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ISBN 978-0-13-752353-5 to 978-0-13-755520-8 < ISBN 978-0-13-755521-5 to 978-0-13-759762-8 > ISBN 978-0-13-759770-3 to 978-0-13-762899-5

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1997978-0-13-755521-5HarrisonSm Financial Accounting S/S Tm
1998978-0-13-755539-0Stephen C. SchaeferFinancial Accounting (Study Guide)
1997978-0-13-755547-5HarrisonSm Financial Accounting Ph Prof Demo
1969978-0-13-755553-6William S. PetersReadings in Applied Statistics
978-0-13-755554-3HarrisonSm Financial Accounting Quk Tour SW Dem
1999978-0-13-755562-8Ellen SweattFinancial Accounting: Working Papers
1998978-0-13-755570-3Mary Renck Jalongo · Meghan Mahoney Tweist · Gail J. GerlachThe College Learner: Reading, Studying and Attaining Academic Success (2nd Edition)
1997978-0-13-755588-8James SullivanFluid Power: Theory and Applications (4th Edition)
  ''978-0-13-755604-5Larry Long · Nancy LongComputers, Brief Edition
1983978-0-13-755679-3English Language ServicesReadings and Conversations: About the United States, Its People, Its History and Its Customs
  ''978-0-13-755687-8Readings Convstns VL 1 Cass*** Els Interntn**
2003978-0-13-755695-3RaissiClient Server
1983978-0-13-755703-5English Language ServicesReadings and Conversations: About the United States, Its People, Its History, and Its Customs
1974978-0-13-755710-3George W. CoxReadings in Conservation Ecology
1999978-0-13-755711-0Scot Danforth · Joseph R. BoyleCases in Behavior Management
1983978-0-13-755751-6Ralph M. Kramer · Harry SpechtReadings in Community Organization Practice
1975978-0-13-755769-1Ralph M. Kramer · Harry SpechtReadings in Community Organization Practice
1969978-0-13-755777-6   ''Readings in Community Organization Practice
1988978-0-13-755778-3Edward J. MullerReading Architectural Working Drawings,Vol. 1: Basics, Residential, and Light Construction
  ''978-0-13-755794-3Edward F. Muller · Jr. Robert L. MyattReading Architectural Working Drawings, Vol. 2: Commercial Construction, 3rd Edition
  ''978-0-13-755810-0Susan Mandel Glazer · Lyndon W. SearfossReading Diagnosis and Instruction: A C-A-L-M Approach
1970978-0-13-755819-3K. Pahel · M. SchillerReadings in Contemporary Ethical Theory
1987978-0-13-755836-0Robert J. MarzanoReading Diagnosis and Instruction: Theory into Practice
1986978-0-13-755844-5Lyle F. BachmanReading English Discourse: Business, Economics, Law, and Political Science
1985978-0-13-755851-3BachmanReading Eng Discourse TB
1966978-0-13-755868-1E.J. KormondyReadings in Ecology
1983978-0-13-755877-3L. Murphy SmithReadings in English As an International Language
1973978-0-13-755884-1Richard W. WertzReadings on Ethical and Social Issues in Biomedicine
1973978-0-13-755892-6Richard W WertzReadings on ethical and social issues in biomedicine (Prentice-Hall biological science series)
1997978-0-13-755919-0Douglas A. Benton · Mary L. TuckerApplied Human Relations: An Organizational and Skill Development Approach (6th Edition)
2001978-0-13-755927-5Keith CollierConstruction Contracts (3rd Edition)
2002978-0-13-755935-0C.Robert HelmsEthics Society Technology
2004978-0-13-755943-5MilhamEnterprise Networking
1997978-0-13-755950-3Byron L. SpinneyEthernet Tips and Techniques
  ''978-0-13-755968-8BUDINSKIEngineering Materials:Prop & S
