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ISBN 978-0-13-221343-1 to 978-0-13-221800-9 < ISBN 978-0-13-221804-7 to 978-0-13-222246-4 > ISBN 978-0-13-222250-1 to 978-0-13-222588-5

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-0-13-221804-7Inc. SPSSSPSS 14.0 Base User's Guide
1991978-0-13-221805-4David K. SmithDynamic Programming a Practical Introduction (Mathematics and Its Applications)
2005978-0-13-221811-5NAEmergency Care& Work Emerg& 1key Ec10 CC Pkg
1971978-0-13-221812-2John D. MartzDynamics of Change in Latin American Politics
1996978-0-13-221813-9Joel DavisAdvertising Research: Theory and Practice
2007978-0-13-221816-0Jack C. McCormacStructural Steel Design
  ''978-0-13-221819-1Jodi Reiss102 Content Strategies for English Language Learners: Teaching for Academic Success in Grades 3-12
1972978-0-13-221820-7S.K. ClarkDynamics of Continuous Elements (Prentice-Hall international series in dynamics)
2008978-0-13-221823-8Kim StallingsFraming Experience
2006978-0-13-221825-2NAPharm Tec Cur&compoundg&calc&cert Exam Rvw&
2005978-0-13-221826-9   ''Classrm Managemt& Undstandg Purpose Challng
  ''978-0-13-221827-6Thomas W Zimmerer · Norman M ScarboroughEssentials of Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
  ''978-0-13-221831-3NAGettg Startd with Pchtree05&pchtre Cmplt CD
  ''978-0-13-221833-7   ''Marriage& Families& Study GD& PH GD RN VP Pk
2005978-0-13-221835-1NAWestern CIVL Vol2& Social Contract&ph Atlas
  ''978-0-13-221836-8   ''Westrn Civil Comb& Epic Gilgamesh& Socl Cntc&
  ''978-0-13-221837-5   ''Western Civil Vol1& Epic Gilgamesh& PH Atlas
1993978-0-13-221839-9Nelson C. DornyUnderstanding Dynamic Systems: Approaches to Modeling, Analysis, and Design
978-0-13-221844-3Geology, VangoNotes Audio Study Guide
1983978-0-13-221846-7The Dynamic Secretary
2006978-0-13-221847-4David GoldfieldThe History Notes Volume I for American Journey: Volume 1 (Chapters 1-16) (v. 1)
  ''978-0-13-221852-8Kevin BoddenCollege Algebra: Student Solutions Manual
1983978-0-13-221853-5Freida PoratThe Dynamic Secretary: A Practical Guide to Achieving Success As an Executive Assistant (A Reward book)
2006978-0-13-221855-9Kevin BoddenPrecalculus: Student Solutions Manual
2005978-0-13-221860-3ROBERTOKnowledge @ Wharton Summer Reading Collection (Members Save Up to 50%)
  ''978-0-13-221861-0NAStress Managmt Psycho& PH GD&Wb Tech& Time&
2005978-0-13-221867-2NAAME Journey Portf V2& the Jungl& AME Stors V2
1992978-0-13-221870-2Robert T. DixonDynamic Astronomy
2005978-0-13-221872-6NATeachg Writg Bal& Tchg Voc& Tchg Writg CDROM
2006978-0-13-221876-4NACA Concepts+mxlcd+ssp Pkg
2005978-0-13-221879-5   ''Prehos Emerg Pharm&unstndg 12lead EKG&Ekg&
1991978-0-13-221888-7Robert T DixonDynamic astronomy
2008978-0-13-221890-0Marti BurtonPHH's Survival Guide for Long-term Care Nursing Assistant
2006978-0-13-221894-8NAAt Early Functions+mml Pkg
  ''978-0-13-221898-6BLITZERStudent Study Pack-Standalone for Algebra and Trigonometry: An Early Functions Approach
