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ISBN 978-0-13-348556-1 to 978-0-13-350035-6 < ISBN 978-0-13-350036-3 to 978-0-13-351437-7 > ISBN 978-0-13-351438-4 to 978-0-13-353699-7

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1990978-0-13-350036-3Algebra 1: California All - in - One Teaching Resources Chapters 5-8
2007978-0-13-350037-0Prentice HallPrentice Hall Mathematics California Algebra 1 All-in-one Teaching Resources Chapters 9-11
  ''978-0-13-350041-7PRENTICE HALLGeometry, Student Edition
  ''978-0-13-350043-1   ''HIGH SCHOOL MATH 2011 ALGEBRA 2 STUDENT EDITION
  ''978-0-13-350045-5Prentice HallAlgebra 1 Prentice Hall Teacher's Edition - Volumes 1 & 2 - Hardback (Algebra 1)
  ''978-0-13-350046-2Basia Hall, Dan Kennedy, Laurie E. Bass Randall I. CharlesPrentice Hall Geometry, Volume 1, Florida, Teacher Edition
2011978-0-13-350047-9Prentice HallPrentice Hall Algebra 2 Teacher's Edition Volumes 1 & 2
978-0-13-350059-2Classmates Social Studies
2002978-0-13-350067-7Bill Bliss · Steven J. MolinskyClassmates Math
978-0-13-350075-2Classmates Health
1993978-0-13-350083-7Inc. SpssSpss 6.1 for Windows Student Version
2007978-0-13-350087-5Pearson EducationCalifornia Progress Monitoring Assessments: Grade 6 Math
2006978-0-13-350090-5Editorial Staff · Pearson Prentice HallPrentice Hall Mathematics - California Pre-Algebra -- California Progress Monitoring Assessments
1995978-0-13-350091-2SPSSSpss 6.1 Power Mac Student Version
2007978-0-13-350094-3Prentice HallCalifornia Algebra 1 Progress Monitoring Assessments
2004978-0-13-350097-4   ''California Geometry (California Process Monitoring Assessments)
2009978-0-13-350101-8PEARSON/Prentice HallMATH COMPANION (Prentice Hall Mathematics, California Algebra Readiness)
  ''978-0-13-350102-5Prentice Hall MathematicsPrentice Hall Mathematics: California Grade 6 Math - All-in-One Student Workbook, Regular Version A (Teacher's Edition)
2007978-0-13-350103-2Pearson Prentice HallCalifornia Pre-algebra (All In One Student Workbook, Version B)
978-0-13-350104-9Algebra 1: California All - in - One Student Workbook Version B
2009978-0-13-350107-0Prentice HallMath Standards Review and Practice Workbook Grade 6
  ''978-0-13-350108-7   ''Math Standards Review and Practice Workbook (Pre-Algebra)
978-0-13-350110-0PearsonPrentice Hall Mathematics Algebra 1: California Math Standards Review and Practice Workbook
2008978-0-13-350113-1Prentice Hall Mathematics California Grade 6 Math - All in One: Version a
1900978-0-13-350114-8Prentice Hall Mathematics California Pre-Algebra All-In-One Student Workbook Version A
2009978-0-13-350115-5Pearson/Prentice HallCalifornia Alegrbra 1: All-In-One Student Workbook (Grade Level 8, Version A)
2008978-0-13-350116-22008) Pearson Prentice Hall · Workbook edGeometry All-in-One Student Workbook California Edition
  ''978-0-13-350118-6Algebra 2: All-in-One Student Workbook, Version A - California Edition
2007978-0-13-350120-9Editorial Staff · Pearson Prentice HallAll In One Student Workbook For Pre Algebra (P) (TM)
2008978-0-13-350122-3Algebra 2 All-in-One Student Workbook, Teacher's Guide California Edition
  ''978-0-13-350123-0Geometry All-in-One Student Workbook, Teacher's Guide