1970978-0-13-756007-3Wilfrid, Ed. SellarsReadings in Ethical Theory,
1987978-0-13-756016-5Jenkins-MurphyReadings English 1:Leisure
1988978-0-13-756024-0T. GrossTravel (Readings in English)
1987978-0-13-756032-5McCarthyReadings English 3:Careers
  ''978-0-13-756040-0ParadiseReadings English 4:Arts
1991978-0-13-756164-3Loretta MitchellReady-To-Use Music Reading Activities Kit: A Sequential Approach to Music Reading for Voices and Instruments
  ''978-0-13-756198-8Mohammad AsfourReading on: An Anthology of Stories, Poems, and Plays
  ''978-0-13-756206-0Baruch A. BrodyReadings In The Philosophy Of Religion: An Analytic Approach (Second Edition)
1967978-0-13-756213-8Nathaniel and Daniel O'Connor (eds) LawrenceReadings in Existential Phenomenology
1992978-0-13-756214-5R. Susan Lebauer · Robin Scarcella · Susan SternReactions: Multi-Cultural Reading-Based Writing Modules
1992978-0-13-756230-5Janet Catherine Berlo · Lee Anne WilsonArts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas: Selected Readings
1993978-0-13-756248-0Doug EstellReading Lists for College Bound Students
  ''978-0-13-756255-8Paul KarasikSweet Persuasion: The Illustrated Guide to Unparalled Management Success
  ''978-0-13-756263-3Bureau of Business Practice · Prentice HallThe Prentice Hall Miracle Sales Guide (Business Classics (Paperback Prentice Hall))
1970978-0-13-756312-8Norman F. KeiserReadings in Macroeconomics: Theory, Evidence and Policy
1997978-0-13-756404-0Bill CamardaCheapskate's Guide to Bargain Computing
  ''978-0-13-756412-5Robert GrothData Mining: A Hands-On Approach for Business Professionals (Data Warehousing Institute Series)
  ''978-0-13-756438-5Janusz Rajski · Jerzy TyszerArithmetic Built-In Self-Test for Embedded Systems
1997978-0-13-756446-0James W. CortadaBest Practices in Information Technology: How Corporations Get the Most Value from Exploiting Their Digital Investments
1999978-0-13-756453-8J. William DerlethTransition in Central and Eastern European Politics, The
1998978-0-13-756461-3Frank SchmallegerCriminal Law Today An Introduction with Capstone Cases: Instructors Manual with Test Item File and Transparency Masters
1964978-0-13-756502-3Mary BorelliReading French
1998978-0-13-756503-0DefrancoSm Cost Control Hospitality in
  ''978-0-13-756511-5GielisseSm Good Taste I/M T/I/F
  ''978-0-13-756529-0SchmallegerSm Criminology Today I/M T/I/F
1977978-0-13-756536-8Donald C CushenberyReading improvement through diagnosis, remediation, and individualized instruction
1985978-0-13-756545-0Manoj K. Agarwal · Philip C. Burger · David A. ReidReadings in Industrial Marketing
1997978-0-13-756560-3TOMASISm Advanced Electronic Comm Systems I/M
1965978-0-13-756569-6R L PolitzerReading French Fluently
1967978-0-13-756577-1William A. FaunceReadings in Industrial Sociology
1997978-0-13-756578-8UFFENBECKSm 8086 Family Tif
1998978-0-13-756602-0Craig · Kermis · DigdonChildren Today
1997978-0-13-756610-5Peter AbelIBM PC Assembly Language and Programming
  ''978-0-13-756628-0"Abel"Assembly Language Programming for the IBM PC
1999978-0-13-756651-8SchmallegerSm Criminal Justice Today 21c
  ''978-0-13-756669-3   ''Criminal Justice: A Brief Introduction- An Instructor's Guide
1969978-0-13-756742-3K. CroftReading and Word Study for Students of English As A
1972978-0-13-756759-1Irwin G. SarasonReadings in Abnormal Psychology
