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ISBN 978-0-13-080906-3 to 978-0-13-081361-9 < ISBN 978-0-13-081362-6 to 978-0-13-081973-4 > ISBN 978-0-13-081974-1 to 978-0-13-082715-9

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2000978-0-13-081362-6Stacy A. HagenSound Advice 2e Tm
1999978-0-13-081364-0DixSm Discovering Autocad Release
1991978-0-13-081365-7Miller/LevineBiology T/R/Bk
1999978-0-13-081367-1Rochelle Smith · Sharon L. JonesThe Prentice Hall Anthology of African American Literature with Audio CD
  ''978-0-13-081369-5Mark Horenstein · Mark N. HorensteinDesign Concepts for Engineers (Esource-the Prentice Hall Engineering Source)
1998978-0-13-081373-2Wireless Communications Signal Prodcessing Perspectives
1993978-0-13-081374-9Charles T. Horngren · Walter T. HarrisonAccounting, 1993, Chapters 13-28
1991978-0-13-081380-0Jacob M. BraudeBraudes Treasury Wit & Humour
1998978-0-13-081400-5Donald Kagan · Steven E. Ozment · Frank M. Turner · A. Daniel FrankforterWestern Heritage, The: Brief Edition Combined
2000978-0-13-081401-2Efraim Turban · David King · Jae Kyu LeeElectronic Commerce: A Global Perspective
978-0-13-081402-9Windows 98
1999978-0-13-081404-3Marc E. HerniterSchematic Capture Using MicroSim PSpice for Windows 95/98/NT
1993978-0-13-081408-1Charles T. Horngren · Walter T. HarrisonAccounting, 1993 Edition, Chapters 1-12
978-0-13-081410-4Prentice HallCook Tourism Business Travel W
1998978-0-13-081411-1Donald Kagan · Steven E. Ozment · Frank M. TurnerWestern Heritage, The: Brief Edition, Vol. II Since 1648, Chaps. 13-31
  ''978-0-13-081412-8   ''Western Heritage, The: Brief Edition, Vol. I to 1715 Chap. 1-15
1991978-0-13-081415-9Kenneth R MillerBiology
1998978-0-13-081417-3Kenneth J. Peak · Ronald W. GlensorCommunity Policing and Problem Solving: Strategies and Practices
2000978-0-13-081419-7C.S. Papacostas · P.D. PrevedourosTransportation Engineering and Planning (3rd Edition)
1998978-0-13-081421-0Joyce Moser · Ann WattersCreating America: Reading and Writing Arguments (2nd Edition)
1992978-0-13-081423-4Miller/LevineBiology Lab/Ml
1999978-0-13-081424-1Lynn Quitman TroykaSimon & Schuster Workbook for Writers
2006978-0-13-081425-8Gayle V. Davidson-Shivers · Karen L. RasmussenWeb-Based Learning: Design, Implementation, and Evaluation
1999978-0-13-081426-5BERENSON & LEVINEBasic Business Statistics Review Copy
1998978-0-13-081429-6Edgar V. RobertsWriting About Literature (Brief 9th Edition)
1991978-0-13-081431-9MillerAnnotated Teacher's Edition Laboratory Manual Biology
1998978-0-13-081433-3Leu & KinzerSm Effective Literacy Instr K-
1999978-0-13-081435-7Carolyn NilsonTraining & Development Yearbook 1999 (Training and Development Yearbook, 1999)
1994978-0-13-081436-4Joel G. SiegelComplete Budgeting Deskbook
1998978-0-13-081438-8James S. Evans · Richard H. Eckhouse · Inc. Prentice-HallAlpha Risc Architecture for Programmers
  ''978-0-13-081442-5Cook & PhSm Tourism Business Travel Vid [VHS]
  ''978-0-13-081443-2Gary R. Kirby · Jeffery R. GoodpasterThinking (2nd Edition)
1998978-0-13-081444-9KirbySm Thinking I/M
1999978-0-13-081445-6Paul DonnellyBasic Financial Management
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1984978-0-13-081456-2Doris Wilcox GilbertBreaking the Reading Barrier
1999978-0-13-081461-6Joanne ThomassonMathPro Explorer PC keydisk
2001978-0-13-081474-6One Room Systems Inc.Experiencing Introductory Algebra Maths Problems
1978978-0-13-081489-0Clifford C HarrisThe break-even handbook: Techniques for profit planning and control
1998978-0-13-081513-2Paul W. RossInstructor's Manual COBOL From Micro to Mainframe-Preparing for the New Millennium
2000978-0-13-081520-0Michael Quirk · Julian SerdaSemiconductor Manufacturing Technology
1974978-0-13-081521-7D. · Hogan, H. HoganBreak Out!