2007978-0-13-350124-7Prentice Hall MathematicsGrade 6 Math: California All-in-One Student Workbook Teacher's Guide, Adapted Version B
2007978-0-13-350129-2Prentice Hall MathematicsCalifornia Math Standards Review and Practice Workbook Teacher's Guide: Grade 6 Math
2009978-0-13-350130-8Pearson/Prentice HallPrentice Hall Math Pre-Algebra Math Standards Review & Practice Workbook Teacher's Guide
1995978-0-13-350133-9WilliamsBookshelf 4:Let's Talk about A
1966978-0-13-350249-7Howard J. CritchfieldGeneral Climatology Second Edition
1974978-0-13-350264-0Howard J CritchfieldGeneral climatology
1975978-0-13-350272-5William S. HoarGeneral and Comparative Physiology (Prentice-Hall biological science series)
1994978-0-13-350281-7John McMurry · Robert C. FayChemistry
  ''978-0-13-350307-4Linda L. Lindsey · Sandra ChristyGender Roles: A Sociological Perspective
1993978-0-13-350331-9Gene Perret · Linda PerretBigshots, Pipsqueaks, and Windbags: Jokes, Stories and One-Liners About People, Power and Politics
  ''978-0-13-350335-7Pearson Prentice HallPrentice Hall United States History Witness History Special Features Edition. (DVD)
2009978-0-13-350340-1davis · fernlund · wollCivics and Economics
2008978-0-13-350345-6Prentice Hall Student Express North Carolina Civics and Economics CD-ROM Interactive Textbook and Worksheets
  ''978-0-13-350346-3PearsonReading and Vocabulary Study Guide North Carolina Civics and Economics
2006978-0-13-350354-8Prentice Hall"History of Our World" All in One Unit Teaching Resources
1996978-0-13-350356-2MCMURRYInstructors Resource Manual
2007978-0-13-350357-9United States History: Reconstruction to the Present
2007978-0-13-350359-3United States History: Reconstruction to the Present
  ''978-0-13-350360-9United States History: Modern America
  ''978-0-13-350362-3United States History: Reconstruction to the Present
1983978-0-13-350363-0Inc. Prentice-HallGeneral Explanation of the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982
2008978-0-13-350365-4Prentice HallPrentice Hall United States History Teacher Online Access Pack Interactive Textbook
2009978-0-13-350369-2Emma J. Lapsansky-WernerUnited States History:Reconstruction (IN)
2010978-0-13-350370-8Emma J. Lapsansky-WernerUnited States History:Reconstruction (IN) (TE)
2009978-0-13-350371-5WernerUnited States History (NC)
1987978-0-13-350372-2General explanation of the Tax Reform Act of 1986: "blue book"
2009978-0-13-350374-6Lapansky-Werner · Levy · Roberts · TaylorTennessee Student Edition (Prentice Hall United States History Reconstruction to the Present)
  ''978-0-13-350375-3Lapansky-Werner · Roberts · Levy · Taylor · Chavez · ViolaTennessee Teacher's Edition (Prentice Hall United States History Reconstruction to the Present)
  ''978-0-13-350378-4Teacher Express. United States History, Modern America
1990978-0-13-350380-7Maria Oneil McMahonThe General Method of Social Work Practice: A Problem Solving Approach
978-0-13-350381-4Prentice Hall Teacher Express NC Civics and Economics CD ROM
1992978-0-13-350398-2Seymour Barasch · Ronald Kappraff · Robert Ganz · Barbara HullGed: High School Equivalency Examination
1988978-0-13-350406-4Alan E. KehewGeneral Geology for Engineers
1993978-0-13-350422-4Suzette Hadin ElginThe Gentle Art of Verbal Written Self-Defense: Letters in Response to Triple-F Situations