1965978-0-13-756924-3W.J. GoodeReadings on the Family and Society
1969978-0-13-757054-6C Robert, Comp. PattyReadings in Global Marketing Management,
1998978-0-13-757063-8Howard J. WeissDs for Windows
1998978-0-13-757071-3Colin J. Marsh · George WillisCurriculum: Alternative Approaches, Ongoing Issues (2nd Edition)
978-0-13-757139-0HEINERMANAncient Healing Secrets
978-0-13-757147-5   ''Ancient Healing Secrets
978-0-13-757162-8DreyerAstrology Health Direct Mail Version: Zz:Dreyer:Astrology Health Direct
978-0-13-757170-3DreyerAstrology Health Trade Version: Zz:Dreyer:Astrology Health Trade V
1998978-0-13-757188-8Robert W. BlyAdvertising Manager's Handbook
  ''978-0-13-757196-3Robert W. BlyAdvertising Manager's Handbook
1997978-0-13-757204-5Kieron M. ConnollyAir Conditioning & Refrigeration Technician's Guide for EPA Certification
1998978-0-13-757246-5Bonnie L. MillerAIX for UNIX Professionals
1997978-0-13-757253-3GRAUER BARBER · BarberExploring Microsoft Office '97 Preview
978-0-13-757279-3ReddEstimating Building Construction
1997978-0-13-757378-3Edward G. Brierty · Robert W. Eckles · Robert R. ReederBusiness Marketing (3rd Edition)
1999978-0-13-757386-8John McMurryChemistry
1998978-0-13-757394-3McMurry · DonnaJean Fredeen · Robert PribushInstructors Guide to Media and Print Resources Chemistry 2nd Edition
1999978-0-13-757410-0John McMurry · Robert C. FayChemistry: Solutions Manual
1998978-0-13-757428-5MCMURRYTest Item File
978-0-13-757451-3   ''Chemistry L/M
1997978-0-13-757469-8MCMURRY · Sharon Long · Doris LewisMath Review Toolkit
1971978-0-13-757492-6Wayne Harry DavisReadings in human population ecology (Prentice-Hall biological science series)
1971978-0-13-757500-8Wayne Harry DavisReadings in Human Population Ecology (Prentice-Hall biological science series)
1998978-0-13-757519-0McmurrySm Chemistry Matter Cd-Rom
1997978-0-13-757527-5Joseph TopichChemistry
978-0-13-757535-0MCMURRYSm Chemistry Website
1998978-0-13-757592-3FeldmanSm Child Development I/M
  ''978-0-13-757600-5FeldmanSm Child Development T/I/F
  ''978-0-13-757618-0   ''Sm Child Development Ct Win
  ''978-0-13-757626-5   ''Sm Child Development Ct Mac
  ''978-0-13-757634-0   ''Sm Child Development Ct Dos
1999978-0-13-757642-5Robert S. Feldman · Kim DolginChild Development: Study Guide
1998978-0-13-757659-3FeldmanSm Child Development Video
1998978-0-13-757683-8Robert W. OttmanElementary Harmony
  ''978-0-13-757691-3Robert W. OttmanWorkbook for Elementary Harmony: Theory and Practice
1997978-0-13-757709-5DixSm Discovering Autocad, Rls 13
1998978-0-13-757717-0George I. Sackheim · Dennis D. LehmanLaboratory Manual for Chemistry for the Health Sciences
  ''978-0-13-757725-5SackheimSm Chemistry Health Sci I/M
  ''978-0-13-757741-5EdwardsSm Calculus Analy Geom I/R/M
  ''978-0-13-757758-3EdwardsSm Calculus Analy Geom Ct Win
1997978-0-13-757766-8   ''Sm Calculus Analy Geom Ct Mac
1999978-0-13-757774-3C. H. EdwardsCalculus With Analytic Geometry: Student Solutions Manual
1998978-0-13-757782-8C. Henry EdwardsCalculus Projects Using Maple, Mathematica, and MATLAB
978-0-13-757790-3EdwardsCalculus Analy Geom Using Mathmatica
1998978-0-13-757808-5EdwardsCalculus Analy Geom Using Matlab
  ''978-0-13-757816-0C. Henry EdwardsCalculus Projects Using Derive, Excel, and TI Calculators
  ''978-0-13-757824-5EdwardsCalculus Analy Geom Using Derive