2005978-0-13-221901-3NAFin Acct Integrtd&studt CD&Sg&nav BB&Ph Gr&
  ''978-0-13-221903-7   ''Interm Emerg Care&workbk for Iec&bsc Arrhym
2006978-0-13-221906-8Mary Warner MarienPhotography: A Cultural History (2nd Edition)
2005978-0-13-221909-9NATeachr Testd Classrm & Prac GD Early Chldhd
2012978-0-13-221910-5Jan M. Rabaey · Anantha Chandrakasan · Borivoje NikolicDigital Integrated Circuits
1992978-0-13-221912-9GAINERAstronomy Laboratory/obs/ml
2006978-0-13-221913-6NACA Concepts+ssp Pkg
2005978-0-13-221914-3   ''Esstls Organizatnl Behv& Self Assemt CD Pkg
  ''978-0-13-221915-0   ''Out of Many Vol2& Doc Set2& Interwrit Prs Rbt
2006978-0-13-221916-7Mark C. GridleyConcise Guide to Jazz&jazz Clssc CD&Demo CD
  ''978-0-13-221917-4Mark C. GridleyConcise Guide to Jazz&jazz Classic CD Pkg
2006978-0-13-221918-1NAConcise Guide to Jazz & Demo CD Pkg
1996978-0-13-221921-1Richard A. LoverdLeadership for the Public Service: Power and Policy in Action
2005978-0-13-221924-2NAOur Changing Planet & Hazard City Pkg
2005978-0-13-221925-9NAFoundations for Learng & PH Planner Pkg
  ''978-0-13-221926-6   ''New Beginng Guide Adult Lrnrs&ph Planner Pk
  ''978-0-13-221927-3   ''Diversity Conscious Openg&10ways Fight Hate
  ''978-0-13-221928-0   ''Higher Learng Readg& Studt Reflection Jrnl
  ''978-0-13-221929-7Critical Thinkg Tools&studt Reflection Jrnl
2005978-0-13-221930-3NACritical Thinkg Learn&studt Reflection Jrnl
  ''978-0-13-221931-0   ''Learng to Think Things& Studt Reflectn Jrnl
2005978-0-13-221932-7NAModern Measuremt Theory& Tchr Prep A/C Card
  ''978-0-13-221933-4   ''Creatg Inclusv Classrm& Tchr Prep A/C Card
  ''978-0-13-221934-1   ''Assemt for the Classrm& Tchr Prep A/C Card
  ''978-0-13-221935-8   ''Psycho in Learng& Teachr& Tchr Prep A/C Card
  ''978-0-13-221936-5   ''Classrm Managmt Proactv& Tchr Prep A/C Card
1996978-0-13-221939-6Peter D. StilingEcology: Theories and Applications
2005978-0-13-221940-2NAMarketg Research Online& SPSS 12.0 Win Stu V
2005978-0-13-221942-6NACritical Things& Writg Across the Curr Pkg
2005978-0-13-221945-7NAIntro Engr Analysis&design Concepts for Eng
2015978-0-13-221949-5Gene Miller · James S. McDonaldMicrocomputer Engineering (4th Edition)
2005978-0-13-221962-4NAPhysics for Sci& Engr V2& Studt S/G W/Selctd
  ''978-0-13-221963-1   ''Interactv Teamg& Univ Desgn Lrng&expl DIV&
  ''978-0-13-221964-8   ''Intro Chem Actvbk& Cw+grdtrckr Acc Code Crd
  ''978-0-13-221965-5   ''Intro Chem Actvbk & 1key BB Studt Acc Code
  ''978-0-13-221966-2   ''Intro Chem Actvbk & 1key CC Studt Acc Code
2005978-0-13-221967-9NAIntro Chem Actvbk& 1ky Webct Studt Acc Code
2005978-0-13-221968-6NAActivbk Acc Code Crd& Cw+grdtrckr Acc C/Crd
  ''978-0-13-221969-3   ''Actvbk Acc Code Crd& 1key BB Studt Acc Kit
  ''978-0-13-221971-6   ''Actvbk Acc Code Crd&1ky CC Studt Acc Kit
  ''978-0-13-221972-3   ''Actvbk Acc Code Crd& 1ky Webct Studt Acc Kit