1999978-0-13-081522-4Marian B. WoodA Students Guide to the Internet (Surfing for Success in Business 1998-1999)
  ''978-0-13-081523-1SimkinsSurfing for Success in Economics:Student's Guide to the Internet
  ''978-0-13-081524-8Alan C RolineSurfing for success in legal studies 1998-1999: A student's guide to the internet
1998978-0-13-081526-2A Student's Guide to the Internet (Surfing for Success in Decision Science, 1998-1999)
1999978-0-13-081527-9Rock MathisSurfing for success in finance 1998-1999: A student's guide to the internet
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1975978-0-13-081539-2Carolyn JonesTeachers guide for Break out!: Songs & poems for people on the move
1998978-0-13-081540-8Irwin UngerThese United States: The Questions of Our Past: Concise Edition, Volume II
  ''978-0-13-081541-5Darla Moore School of BusinessTransition Into Business
1998978-0-13-081542-2Jerrold H. ZarBiostatistical Analysis (4th Edition)
1999978-0-13-081543-9Harold KolimbirisDigital Communications Systems: With Satellites and Fiber Optics Applications
1998978-0-13-081544-6Gerald L. Manning · Barry L.
  ''978-0-13-081545-3Barry R. Berman · Joel R. EvansUsing the Retail Management Website
978-0-13-081546-0FiorinoSm Criminal Justice Today Intr
1987978-0-13-081548-4R. Matthiew SeidenBreaking Away: The Engineer's Guide to a Successful Consulting Practice
1998978-0-13-081549-1Irwin UngerThese United States: The Questions of Our Past, Concise Edition, Volume 1: to 1877
  ''978-0-13-081550-7Griffin & EbertSm Business Vid [VHS]
  ''978-0-13-081551-4Irwin UngerThese United States: The Questions of Our Past: Combined Concise Edition
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1998978-0-13-081553-8Ricky Griffin · Ronald EbertInstructors Manual
978-0-13-081554-5Breakthrough Rapid Reading
978-0-13-081555-2Sm Business T/B
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1979978-0-13-081562-0Peter KumpBreakthrough Rapid Reading
1998978-0-13-081563-7Abc Prentice HallSm Social Psychology Vid [VHS]
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1998978-0-13-081600-9Irwin UngerStudy Guide
  ''978-0-13-081603-0UNGERSm These Us Ques Past Comb Con
1994978-0-13-081606-1Zachary A. SmithEnvironmental Policy Paradox, The
1999978-0-13-081609-2UNGERSm These Us Ques Past Comb Con
1998978-0-13-081611-5Irwin UngerThese United States: The Questions of Our Past Concise Edition
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1990978-0-13-081613-9SchultzBreaking the Toefl Barrier
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1998978-0-13-081624-5GoldfieldAmerican Journey: Brief, Combined Edition & History on the Internet 1998-99
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  ''978-0-13-081627-6Kirk G. RasmussenGuide to Research and Documentation
1978978-0-13-081638-2Rosalie Cheney FiskeThe Bread Baker's Manual: The How's and Why's of Creative Bread Making (The Creative cooking series)
1998978-0-13-081640-5Inc. Prentice-HallPreparing for Tasp
  ''978-0-13-081646-7DeepSm Windows NT Multimedia Cyber
1993978-0-13-081647-4Biology Study Guide
1998978-0-13-081648-1Lynn Quitman Troyka · Kathleen Shine CainRough Drafts: An Activity Book (Simon and Schuster Handbook for Writers)
1999978-0-13-081649-8Sybil M. Patterson · E. Paulette Smith · Lynn Quitman TroykaPreparing for the Clast
1998978-0-13-081650-4TROYKATeaching Writing Across the Curriculum: Prentice Hall Resources for Writing
1998978-0-13-081651-1Eddie McLaney · Peter AtrillAccounting: An Introduction
978-0-13-081653-5DornBuilding Essay Reader Centered
1999978-0-13-081655-9Prentice HallCompanion Website - Allison
978-0-13-081657-3TROYKASm S& s Handbook Writers WWW
1998978-0-13-081658-0   ''S&S Handbook Writers Ans Key
  ''978-0-13-081659-7Lynn Quitman TroykaSimon & Schuster Handbook for Writers (Strategies & Resources for Teaching Writing) Fifth Edition
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1999978-0-13-081662-7TROYKAS& s Handbook Writers MAC
978-0-13-081663-4   ''S& s Handbook Writers Win
1999978-0-13-081664-1TroykaIbm Blue Pencil
1998978-0-13-081665-8TROYKAS&S Handbook Writers Diagnostic
978-0-13-081667-2HowellSm Discovering Destinations Geog Wb I/M
1999978-0-13-081671-9Irving M. CopiIntroduction to Logic & Study Guide & Philosophy on the Internet 1998-1999 Package
  ''978-0-13-081674-0John E. Farley · Andrew T. StullSociology
1997978-0-13-081676-4Irving CopiIntroduction to Logic/With Study Guide
1977978-0-13-081679-5P.J. Gearing · E.V. BrunsonBreaking into Print (A Spectrum book)