1997978-0-13-757840-5Kimberly WhitmoreCivil Litigation in Connecticut: Anatomy of a Lawsuit
2000978-0-13-757857-3DELLOLIODeliberative Teacher Prof Reperto Usg
1997978-0-13-757998-3NYTSm Nyt Chemistry Supplement Fall 1997
  ''978-0-13-758053-8HILLInstructors Resource Manual
  ''978-0-13-758061-3HILLInstructor's Manual: Chemical Investigations for Changing Times 8th Edition
1997978-0-13-758079-8HILLSm Chem Changing Times T/I/F
  ''978-0-13-758087-3John W. Hill · Doris K. KolbChemistry for Changing Times
1999978-0-13-758095-8C. Alton Hassell · Paula Marshall · John W. HillChemical Investigations for Changing Times
978-0-13-758129-0Sm Chem Changing Times Oht
1998978-0-13-758160-3James H PickeringReader's guide to the short story: To accompany Fiction 100, an anthology of short stories
1997978-0-13-758244-0BlitzerAlgebra for College Students Vid [VHS]
  ''978-0-13-758319-5Cynthia B. LeshinDictionary of the World Wide Web
1998978-0-13-758327-0BARTOLSm Delinquency & Justice Tif
1999978-0-13-758335-5David DornBuilding Essays: A Reader Centered Writing Guide
1997978-0-13-758350-8ALTONSm Elec for Heat, Vent, Air C & Rel I/M
1998978-0-13-758459-8Chris J. Bullock, Marian E. Allen Kay L. StewartEssay Writing for Canadian Students with Readings
  ''978-0-13-758475-8BRIAN LYONSCanadian Microeconomics: Problems and Policies
1997978-0-13-758483-3Muhammad Ali Mazidi · Janice Gillispie Mazidi80X86 IBM PC and Compatible Computers, The: Assembly Language Programming on the IBM PC, PS, and Compatibles, Volume I
  ''978-0-13-758491-8Muhammed Ali Mazidi80X86 IBM PC and Compatible Computers, Vol. II, The: Design and Interfacing of the IBM PC and Compatible Computers
1997978-0-13-758509-0Muhammad Ali MazidiThe 80x86 IBM PC And Compatible Computers, 2nd Edition(Volumes 1 & 2)
1998978-0-13-758566-3Steven B CombsFundamentals of AutoCAD: Electronics drafting workbook
  ''978-0-13-758574-8   ''Fundamentals of AutoCAD: Architectural drafting workbook
2001978-0-13-758590-8Buie Harwood · Bridget May · Curt ShermanArchitecture and Interior Design Through the 18th Century: An Integrated History
1997978-0-13-758608-0WallerSm Crit Thinking: Consider Verdict I/M
1998978-0-13-758616-5VelasquezSm Business Ethics ABC Vid [VHS]
  ''978-0-13-758624-0VelasquezSm Business Ethics I/M
1997978-0-13-758665-3R.C. Hibbeler · S.C. FanEngineering Mechanics: "Statics" and "Dynamics" (SI edition)
1998978-0-13-758673-8Irving H. ShamesSi Engineering Mechanics Stats/Dyna Pack
  ''978-0-13-758707-0Michael R. Solomon · Judith L. Zaichkowsky · Rosemary PolegatoConsumer Behaviour: Buying, Having, and Being, Canadian Edition
978-0-13-758730-8Party Gift Yellow Color Silicone Band Calendar Digital Boys Girls Sport LCD Wrist Watch
1997978-0-13-758731-5Thomas G GardnerChemistry on the Internet: A student's guide, 1997-1998
1998978-0-13-758772-8Kenneth J. PeakJustice Administration: Police, Courts, and Corrections Management
1997978-0-13-758798-8Basic Chemistry & Lab Experiments Pkg
1999978-0-13-758822-0Darlene Clark HineThe African-American Odyssey, Volume I: To 1877 with Audio CD
2000978-0-13-758863-3William C. Hine, Stanley Harrold Darlene Clark HineThe African - American Odyssey Instructor's Manual With Tests (Combined Volume In)
1998978-0-13-758921-0Joseph Edward LeeThe American Journey: A History of the United States