  ''978-0-13-221973-0Howard J. WeissPOM-QM v 3 for Windows Manual and CD POM (3rd Edition)
2005978-0-13-221976-1Acctg Chaptr 12-26& Work Pprs 12-26& 1key BB
  ''978-0-13-221983-9Engineerg with Excel& Esource Access Pack Pk
  ''978-0-13-221985-3Marriages& Families&contemp Ethnic Famil Us
1993978-0-13-221987-7Hans P. Guth · Gabriele L. RicoDiscovering Poetry
2005978-0-13-221988-4NAEcono Enhancd& Macro S/Stdy Pkµ&1ky CC
2010978-0-13-221989-1Andrew S. Tanenbaum · Albert S WoodhullCD, Operating Systems Design and Implementation
2005978-0-13-221992-1NAAdventure in Writg& PH Grammar Workbook Pkg
  ''978-0-13-221994-5   ''Engl for Careers& Pockt Pat Readr Reprnt Pk
1993978-0-13-221995-2Professor of History Mark Steinberg PH.D.Recombinant DNA Technology: Concepts and Biomedical Applications (Ellis Horwood PTR Prentice Hall Biotechnology Series)
2005978-0-13-221997-6NAMacroecono Expl& Appl&mac S/Study&1ky Webct
2005978-0-13-221998-3NASci Elect DC&Ac&lab Mnl Sci&ewb Multism Pkg
1980978-0-13-222000-2Edward A. Mabry · Richard E. BarnesDynamics of Small Group Communication
2005978-0-13-222001-9Edward A. Mabry · Richard E. BarnesChem Centl Sci&math Revw Tlkt&sols&lab Exp&
  ''978-0-13-222002-6Orgnc Chem& Comp&molecular WB&Ph Molec&ssm&
  ''978-0-13-222007-1NAAll in One Basic Writg Txt& Appl Eng Career
  ''978-0-13-222009-5   ''Purp& Proc Readr& Naw Dict& Generc Writ 1key
2006978-0-13-222017-0   ''Writers FAQ Pocket Hb& Writg Acros Curr& Pprs
1992978-0-13-222019-4Vera W. Lane · Dorothy MolyneauxThe Dynamics of Communicative Development
2005978-0-13-222021-7NAOracle PL& SQL by Example& Oracle 10g Pkg
1992978-0-13-222027-9Robert T. DixonDynamic Astronomy
2005978-0-13-222028-6NAHist of Musc Westrn&anth Scoresv2&v1&1ky CC
  ''978-0-13-222029-3   ''Arriba Comm y Cult&wrkbk/Lab M&oxford DIC&
2005978-0-13-222030-9NAMicrosoft Offc for Teachrs&linkg Tech&curr
  ''978-0-13-222031-6   ''Internatl Org Behvr&cult Dimensn Intl Busn
2005978-0-13-222032-3NAPsychology& Oneky Web Stu A/Kt& Time Spec Ed
  ''978-0-13-222033-0   ''Artsguide World& Web & PH Guide RN Saleable
1993978-0-13-222035-4Barry HalliwellDNA & Free Radicals
2005978-0-13-222043-9NABiologc Sci Vol1&cw+grbk&bio Sci V2&sg&bb
2006978-0-13-222044-6Warren J HehreSpartanModel: An Electronic Model Kit (includes CD,Guide and 3D Glasses)
978-0-13-222046-0Organic Chemistry - Transparency Pack
978-0-13-222047-7Test Item File, Organic Chemistry, Gary Hollis
2006978-0-13-222051-4James J. ZarrilloAre You Prepared to Teach Reading?: A Practical Tool for Self-Assessment
  ''978-0-13-222055-2NAAsking the Right Ques& Writg Acros Curr&ppr
2005978-0-13-222056-9   ''Quest Readg World&writg Across Currl&papers
2006978-0-13-222057-6   ''Perspectv on Argumt&writg Across Curr&pprs
  ''978-0-13-222058-3   ''Blair Handbk& Writg Across Currilc & Papers
1972978-0-13-222059-0Margaret D. RobbDynamics of Motor-Skill Acquisition
2006978-0-13-222060-6NAQuick Access Ref&writg Across Currlc &Paprs
