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ISBN 978-0-13-626564-1 to 978-0-13-629452-8 < ISBN 978-0-13-629460-3 to 978-0-13-633396-8 > ISBN 978-0-13-633404-0 to 978-0-13-635954-8

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1992978-0-13-629460-3Ockert MeyerObject-Oriented SW Constructio
1997978-0-13-629494-8Marc E. HerniterSchematic Capture With Microsim Pspice
1996978-0-13-629502-0Jim CarrollSurviving the Information Age
1997978-0-13-629536-5Anthony C. WinklerExercise Booklet
1998978-0-13-629577-8Aeon J. Skoble · Tibor R. MachanPolitical Philosophy: Essential Selections
  ''978-0-13-629585-3Larry W. HughesThe Principal As Leader (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-13-629593-8Phoebe ReevesWhat's the Big Idea? Writing Through Reading and Thinking
1964978-0-13-629600-3Robert WiegelOceanographical Engineering
1986978-0-13-629619-5Mike BaughmanOcean Fishing: A Basic Guide for the Saltwater Angler
1991978-0-13-629635-5Larry Joel GoldsteinHands-On Turbo Pascal: An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
1994978-0-13-629643-0John L. Connell · Linda Isabell ShaferObject-Oriented Rapid Prototyping
1972978-0-13-629659-1M.Grant GrossOceanography: A View of the Earth
1977978-0-13-629675-1M.Grant GrossOceanography: A View of the Earth
1982978-0-13-629683-6   ''Oceanography: A View of the Earth
1987978-0-13-629692-8   ''Oceanography: A View of the Earth
1988978-0-13-629734-5   ''Oceanography: A View of the Earth
1993978-0-13-629742-0M. Grant GrossOceanography: A View of the Earth
1990978-0-13-629767-3GrossOceanography Study Gde S/G
  ''978-0-13-629809-0M. Grant GrossOceanography, a view of the earth
1991978-0-13-629817-5HughesObject Oriented Databases (Dut
1990978-0-13-629825-0Rebecca Wirfs-Brock · Brian Wilkerson · Lauren WienerDesigning Object-Oriented Software
1991978-0-13-629833-5Rajiv GuptaObject-Oriented Databases With Applications to Case, Networks, and Vlsi CAD (Prentice Hall series in data and knowledge base systems)
1990978-0-13-629841-0James R. Rumbaugh · Michael R. Blaha · William Lorensen · Frederick Eddy · William PremerlaniObject-Oriented Modeling and Design
1991978-0-13-629858-8James Rumbaugh · Michael Blaha · William Premerlani · Frederick Eddy · William LorensenObject-Oriented Modeling and Design: Solutions Manual
1993978-0-13-629874-8John G. HughesObject-Oriented Databases (Prentice-Hall International Series in Computer Science)
1991978-0-13-629882-3   ''Object Oriented Databases (Prentice Hall International Series in Computing Science)
1987978-0-13-629890-8Vito FoaOccupational and Environmental Chemical Hazards: Cellular and Biochemical Indices for Monitoring Toxicity (Ellis Horwood Series in Chemical Science)
1990978-0-13-629908-0Ockert MeyerObject-Oriented SW Constructio
  ''978-0-13-629916-5William G. WongObject Oriented Programming for Presentation Manager
1990978-0-13-629924-0Alex LaneObject-oriented Turbo PASCAL
  ''978-0-13-629932-5Alex LaneObject-oriented Turbo PASCAL
1991978-0-13-629940-0Stephen J. Mellor · Sally ShlaerObject Life Cycles: Modeling the World In States
1990978-0-13-629957-8William G. WongObject Oriented Programming for Presentation Manager
1994978-0-13-629965-3SammesOrganic Molecular Probes (Organic Chemistry)