1997978-0-13-758939-5ThomasSm Analysis Design Linear Circ
1998978-0-13-758947-0ThomasAnalysis Design Linear Circuit
978-0-13-758962-3LAYNEAutomotive Engine Performance Vol1
978-0-13-758970-8   ''Automotive Engine Performance: Vol 2
1998978-0-13-758988-3BartzSm Basic Statistical Concepts
1997978-0-13-759036-0GALLAGHERSm Classroom Assessment for TE
  ''978-0-13-759044-5Mark C. GridleyConcise Guide to Jazz
1998978-0-13-759093-3GridleyConcise Guide to Jazz-Compact Disc Only
1998978-0-13-759150-3YoungSm Learng Art Helpg Buildg Blo
1997978-0-13-759218-0LEMLECHInstructors Manual
1998978-0-13-759226-5Emily ThirouxThe Critical Edge: Thinking and Researching in a Virtual Society
1972978-0-13-759241-8Philip Kotler · Keith K. CoxReadings in Marketing Management
1968978-0-13-759258-6R A (Editor) & Neubauer, D E (Editor) DahlReadings In Modern Political Analysis
1997978-0-13-759259-3John B. PeatmanDesign with PIC Microcontrollers
1974978-0-13-759266-1Deane E. NeubauerReadings in Modern Political Analysis (Foundations of modern political science series)
1966978-0-13-759274-6Alex InkelesReadings on Modern Sociology
1997978-0-13-759317-0SEEFELDTInstructors Manual
1971978-0-13-759332-3Jay F. Rosenberg · Charles TravisReadings in the Philosophy of Language
1974978-0-13-759340-8Baruch A. BrodyReadings in the Philosophy of Religion: An Analytic Approach
1997978-0-13-759358-3MorrisonSm Early Childhood Education Today I/M
978-0-13-759366-8MorrisonSm Early Childhood Education Today Tif
1972978-0-13-759407-8Thomas W McKernReadings in physical anthropology
1998978-0-13-759408-5Claire B. May · Gordon S. May · AndrewEffective Writing: A Handbook for Finance People
1971978-0-13-759415-3Peter S. Dawson · Charles E. KingReadings in Population Biology (Biological Science)
1997978-0-13-759416-0SALENDSm Effective Mainstreaming I/M
1996978-0-13-759457-3Muhammad Ali Mazidi · Janice Gillispie MazidiLab Manual: The 80X86 IBM PC & Compatible Computers: Assembly Language Programming on the IBM Pc, PS and Compatibles
1998978-0-13-759473-3LewisElements Theory Computation
  ''978-0-13-759481-8Bernard Nebel & Richard WrightEnvironmental Science ~Instructor's Edition~ 6th Edition
978-0-13-759499-3ThirouxSm Ethics:Theory Practice I/M
1997978-0-13-759507-5Marc Loy · Tom Berry · Art TaylorA Complete Java Database Training Course: The Ultimate Cyber Classroom (Prentice Hall Complete Training Courses)
1998978-0-13-759515-0Uyless BlackAdvanced Internet Technologies
  ''978-0-13-759580-8Dana ShillingThe Complete Guide to Human Resources and the Law (Complete Guide to Human Resources & the Law)
2001978-0-13-759614-0Dean Memering · William PalmerDiscovering Arguments: An Introduction to Critical Thinking and Writing, with Readings
2004978-0-13-759622-5Jean Gould Bryant · Linda Bennett ElderCreating Women: An Anthology of Readings on Women in Western Culture, Volume 1 (Prehistory Through the Middle Ages)
  ''978-0-13-759630-0Jean Gould Bryant · Linda Bennett ElderCreating Women: An Anthology of Readings on Women in Western Culture (Vol. 2)
1997978-0-13-759663-8David G. WilkinsThinking and Writing About Art: A Developmental Approach
978-0-13-759705-5WolffSm About Philosophy Website
1999978-0-13-759754-3Michael Vengrin · Bruce David BruceAbout Philosophy
1997978-0-13-759762-8WolffSm about Philosophy T/I/F