1988978-0-13-350448-4Grant Thornton Manufacturing Climates Study, July 1988
978-0-13-350471-2McMurrayTest Item File
1995978-0-13-350489-7Donnajean FredeenChemistry
1995978-0-13-350497-2Joseph Topich · John McMurry · Robert C. FayChemistry: Solutions Manual
1972978-0-13-350512-2Francis J. MuellerGeneral Mathematics for College Students
1995978-0-13-350521-4Joseph TopichPartial Solutions
1994978-0-13-350539-9Boris Magnusson · Bertrand MeyerTechnology of Object-Oriented Languages and Systems: Proceedings of the Thirteenth International Conference Tools Europe '94 Versailles, France
  ''978-0-13-350547-4Davis N. Dales · Frank J. ThiessenAutomotive Electronics and Engine Performance (2nd Edition)
1984978-0-13-350554-2Maria Joan O'NeilGeneral Method of Social Work Practice
  ''978-0-13-350562-7Jane Ann Phillips · Thomas D. BrockGeneral Microbiology: A Laboratory Manual
1995978-0-13-350570-2Glenn M. HardieBuilding Construction Principles, Practices and Materials
  ''978-0-13-350612-9Frederick K. Lutgens · Edward J. TarbukkThe Atmosphere: An Introduction to Meteorology
2014978-0-13-350621-1Stephen P. Robbins · David A. De Cenzo · Mary A. CoulterFundamentals of Management: Essential Concepts and Applications, Student Value Edition (9th Edition)
2013978-0-13-350622-8Shelley Gaskin · Robert Ferrett · Alicia Vargas · Carolyn McLellanGO! with Office 2010 Vol. 1 & GO! with Computer Concepts Getting Started & GO! with Windows 7 Getting Started with Student CD & myitlab - Access Code-- for GO! Office 2010 Package
2014978-0-13-350629-7Ricky W. Griffin · Mike W. PustayInternational Business: A Managerial Perspective (8th Edition)
  ''978-0-13-350630-3Ricky W. Griffin · Mike W. PustayInternational Business: A Managerial Perspective, Student Value Edition (8th Edition)
2014978-0-13-350632-7Norman M. Scarborough · Jeffrey R. CornwallEntrepreneurship and Effective Small Business Management (11th Edition)
2013978-0-13-350647-1Charles L. Phillips · John Parr · Eve RiskinSignals, Systems, & Transforms (5th Edition)
  ''978-0-13-350648-8William StallingsData and Computer Communications (10th Edition) (William Stallings Books on Computer and Data Communications)
1995978-0-13-350679-2MCMURRYSm Chemistry Maths Review Toolkit
2014978-0-13-350682-2Andrew J. DuBrinHuman Relations: Interpersonal Job-Oriented Skills (12th Edition)
  ''978-0-13-350683-9Stephen P. Robbins · David A. De Cenzo · Mary A. Coulter2014 MyManagementLab with Pearson eText -- Access Card -- for Fundamentals of Management: Essential Concepts and Applications
  ''978-0-13-350688-4Sandra Moriarty · Nancy Mitchell · William WellsAdvertising & IMC: Principles and Practice, 10th Edition
  ''978-0-13-350689-1John C. HullBind-In Access Code for Derivagem Software for Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives
1994978-0-13-350695-2LUTGENSTest Item File
2014978-0-13-350697-6Bruce R. BarringerPreparing Effective Business Plans: An Entrepreneurial Approach (2nd Edition) (Pearson Entrepreneurship)
978-0-13-350701-0Working Papers for Horngren's Accounting
2014978-0-13-350705-8Karen W. Braun · Wendy M. Tietz · Rhonda PyperManagerial Accounting, Second Canadian Edition, Loose Leaf Version (2nd Edition)