2006978-0-13-222061-3NAAsking Right Quesions&patterns Pocket Rdr
2004978-0-13-222064-4   ''Quest Readg World& Patterns Pocket Reader
2006978-0-13-222065-1   ''Perspectv on Argumt& Patterns Pocket Rdr
  ''978-0-13-222066-8   ''Blair Handbook& Patterns Pocket Reader Pkg
1972978-0-13-222067-5M. RobbDynamics of Motor-skill Acquisition (Prentice-Hall physical education series)
2006978-0-13-222069-9NAQuick Access Reference&patterns Pockt Readr
2005978-0-13-222070-5   ''Out of Many Vol2& Doc Us Hist Vol 2 Pkg
2005978-0-13-222071-2NAEngl for Careers& PH Ref Guide & Naw Dict Pk
  ''978-0-13-222072-9   ''Writing& Spaking at Work&ph Ref GD&Naw Dict
1964978-0-13-222075-0W.C. Hurty · Moshe F. RubinsteinDynamics of Structures
2007978-0-13-222077-4Louis Giannetti · Jim LeachUnderstanding Movies, Fourth Canadian Edition (4th Edition)
2005978-0-13-222078-1NAIntro to AutoCAD& Toolkit MS Word6.0& Xcl5.0
1990978-0-13-222084-2J. L HumarDynamics of structures: Solutions manual (Prentice Hall international series in civil engineering and engineering mechanics)
2006978-0-13-222085-9John W. HillCW + GradeTracker, Access Code Card, Chemistry for Changing Times
2005978-0-13-222086-6NACisco CCNA Netwrk Sim& CCNA 1& 2 Compn& Jnl Pk
2007978-0-13-222091-0Paula Yurkanis BruiceOrganic Chemistry: Study Card
2006978-0-13-222094-1Robert F. BlitzerPrecalculus Essentials (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-13-222102-3Paula Yurkanis BruiceOneKey CourseCompass, Student Access Kit, Organic Chemistry
1984978-0-13-222109-2Robley K. MatthewsDynamic Stratigraphy: Introduction to Sedimentation and Stratigraphy
2005978-0-13-222112-2NAFundamentl Special Educ& Idea as Amended 04
  ''978-0-13-222114-6   ''Inside Orch CD Undr Mus& 3cd Set Reprnt
  ''978-0-13-222116-0   ''Shadow Boxg Art&art of Lit CD&Pckt Pat Rdr
2006978-0-13-222117-7Naresh K. MalhotraMarketing Research: An Applied Orientation (5th Edition)
1991978-0-13-222118-4J. Keith MurnighanThe Dynamics of Bargaining Games
2005978-0-13-222119-1Bridges Readr& Writr& PH Writr Jrnl& Dict Pkg
2005978-0-13-222120-7NABiological Sci Vol3& Cw+grdtrckr& PH Blast
  ''978-0-13-222121-4   ''Elem Surveyg Intro Geomatics&intro Autocad4
  ''978-0-13-222124-5Addison WesleyFuel Systems and Emission Controls: Classroom Manual
2006978-0-13-222125-2NAEssn Design Photo Cs2l1&macrmd&flash L2 Pkg
  ''978-0-13-222127-6Paula Y. BruiceCompanion Website + GradeTracker, Access Code Card, Organic Chemistry
  ''978-0-13-222128-3PearsonVirtual Chemlab Organic
2006978-0-13-222132-0Laurie Schneider AdamsPenguin Custom Editions, The Western World, Volume II, for Exploring the Humanities, Volume II
1973978-0-13-222133-7H. B RamesThe dynamics of motivating prospects to buy
2005978-0-13-222134-4Interactv STATS& Intro Data Anal&minitb CD&
2006978-0-13-222135-1NAGeo Engrs& Envir Sci& Lab Mnl Phys Geol Pkg
2005978-0-13-222136-8NAMethods Teachg Elem Sch Sci&sampl Natl Educ
  ''978-0-13-222137-5   ''Opertns Managemt& Studt CD& Addtl Prob& S/DVD