1992978-0-13-629973-8David W. Embley · Barry D. Kurtz · Scott N. WoodfieldObject-Oriented Systems Analysis: A Model-Driven Approach (Yourdon Press Computing Series)
1990978-0-13-629981-3Peter Coad · Edward YourdonObject Oriented Analysis (2nd Edition) (Yourdon Press Computing Series)
  ''978-0-13-630021-2Coad YourdonObject Oriented Analysis (Fren
1991978-0-13-630054-0James Rumbaugh · Michael Blaha · William PremerlaniObject-Oriented Modeling and Design: International Edition
  ''978-0-13-630070-0Peter Coad · Edward YourdonObject-Oriented Design
1993978-0-13-630096-0Arthur E. Anderson · William J. Heinze · Arthur E. Anderson JrObject Orient Prog Design C++
1992978-0-13-630104-2Roger SessionsClass Construction in C and C++: Object-Oriented Programming Fundamentals
1994978-0-13-630112-7George V. FriskOcean and Seabed Acoustics: A Theory of Wave Propagation
1992978-0-13-630120-2Wade D. Cook · Moshe KressOrdinal Information and Preference Structures: Decision Models and Applications
978-0-13-630153-0Object Oriented Programming*** Simons/Dunn
1992978-0-13-630179-0Robert Thornton Morrison · Robert Neilson BoydOrganic Chemistry: International Edition
1999978-0-13-630195-0Andrew S. TanenbaumOperating Systems 2nd Edition: Design and Implementation (Prentice Hall (engl. Titel))
1992978-0-13-630203-2Peter Gray · Krishnarao G. Kulkarni · Norman W. PatonObject-Oriented Databases: A Semantic Data Model Approach (Prentice-hall International Series in Computer Science)
1991978-0-13-630211-7Coad YourdonObject Oriented Analysis (Ital
  ''978-0-13-630229-2OSFOSF/Motif Users Guide (Italian
1991978-0-13-630237-7OSFOSF/Motif Style Guide (Italian
1992978-0-13-630245-2James Martin · James J. OdellObject-Oriented Analysis and Design
  ''978-0-13-630252-0Douglas A YoungObject-Oriented Programming With C++ and OSF/Motif
1993978-0-13-630260-5Tsvi Bar-DavidObject-Oriented Design for C++
1992978-0-13-630286-5John TozerObject-Oriented Enterprise Modelling
1994978-0-13-630294-0Michele MarchesiObject-Oriented Programming With Smalltalk/V
1991978-0-13-630302-2TanenbaumOperating Systems (Spanish)
1992978-0-13-630310-7Ken KnechtObject-Oriented Programming With Turbo Pascal and Object Professional
  ''978-0-13-630328-2Ramakant A. GayakwadOp-Amps and Linear Integrated Circuits
1993978-0-13-630336-7Ramakant A. GayakwadOperating Amps and Linear Integrated Circuits
  ''978-0-13-630344-2Sm Operation Amplifiers Linear I/C S/M
1942978-0-13-630350-3H.U. Sverdrup · etc.Oceans
1968978-0-13-630368-8Karl K. TurekianOceans
  ''978-0-13-630376-3karl turekianOceans
1993978-0-13-630377-0Richard BanksTransaction Management (Openframework Systems Architecture)
1970978-0-13-630384-8Cervantes SaavedraOcho Entremeses
1993978-0-13-630385-5David McVitiePlatforms (Open Framework)
  ''978-0-13-630393-0Frank Deignan · Dave HollingsworthNetworking Services (Openframework Systems Architecture)
1975978-0-13-630400-5Paul, Bob Ross & Geoffrey Hammond AntrobusOcean racing around the world
1976978-0-13-630418-0Karl K. TurekianOceans (Foundations of Earth Science Series)
  ''978-0-13-630426-5   ''Oceans (Foundations of Earth Science)
1987978-0-13-630435-7Nancy C. Brooks · etc.Ocho Siglos de Cuentos y Narraciones de Espana
1979978-0-13-630442-5Manfred G RiedelOdds and Chances for Kids: A Look at Probability
1993978-0-13-630450-0Tony GaleSystems Management (Open Framework)