  ''978-0-13-081687-0Philip J GearingBreaking into print: How to get your work published (A Spectrum book)
1990978-0-13-081688-7Drug and Alcohol Abuse (BRIDGES TO SUCCESS)
1991978-0-13-081696-2Miller - LevineBiology Study Guide, Teacher's Annotated Edition
1995978-0-13-081697-9John McMinn · Robert A. HemmerTrato Hecho
1989978-0-13-081704-4What You Must Know About AIDS (Bridges to Success)
978-0-13-081723-5SchneiderElectronic Book Ms Sql Server B/CD
978-0-13-081724-2SpencerElectronic Book Window NT Server B/CD
1998978-0-13-081727-3UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTONSelf Paced Pkg Adv Java Vid [VHS]
  ''978-0-13-081728-0UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTONSelf Paced Package Advanced C++ Vid [VHS]
1981978-0-13-081729-7Stephen B. SeagerBreathe, Little Boy, Breathe!: An Emergency Room Doctor's Story
978-0-13-081731-0UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTONSm Self Paced Pkg C Data Struct Algorith [VHS]
2000978-0-13-081732-7Self Paced Pack: Intermediate C++ Video [VHS]
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1998978-0-13-081744-0WHITESadan Virker Computeren: (Danish)
1984978-0-13-081746-4Lawrence MartinBreathe Easy: A Guide to Lung and Respiratory Diseases for Patients and Their Families
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2002978-0-13-081751-8LYONSWriting Fundamentals Ph Canada
1999978-0-13-081756-3Wilkins · LinduffArt Past/Art Present & Thinking Abourt Art Study Guide & Art on the Internet 1998-99 Package
1963978-0-13-081760-0Peter DemetzBrecht (20th Century Views)
1962978-0-13-081778-5Peter DemetzBrecht: A Collection of Critical Essays
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2003978-0-13-081800-3BIERBAUERDigital Data Communications
1997978-0-13-081801-0David R. GoldfieldAmerican Journey
1989978-0-13-081803-4Bertram CorenBrief review in biology, with college board review
1999978-0-13-081807-2David R. GoldfieldThe American Journey: A History of the United States
2004978-0-13-081810-2Doris S. Davidoff · Phil G. Davidoff · Debbie CooperAir Fares and Ticketing, Canadian Edition
1998978-0-13-081813-3A'Isha Ajayi · Pamela GroffUnderstanding Electronic Communications
  ''978-0-13-081815-7Ann · Bolton, Rod DouglasComplete Idiots Guide To Curling
1999978-0-13-081820-1Walter T. Harrison · Charles T. Horngren · Linda Smith Bamber · W. Morley LemonStudy Guide with Demonstration Problems and Excel Spreadsheets
978-0-13-081821-8Airport Development, Management and Operations in Canada
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978-0-13-081824-9Brass ring 2: English for career-related communication
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  ''978-0-13-081827-0   ''Working Papers, Vol. I
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1971978-0-13-081851-5Ulick O'ConnorBrendan
1999978-0-13-081855-3Charles T. HorngrenA-1 Photography: Sole Proprietorship-Service Business
1989978-0-13-081860-7DAIGLE TOWERYBrief Workbook Writers
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1989978-0-13-081895-9Inc. Psi AssociatesParenting (BRIDGES TO SUCCESS)
1999978-0-13-081899-7ReinkingStrategies for Successful Writing & English on the Internet 1998-99 Pkg
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2001978-0-13-081908-6Michael L. Shuler · Fikret KargiBioprocess Engineering: Basic Concepts (2nd Edition)
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1998978-0-13-081921-5James C. F. WangContemporary Chinese Politics: An Introduction
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1990978-0-13-081928-4Money Management (BRIDGES TO SUCCESS)
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1987978-0-13-081936-9Audrey Grant · Eric RodwellBridge Maxims: Secrets of Better Play
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1985978-0-13-081944-4Sam RobinsonBridges 1
1999978-0-13-081945-1Charles T. Horngren · Walter T., Jr. Harrison · Linda Smith BamberAccounting Made Easy-Level Two (with book), (component item)
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978-0-13-081952-9Prentice HallSm Calculus Website
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978-0-13-081963-5   ''Calculus Using Mathematica
978-0-13-081964-2   ''Calculus Using Maple
1999978-0-13-081965-9   ''Sm Calculus Early Vectors S/S/
  ''978-0-13-081966-6S. HubbardSm Vector Calculus S/M
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1998978-0-13-081973-4Kenneth C. Laudon · Jane P. Laudon · Jane Price LaudonEssentials of Management Information Systems