2013978-0-13-350715-7Tracie L. Nobles · Brenda L. Mattison · Ella Mae MatsumuraHorngren's Accounting, The Financial Chapters and NEW MyAccountingLab with eText Package and eLearning Promotion
2014978-0-13-350716-4Kenneth C. Laudon · Carol Guercio TraverE-Commerce 2015 (11th Edition)
2014978-0-13-350733-1Barry Render · Ralph M. Stair Jr. · Michael E. Hanna · Trevor S. HaleQuantitative Analysis for Management (12th Edition)
1994978-0-13-350752-2MCMURRYSm Chemistry Aie
978-0-13-350755-3Teaching English in Middle and Secondary Schools
2014978-0-13-350764-5Stephen P. Robbins · Timothy A. JudgeOrganizational Behavior (16th Edition)
  ''978-0-13-350766-9Stephen Robbins · Timothy A. JudgeOrganizational Behavior, Student Value Edition (16th Edition)
  ''978-0-13-350767-6Jonathan Berk · Peter DeMarzo · Jarrad HarfordFundamentals of Corporate Finance (3rd Edition) (Pearson Series in Finance)
  ''978-0-13-350769-0Lawrence J. Gitman · Chad J. ZutterPrinciples of Managerial Finance (14th Edition) (Pearson Series in Finance)
978-0-13-350781-2Study Guide for Fundamentals of Corporate Finance
1997978-0-13-350786-7Rogene A. Buchholz · Sandra B. RosenthalBusiness Ethics: The Pragmatic Path Beyond Principles to Process
2014978-0-13-350791-1Jonathan Berk · Peter DeMarzo · Jarrad HarfordFundamentals of Corporate Finance, Student Value Edition (3rd Edition) - Standalone book
1990978-0-13-350794-2Arco Editorial BoardThe United States Employment Service General Aptitude Test Battery
2014978-0-13-350800-0Lawrence J. Gitman · Chad J. ZutterPrinciples of Managerial Finance, Student Value Edition (14th Edition)
  ''978-0-13-350801-7   ''Study Guide for Prinicples of Managerial Finance
1989978-0-13-350802-4GardnerGeneral Science
1987978-0-13-350810-9BrockwayGeneral Science Annotated Note
1991978-0-13-350828-4BrockwayGeneral Science Teacher Book
1988978-0-13-350836-9BROCKWAYGeneral Science Activity Book
1996978-0-13-350842-0Betty S. Azar and Stacy A. HagenBasic English Grammar B Custom Edi. For the English Language Center
1970978-0-13-350843-7william demberGeneral Psychology; Modeling Behavior and Experience
1971978-0-13-350868-0Richard. Kamman · William Norton Dember · James J. JenkinsGeneral Psychology: Modelling Behaviour and Experience: Workbk
2015978-0-13-350870-3John V. ThillBusiness Communication Essentials, Fourth Canadian Edition (4th Edition)
2013978-0-13-350872-7Clarence ByrdByrd & Chen's Canadian Tax Principles, 2013 - 2014 Edition, Volume I & II with Study Guide [Paperback]
2014978-0-13-350873-4S. A. HummelbrunnerContemporary Business Mathematics with Canadian Applications Plus MyMathLab with Pearson eText -- Access Card Package (10th Edition)
1984978-0-13-350884-0Douglas C. GiancoliGeneral Physics, Vol. 1
1985978-0-13-350901-4George A BeerGeneral physics, Douglas C. Giancoli: Solutions manual
1990978-0-13-350927-4C. Dana TomlinGeographic Information Systems and Cartographic Modeling
1978978-0-13-350942-7Brigitte Bendixen Sanford A. SchaneWorkbook in Generative Phonology
1973978-0-13-350959-5Sanford A. SchaneGenerative Phonology (Prentice Hall Foundations of Modern Linguistics)
1978978-0-13-350967-0Sanford A. SchaneGenerative Phonology (Foundations of Modern Linguistics Ser.)