2007978-0-13-222138-2Cheng Liu · Jack EvettSoils and Foundations (7th Edition)
2005978-0-13-222141-2NAPrecalc Enh with Graphg& S/Stdy& Mthxl Ol 12m
  ''978-0-13-222147-4Criminal Investgatn& Careers Cj CDROM Pkg
2006978-0-13-222148-1NABalanced Intro Comptr& Styl HTML& XHTML 10min
2005978-0-13-222149-8   ''New Directn in Anth& DK/PH Atlas of Anth Pk
2007978-0-13-222150-4Kate Dingle · Jennifer Recio LebedevVocabulary Power 2: Practicing Essential Words
978-0-13-222151-1Vocabulary Power 2: Answer Key, Practicing Essential Words
2005978-0-13-222152-8NAGovt by the Peop&21 Debatd&1ky CC Govt Peop
2005978-0-13-222157-3Chez Nous Branche&1ky2.Quia Cc&ans Key&oxfd
2006978-0-13-222158-0Y Daniel LiangIntroduction to Java Programming-Comprehensive Version (6th Edition) (GOAL Series)
2005978-0-13-222163-4Fundmentls Finc Mangmt&cases in Fin Mangmt
  ''978-0-13-222165-8History Studt Writrs Mnl&history in Crisis
2005978-0-13-222166-5NAWorkbk Lab Manl Arriba& ANS Key to WB LM Pkg
  ''978-0-13-222168-9   ''Transtn Plang SEC Studt& No Chld Lft& Idea as
  ''978-0-13-222169-6   ''Startg Out on Internt&educ Internt 02-03upd
2005978-0-13-222170-2NAIntro to AutoCAD 06&autocad 2004 CD Drw&dim
  ''978-0-13-222171-9   ''Intro to AutoCAD 06&autocad04 2D&06 1yr Lrn
  ''978-0-13-222173-3   ''Logic& Comptr Desgn Fndmtls&vhdl Startrs GD
2006978-0-13-222177-1Gerald L. Manning · Barry L. ReeceSelling Today: Creating Customer Value and ACT! CRM Software Pkg (10th Edition)
2005978-0-13-222181-8NAEarly Childhd Develpmt&observg Childrn&adol
  ''978-0-13-222183-2   ''Active Experiences Actv& Portfolio Planner
2006978-0-13-222186-3Henry M. SayreA World of Art
1983978-0-13-222190-0John R. BittnerEach Other: An Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
2005978-0-13-222193-1NAPolicg Amer Meth ISS& Time Crim Justc Spec
2007978-0-13-222195-5TaylorIntroduction to Management Science, 9th
2005978-0-13-222198-6NAAtando Cabos& Studt Actv Mnl& 1ky CC& Qck GD&
2006978-0-13-222201-3National Restaurant Association EducatioMenu Marketing and Management
  ''978-0-13-222206-8   ''Restaurant Marketing Competency Guide
1977978-0-13-222208-2B. GoldenbockDynasty
1975978-0-13-222216-7National Restaurant Assoc. Educational FoundationInventory and Purchasing (NRAEF ManageFirst)
2005978-0-13-222219-8NADiscover Music& Inside Orch CD&Musc Humants
2007978-0-13-222220-4Harvey M. Deitel · Paul J. DeitelJava How to Program, 7th Edition
2007978-0-13-222222-8Henry M. SayreArtNotes
2005978-0-13-222223-5NAStrateg Brand Managmt& Hbsp Case& Best Pract
1970978-0-13-222224-2Don FabunDynamics of Change
2005978-0-13-222227-3NAGeosyst Intro to Phys Geo& S/Lect Notbk& Sg
2007978-0-13-222231-0Henry M. SayreOneKey Blackboard, Student Access Kit, A World of Art
2007978-0-13-222232-7Henry M. SayreOneKey WebCT, Student Access Kit, A World of Art
2006978-0-13-222240-2L. Dean WebbFoundations of American Education
2005978-0-13-222246-4NAAfrican Amer Mos V1& Concise Hist V1 Ch1-13