1968978-0-13-630467-8Michael John O'BrienTwentieth Century Interpretations of Oedipus Rex: A Collection of Critical Essays (20th Century Interpretations)
1993978-0-13-630484-5Graham H. BrownApplication Development (Openframework Systems Architecture)
1970978-0-13-630491-3SophoclesOedipus the King (Greek Drama Series)
1993978-0-13-630500-2Michael H. KayInformation Management (Open Framework)
1970978-0-13-630509-5SophoclesOedipus Rex (Prentice-Hall Greek drama series)
1993978-0-13-630518-7John BrennerDistributed Application Services (Open Framework)
1978978-0-13-630525-5Kay Fender · Philippe DumasOdette: A Bird in Paris
1978978-0-13-630533-0Gale MillerOdd Jobs: The World of Deviant Work (A Spectrum Book)
  ''978-0-13-630541-5Gale MillerOdd Jobs: The World of Deviant Work (A Spectrum Book)
1979978-0-13-630558-3Hank MessickOf Grass and Snow: The Secret Criminal Elite
1968978-0-13-630566-8Arthur Lee BurnsOf powers and their politics: A critique of theoretical approaches (Prentice-Hall contemporary political theory series)
1991978-0-13-630575-0Deborah J. Short · Margaret Seufert-Bosco · Allene Guss GrognetOf the People: U.S. History
1993978-0-13-630591-0Andrew HuttUser Interface (Openframework Systems Architecture)
1971978-0-13-630616-0Howard GreenbergerThe off-Broadway experience
1993978-0-13-630617-7Graham PrattenPotential for Change (Openframework)
1972978-0-13-630624-5L. BrownOffensive and Defensive Drills for Winning Basketbal
1997978-0-13-630625-2Laurel Technical ServicesBeginning Algebra
1993978-0-13-630658-0Belinda FairthorneSecurity (Openframework Systems Architecture)
  ''978-0-13-630666-5Stewart SutcliffePerformance (Open Framework)
1992978-0-13-630716-7M. Grant GrossOceanography, a View of Earth: A View of Earth
1994978-0-13-630740-2Jim HolmesObject-Oriented Compiler Construction
1993978-0-13-630757-0M. Grant GrossOceanography, a View of Earth
1992978-0-13-630831-7HughesObject Oriented Databases
  ''978-0-13-630849-2LaneObject Oriented Turbo Pascal (
1994978-0-13-630856-0James Martin · James J. OdellObject-Oriented Methods: A Foundation
1996978-0-13-630864-5   ''Object-Oriented Methods: Pragmatic Considerations
1978978-0-13-630889-8A. P.Official Associated Press Sport Almanac
1993978-0-13-630906-2Kim Baker · Sunny BakerOffice on the Go: Tools, Tips and Techniques for Every Business Traveler
  ''978-0-13-630922-2GrossOceanography S/G
1993978-0-13-630930-7Andrew HuttUsability (Openframework Systems Architecture Series)
  ''978-0-13-630948-2Roy Smethurst · Peter WhartonAvailability (Openframework Systems Architecture)
1974978-0-13-630954-3Chuck TannerThe official major league baseball playbook
1994978-0-13-630963-5Carrie Dobbs · Frank DobbsGood Reasons for Reading: A Basic Course
  ''978-0-13-630971-0Gail Feinstein FormanIt All Started in Kindergarten: Unforgettable Stories for Listening and Conversation
1970978-0-13-630996-3Donald CaruthOffice and Administrative Management: Systems Analysis, Data Processing, and Office Services
978-0-13-631011-2FORMAN GIt All Start Kinderg Cass(1)
1981978-0-13-631028-0Dimitris N. ChorafasOffice Automation, the Productivity Challenge (Prentice-Hall series in data processing management)
1990978-0-13-631037-2Dobbs CGood Reasons for Reading Ans Key
1974978-0-13-631044-0Carl R TrowbridgeOffice guide to real estate appraisal reporting, with model specimens