1984978-0-13-350976-2William Lee StokesGenesis Answer: A Scientist's Testament for Divine Creation
2014978-0-13-350980-9Martin Oberhofer · Eberhard Hechler · Ivan Milman · Scott Schumacher · Dan WolfsonBeyond Big Data: Using Social MDM to Drive Deep Customer Insight (IBM Press)
1984978-0-13-350984-7Douglas C GiancoliGeneral physics
1984978-0-13-350992-2Douglas C. GiancoliGeneral Physics, Vol. 2
1981978-0-13-351007-2Anna C. PaiGenetics, Its Concepts and Implications
2013978-0-13-351035-5Shelley Gaskin · Alicia Vargas · Suzanne MarksGO WITH MICROSF EXCEL COMP&VID&MIL&VOCHR PK
1989978-0-13-351040-9R. WaldenGenetic Transformation in Plants (Prentice Hall Advanced Reference Series)
978-0-13-351043-0NEW MyNursingLab with Pearson eText -- Access Card -- Medical-Surgical Nursing (6-mos access)
1978978-0-13-351064-5Arthur H. BrownlowGeochemistry
1980978-0-13-351080-5Suzette Haden ElginThe Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense (A Spectrum Book)
2013978-0-13-351087-4Alan Evans · Kendall Martin · MaryAnne PoatsyTechnology In Action, Complete & Skills for Success with Office 2013 Volume 1 Package
2012978-0-13-351088-1Bryan E BledsoeParamedic Care: Principles and Practice, Vols 1-7 Pearson Etext Access Card + Parmedic Student Access Card Pkg
2013978-0-13-351093-5Pearson EducationMYITLAB WITH ETEXT A/C GO OFFC&ACC INTRO PK
1980978-0-13-351098-0Suzette Haden ElginThe Gentle Art of Verbal Self-defence
1978978-0-13-351106-2John Foster LasleyGenetics of livestock improvement
2014978-0-13-351108-6Christopher Wahl · Steve PantolNetworking for VMware Administrators (VMware Press Technology)
1977978-0-13-351114-7Trevor Nevitt DupuyA genius for war: The German army and general staff, 1807-1945
1990978-0-13-351123-9Jeffrey Star · John EstesGeographic Information Systems: An Introduction
1980978-0-13-351130-7Peter Brooks · Joseph HalpernGenet: A Collection of Critical Essays (20th Century Views)
2013978-0-13-351138-3Peachpit PressMyLab Graphics Adobe InDesign CC Course Access Card
  ''978-0-13-351142-0Peachpit PressMyLab Graphics Adobe Photoshop CC Course Access Card
2013978-0-13-351145-1Peachpit PressMyGraphicsLab Adobe Illustrator CC Course for Graphic Design & Illustration
1980978-0-13-351148-2Peter Brooks · Joseph HalpernGenet: A Collection of Critical Essays (20th Century Views)
2013978-0-13-351149-9Peachpit PressMyLab Graphics Adobe Illustrator CC Course Access Card
1972978-0-13-351155-0Bruce WallaceGenetics Evolution Race Radiation Biology: Essays In Social Biology Volume II
  ''978-0-13-351163-5Bruce WallaceEssays in Social Biology vol 2: Genetics, Evolution, Race, Radiation Biology
2013978-0-13-351164-2Jan OzerPremiere Pro CC: Visual QuickStart Guide, Access Card
1972978-0-13-351189-5John F. LasleyGenetics of Livestock Improvement
2013978-0-13-351196-3Kimberly BenderExcelling in the Externship: A Preparation Guide for Medical Assisting and Allied Health (2nd Edition)
1970978-0-13-351197-0Bruce WallaceGenetic Load (Concepts of Modern Biology)
  ''978-0-13-351205-2Audrey GrostGenius in residence
1986978-0-13-351206-9John Foster LasleyGenetics of Livestock Improvement
2013978-0-13-351211-3Kris Townsend · Catherine Hain · Stephanie Murre-WolfSkills for Success with Office 2013 Volume 1 (Skills for Success, Office 2013)
2015978-0-13-351212-0James D. HaldermanHybrid and Alternative Fuel Vehicles (4th Edition) (Automotive Systems Books)
1989978-0-13-351214-4Charles E. StufflebeamGenetics of Domestic Animals
1980978-0-13-351221-2Genevieve SmithGenevieve Smith's Deluxe Handbook for the Executive Secretary
