ways to Fight Hate - Social Construction of Race and Ethnicity in the United States, the 2/E
  ''978-0-13-032606-5Richard T. SchaeferRace& Ethnicity in United States& 10 Ways Pk
1972978-0-13-032607-2Arthur HausnerAnalogue and Analogue Hybrid Computer Programming (Electrical Engineering)
1973978-0-13-032615-7Howard E FreemanAmerica's troubles;: A casebook,
1993978-0-13-032616-4Peter Coad · Jill NicolaObject-Oriented Programming
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  ''978-0-13-032622-5John Mack FaragherOut of Many: A History of the American People
1980978-0-13-032623-2Shirley R. Good · Susan S. RodgersAnalysis for Action: Nursing Care of the Elderly
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1971978-0-13-032631-7H.Lee Matthews · etc.Analysis and Decision Making: Cases for Marketing Management
2001978-0-13-032635-5Eric Ladd · Jim O'DonnellJava,XHTML,HTML och XML-Magnum (Swedish) (Swedish Edition)
1988978-0-13-032640-9Malcolm R. Haskard · Ian C. MayAnalog Vlsi Design: Nmos and Cmos (Silicon systems engineering series)
2002978-0-13-032641-6Kirk G RasmussenA Writer's Guide to Research and Documentation
978-0-13-032646-1Bundlepack Card Sticker for Pincoded Co
978-0-13-032647-8Pinpack Card Sticker for Pincoded Compa
978-0-13-032648-5Bundlepack Card Sticker for Pincoded Co
978-0-13-032649-2Pinpack Card Sticker for Pincoded Cw
2001978-0-13-032652-2James PickeringInstructors Manual
  ''978-0-13-032654-6Arthur SloaneInstructors Manual
1975978-0-13-032656-0Kenneth HoffmanAnalysis in Euclidean Space
2001978-0-13-032657-7James C. Van HorneFinancial Management and Policy (12th Edition)
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978-0-13-032661-4Bruce McdougallHow I stopped worrying about retirement (without alcohol, nicotine, caffeine or other artificial stimulants)
1986978-0-13-032665-2Glen M. GlasfordAnalog Electronic Circuits
2002978-0-13-032667-6James MacGregor Burns · Thomas E. Cronin · MaglebyStudy Guide: Basic Version Study Guide
2001978-0-13-032668-3James Burns · J.W. Peltason · Thomas Cronin · David B. MaglebyGovt by the People Natnl State& Local001-2
2001978-0-13-032669-0James MacGregor Burns · J. W. Peltason · Thomas E. Cronin · David B. MaglebyGovt by the People Natnl State& Local001-2
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978-0-13-032675-1James Burns · Cronin · MaglebyTest Item File
2001978-0-13-032678-2Terri BeamMedia companion for CW
1972978-0-13-032680-5Norris Grover Haring · E. Lakin PhillipsAnalysis and Modification of Classroom Behavior: How to achieve skill in managing behavior and provide effective instruction for all children in the classroom
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2001978-0-13-032684-3J R ArnoldCasebook Teaching Notes
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978-0-13-032687-4Simulations CD Rom for Students
2001978-0-13-032690-4Mark HannaInstructors Resource Manual
  ''978-0-13-032697-3Mark HannaInstructors Solutions Manual
1986978-0-13-032699-7Glenn M. GlasfordAnalog Electronic Circuits
2001978-0-13-032703-1Earl Mindell · Virginia HopkinsDr. Earl Mindell's Complete Guide to Natural Cures: How to Heal Yourself and Prevent Disease With the Proven Power of Nature's Medicines, Vitamins, Antioxidants, Trace Minerals, Herbs, Fiber, and
  ''978-0-13-032706-2Stephen P. RobbinsOrganizational Behavior. Ninth Edition.
1986978-0-13-032707-9Avis A. TownsendAnalog Line-Of-Sight Radio Links: A Test Manual
2000978-0-13-032709-3E WaltersCompanion Website - Walters
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978-0-13-032712-3Integrated Operations Management: Student CD
1975978-0-13-032714-7Julia FirstAmy
2001978-0-13-032715-4David L. HartMac OS X Web Server Handbook
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978-0-13-032733-8Learn on Demand Users Guide
978-0-13-032736-9Missy JamesInstructors Manual (On-Line)
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2000978-0-13-032745-1Irene E. SchoenbergBook/Cassette Package
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1984978-0-13-032748-2Walter H. BuchsbaumAnalog IC Vestpocket Handbook
2000978-0-13-032749-9Marjorie Fuchs · Margaret BonnerBook/Cassette Package
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2002978-0-13-032753-6Elizabeth McMahanInstructors Manual
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2003978-0-13-032758-1Michael L. Werner · Kumen H. JonesIntroduction to Accounting: A User Perspective, 2nd Edition
2003978-0-13-032759-8Michael L. Werner · Kumen H. JonesIntroduction to Financial Accounting: A User Perspective (3rd Edition)
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2000978-0-13-032766-6BLACK> [VHS]
  ''978-0-13-032767-3BLACKIP Telephony Workbook
2015978-0-13-032768-0Uyless N. BlackSlipcase
  ''978-0-13-032771-0Math LitMath Lit Pack Grade Kindergarten Pkg
1984978-0-13-032772-7Sidney SoclofAnalog Integrated Circuits (Prentice-Hall Series in Solid State Physical Electronics)
2000978-0-13-032773-4Math LitMath Lit Pack G1
  ''978-0-13-032774-1   ''Math Lit Pack G2
2001978-0-13-032775-8FreemanGovernmental and Non-profit Accounting
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  ''978-0-13-032777-2Gerald RecktenwaldCompanion Website-Recktenwald
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2003978-0-13-032799-4Thomas FloydCompanion Website - Floyd
2003978-0-13-032800-7Thomas FloydCompanion Website - Floyd
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978-0-13-032815-1Home Free
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