1982978-0-13-631077-8Carolyn J MullinsThe office automation primer: Harnessing information technologies for greater productivity
  ''978-0-13-631085-3Carolyn J. Mullins · Thomas W. WestThe Office Automation Primer: Harnessing Information Technologies for Greater Productivity
1990978-0-13-631102-7Jack MaguireHopscotch, hangman, hot-potato, and ha, ha, ha: A rule book of children's games
1987978-0-13-631128-7Kathleen P. Wagoner · Mary M. RuprechtOffice Automation: Technology and Concepts
  ''978-0-13-631136-2Joanna L. Wassel · Rita C. KutieOffice Systems Supervision: Concepts and Applications
1990978-0-13-631151-5Time-Life BooksThe Old West
2002978-0-13-631177-5KnoellerOffice Communication
1988978-0-13-631185-0   ''Office Communication TB
1990978-0-13-631193-5Solomon WienerOfficer candidate tests (Arco Officer Candidate Tests)
1984978-0-13-631219-2Rocco M. SantoroOffice Accounting: A Competency Based Approached
1984978-0-13-631227-7Rocco M. SantoroModern Design Practice Set to Accompany Office Accounting
  ''978-0-13-631235-2   ''Study Guide and Working Papers to Accompany Secretarial Accounting
1993978-0-13-631268-0R. HosieOffshore Petroleum Technology (Ellis Horwood Series in Applied Science and Industrial Technology)
1984978-0-13-631276-5A. PatersonWord Processing and the Automated Office (Ellis Horwood Series in Computers and Their Applications)
1991978-0-13-631300-7YourdonObject Oriented Analysis (Dutch)
  ''978-0-13-631318-2Coad YourdonObject Oriented Analysis (Germ
1995978-0-13-631334-2GoushaOkeechobee/Moore Haven/Lakepor
1993978-0-13-631359-5Coad YourdonObject Oriented Analysis (Dutc
1992978-0-13-631383-0Amber Benson · Gary AitkenOi Programmer's Guide
  ''978-0-13-631391-5Coad YourdonObject-Oriented Design (German
1994978-0-13-631417-2One World Song Cass 4 ** Shipton #
1996978-0-13-631433-2Robert H. Horton · Laurence A. MoranPrinciples of Biochemistry
1984978-0-13-631481-3Patricia A. GarnerThe Office Telephone: A User's Guide
1997978-0-13-631623-7Peter L. Wright · Mark J. Kroll · John A. ParnellStrategic Management: Concepts
2001978-0-13-631656-5Bryan Plank60 Minute Investment Planner
1997978-0-13-631680-0SPSS Inc · Inc. SPSSSpss 7.5 for Windows Student Version Cd-Rom
1996978-0-13-631722-7Arthur W. Heilman · Timothy R. Blair · William H. RupleyPrin& Prac Teachg Readg& Eductn Internt Pkg
1997978-0-13-631797-5Robert HelselVisual Programming for HP-VEE (2nd Edition)
  ''978-0-13-631805-7Maureen SprankleProblem Solving and Programming Concepts
1998978-0-13-631821-7ClawsonSm World Region Geog I/M & Tes
1997978-0-13-631839-2ClawsonSm World Region Geog Ctw
978-0-13-631854-5ClawsonWorld Reginol Geography
1998978-0-13-631862-0KodolphSm I/M Textiles
1999978-0-13-631987-0Harold Nelson · Lynn Quitman TroykaExercise Booklet Quick Access: Reference for Writers
1998978-0-13-632019-7Norman K. Booth · James E. HissResidential Landscape Architecture: Design Process for the Private Residence (2nd Edition)
2001978-0-13-632027-2DUDNIKStructural Steel Design
1999978-0-13-632035-7Jack McCormacSurveying
1997978-0-13-632043-2Warren HiokiTelecommunications
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1996978-0-13-632324-2SextonQbasic Games & More
  ''978-0-13-632332-7WodaskiVirtual Reality Madness