2014978-0-13-351231-1Frank SchmallegerCriminology Today: An Integrative Introduction Plus MyCJLab with Pearson eText -- Access Card Package (7th Edition)
  ''978-0-13-351237-3J. Mitchell Miller · Christopher J. Schreck · Richard Tewksbury · J.C. BarnesCriminological Theory: A Brief Introduction (4th Edition)
1976978-0-13-351247-2Robert F. RoyalThe Gentle Art of Interviewing and Interrogation: A Professional Manual and Guide
1966978-0-13-351254-0Francois MauriacGenetrix
2015978-0-13-351257-1Jerry L. DowlingTexas Criminal Law: Principles and Practices (2nd Edition)
1967978-0-13-351262-5Gunnar AlexanderssonGeography of Manufacturing (Foundations of Economic Geography)
1962978-0-13-351270-0E.Willard MillerGeography of Manufacturing
1967978-0-13-351288-5richard thomanGeography of International Trade
1975978-0-13-351296-0Brian J. L. Berry · Edgar C. Conkling · D. Michael RayThe Geography of Economic Systems
1967978-0-13-351304-2Brian J. L. BerryGeography of Market Centres and Retail Distribution (Foundations of Economic Geography)
2013978-0-13-351307-3Deborah BeardComplete Book of Technical Design for Technical and Fashion Designers, The Plus DVD
1970978-0-13-351312-7Brian J. L. Berry · Frank E. HortonGeographic Perspectives on Urban Systems: With Integrated Readings
1971978-0-13-351320-2Howard Frank GregorGeography of Agriculture: Themes in Research (Foundations of Economic Geography)
1976978-0-13-351338-7Judith DuncanStudent guide and workbook [for] the geography of economic systems
1973978-0-13-351346-2Edward James. TaaffeGeography of Transportation
1970978-0-13-351353-0Edward J. TaaffeGeography (Spectrum Books)
1985978-0-13-351354-7Douglas W. WaplesGeochemistry in Petroleum Exploration (Geological Sciences Series)
1967978-0-13-351361-5David E. SopherGeography of Religions [Foundations of Cultural Geography Series]
2014978-0-13-351366-0Daron Acemoglu · David Laibson · John ListStudy Guide for Microeconomics
1995978-0-13-351370-7Duane E. CampbellChoosing Democracy: A Practical Guide to Multicultural Education
2014978-0-13-351378-3Daron Acemoglu · David Laibson · John ListStudy Guide for Macroeconomics
1973978-0-13-351387-5Edward J TaaffeGeography of transportation (Prentice-Hall foundations of economic geography series)
  ''978-0-13-351395-0   ''Geography of transportation (Prentice-Hall foundations of economic geography series)
1988978-0-13-351396-7James DreverGeochemistry of Natural Waters
1982978-0-13-351403-2James I. DreverGeochemistry of Natural Waters
1971978-0-13-351411-7Erich IsaacGeography of Domestication (Foundations of Cultural Geography Series)
2013978-0-13-351412-4Jean AndrewsJump Right In: Essential Computer Skills Using Microsoft Office 2010 & Microsoft Office 2010 180-Day Trial, Fall 2013 & myitlab with Pearson eText -- ... -- for Jump Right In [Office 2010] Package
978-0-13-351418-6Essentials of Abnormal Psychology, Third Canadian Edition with NEW MySearchLab and Introduction to the DSM-5 (3rd Edition)
1997978-0-13-351421-6Judith W. Simpson · Jean M. Delaney · Karen Lee Carroll · Cheryl M. Hamilton · Marianne S. Kerlavage · Sandra I. Kay · Janet L. OlsonCreating Meaning Through Art: Teacher As Choice Maker
1971978-0-13-351429-2Erich IsaacGeography of Domestication (Foundations of Cultural Geography)
2014978-0-13-351436-0Michele LiningerPatternmaking and Grading Using Gerber's AccuMark Pattern Design Software
1972978-0-13-351437-7R.Louis GentilcoreGeographical Approaches to Canadian Problems