1996978-0-13-632340-2Lafore PolishWaite Groups C Prog Using Turb
  ''978-0-13-632357-0HordeskiUpgrading IBM PC Family 8088
  ''978-0-13-632365-5SchattUnderstanding Local Area Netwk
  ''978-0-13-632373-0WodaskiPC Video Madness
1997978-0-13-632449-2James L. AntonakosSimulations for Operational Amplifiers Using MicroSim PSpice
2000978-0-13-632456-0James L. AntonakosSimulations for Transistors Using EWB
1997978-0-13-632464-5   ''Simulations for Operational Amplifiers Using Electronics Workbench
2000978-0-13-632472-0   ''Simulations for Transistors Using PSpice
1999978-0-13-632498-0SpasovSm Programming Tech Stud Using
1997978-0-13-632514-7Michael S. Rosenberg · Lawrence J. O'Shea · Dorothy J. O'SheaStudent Teacher to Master Teacher: A Practical Guide for Educating Students With Special Needs
1998978-0-13-632530-7Kenneth ShoreSpecial Kids Problem Solver: Ready-to-Use Interventions for Helping All Students with Academic, Behavioral & Physical Problems
1997978-0-13-632548-2Jerry VallottonThe Toss: A New Offensive Attack for High-Scoring Football
  ''978-0-13-632571-0Dale H. BesterfieldQuality Control
1997978-0-13-632589-5Harvey M. Deitel · Paul J. DeitelJava How to Program: With an Introduction to Visual J++ (How to Program Series)
1999978-0-13-632753-0Peter UtzStudio and Camcorder Television Production
1997978-0-13-632837-7David B. HorvathUNIX for the Mainframer: The Essential Reference for Commands, Conversions, TCP/IP
1998978-0-13-632845-2Clyde N. Herrick · C. Lee McKimTelecommunication Wiring (2nd Edition)
1997978-0-13-632860-5Roger A. Kerin · Robert A. PetersonStrategic Marketing Problems
  ''978-0-13-632886-5Jan EllsbergerSdl: Formal Object-Oriented Language for Communication Systems
  ''978-0-13-632951-0N. Wilson · Jerry D. Wilson · Anthony J. BuffaPhysics: Nasta Edition
2010978-0-13-632985-5Alan M. Davis · Al DavisRequirements Management: Best Practices
1997978-0-13-633025-7Charles A. O'Connor · Thomas J. Kier · David B. BurghyPerspective Drawing and Applications (2nd Edition)
1998978-0-13-633033-2Mimi Bres · Arnold WeisshaarThinking About Biology: An Introductory Biology Laboratory Manual
  ''978-0-13-633041-7Russell E. Koch · Gregory M. Scott · Stephen M. GarrisonPsychology Student Writer's Manual, The
  ''978-0-13-633058-5Nancy L. JosephResearch Writing Using Traditional and Electronic Sources
2001978-0-13-633124-7James S. WalkerPhysics
1985978-0-13-633149-0Samuel KalowOffice Systems
1984978-0-13-633156-8Samuel Jay KalowOffice systems: A manager's guide to integrating word processing, data processing, and telecommunications for the automated office
1998978-0-13-633165-0Robert J. JacksonPolitics in Canada: Culture, Institutions, Behaviour and Public Policy
1998978-0-13-633173-5James John GuyPeople, Politics and Government a Canadian Perspective
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1983978-0-13-633206-0Thomas H. DawsonOffshore Structural Engineering
1997978-0-13-633272-5NARegent PH Text Cosmetlg&wkbk&state Exam Pkg
1982978-0-13-633305-0KellerOh Brother
1987978-0-13-633314-2Charles Keller · Edward FrascinoOh, Brother! Family Jokes
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1989978-0-13-633371-5Robert E. BurtonOhio Corporation Law and Practice (National corporation law series)
1983978-0-13-633396-8Robert M. QuackenbushOh, What an Awful Mess